PedoGate: Baby Burlesk

Shirley Temple and the disturbing history of Baby Burlesk

From child prostitute to Republican Ambassador to the United Nations, Ghana, and Czech Republic.

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part 2

cut to about 35:00 to see political career

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I think this is what happens naturally when human sexuality is so severely repressed as it has been in the United States. I was aware of Shirley Temple from the 1960's onwards and she was thought of as nothing more than a bratty little American darling. Any sexual connotations which may present themselves had no more seriousness at the time than the humor found in jokes about farting.

America is truly fucked. Human sexuality can exist without the exploitation of children.

No, it's what happens naturally when you allow kikes into your society. "Don't repress sexuality or everyone will become whores!" is a meme they invented.

The meme was invented by Sigmund Freud who was a perverted fuck and whose children and grandchildren may be involved in child trafficking.

Freud created his 'Oedipus complex' theory as a way to dismiss girls who remembered being sexually abused as children.

Dear god this is horrifying. Is it just because I grew up in times where the term oversexed and underfucked happend or did people back in the day also feel disgusted by this?

It's not american who did these movies…

This shit was probably seen as perfectly innocent back then. Like you said, people didn't think like we do today.

that is just jewish psychology wholesale. Not even joking. That's the entire basis of Freud's work


but it is repressed via muh baby jesus and the christian conservative movement of the 19990's daddy's little daring wearing her "promise bracelet" or "promise ring"

Young white people are not having sex any longer, they are instructed from childhood that sex is gross, bad, it spreads disease, hell I grew up during a time when sex education happened normally by first flirting with the idea of playing doctor.

it was perfectly innocent back then. people used to pull over along the side of the road and if privacy was available people went skinny dipping to escape the summer heat. Now ppl have to make certain the ph levels of a swimming pool are acceptable before swimming.

Sexual scandals have occurred since the beginning of time.

I at times wonder what it must have been like during Roman or Greek times when a small town had a hundred brothels and sex was considered normal behavior.

Yup, Americans (and Anglo-Saxons in general) are extremists by nature. They go from puritanism to fag parades within a generation.

But things like this, meaning Shirley Temple and those "satanic ritual abuse" meme from the 80s and 90s speak only about the authors of such things. By that I mean it's erotic fanfiction for dishonest people who cannot look at their inner devil (attraction to kids) and stare it down. Most if not all people are sexually attracted to kids. It's also true that most never actually fuck kids or even attempt it, because most people know this is a bad thing. But these folks go about virtue signalling while writing books that depict "true accounts" and expose "secrets" which are their own fabrication (sex fantasy) projected on a boogeyman. They are cowards essentially, and the worst kind of coward at that. They're afraid of their own shadow, their emotions and fantasies. I actually pity them despite the fact they're dangerous and volatile as fuck.

Meanwhile Japan solved this by having a wonderful fictional outlet where anything goes and all is okay. Also, lowest crime rates in the world.

With America it's always either fire & brimstone or trannies. Yes, psychology is garbage and Jews are amoral - but this is your own problem, oh Saxon. It's your own cowardice and lust dominating you to an insane degree.

Also, Shirley Temple made great movies. Watch The Littlest Rebel for instance. She's a proud daughter of the Confederacy in that one.



Yeah, if we're gonna talk child abuse why not address the obvious and jarring example all Americans are okay with.

Funny thing is that the circumcision red pill causes females to react. It triggers women HARD. The problem is the Jews ban people red pilling about it on social media. But man do the women get triggered by it.

It's utterly baffling from many standpoints. As a eurofag I'm absolutely sickened by it. There's no distinction between male and female circumcision. Both are abhorrent abominations. Yet somehow US females are okay with this shit and even prefer it. I mean fuck, we even know circumcision permanently alters the structure of the brain. I'm even tempted to say much of the neuroticism of Americans has its source in this traumatic experience. The same applies to muslims and Jews. This may even be the link that explains much of their behaviour.

I figure this bitch kickstarted the entire underground Pedo generation

Sorry for doublepost, but I think I need to get this out too.

Shirley made her movies in the 30s and 40s as far as I know. What is the situation in those eras? A high trust society, all white, pretty gud.

More importantly - the pedo thing is a psyop designed to remove men from childrens lives. It is the cause of many problems. Girls in particular benefit from male guidance and friendship - you cannot deny this because it is absolutely true. These modern dykes, feminists and girls with all sorts of issues are the result of this practice of removal. If you're looking for a conspiracy, there it is. Brutally simple and devastatingly effective.

Furthermore I wonder if people who throw these accusations around (in this case about how Shirley is "sexual") are aware of how actual little girls act, or again in this case their own damn pop culture history. Little girls imitate adult women, and in those "sexy" moments Shirley does too. This is supposed to be cute because it is cute. Just like IRL a little girl by doing so is merely wanting to be noticed. I've experienced this many times. Basically, she'll try to "seduce" you but there's nothing behind that, nothing sexual at least. She merely wants to be acknowledged and loved. The moment you pay attention to her and show her that you like her she'll be just an ordinary child. I honestly believe this is a deeply ingrained, primal biological thing that harkens back to our deepest history as a species. Likewise, girls know they're girls and what they're about much sooner than boys. Again this is purely instinctual and built in the species.

