Doctors warned not to say ‘expectant mothers’ in case it offends transgender people

A leaflet circulated to medical staff has advised saying ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘expectant mothers’ to avoid offending transgender people.

Guidance put together by the doctors’ union the British Medical Association (BMA) says that using the term ‘mothers’ could upset intersex and transgender men.

The advice was part of an internal document to staff outlining a raft of common phrases that should be avoided for fear of causing offence.

On pregnancy and maternity, it says: ‘Gender inequality is reflected in traditional ideas about the roles of women and men.

‘Though they have shifted over time, the assumptions and stereotypes that underpin those ideas are often deeply-rooted.’

this is so stupid.


Is humanity even worth saving or caring about? Maybe it all comes to conclusive end?

Is this the ultimate feels>reals?

As a CIS white male, I cant get pregnant.
Check your privilege

If we aren't at the level of sodom and gomorrah at this point, what else is coming? How much further can the Jews push this?

We need to get tranny suicides up until we can dotr. Fuckloads attempt it for attention, but more need to complete it.

The jews are done pushing brother. The TRUMP EFFECT has begun. The holocaust did not happen, but it will now!

No, we are beyond sodom. They surely didn't had technology for sex change operations, furry fandom or identity politics.

can you imagine what kind of deformed spawn of satan baby will shit out of that beast?

hormone treatments CANNOT be good on a developing fetus, that baby is going to be fucked to the max

Neither do we. Mutilating someone's genitals and injecting them with hormones does not a sex change make.

At this stage i wouldnt think twice about joining some top-secret bond-tier villain organization with the goal of destroying the world or atleast mankind just because fuck it, we dont deserve this shitty ball rather let nature and the animals(not niggers) take over.

Such a thing exists, it's called "ZOG". Sorry but you must be jewish to apply.



Fuck this gay earth

Even if you're one of these morons and accept all their narratives about trannyism being not a mental illness (protip:it is) these degenerate freaks make up an inordinately minute proportion of the population.

There are way more fucking amputees than trannies yet you don't see this kind of bullshit effort made to protect their feelings. This is all bullshit to push a stupid (((cultural Marxist agenda))) and its completely transparent.

These fuckers don't care about helping marginalised people or whatever the fuck it's all a giant concern troll designed to push these freaks into people's faces and force them to conform to it. Same thing with them wanting to bring over rapefugees yet not giving a flying fuck about the poor and the homeless citizens already in the country.

Said it before and I'll say it again. If a state such as Nazi Germany will never exist. If the brilliance of the white race will be quietly expunged from existence, I sincerely hope the world is obliterated by an asteroid.

I tired of a world that is so obsessed with the semantics of what something should be called. It's the level of pettiness that is a symptom of people who are far cut off from reality.

And with that, CPS should take their child from them the moment it's born, assuming they don't do some stupid shit like drink while pregnant, because SJWs are so fucking moronic that they think being told not to drink while pregnant is oppression.

Well son humanity managed to elect Trump as God Emperor so I think it can still be saved.

I swear britcuckistan is the circus of the world.

Its just funny because no one in England gives a shit. Even the people in crapholes like London don't give a shit. In fact all the immigrants tend to be more disgusted about this stuff than regular Brits, who just think its retarded.

This is what happens when female students are given management positions. They push through pointless crap that at best people think is retarded, and at worst makes them genuinely angry. How they do not all get fired I do not know.. I remember in university I was told not to refer to humanity as 'Mankind' or say BC (Before Christ). I purposefully did it every time and only the jew woman lecturer gave a shit.

All Media sources should be nationalized….. for fucks sake society no longer has a set of laws….. is this how the shift to, and widespread public acceptance of Islam will occur????

not "laws" what I meant to say was "values" a basic foundation on which society is built instead of ever moving quicksand.

For Fucks Sake

Nor do they give a shit wen hundreds of thousands of british schoolgirls get gangraped and sold in to child prostitution

Except for, you know, all those 'racist attacks' that the Brits keep getting blamed for - and the fact that most of the country decided that we should no longer let any foreigners in and struck first blood in the war against globalism?

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I'm not trying to d&c here but how many American women are raped by niggers every year? At least the paki rapists made it into the mainstream media (eventually) over here, American rape gangs are completely unreported. Same for most European countries too, you shouldn't throw stones in glass houses.

As I said this I not d&c it's just the harsh truth. It may not be Pakistanis doing it but your women are even more likely to get raped by a subhuman than ours are.

Britman is the worst superhero

Hahahaha do you actually fucking believe this? England is Sweden 2. Brexit succeeded by 2%… so fucking what? Do you seriously think that means your country isn't fucked?
I hate demoralization and D/C shit, but you have no right to be proud of yourselves. Brits talk a lot of shit about the US for people who are living in a Muslim country.

I've been noticing a lot of UK based news that's quickley esclated into D&C and a lot of (((1))). What purpose does be-littering the UK do? We know it's shit, so is the US with safe spaces and commiefornia, kike peadowood, transgender bathrooms etc etc

Yes good, goyim. Fight among yourself and achieve nothing

What did that achieve? It's still going on in exactly the same scale as before

You are really underestimating how bad it actually is in britcuckistan, It's going on en every town and rotherham isn't even the worst one.

I've only seen one that wasn't made up.

Brexit promised more migration from former colonies, so that means even more pakistani child rapists will make it over to the UK.

We have a government of over-promoted clowns, our 'lifestyle expert' are educated idiots, the NHS pays for people to turn themselves into freaks with reconstructive surgery, and we suffer from a feral Prolefeed mass media that lives or dies by their sensationalistic headlies (that last word was supposed to read 'headlines', but the typo is good too). But, ooh, that nice Jamie Oliver lad has a new cooking show on the telly. Turn it up Ethel, and try to ignore the screams of the young girls outside.
Bongistan is a mess.
t. a Bong

The mentally diseased should not be allowed to reproduce. If they manage to evade the ban and have healthy children they should be taken from them and placed in foster homes.
I know this is obvious and known but it bears repeating.


>fuckhueg letters saying BRIT MAN

agreed, enjoy having ZERO kids you cucklet

Civilizations have gone through this shit time and time again.
Prosperity > decadence > destruction
The only difference this time, is that we know better and have people in charge that know better.



I keep trying to get my trap gf pregnant, but to no avail.

I'll keep trying…and trying..and trying..and trying..

smh tbh

I don't know if I should hope if the child is white or mystery meat because of the torture it'll endue being raised by the mentally ill but still being a birth to that particular population.

Tough call that is.


Confirmed newfag

Taking bets it will make Frakenstein look decent in comparison

so much this ^
we just want to live our fucking lives, not set up a police state to protect our precious feefees.