Alexandre Bissonnette - CUCK

So, apparently he was a feminist, supported LGBT and Israel.

What are the chances this cuck saw what was happening live on tv, and like a good cuck decided take the blame on him to protect the muslim shooters?

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Does anyone actually believe this?

First, three suspects; 2 shooters, masked, shouting Allahu Akhbar, multiple eyewitnesses. Apparently literally on live TV. Third calls himself in 20 miles away. Multiple people listening on the scanner station identify 2 Muslims, apparently 2 Syrian Refugees. AK47 involved.

Next story– 1 shooter, 1 suspect 20 miles away. No AK47. No mention of Allahu Akhbar.

Next story– 1 suspect. Moroccan, despite caught with firearms, is a "witness".

Next story– White Straight Male is sole suspect. NO MUSLIM WERE INVOLVED. 1 scrawny manlet sub 150 lbs took out 40 Muslims with a long gun that jammed, then casually walked back to his vehicle, grabbed a 9mm, then shot 26 people (6 dead, 8 critical, 12 wounded) with a 1 (ONE) 15 round clip?



He also was a libshit thinking the ice bucket challenge is wasting water, literally 'kids in africa could had drank that!' tier.

Thanks for posting this OP. Saw it. Had trouble finding it.

Choose one.

These cucks go in Africa and willingly get killed just to virtue signal. What's life in jail when you saved muslims in Canada from being seen as terrorists?

Speaking about life in jail, I think he was too afraid to kill himself, because he does look like a cuck. Is such a man who is not willing to take his own life a man who would kill 6 people?

This could have been a Shiite vs Sunnite shooting.


Not entirely impossible, if true that would be awesome lol

Ephraim GTFO he didn't kill anyone just taking the blame for it. But I hope the police will do its job.


Nope but this time it is definitively a false-flag, this guy is a SJW cuckold.

They are just trying to frame us but it won't work, mark my words.

How you can type that with a straight face is beyond me.

Look at what happened: eyewitnesses described 2 shooters, both shouting 'Allah ackbar' just a few days ago.]

Then it became 1 shooter.

Then it became a cis, white, privileged male out of nowhere.

Not only that, but they actually went full-on JFK assassination and called him the 'lone wolf.' Like the 'lone gunman' that killed JFK.

It's a conditioning technique.

why is this not stickied?

Oy vey shut it down.

Lol because the mods are in cahoots with the (((globalists))), they want to portray us as totally unhinged…

He's most likely a civic-nationalist. There are a segment of those that is only against mudslimes because they threaten ((modern society and it's values)).

Basically they are cancer and it's good they are getting vetted.

Most likely while the sandniggers were being shot up they started screaming allah ackbar because that's what they scream whenever anything happens. Or maybe Alexandre was mocking them.

I like how google and facebook made his profile gone.

Lol with them this possibility can't be ruled out of the table lol ;) ROFL

I was called shill and subversion agent for calling this 24 hours ago for what it was. This man isn't a hero. This man if true was nothing more than a blue pilled cuck faggot who finally snapped.

Why would you investigate his Social Media accounts are you a conspirationist or something?

Straight down the memory hole.

Inb4 it gets shut down by the media.

It's crazy how the normalfag narrative is that this kid was an alt-right christian radicalized shitlord terrorist and there is zero evidence of that being the case other than the fact that he hit the "like" button on Donald Trump's Normiebook page.

The entire thing is a clusterfuck and I say that as someone who lives in Canada, and was living in the same town when the torri stafford child rape and murder went down. The WPS got their shit together with that hard. SdQ and other agencies were all over the fucking place.

The thing is, if you don't live in Canada you don't get how fucked up Quebec really is. You've got racism, nationalism, anti-anglosphere bullshit, language police(to stop english from being used), rampant xenophobia especially against anyone who doesn't speak french. Then you can toss in the absolute batshit insane religious stuff. Then we can get onto the batshit insanity of the separatist movement. If he was a nationalist? I can get that, he probably was. He was also a hardcore NDP supporter, and the NDP are just a small step from being full-on marxists. We've had our share of left-wing marxist nationalists in Quebec before too. They were called the FLQ, they bombed places, kidnapped politicians, murdered them all for their idea of making Quebec it's own country.

There's something that doesn't fit, there's some stuff that does. But this fuck being a left wing nationalist that supported all the leftie pet causes with a heavy dose of quebec ethnocentrism? That makes a lot of sense then.

What is the problem with racism and xenophobia? Are you lost or something? I can show you the way to where you belong >>>/oven/

Another misguided shill please leave.

If you don't live in Canada you probably don't get what I'm talking about. Maybe you should spend a bit of time up here to get it. 10? 20 years? That should work. Quebecker nationalists don't believe that english or greek/roman centric philosophy are the primary strength of western civilization. Yeah, you figure that one out while they're spouting bullshit. They believe that communist or marxist is the superior ideology. Short summary: Holla Forums would be degenerates in the eyes of a nationalist quebecker, and worth nothing unless you're a filthy commie.

