How can we stop the nonsense that is NoFap?

How can we stop the nonsense that is NoFap?

Pornography and NoFap are like Capitalism and Communism: two sides of the same Shekel that needs to be thrown away.

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Also, come over to /cucktianity/ if you want, where we document the delusions of Christians and work on counter strategies.

While too much masturbation and porn might have ill effects (primarily desensitization), NoFappers are mentally ill, as the OP shows.

Not only that, but they come up with fantastical, horseshit claims to back up their worldview. I've had a guy on Holla Forums tell me that not fapping turned people's eyes blue, and there's that one "theory" that all porn leads to autogynephilia.

Pornography is mostly jewish, start lifting instead. If you have to fap then close your eyes and use your imagination

That sums it up pretty much.
Also, once you stop watching porn you will also inevitably fap less and don't become addicted to it.

All religions warn against masturbation, as well as other ancient traditions, and they are right. You either fuck a woman or work hard until you can fuck a woman, not fapping helps.

This should go in QTDTOT

You got it all wrong child. There is nothing wrong with young men taking control of their lives and addictions. Why would you be against that? Are you a hater?

Oh yes, indeed I am!

Porn is a weapon; all forms of porn, including H which is undermining the anime aesthetic while conditioning retards into more and more degenerate shit.


Do you have anything to refute this?

masturbation all the time tires you out

I don't watch porn because it's jewish and I don't fap because it makes me depressed. I'd rather try to get a real girl instead of a computer screen.

Then there's something seriously wrong with you.


Fap, niggr, fap!

No, there isn't. It's extremely common to feel that because that's your body coming down from the dopamine high. Stop spreading misinformation.


It's just a waste of time and energy when I could be doing more important things like self improvement or spending time with friends

Coming down from a dopamine high isn't the same as becoming depressed. Being depressed is not normal. Stop spreading degenerate heroine chic and the idea that it's totally normal to suffer from mental health issues such as depression.

Not all porn is jewish. Also nofap leads to testicular cancer.

I never said being depressed was normal. When he said 'depressed' I sincerely doubt he was talking about clinical depression.

Thats a troll you fucking idiot.. lol

You obviously don't come out of a Cuckstian family…

fuck off you degenerate autist

This shows a complete ignorance of ancient times.

1. NOT all religions warn against masturbation. The Hebrew Bible contains no condemnation against masturbation and neither does the New Testament.

Onan was killed because he pulled out and blew his load on the ground, despite God commanding him to impregnate Tamar, his brother's widow.

Jesus also said that a man who's angry with another one has committed murder in his heart… yet one notes that the victim of the anger remains very much alive. One would think that somebody dying is an essential component of murder.
"In his heart" is an expression meaning "he imagined it" or "he's planning it". When Jesus says that you're a murderer in your heart, he means that you're already thinking about killing the guy, which puts you in danger of actually violating the Commandment against murder. Not, however, that only violating the Commandment in reality is the sin, not thinking about it. Thinking about it merely exposes you to unhelpful temptation. Jesus didn't create the category of fucking thoughtcrime.

2. Up until recently, marriages were arranged and the reason for being unmarried was primarily poverty - and even then, the lower classes married among themselves. There was no need to have "game" or to lift. The marriage itself didn't revolve around sex either, but around making children, either as heirs or as agricultural laborers. Masturbation was not a significant problem under this arrangement. It only has a depressing effect on family formation in modern times, when both men and women have disposable income to blow and fucking feminist harpies make it so unattractive to find a mate. Saying that masturbation has been an evil that has hounded humanity since times immemorial is an unsound extrapolation of present conditions into the past.

Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide threeeaaad
Report sage and hide.

Shills are attempting to shit up the board cuckchan Holla Forums tier.

Thats only those Opus Dei nutballs.

Even if it's not ALL jewish it's still very degenerate

NoPooper here. Frankly, if you haven't done the research to back up your claims… well… lol

Both NoPoop and NoFap offer extraordinary benefits to male well-being. NoFap saves you the vitamins and minerals wasted in semen excretion; NoPoop properly processes your fecal matter by holding it in the colon for its proper duration (3-7 days) instead of wastefully forcing it out prematurely.