I'm pretty sure that at some primal time when an alpha male killed his enemy and his sons, laid claim to all his women and daughters the little daughters acted in the same manner to establish their position and display their willing submission.

No, I'm not calling her Jewish. There was a common practice back then where Jews would adopt/kidnap goy children so they could pretend the child (Who the Jews more often than not molested and brainwashed) was Jewish so they could use the goy as a pretty face to make goyim society more trustful.

It was evil.



Welp, 8/pol/ is officially bluepilled. I'm out.

You should really research this period in hollywood

Not an argument since their system obviously works while whatever the fuck you're doing results in nothing but pain and misery.

Truth is the truth. You can either accept it or sink back into comfortable lies like a pussy. When threads such as these appear I'm praying to God some user like posts so I can continue having faith in Holla Forums. It's very uncomfortable knowing that tards such as you still exist and are even a part of the right. You and your kind have consumed so much shitty youtube conspiracy videos without developing a shred of self-reflection and objectivity that you are basically the same like the liberals or taliban. The same primitive inability to discern truth from falsehood, fact from fiction and employ common sense characterizes you all.

I'll repeat this in even stricter terms - you operate under the same mindset as those libs who are for pedo acceptance. It's only the expression that is different, meaning there's no distinction at all. The same inane mindset fuels you, the same willing refusal of reality and truth.

I wasn't talking about Hollywood but your society as a whole.

When are the shills leaving?

Go away pedo.

yeh, only (((those people))) used it that way.
pretty obvious because Weimar.

There's a reason the NSDAP was as violent as it was and it only has maybe 25% to do with commies. We see commies all the time. We might pass'em in the street in pozland. Do we go all crazy unhinged and curb everything in sight? We should, but we don't. That should be a clue how extreme that situation was.
and of course all the other common degeneracies we're used to (((them))) favouring by now. Yes, not a single thing you've discovered through the internet is new. Unless it specifically comes from those wacky nuked nips.

British historian Sir Arthur Bryant describes throngs of child prostitutes outside the doors of the great Berlin hotels and restaurants.

He adds: “Most of them—the night clubs and vice resorts—were owned and managed by Jews. And it was the Jews among the promoters of this trade who were remembered in after years.”
Put the Spartacist Uprisings together with this, and you have the perfect storm.
nowadays, instead of street corners, we've got literal advertising on TV. With names like Toddlers & Tiaras and Dance Moms, and My Sweet 16 for that "Barely Legal" crowd. Let the normies figure out what goes on behind the scenes…and you'll see that violence rupture the nation again.

What I would like to know is what was going on behind the scenes of the white/jew split that resulted in United Artists.
I feel like the key to regaining the film industry is somewhere in that origin point. I've never found anything that goes beyond generalities, contract disputes, and an anti-trust suit years later though. Always feels like before reclaiming the arts we are missing a few steps, almost intentionally left blank by (((them)))

You have to be more imaginative with your name.
Naming everything "x-gate" just makes it boring as fuck to the average normalfag, plus it's just lazy and not on par with user culture.
Kek is displeased.

It's undeniable that the Jews were at the heart of Weimar degeneracy and that today Hollywood movies are pozzed garbage. It is also true that those kinds of shows are loathsome, but putting the (sadly likely) idea of them being a kind of "market" for little girls aside - it's the aged, used up whore mothers who get them into this. They are to blame for the most part. Again, where is the father in this? It's these obese old hags that push their daughters into this and create an opportunity for predation and who knows what.

I'm not into movies, so I have neither the interest nor the idea how to kill the talmudic beast in that area. Since anime is the superior artform I don't even care. I'd ban any and all child acting though.

Regarding culture as a whole fuck movies - first and foremost we need to start creating literature, good literature. I believe this is a far more defiant gesture and it is perennial if done well.

To return to the previous point I made I don't think we should easily entertain puritanical ideas about sex. That is just the other side of the degeneracy coin. Nothing good can come of it, only inner tension that erupts into something nasty in the end. We are human, and no man can last a lifetime under severe tension without going bonkers. What we need is the same thing the Japanese did (and we actually have this if you're familiar with #34 content). If it's written or drawn it is okay. Coupled with this however comes a more difficult task - making women worthwhile again. If we have an outlet for outrageous but harmless fiction AND lovely, kindhearted and submissive women we will achieve balance.

His grandson is married to Rupert Murdock's kid

media hype.

It's called "baby Burlesque" because the film company was actually called that. Because they were selling sex


Kill yourself.

You're going into the gas chamber with your friend.