Grow up kid. OQLF exists, and that's their purpose.

What do you have against fighting for your own language? it is not like France didn't have colonies in America you fat-fuck!

I never lived in Quebec but from what you are saying they sound a lot like Corsican separatists.

If I'm not mistaken, all the crazy serial killers come from there too. The province is a breeding ground for insanity.

Very close to that.

There are some pretty fucked up ones that came from there, but some of the worst came right from here in Ontario like Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. Something a lot of people don't know in that case is she was the instigator of those rapes, and she would watch him do it. It was also her who pushed him into start murdering the girls. Best known though? Guy had ~40(known) rapes w/50 suspected, and 4 known murders(at least 10 other suspected) including Homolka's own sister, who Karla setup so he could rape her then kill her.

I think I saw a crime special on that a while ago. They were pretty fucked up.

If you get some spare time, pick up the book "Deadly Innocence: The True Story of Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, and the Schoolgirl Murders" by Burnside and Cairns. Police constables and inspectors who worked the case gave a lot of insight into the entire thing, including how they felt that the deal Homolka cut was bad. She should be locked up in a max security prison like Bernardo is. And that fuck spends 23.5hrs a day in a 10x10ft room(full solitary) with no human contact even with the guards.

I'll check it out. Thanks.

Why would you investigate when he has confessed.



my honest to God guess is that he's agreed to take the fall for mudslimes like a useful idiot so that he'll help prevent

He also liked:

United With Israel


Israel Defense Forces
Government organisation

How does that even work? I thought Marxists were all globalist open border cucks who want to abolish the concept of national sovreignty.

So, if it was legit, and he was not a random cuck that wanted to save muslims, or was friend with the muslim that did it due to shia/shiite.. then he could have been pushed to do it by JIDF

does this guy have a lawyer?

(((la presse))) is running stories from the interrogations leaked from a cop source.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

if you ask me what's going on, law bill incoming against anonymous internet forums and fakenews in canada and france.

Ah, so that all but confirms it's a kike. Also, what the fuck is up with your trspacing user

saw two stories where he had an unnamed lawyer in the brief hearing, would like to find out the lawyer's name.

Trudeau is aiming to kill the anonymous forums.
I hate that faggot so fucking much.

found the name of the lawyer: jean petit
doing a stellar job so far!



all of my this

ok, I need a source on the underlying image here

If you mean you need the source with the feminist badge. There are multiple sites that have it. Don't know how they got it since the facebook was deleted by (((someone)))

So he was a feminist, yet demeaned feminism?
That's total bullshit, this guy is probably seeking attention.
They can't just throw somebody in prison without evidence.

Those are reports from a local refugee activist

I know, and he's probably making it up.

The fucking jew tweeted that image only because the guy was wearing a suit in the photo, and she had to make the connection between alt-right types (Richard Spencer) wearing suits and Nazis. Totally ignore the guy was wearing a feminist badge on his suit.

Somebody cut that in with the shooting

Only the Western ones, slavs and eastern commies are indistinguishable than Holla Forums

The whole thing stinks.

and now the mosque is already re-opened, with talks of a "full renovation", presumably on either taxpayer money, or from the massive amounts of charity they've likely received because of the incident. evidently, they'll run beach-kid and bomb-kid on the front page of every newspaper in the western world, yet when a supposedly authentic, hate-inspired terror event happens in Canada, it's a combination of "listen and believe" with the endless repetition of their tired-out mantras, while there's virtually nothing solid that actually indicates this person carried out the crime, much less the excuse-making about "mental illness" or "bullying" and whatever else

Renovation to remove all the evidence that it was indeed a false flag event.

it was amazing how monday morning the newspaper were all pushing the narrative and framing the story as a national tragedy. contrast with bain and zehaf-bibeau:

journalists is not a correct term anymore, authorized propagandist is more like it.

good news is if they have to pull this kind of shit to silence a whole people (ie. peuple, nation), they must be desperate and in a bad posture already.
unfortunately, i think the "victories" are taking place elsewhere so far, and this false flag is a chess move that will be driving the narrative until we counter with good memes and networks.

I doubt we'll know the truth in this one soon, but it provides us with a new angle. We can make this cuck the face of leftist terrorism and spread far and wide that he was standing up to islam for Femenism! It will divide the enemy.

Supposedly this guy has a "twin" brother. This is a government propaganda operation.

Marc Lépine was obviously superior.
This cuck is worthless.

Where are all the phone videos of the attack? Where are the bloody pictures? Where are the media interviews of the survivors? The judenpresse would be trotting the "children" out for every camera in the world to demonize whites, but instead we get nothing. A black hole of real information, strictly controlled by government spokeswomen. How strange.

our countries' imageboards need to find out what the hell is going on

I had made a thread but I'll just post it here.


That's not the same symbol though. I have never ever seen feminists use one like that with the line going into the circle. Tried running it through a symbol recognition thing and didn't get any results. Maybe it's some local organization in Quebec.