The minerals from the semen and your food are supposed to be HARMONIZED in the body and synergise with each other. That's why NoFap and NoPoop are both advised.

Nofap isn't about anything but self-control you autistic pagan LARPer (or D&C agent, not sure). It's about having enough self control to not tug your dick 4 times a day.

feeling depressed =/= being clinically depressed

What about NoPoop?



How about once a day?

I can't vouch for anyone else but it's legit imho

I didn't take a shit for 5 days and my grades went up


Once a day is about average. Most people jack off when they're horny and then are relieved for a good while.

Nofappers have something wrong with their brains and project it onto the rest of the world.


What about Pastor Anderson? He is a supporter of racemixing, marries white women to black men and even said that he doesn't care about which "fictional line" (in reference to borders) people come and go.

He is a perfect example of the lunacy that is Cucktianity: people that hate masturbating but are perfectly fine with mass migration and racemixing…

Do you have anything to refute the healing power of crystals? One guy wrote 5 posts of baseless conjecture and anecdotes, therefore it's gospel truth?

The accepted criteria for causality are
1. temporal order
2. biological mechanism
3. dose-response relationship
4. strength of relationship
5. consistency (the effect always occurs in the presence of the cause)
6. specificity (the effect only occurs in the presence of the cause)

Here's what he provided:

He also said that you have to concentrate entirely on your penis while fapping.

Lest anyone accuse me of being a degenerate®, I propose the much simpler theory of continuous exposure desensitising you to a stimulus. This is a known, biologically plausible mechanism (neurotransmitter homeostasis) that's consistently observed (tolerance build-up to drugs), and it explains why people seek out novel/more extreme stimulation over time.

"Be in love with your penis or become a lesbian" = "We wuz kangz" of Holla Forums

He openly hates gays, says they should be put to death, and in another video, Im pretty sure he directly sites passages that command you to hate your enemy and foreign nations who act against god etc… even Israel, and the jews.

He marries white women to black men and is at beast ambivalent in regards to borders.

Hating non-Christian Jews and supporting anti-White Jewry isn't enough…

lol this board is dead


No fap is about basement dwellers getting laid rather than masturbating.
The self control bullshit comes from where you're from >>>/reddit/

Orgasm into a vagina will make you "depressed" (melancholic; depression is chronic serotonin dysfunction) too. It's called post-coital tristesse.

Stop fucking hookers and chicks you pick up at bars.


Im not saying Christianity is the best way, I was merely contradicting the notion that you cant hate and be a Christian, and that the opposite statement may also be reversed, as a gay Christian would either stop being gay, or willfully see himself put to death, as the bible commands.

William Luther Pierce's section on Christianity in the National Alliance does a good job of explaining some of the flaws, along with William Gayley Simpson's Which Way Western Man.

The difference is that orgasming into a vagina is productive (making white babies) while cumming into a tissue is not.


People here are supporting racemixing Pastors who support racemixing and are embracing Jews as soon as the Jews say that they love Rabbi Yeshua … no, this is not d&c - that is "Get rid off evil in order to survive."

at least half of the people in this thread are from 4chan. It's a fucking epidemic.

yes because men 50 years ago jerked off once a day


Youre not saging.

Oh, okay.
And yes, I like WL Pierce!

Neither is being sexually frustrated all the time

They did and then they lied about it.


4chan has its flaws but its faster, funnier, sharper and mentally more sane than Holla Forums, so … it doesn't hurt if there's some mixing.

yea sure they did

quit your fucking porn and you wont be doing it everyday

You sound like a toasty roastie

That's the problem, 4chan doesn't have any threads that last longer than a day, which makes it as useful as any comment section on goybook

so basically autogynephilia

you sound like a dumb half-breed

>orgasming into the right vagina won't deplete serotonin

Thank you, Dr. user, MD, neuropsychiatrist.

what did he mean by this?

NoFap isn't about completely abstaining from masturbation, it's about exerting self control and saving your protein for the gym rather than wasting it on titty pixels.

