Boys, we are being fucked. I mean full emergency panic mode, absolute meltdown

Boys, we are being fucked. I mean full emergency panic mode, absolute meltdown.

The white man is being absolutely fucked right now. Currently, millions of Zogbots 2.0 are being cranked out in India like mad, and no, they're not all that bad at code.

I think technology is for faggots (inb4 reddit spacing, kys fam) and I've only used it for my ends but I realize the business I want to launch on the consumer side would require significant tech experience.

Every tech video, every fucking youtube video, every conference, every fucking class is an indian or china man. Guys, they slipped it out from under us. They're giving tech to the next smartest shitskins and yes the white man is more ingenius, yes the white man is more creative but they stole our livelihoods from out under us.

I will do everything I can and promise to get white men, ordinary white guys up to par tech wise and will begin crunching out and taking out and pushing as fast as I can white men to become solid programmers.

Boys, in a world with machine learning, A.I., robots, sex addiction and big data, we will not see the day where we escape from the clutches of the Jew. The next big war is done with drones, jamming equipment and robots in one way or another. We desperately, desperately need more white men in programming, computer science, data and machine deep learning. This is a plea, join the cause and begin to code, now.

Fucking now!

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Do you have a lesson plan?

You could make your thread simpler, and the message you are trying to send too.

But yeah, generally learning to code is just as important as getting fit in 21 century.

Got a phone?

Download SoloLearn - Free

Got a computer?

Go to Codecademy - Free

Start with HTML if you've never coded, then CSS…

HTML -> CSS -> Javascript -> Python -> Data Science


HTML -> CSS -> Javascript -> C basic -> C# -> C++


Java -> Android Development -> Machine Learning


Repeat after me…

Not another day

Why do you think the Jews have been pushing all these women and shitskins and chinks to code?

It will be a US - Europe - Russia - Japan alliance, and yes we'd crush it in 20 years but give it 20 more where our economy is still in deflation and theirs is not.

And yes, we're cleaning fucking house as fast as possible thanks to the Emperor and Farage on the rainy socialist island but no boys, we won't win this one, not this rate.

Every man, that knows his share of salt will be worth all the gold in the world if he can program drones, robots and A.I.

Within at most the next 20 years the jobs these low level grunts are doing will disappear because of deep learning.

They may have a lot of decent coders by industry standards but they don't matter. The talent that matters are the people who do research and have very high IQs. No country has very many of those people.

Unless you are a postdoc or capable of performing at that level you should be worried about what you do being automated.

Everyone should be worried about what this tech will do to the general public especially once quantum computers take off. They're going to start monitoring the brain waves of people while they consume media to allow the hollywood deep learning machines to generate more addicting distractions and better methods of swaying the general public.

FUUUUUUUUUARK! Good thread OP. Not everyone was meant to be blue collar. We need Holla Forumslacks to get into medicine, law, coding, business and other fields. Our men need to be a in charge and Holla Forumslacks should be helping Holla Forumslacks.

Free, in-depth and shits on codeacademy.

Well, yes. The anons here are working on the political part - the coding part has been available for a long time.

Trump is literally making the possibility for "NATIONALIST" party to begin. Under the label of nationalism, we promote the 14 words and form the political presence.

Right now it is White Nationalism vs Jew Internationalism vs Civic Nationalism.

All the minorities are taking part of the Jewish Internationalism because it weakens their enemy: white nationalism.

Right now, Civic Nationalism benefits white nationalists because we are a majority in the country. It's not a viable organizing structure though for any egalitarian conception of society.


If you guys want to make money with apps, you don't need to create something brand new and amazing. You need to get an existing idea, with little competition and make it better. Let's say there are 3 apps for cooking German food. All three are free but have different problems like user interface, annoying ads or buggy software.

You take those problems and you fix them. Your German cooking app has a better UI, the ads aren't fixed to the bottom but only appear every time you click on a recipe and you can delete it and your app works with all phones.

To promote your app, go to and pay $5 to every person who downloads your app and gives you a 5-star rating. Now your app is at the top, a lot more people are downloading it organically and you're getting money from ad revenue.

It is simple. The only problems are finding that niche and developing the app but that's why you're learning how to code.

Yeah and the Nordic countries have the most of these people and they're being genocided faster than fucking corn gets harvested by a columbine.

I looked at the Odinproject but I use code school myself. I like it because it's simpler and explains things for dipshits like me.

Yes indeed good sir, but these battles are what simmers on the surface and under Trump's leadership, if the left can be exposed for frauds we can avoid civil war.

