I don't usually ask for help on a raid

Ok, before I get called a faggot, I don't usually ask for help on a raid but hear me out first. My sister went into this cucks clothing store with friends. She was wearing a MAGA cap purchased from the US. Anyhow, she was verbally abused by the owner and his niglet friends. Calling her a racist and embarrassing her infront of her mates. As soon as she told me, I had to let /pol know.

Here is his page. Maybe just give the store a 1 star.

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This is the cucks store

Don't worry as user, I got you


Personal army and all that shit.

Don't forget to leave negative reviews guys.


He has his number on there, I'm gonna stick it on Craig's list's casual encounters section. He's about to get bombed by gay dudes.

mein dude

you shouldn't be posting such info even if its subtle here,you know some of us here could call up that store and dox you.

Bumping for OP. His sister deserves justice.

you fucking retards have no OPsec and I can see all your profiles.

literally retards.



this is exactly what's supposed to happen Holla Forums is Holla Forums now you mongs

"this gorilla dick daddy is hungry"

Is that what we're going to pretend?

"this gorilla dick daddy is hungry"

You should follow my lead and upload an ad to Craigslist or locanto. Get his phone gay bombed.

That's what you get for white knighting some Australian shitposter's stupid sister that actually set foot into a niggerhiphop store.


czech'd. it's not pretend m8, open your eyes and look.

Feel your pain, m8

I don't have a single account anywhere on the net with my real name, photo, or IP. Can't speak for everyone here but these days you'd have to be insane to have a kikebook/twatter for anything but trolling.

nypa, racist is a badge of honor, you'd do well to teach her that

Cuteboys thread is up

Do craigslist as well lel

post his number 0426 818 871

It won't allow me

Some user please do it

/cuteboys/ here. You are an idiot if you think we don't sit here too.

I know you do, but please, join in and have fun

Keep sucking them dicks OP, you're sure to reach for the top someday!

Why would you?

Do a Craigslist ad, get the nigger gay bombed

Op here will do
●→:O ♡♡♡¤•°▶▶▶▶▶▶▶▶≪≪≪

dumb nigger.
also to the Holla Forumsacks with the facebook accounts.
fucking delete them and scorch any traceable shit you have on Internet.

You're literally a faggot and your sister shouldn't be wearing a MAGA hat near niggers if she cant even handle the bantz.

gorilla dick daddy strikes again

The fuck is this shit??


nigger hat

Nigger clothing

The more expensive it is, the better niggers think it is

To them, this is street Gucci

It's in kangadollarydoos. That's like 5 freedombux, but they probably fuck you on shipping.

You could sell a nigger an actual normal dog chain bracelet for $100 and they'd buy it. Call it Dawg Fashion. They'll be lining up to buy it. It'll be a status symbol.

I'm an ausfag, $90AUD is like maybe $60USD?
This is the most cancerous 'aussie' clothing brand I've ever seen…

Maybe before there was ever inflation

you mean deflation because it's globally traded

is the third one a muslim?

Ok you can stop. This is getting boring

Not your personal army, fuck off.

Is Mr Clean a natsoc?

try harder next time

Which begs the question. What the fuck was OP's sister doing in a place like that in the first place? OP, what kind of shitty urbanite sister do you have?

Where the hell did this zerg of sloppiness come from?

So burn it down OP. Fucking pussy.


Go to the meetup board. Start posting. I cant be the only one that wants some bros to meet up with.

Specifically pa. I know youre out there fgts

Sorry meant to create my own gay thread that will be anchored in a few hours

How do you delete a thread ?

whats the meetup board, is it meadhall?

Send nude selfies to meinkampfy and therealmoonman

That's the one I use at least. It's pretty dead though *which is a shame because we need more uncompromising and uncucked guys in my local group.**

FUCK! Messed up the spoilers.

I mean OK I help with this shit, but how the fuck is it even relevant to your sister or that shop owner what happens in the USA.Get your own countries shit together first.It's autistic.You should have a 'make australia great again' hat.Or 'annex us with the USA we are cucks'

meet up here for ausfags


Post some of the company's cucked tweets or something OP.

yeah nobody wants to use non legacy boards. might work better if you make announcements here, and have long term meetup infor over there.

Thats why i made a thread but didnt list the name because of the influx of 4chan weve had. The first reply was accusations of being fbi. Oh well i guess we'll never be able to spend time with like minded people.

thats gonna happen no matter what, friend.


UNCUCKED lads only come from Great Britain Im afraid, tbh

Dubs confirm, keep at it, try and think of a way to keep it sort of anonymous - find a public shooting alley or whatever you yanks call it, somewhere you can just turn up and shoot, and do it a few times, on your own or with mates, post about it on meadhall. Let people see you do it a few times, keep the nazi symbology away so antifa have no grounds for interest, make sure its somewhere very very public critically important, nobody goes on innawoods trips straight away, or even pubs or bars, because any cunt could be waiting, but you have to pay for entry. Fucking go-karting or scrap car racing, anything that keeps liberals away because of testosterone, and entry fees. Nobody will come for a few times at least, but they will eventually, if they see there is no criminality to be framed for by feds, or reason for antifa to "protest".
A similar method worked on cuckchan for 4 or 5 krauts a year ago, with quad biking at a popular farm or something, I have a greentext somewhere, but its in krautspeak.

fite me irl

Meet in front of the Corn Exchange in Liverpool, whenever you like fagit.




You disapoint me user.

dubs confirm jeffrey tucker is a cuck