They didn't because most people didn't have that much free time until the turn of the century.

Why are you posting here then? :^)



Your reasoning. But I suspect I'm wasting my words.

Wew this is some bad theology.
Lust is a sin because it reduces another human being to a vehicle for mindless sexual pleasure. Please explain to me how masturbating doesn't fit that criteria. Is everyone who's masturbating these days thinking about how great of a family they'd make and how nice and productive of a person the individual they're jacking off to is?
As for "committing adultery/murder in the heart", it's about the desire. If I look at another woman and fantasize about doing sexual things to her, I've committed adultery in my heart because I encouraged my lustful desire for her instead of remaining chaste. Same goes for murder. Thinking about smashing my boss' face in with a 9 iron because he told me he wants me to work late tonight with no overtime pay only encourages the evil, wrathful desire that's fermenting in my heart. Sure, I didn't physically sleep with that woman or pulp my boss' forehead, but I very much desired it. And before you go "thoughtcrime" sin requires a voluntary choice. There's a distinct difference between an intrusive thought and me intentionally thinking about, reflecting on, and fantasizing about murder/sex because I have a desire for it in my heart. I haven't sinned if a stray thought about running over a pedestrian blows through my head. Your actions matter, and that applies to thoughts as well.

Go back to Africa.

See, THIS is why people don't take NoFap seriously.

Because people here tend to be more coherent/consistent in their right-wing philosophies, whereas 4chan is full of people who are basically anti-Islam liberals, anti-Islam libertarians, anti-Islam NeoCons, etc.

This fixation on Islam is something I hate. Truth is, that Islam is a BETTER religion than faggy Cuckstianity and that the problem is the RACE of immigrants not their religion.

Of course you can masturbate. Just don't watch porn. I don't care what kind of porn it is, don't watch it.



Nofap does work for me.
If i do nofap i want to lift. If i fap i do not want to do anything.

Where the fuck are the mods when you need them?


time to post this again I guess

You nofappers might not jerk off but bloody Hell, you're experts in mental masturbation and self delusion.


Turn the other cheek, beta bitch boi.

Lust waxes and wanes, and if directed to your wife is completely righteous, and lawful.

Do you even know what that means?

I've said this before, but nofap was a forced meme goons made up to make fun of anons and cause them to get ball cancer. The fact people really took it seriously is a testament to how fucking gullible some anons are.

Yes. It's essentially something that the Jew Saul and his tribe made up to bring down the Roman Empire.

That's not an answer. Do you know what it means to "turn the other cheek"?

How do you fags even get up in the morning?
You fags better get good and prepare for the day of the rake.
I'm not christian but they won't take my bodily fluids!

I used to believe that Christianity is good but Christians are bad.
But studying Nietzsche made me realize that it's the other way around: Christianity is bad but Christians are good if they don't act like a Christian.

If they don't act like a Christian and follow their white instincts instead, they somehow turn that with the other cheek into something completely different and interpret it away.

The problem however starts once people actually take Christianity seriously and actually follow what Rabbi Yeshua allegedly said.

I do not grant that presupposition on the basis of the Bible. The Bible isn't concerned with objectification anywhere. That's a purely extra-Biblical idea. Also, no thought was ever forbidden in the law given to the Jews. It never said "and don't think about killing anybody either!"

Thoughts are never described as sinful, actions (physical actions) are. "In your heart" sounds to modern ears as if it were just done in a secret place; when the KJV was written, it just meant "imaginarily". "He already committed murder in his heart" meant "he's already planned out the murder". However, the sin of murder is only committed when that plan is put into action and somebody actually dies. If you could commit murder without anybody dying, the category of murder would became meaningless.

Certainly, it's not helpful to write up notes, make detailed plans, and get a sniper rifle… but as long as you don't go onto a rooftop and pull the trigger, you're not a murderer. You're just veering dangerously close. In ancient times, Jewish preists had the idea of "building a wall around the Torah": only violating the letter of the Commandments was an actual sin, but it was better to be on the safe side and not even come close to violating them. Hence, while taking the Lord's name in vain only applied to perjury (you used to swear on YHWH in court), to be extra safe, you'd just never use it. Only bashing someone's head it with an axe was murder, but, to be safe, it was better to not even threateningly swing that axe, or become angry at all. Only fucking someone's wife was adultery, but, to be safe, it was better to not start fantasizing about it too intently. Etc.