But… the survival of our species, and even the other parasitic ones that thrive on us, niggers, spics, etc, etc… are in danger… Long term but definite danger and it's because of a lack of knowledge and preparation for the understanding of the upcoming technological wave.

I get it. I'm working on something that is way ahead of the curve, but apps or no apps I'm talking about an understanding of the machines and tools that will be used in the future of warfare.

I'm talking about tanks before WW1 has broken out. I'm talking about nuclear bombs before WW2 has started. Understand what I'm getting at?

But yes, apps are a great stepping stone to that and your post was excellent and actually pretty relevant to me, thank you for sharing.

The survival of our species will depend on perhaps no more than a few hundred men inventing and coding. Just as if perhaps technology in 1945 was brought to 1941 or even to scale in 1943, they would've won.

The dream is closer and closer every day brother. We all need to improve ourselves and dominate meat space. I would hire some anons to work for me when I start my business but I need to maintain opsec.

How can a Holla Forumslack identify each other? Should we just say shadilay and see who responds? Or should we drop subtle red pills and see who picks up on it?

"Shadilay brother, check my dubs."

"You're a big guy"

The question is who controls these men and who these men sympathize with - also whether they can be maintained and protected.

These people will side with the ones who give them the most security (path of least resistance) unless they are some of those providing the resistance.

Right now, if Trump doesn't succeed, terrorist cells are going to open up and start draining the West and its infrastructure. White Terrorist cells. Not the easy to handle crybaby and flash mob chimp outs.


For my part, I opened a temp email you can contact me there.

[email protected]

just send a password in the email and then post it in this thread so I can verify it's you


Bulgaria has large number of them. Due to our language being incredibly regressive and complicated, programming seems to be easier for most.

welcome to 2017

no thanks.

I'll hold on to that for the future. I'll hire when I actually start this business. Proof of concept has not been tested. I need to run some tests and if I see demand then I'll go through with it. If it fails then back to the drawing board.

Every Holla Forumslack should learn about business. Start with any sales job even if you're knocking on doors then read as much as you can on entrepreneurship like 4 Hour Workweek,
Millionaire Fastlane,
"Ready, Fire, Aim",
$100 Startup
The Lean Startup

Read, implement, fail and try again. It's not that hard. I saw some internet marketers on that White Man Leaves for 3rd World Countries Thread.

Ok I must sleep. I have to wake up at 8 in a couple of hours.



Trips confirm

checked and kekked


Women on mass don't have the logic to code or else they would not support feminism.

Anyone with the logic to code can see the unsustainability of feminism/matriarchy/multiculturalism.

kek wills it. don't forget your 8 of diamonds too.

Holy trips.

Shadilay it is.

Beyond the sociological manipulations, particularly of our women and children, physical threats to white men include:
- programmable machines and weapons
- genetically manipulated soldiers
- microscopic life, esp. virii
as well as
- 99942Apophis striking Northern Europe in 2036, despite the adamant denial of NASA.
- radioactive poisoning, esp in the Northern Hemisphere via Fukushima
- climate change resulting in disruption of the North Atlantic current, and potentially runaway planetary carbon cascade (yes, you idiots, the world's climate is changing…)

We can deal with each of these when once we recognize the threats. The sociological threats are still perhaps the most damagng of them all. We've lost control of our own societies financially, educationally, governmentally, and most damagingly by interbreeding with other species. Interbreeding directly results in weak subsequent generations, both psychically and physiquely.

Yet, if we get our shit together, in each of these arenas we can (must…) develop the systems that serve us. Most likely, small pockets of much-maligned white people will survive the next 1000 years, but only by being strict, strict "racists". Yes, these bastards truly are trying to morally grind us into the the dirt, to utterly destroy us, and no one will save white men if they do. The Jews will only dance on our graves.
In the truest sense of it, we have every right to be here, and must fight for our rights in the face of ubiquitous Jewish-inspired genocidal "anti-racism".


ur a fuckin genius.

are you saying to form my own WN open course?

you fucking genius


We can go that direction yes, the only question is are we going start today or let another idea fade into obscurity?

We also need legions of whites willing to break into systems for the advancement of the white race. We also need a thousand botnet operators that don't operate for money (unless it's to generate revenue for National Socialist organisations) but operate to advance the white race.

University student here in a STEM program.

Most math and science professors are Indian/Asian, every lab TA is Indian/Asian.

Computer Science is the only one without too many Indian/Asian professors but still have the TA problem.