Plummeting birthrates? Soaring ages of first marriage? Eternal virginity?

This guy is absolutely correct. There's a difference between rational and puritanical beliefs, and Holla Forums walks a very fine line between the two.
This mindless criticism which stems from sexual repression is a huge weakness which WILL be exploited if Holla Forums doesn't learn to distinguish pedantry from real problems.

All will become clear if you trace puritanism to its roots. It is not an ideology born of European tradition.

@5:20 /ourguy/ ??!?!?

Yep. The Puritans were wholly Old Testament. I wonder if they got (((expelled))) from England for the usual reasons. (Pics related).*/*/*/

Is he correct? What makes sexual liberation so superior? What's just enough liberation? Japan, the country he highlights as doing it right, does not have healthy marriages or children so how are they doing it right?
The orgy porgy and even its lesser strains is inherently destructive. Strong birthrates and nuclear families cannot survive side by side with a liberated sexual marketplace, those responsible for the former will reject the latter

1. No they were not
2. They were direct intellectual offshoots of calvinism and as such stressed the importance of the old testament law but never to the exclusion of the new testament
Are you aware that christianity existed before the new testament was finished? Many of the books in the new testament were letters to churches and as such their distribution between churches was slow, what do you think churches and new converts were reading and getting instruction from before the new testament was "finished" (which is long long long before it was codified and addressed as such).

you fools.

You hebrews and your false dichotomies need to be eliminated.

Answer me what's just enough sexual liberation?

The trouble is the anglo-saxon concept of thoughtcrime. I won't even call it western since western culture never had thought crime until the fucking repressed faggots got a hold of western sexuality.

If it's a 2d image, there's no crime being committed. Just because people might think a thought doesn't mean a crime has been committed. Then again if you eliminate thought crime then churches and skirt measuring cucks lose a bunch of societal control.

if only sex crimes werent so damn high in Japan

GTFO Cass Sunstein

It's pretty interesting what's going on in this thread between three or more IDs

How do you define "kid"? Because if you mean "someone under the age of 18" I'll agree with you. If you mean "the stars of Toddlers and Tiaras" I'm going to have to ask you as politely and supportively as possible to see a shrink.

I don't know. I think that's the type of thing that would become a tacit unspoken aspect of culture in an all white society, its different for every race and thats one reason why we are so fucked up on that front these days.

The (((Mayflower)))

quite right user. This is why women were not allowed voting rights for all those centuries. Its because men knew they were mostly petty spoiled children mentally - childfren who could not be trusted to decide what was good for them beyond daily practical matters. Abstraction and theory is painful for them to even contemplate. Women and children think similarly:Advantage is to be held on to. unfairness to me is wrong, but unfairness toward others is fine. When a man acts in anger, later he may reflect on it with remorse. Look upon the face of a woman recalling a particularly vindictive revenge act and you may note the smirk of satisfaction she feels recalling it. Its up to fathers to prevent this circumcision bullshit, women arent ever going to challenge the status quo until a lot of other people are already doing it. Practical, emotional minds wont rock the boat.

tbh, The beginning of the end of western culture started with television.
The ability to program people with the memory of some invented scenario is extremely powerful. Because even if we "know" its fake, those phony hollywood plots are what gets pulled up when the mind searches for answers to everyday issues and choices. Especially in children.

I dont see an easy road out because it seems every avenue is pozzed to the limit - but it starts with taking the blinders off and re-engaging with your life, and not letting social media dictate to you what everyone else is about. only you should be deciding that.

They use children because a child's blood can be used to rejuvenate a dying body.

That's where it all began historically. It morphed into weird sexual shit because demons like to fuck with people, and they probably thought it would be funny.

Old people feel happier around little kids because their vitality and spiritual energy is pure and free. All that excess energy and excitement about being alive helps someone who is old and tired feel better. It works on multiple levels. Part of the reason late term abortions are pushed so hard on the US public is because the partially developed fetus has a lot of potential in the science of aging and life extension and they want to use all that juicy gooey baby brain and matter to renew themselves, like their ancestors did in the various texts and manuscripts that have been hoarding for the past few thousand years in an attempt at re piecing together what happened to the human race.

Social attitudes have changed however

is partially correct. The internet unfortunately exposed a lot of sick shit that was only whispered and rumoured in the past, and what used to be innocent now when viewed through the Jewish lens is obviously some fucked up shit that they tried to program into the population.

Women have been ritually abused since the beginning of time, presumably because their stem cells and ability to reproduce unlock some keys to immortality through rejuvenation. Look at the state of women's education today, the western women went from being protected and cherished in their homes as equal contributors and mothers to drone workers who want to go to war and die, want to compete in a vicious deadening workplace environment, and think sex and the holy union of man and women is just a pleasurable snack, like grabbing a burger and coke. By the time they collectively realise they have posioned their bodies, made their wombs barren and destroyed the biggest gift given to them, the one to create and nurture life, it will be too late to revert the process.