This is what Jesus is referring to when he warns against fantasizing about committing sin - you're exposing yourself to temptation and that might lead you down a bad path.

That just look disgusting.

So you're saying that you don't know what it means, correct? And yet you claim that Islam is superior to it despite history showing the exact opposite of that being the case, and despite you not knowing what the statement you used to demean Christianity actually means.

Nofap isn't bullshit at all. Those of you who can't stop for longer periods of time are degenerates that can't keep your hands off your dick. Grow up and lift.

Since this thread is filled with Christians answer me this Christians.

Mary was impregnated supposedly by the Lord at 12 years of age. How then is it wrong to marry a girl at 12 years of age? Checkmate.

I know that there are people who interpret it away, which is the least they can do. But the problem begins once people become actual Christians.

Hypocritical Christians are okay - REAL Christians are cancer..

Never disappoints.

But you still haven't said what it means you utter faggot. You said "turn the other cheek" as if that's some sort of gotcha shit, but you don't know what it fucking means. You then say Islam is superior to Christianity despite these "REAL Christians" which are supposedly cancer creating one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known and ushering in untold advancements for humanity, all the while without you know what the fuck "turn the other cheek" means.

Answer the question fuck-knuckle. What does "turn the other cheek" mean?

There is nothing wrong with fucking 12 year old girl as long as you are married. It is sex outside marriage that is the true degeneracy.

You Cuckstians are cancer. I have zero interest in a theological debate with your kind and all that "ACTUALLY it means the total opposite of what it reads there!" nonsense you Crypto-Jews always pull off.

Cuckstians are like Jews, they can turn everything upside down and use all kinds of sneaky, slimy semantics to always make it mean what is appropriate to them at any given time.

There religion was founded by Jews after all, so that's not surprising…

I know you're not doing it. Don't you have some contemplation and repenting to do, my friend?

To answer his question: turning the other cheek means to opt out of honor-driven blood feuds. Instead of reacting with violent revenge to an insult, you turn the other cheek to show that you don't care. Not exercizing self-defense is not what is meant, however.

The alternative interpretation is that slaps were only delivered with the right (clean) hand, onto the left cheek. If someone slapped you with the left, onto your right, it was meant as a sign of contempt, as he struck you with his unclean hand. By turning the other cheek and forcing your attacked to slap you with his right hand, you claimed to be his equal, not some bitch. It's one interpretation, but not the unambiguously correct one.

-William Luther Pierce

Are you the Jew who comes up with generic google image tier image macros with reddit tier arguments?

Or, two thousand year old Roman references translated into English aren't the most accurate.

OK Chaim.

But you haven't even given ANY explanation. You're just a fucking sand-nigger loving dipshit.

I'm not Christian lad.

I mean that's the correct one if you actually read the texts and the scenarios in which the expression is applied. Same as with giving the debtor your cloak, you use his machinations against him to bring him down on the social ladder where you don't have the means to fight back at the time. This is from the same Jesus who flipped tables and kicked kikes out of Temples angrily.

Still waiting on that answer lad.

t. avid /r/atheism user

You might want to find a different website, shitskin. We are more anti muslim than cuckchan is. Great job outing yourself, by the way. Looks like I'll be submitting at least one report today.

I don't argue with fucking Kikes. It's not words you need when confronting a kike…

Are you taking NoFap personally? Personally I don't have to fap since I get my supply of fresh pussy to satisfy that. Seriously it's just that.

Get out of your basement, get /fit/ and start to socialize. It's simple as that. Being misanthropic Holla Forums regular certainly helps though.

Yep. Fake tits are usually shit.

But you love sandkikes, ey bud?

It means European ""Christians"" were total hypocrites who put their race first and slaughtered and absorbed and conquered as they saw fit.