They don't work on fixing their accents and they can be hard to understand, on top of that they're teaching a very hard subject. It fucking sucks, but CS is the last bastion of whiteness on campus.

u avin a giggle m80?

So? Move to to some Asian country if you're white. You'll find a job in no time. Hell, some companies hire you to be white face. Asians are racists as fuck so the whiter you are, the more desirable. Of course, you can't be an obeast and have to look presentable and professional. This goes for China at least.

Also, you don't have to keep up with technology like a chink. A lot of our infrastructure and businesses run on old ass tech and I don't see upgrades any time soon.


Here I thought the trades were the last bastion of whiteness.
With the abudance of info on the internet there's no good reason why they couldn't be smarter than academics either who frankly have a poorer work ethic.



get on the rizon, let's discuss.

we need to begin forming an online tech college for high end graduates and begin linking up businesses covertly to hire each other


No shit, Shylock. Welcome to 10 years ago.
Whites haven't been hired for tech positions for ages. It's all either imported H1B visa shitskins, or outsourced entirely overseas and done (poorly) remotely.

For those of you interested /prog/ has a good sticky with info on how to build a good foundation of knowledge for heavy CS stuff.



or kikes
don't forget kikes

You do know they have a huge population and high unemployment rate,if we start moving there their governments may even propose some rules to restrict us.You sound like a demoralizing retard.

OP is a streetshitter pajeet or a bot who doesn't make any sense throughout the thread,just read through his posts

reported for bots

that's not me you fucking retard


are you fucking retarded?

do you know what ids are?

I call bullshit. The Feds aren't that redpilled.

lol html and css, for what reason?

jump on and spend 6 months working on it daily and you'll be a competent python programmer, ignore all these faggy udemy, codeacademy hipster bullshit websites btw, they're shit.



Become a webdev and save the white race.

Remember when Holla Forums was 75% infoposting and news instead of these empty rants? In fact, I'm going to go post a news story right now!


dont like the thread?

fuck off. im sure these is plenty of cuckbait somewhere else here

get in the rizon and join us on tox

The main reason why tech giants like Microsoft or Google abuse the shit out of the H1-B system is because there is basically no homegrown talent when it comes to tech in the US anymore. That's not to say that the cheapness of the labor from bringing in people from India or China isn't a factor but when the US education system turns out nothing but useless and over-entitled brats it takes a backseat. Tech giants operate on a completely different ruleset to normal businesses in how they compete with each other just due to the nature of their product, when all you are selling is software (Windows, Photoshop, games, etc) or a service (Netflix, Youtube, AWS, Softlayer, etc) normal business economics goes completely out the window.

Startup culture, which gave the world the numerous tech giants we have today and contributed significantly to the prosperity of the US, is basically dead in the US. Much of the reason for this is the prosperity itself, however the leftist crap which has infested the US education system and media and in turn raised generation entilted-snowflake certainly hasn't helped.

This combined with the fact that computers are becoming a mature technology with the increased productivity it provides to workers beginning to plateau (the same thing happened with every other major piece of technology, from the steam engine to the telephone, 50-60 years is the time it takes for something to go from 'useless' to 'maximum utilisation' in terms of increased productivity) and the US has basically found itself in a perfect storm of 'just fuck my nation up fam'.

This is just an extremely basic summary of the situation, I could write an multiple essays on this topic.

Third post was nearly spot on except for those retarded progressions.

There is only a small number of programming languages you should be learning (unless you just want to make useless phone apps)

Learning to code is literally free if you have a computer.

This is true to some extent but its not the whole picture.



I'm in boys. I want to make some software that can listen to the radio for keywords and record a minute or two audio on either side to expose the lugenpresse agenda pushing. Does anything like this already exist?

get in the fucking rizon nigger

Fuck off FBI

We also need businesses to start hiring programers to update their out of date codebases. Having a program that relies on Windows 9x or 3.1 is not a good thing. They should pay someone to update things, and not a pajeet either. Not everyone wants to work at Microsoft/Apple/Google, some want to work a regular job at a regular company.

You have no idea how much effort this is, in some cases the codebase dates back to before most people who are currently working on it were even born, or its a complete mess due to years of being patched and added onto, or has fuck all documentaton. There are people who specialise in obsolete and obscure languages simply for the purpose of maintaining a single codebase and get paid huge amounts for it.

When it comes to Microsoft it would be easier to literally write their next OS from scratch than to refactor their existing codebase. This was the case as of the late 90s and is only worse today.

Could you elaborate on that ?

I wish you luck but white men were not built to churn out codemonkeys like chinks and poos. We're men of honor, warriors, scholars, artists, rulers, adventurers, administrators, craftsmen, tradesmen.

If you're plan is to create numales with glasses (like pic) and rule the world, it may work, but it won't be a White Man as we know it.

Deep learning isn't the be all and end all of computing, its a tool with a specific set of applications. It will of course replace programmers who currently make specialised programs to process specific datasets by simply being a generic data processing platform but its not going to replace most programmers.

What is writing code if not data processing ?

Object oriented design already lays out things in a way so that code that needs to be generated can be clearly defined.

Already trying.

Not for war purposes, just profit :^)

Actually by that time an AI or human with a cyberbrain will fuck us all.

Butlerian jihad is only solution.

Waaaaaaay ahead of ya.

Though I need to stop fucking my grades.

How the fuck do you get machine learning as progression from android development? kys

Tbh I consider technology as an extension of man. The distinction between human and tech is blurring for me.

the butlerian jihad was not about tech it was about machines capable of imitating the human mind

I think may be a more Holla Forums approved learning curriculum.

Yea, it is vidya which you may have no interest in, but a seasoned game developer literally takes you by the hand through developing an entire game engine from scratch in C. Throughout the process there are many opportunities where you are taught how to implement bread-and-butter algorithms and what real world considerations affect performance.

A human mind is a machine user.

pol is a natural extension of the SS. In the coming war, we need to be tech oriented.

Well done guys.

I see people make this claim, often poos by the way, as justification for their dominance in the IT field. I just have a very hard time believing it. I get that proportionally to our total population that we may not produce enough STEM talent anymore, but I find it near impossible to believe among the millions of white men who've come of age over the past decade that they all couldn't measure up to mighty intellects of poos and chinks.

You knew what he meant, it was for any thinking machine that's not alive

You have no idea how bad radiation already is everywhere.

Some people drink desal water from polluted oceans. I will probably grow a thirdfourth leg some time soon.

I know user. I'm saying that he didn't understand what "being alive" meant.

Any machine is alive. We're essentially creating enslaved organisms in our programs. Our bodies run a whole system of cellular slaves.

All matter is enslaved to something, otherwise it wouldn't exist.

they suck, can't communicate as well as whites, their work is riddled with errors and typos, and they have no passion about their work.

I'm learning python for a similar reason

We can produce enough talent for our purposes, but you can never compete with ant-like populations. We're a hero culture and if our civilization/world no longer reflects that, then we are fucked.

And it won't be good for chinks/hindus either. They'll start cannibalizing themselves first chance they get… and that'll be the end of the human race.

everyone topkek is a half indian, fucking hypocrite.

this is an urgent call to begin to learn coding, to familiarize yourself with computers and with computer science. As I've said before, these third world nations (India, China) are hungry. They lack resources and have huge populations who are all studying like crazy, literally like ants.

While Europe is struggling to deal with turmoil and refugees and the US is struggling to maintain order. The Indians and Chinese and whatever union they form under Jewish control will show no mercy to whites. Neither will show mercy to the Japs, Africans or anyone else.

It is far, far, far worse to let an Indian in, than a Mexican, for a Mexican will make your food and rob you of your wages. But an Indian will prepare to take over the globe.

This is a call for Pol to modernize and become tech oriented and strike back agains the SJW pozzed as fuck tech industry. If we can get an underground current going we have a chance.

These Indians pump out shitty coders at a rate of one per second. We can at least find a way, where everything is organized, from the ground up through a curriculum, we have a chance.

But none of this can happen before pol modernizes, before pol takes itself and transforms itself into a technically capable political force and uses that to push out into the world and gain a foothold.

Where we are choas, we must also become order.

The need is there, the demand is there and soon whites won't have an option. The race to the robot is coming, and we are far, far, far, far behind other ethnicities. This is intentional.

And far more serious than anything political at this point. He who controls the robot will demolish the other. We have kept a blind eye to this for too long. Wake up.

You may argue that having a robot is the end of us all, but so be it, for now we need to get the next nukes in our hands and not theirs and get it first and modernize it first.

Our best bet is to form an open source community for some kind of code or some kind of company. By bringing on and only recycling competent code, we can achieve a new standard.

if memes became code, we'd all be very rich right now

I'm too old to code. It's a young man's game. It would be like me trying to train to be a chess champion after 30. Too late.