There are some well-adapted master morality thought systems that got absorbed into ""Christianity"" over the years that have nothing to do with the dogshit Jewish scriptures. Specifically capitalist work ethic, brought in by Calvinists (hard work, thrift, and prosperity show you are God's favored), and Aristotelian ethics, brought in by Thomas Aquinas (incorporate new knowledge, develop good judgment.)

"Christian thought" evolved over the centuries with commentaries and syncretisms, so while the scriptures themselves are pretty much mystical slave dogshit, the churches did absorb some very useful philosophical trends from antiquity and neighboring cultures.

It's like the white soul has been rejecting the Jewish poison over the millenia and slowly returning to type.

double digit IQ shitskins who rape our women and children hate the jews, so clearly they are our greatest ally.

Girls are in their prime when they have not yet developed breasts. You are coming close to seeing the light brother.

Nofap is nonsense, but this thread is out of place here.

If you don't fap your dick becomes soft and laughable, or you will turn into a degenerate a attempt fuck every woman possible.

It is a jewish scam and I stopped doingmit because I like my dick to not not be a semi hard sausage.

What the fuck even is this post.

Yes they were good Christians alright!!

In what way were they not?
The commandments only apply to people.

Literally the opposite effect happens from not jacking off though lad, you start to jack off to more and more degenerate fetishes due to getting desensitized to the dopamine.

That's actually the way they were originally intended, yes, excluding gentiles…

So the solution is to become Jews?

Hell is real, repent before you find yourself in it.

Do you have any proof of that?

Not an argument.

Well Moses at the very least was actually white and an Egyptian by birth, though he converted to Judaism. Jews claim that he was a jew by birth but that is a lie, he was a legitimate prince of egypt. Since he created the ten commandments inb4 muh holy commandments they were made by god himself oy vey that means they are a white man's creation.

Yes. "Thou shalt not kill" didn't mean "You're not allowed to kill niggers" because you were only not meant to kill people. And niggers aren't people.

So again, in what way were they not good Christians? God never said anything about being nice to niggers, Jesus wasn't a pacifist.

It's a containment policy for shallow, below average to average intellgience people. If you see someone talking about it consider them lost and immediately move on. The same applies to circumcision debates.

Goys don't realize that Christianity was subverted starting around the 15th century and turned into an anti-white shabbos religion. The Christianity practiced 600 years ago isn't even remotely related to modern "Christianity".

There are all sorts of cucked passages in the Bible that can used for self-sabotage and it will be a major pain in the ass lugging them around going forward.

If you're dead set on using Christianity, at least reform it to remove all the confusing dead weight. That's what the Fuhrer did.

It's so weak and cucked that now is an opportune time.

If that was the case, then the scalation would always occur and fringe porn would be much more mainstream. instead people tend to find something to jack off and keep it there, what you refer as desensitising i think it more as refining of of tastes. Sure, watching the same video over and over eventually leads to habituation, but the novel thing might be simply another similar video.
I think one of the main issues with porn and masturbation is more related with anxiety. Not everybody that watches porn develops a disorder (at least, not something that leads to a positive diagnosis) and trends tend to show that vanilla is still the most popular stuff (which contradicts the scalation hypothesis, considering the amount of recurrent users by how mainstream and normalized porn is now). Now, anxious people tend to self-sabotage and avoid realizing tasks they must make because of the anxiety the task brings and the lack of coping strategies. So the anxious guy/gal might need a "relief" and his personal history of reinforcement shows him that orgasms tend to give a quick income of relaxing chemicals and stabilize the mood. The problem might come when the effects of the orgasm recede and the anxiety comes back, prompting the need for another orgasm to relax again.
In the end i don't think is so much about porn habituation as much as orgasm habituation due to repeated exposure to it under the same conditions, which in term would lead to replay the same material over and over and could (and i say could) lead to the need of novel stimulation, but not in the level that Holla Forums proposes.
Still, porn is degeneracy, get your anxiety treated, lifting works much better than fapping, and get a gf.

Stay salty, snownigger.

wtf I hate christianity now

Yeah Nice Christianity is pretty cucked, but that's because society is cucked enough to think that it means as they say it does.