Faggs with kids…get them coding!

lel I can code but it's not like I can make money from it and all the time in front of a computer makes me sick

right in my feels

low energy

How do I learn how to code? How do I become good at doxxing and digging up information? I'm a newfag here but I want to beuseful. So far I only know some simple scripts using Python, but steadily learning more stuff. We should have a sticky guide so newfags like myself can quickly adapt to the board and become useful.

You know what, I just had a thought that OP is actually a shill for tech companies that are freaking out because of what Trump is doing and so he is shilling for white people to start coding so they don't lose money.


you just love the sound of your own voice, don't you?

Old ways never die. New wars (outside of ideological / memetic warfare) will be long term, low-intensity conflict. Insurgency and terrorism in urban areas is the new norm.

No amount of iPhones or drone surveillance or big brother-ing can stop insurgency, suicide bombs, or terrorist sabotage of infrastructure. No EM field, no drone, no computer code can stop what happens when spark meets powder. No surveillance camera can stop a creative and cunning mind bent on doing damage to infrastructure.

And when the power goes out?

Those old ways just keep right on going. Don't forget that. Russia makes a good point that the more "advanced" modern militaries get, the more reliant they become on tech, drones, and electronic support. Shut that off, and you will cripple a force that's reliant on it, while a force that has more "simple" or "primitive" or "analog" technology will persist.

I'm not saying don't pursue understanding the tech that will be used against us. I'm saying understand the battlefield.

Also FYI if you weren't aware, making ANY jamming device is a felony in the US. Good luck~

Have you heard stories about windows 10?
I heard they had huge coding issues. That's why it's more like bloatware.

This thread could be a psy-op. Coding is a specialized field for certain types, not some uber generation of men. A majority of coders i know have pencil stick bodies and end up marrying gooks.

If that's your calling, fine. But if you're undecided, go be a carpenter or electrician or welder. You'll look like a man and attract women.

I say Holla Forums should meet that expectation.

We talk the talk.
Let's walk the walk.

I think this is retarded but I'm in.

This. Clinton was aiming to destroy the hive.
We stopped that. Now the hive regained control. We are now committed to it.

Until space that is :^)

Android development has absolutely nothing to do with machine learning.

I've noticed that the chans have the few coders that actually have balls, most are faggots.

Our coders also aren't like the others, they don't really seem to like coding. The others are simply masochists it seems. :^)

Well here's the entry level Engineer lesson plan

If I've barely begun learning shit should I use this? Or start with codeacademy?

Learn python and javascript and understand the fundamentals of SQL and PHP. Once you really know python and know the logic the rest is easy after that. Then have an advanced knowledge of how networking works. Then combine the logic you learned from learning python with your knowledge of network systems and other programming languages to do whatever you want. Depending on what you want to do you may have to learn other things.

Here's some tools you can use for doxing

Is that revenge for all those poo in loo and streetshitting jokes ?

Knowledge of networks is my biggest want right now.
I want to know how I can interact with things like stock exchanges (I fear thats not possible though)
Basically, I want to write a script that reads bids offers regularly at intervals, reads bids/offers again, then buys only when trends are positive, sells when negative.
I just need the way to use the script to connect to buy/sell links right?

You don't think every programmer ever to write fizzbuzz hasn't already thought of doing that exact same thing? You don't think the Jews have perfected algorithms running on server clusters running at the physical location of the stock exchange so you have no hope of beating them?

Think of something else. Your odds of beating the market and the systems already in place are basically nil.

Oh, you also would need a 25k minimum investment for a day trading account or you will eat 4-7 dollar commissions out the ass rendering the entire thing a pointless endeavor from the start.

I do a finance degree though..

And a law degree :^)
I know the gaps.

That's where I flirt with the devil and get a loan.

Well, if you feel like you can beat the companies on wall street who have been doing this then by all means go for it. Just don't expect anything out of it. Good luck.

If so I don't mind this at all. But I think they may find that there are plenty of qualified white people who got passed over for poos and can't even get jobs as dishwashers despite their degrees.

Remove poo and I think you'll see competent whites crawling out of the woodwork all over the place.

showing off my penis

Haven't you read "Art of the Deal"?
Think big.

No. It's easy and in fact Bloomberg provides an API just for that. Google might have an API too.

I'm pretty sure most trading brokers already have a service for what you want to do though. The problem is though most brokers will eat up your profits with their trade fees. Every time you buy or sell it'll cost you $5 or something like that in trading fees. Maybe you can find a broker that doesn't have fees per trade and they make money buy charging you another way. You're going to want to study up on algorithmic trading.