That's an interesting thought, but I don't think either anxiety or tolerance are the whole picture.

I'd say the same for all drugs. Most people who drink alcohol don't become alcoholics. Certain individuals seem to be more addiction-prone than others, either directly or indirectly through anxiety.

What do you say about the following model? Addiction is expedited by the three factors of addiction-proneness, tolerance, and poor functioning (including anxiety, but also poverty).

Most people function relatively well and aren't too addiction-prone, which explains why not everyone watches scat porn with dead children in it (plus, one also needs to find out about/access such things, which is another barrier). For a minority of addiction-prone individuals with poor premorbid functioning, the addiction becomes crippling, however. Tolerance does build up in everybody and there is evidence of that (people are not content to just look at Playboy anymore, they need HD video of anal), but things will remain within certain limits for most people.

On the other hand, addiction is kept at bay by shame, disgust, and lack of opportunity.

There is a stigma associated with drugs, for instance, that keeps most people from using them. Likewise, the though of shooting heroin up one's veins in a back alley, or lying in your own vomit, dead-drunk, or watching scat porn, will disgust most people. Lack of opportunity is also obvious.

I shitted up an mspaint to illustrate.

You forgot he exposes the Holohoaux. Now why would a Pastor who exposes the Holohoax be called a "racemixer"?

Showing someone that if they fucked with you again it would be Duel with honor at sake.

What does throwing down the gauntlet mean? What does slapping with a white glove mean? What does writing a duel letter mean?

I remember i once saw a paper about certain predispositions to anxiety which are linked to addiction, but mostly referred to the brain structures. I tried to find it but whatever, i have a mountain of non-recycled (((elseviers))) to search so fuck it. I'm lazy. I don't know much about the constructs that could cause anxiety though, so your model sounds good to me but i don't know too much.

True. I'm not against considering porn a problem. I think it is, and also functions as a substitute product for healthy sexual relations and even further diminishes the value of potential female partners on the market (something that feminism and the whole open sex narrative are doing quite well by themselves).
That said, i think porn doesn't work as much as a drug, except in cases with other underlying variables, like again, anxiety. The same goes for alcohol. Normally alcoholics have other base issues, being alcohol just the manifestation of it. I'm not going full freudian by saying that solving the main problem solves the sub problems, but if you remove one of the main causes of alcohol comsumption then the rate should go down.
I think the same can happen with porn. Remove the symptoms of anxiety that lead to mindless fapping (via teaching coping strategies, alternate reward paths, cognitive training, and so on) and you reduce the total number of faps. You will get the random fap here and there but it will not interfere as previously with your normal life on the basement. Something i know from the AA alcoholics is that the "purity and sin" attitude against addictions actually leads to more relapses that a more open attitude. I think the same happens with this nofap posture. No wonder failing anons end with feelings of guilt and shame.
Taking porn with the mindset an unavoidable scalation of addiction is not the best way to attack it since not everyone ends as a non-stop fapper. I think it would be better to question it on the ground of the effects it has as a model of social interaction and these narratives that say that everything that matters in a man is muh dikk and not the values of intellect and physical and mental improvement. I don't say this because of girls, but because of fags who can't understand they can fucking improve.

Unless you're a Jew pornographer, why would you care? Mind your own business.

This thread is false-flag tier and OP is probably up to some tricks.

Nigger, what

Why are you shilling that board when you could focus on what you want to say about porn and/or nofap?

Why are you even posting here if you believe that?

Yeah I think I go another day without jerking it.

one of the

My personal opinion is that you definitely should not watch any sort of porn because it is degenerate and pushed by Jews to break down social morals.

Nofap can be beneficial simply as a exercise of self-control and will, however it can also be promote Christcuck semitic tier guilt mentality. If you have a girlfriend or a wife, then absolutely, you should not fap. If you don't, I see no problem with fapping once a week or so. It's not normal to not ejaculate for months and months, your balls are meant to work and be kept in order. Simply cut out all porn and exert enough self control and will to not be a degenerate.