This. Racial quotas and the lack of leverage illegal migrants have to lower wages has crippled white men's ability to get a job.

The migrant issue was annoying, but the quota on top was outrageous.

It's an effort that's going to have to be done at some point, especially any place still running a code base designed for Windows 3.1.

You're right about the pay for maintenance on those. I keep thinking I should learn COBOL just as a backup plan.

Microsoft is pretty much done in the Desktop Market. They no longer care about it. If they do another OS, it will be predominately Phone and Tablet and will break compatibility. The only kind of desktop they might do is Workstation for business bucks.

The whole OS was designed in Powerpoint, and it was for executives who wanted something simple because they're old Baby Boomers who are retiring and don't give a shit.

Tons of code is buggy as fuck, Control Panel is a mess, special compilers break all over the place and don't return meaningful information, and even the code that deals with the error makes no sense because it has not been updated since 1993/1994.

At this point, it's looking like Linux might actually be able to take over the Desktop.

Let's hope they don't move their companies to other countries.

That is a problem, but I think I could make something to analyze the trend so it can overcome that fee every time.
It probably won't be foolproof though. As long as the risk is dramatically lowered I'm good though.

Also, I once met a poo in loo who tried this shit and lost 5 k in half an hour. He simply "forgot trading costs".
This guy got a masters or something in finance too. What a sped.

Another thing I could do is actively compare companies in identical industries and try arbitrage. Also cross-rate arbitrage with currency (especially bitcurrency).

Trump will go in raw and he won't use lube if they try it.

Fair warning, you'll be taking on the Jews directly on their home turf where they're already fully established, you're choosing the hardest possible way of doing things if you go down that road. You'll need to be a Trump-tier figure yourself to tackle the Jews where they have the high ground and win anyway.

Use Robinhood if you want to trade commision free. I started trading right after the election and already made quite the sum of shekels.

What you want to do is simple enough that most brokers should have the service. All you want in what you said is sell and buy thresholds. That's not complicated. You'd just have to adjust the threshold so that the stock has enough movement that the trading fee is insignificant. So you're not going to be trading on the cent you'll need more price movement than that for it to work.

They used to have ridiculously long waiting periods for your trades to execute, have they improved this?

Im not worried about it

Chinks and Poos only are good at what they're given. They are copypasters, not inventors, if you would suddenly cut off ressources, they would stay in tech year 2017 forever. The best techs and coders are still the few white people in it, and kikes then steal it. That's why all investors turn out to be kikes, they pay white people with millions for inventions, then buy the idea and mass distribute it to poos and chinks. Anyways, war is waged with machines, A.I drones etc, and chinks and poos suck at engineering even if they steal it.

A pure white tech company would outclass any other within the shortest amount of time, the only problem is money, so if any richfags read this, do it.

I bet they felt the same way before Babylon fell.
Remember the chans = mongol hordes meme? :^)

That's where memes comes in.

Want to meme this economy?

This. Stock exchanges have algorithmic traders on site that have already read the price changes and executed several trades at next to no latency before the API you're reading off of even updates at the last price from the last interval.

Do not worry. They do not have control. The silicon and the zogbots are merely a tool of #UnholyTrinity.

It's not too late. It's just like learning new language. Nothing else.

Trades execute almost instantly unless you are trading after hours

This is a big issue for me.
I live in one of the 3 most isolated cities (> 1 million in population) in the world.
I guess the best I can do it reduce the amount of coding and find the fastest net available here. Then move to New York (which I hate).


i think you are still underestimating things by a few orders of magnitude, broham.

A big problem is how easy it is to get a degree in shitskindia. US businesses see ranjeets with masters degrees and think they're getting a good deal by hiring them. A lot of US programmers are self taught and have no degree, but are way more capable than your average sandeep. I myself am in this situation and luckily work for a firm that recognizes this distinction.

If you are in a technical undergrad, consider a masters in statistics. It's a skillset in high demand and a masters is the most looked for degree. The program I'm in is about an even split, but I know some are 90%+ asian. There's not just technical work, there are a lot of places where you'll do better if you have good soft skills so you can provide good consultations. It sucks hard at first, but gets better once you know the technical parts.

Even in NY you won't be fast enough. Algorithmic traders have a direct line to the stock exchange network. They have an ethernet cable plugged straight into the exchange's network. And that's not even your primary problem. Even if you can read off an API every 10ms. That API isn't going to be updating every 10ms. I have no idea how often exchange APIs update but it's not anywhere near that fast. And the time lag to actually execute a trade is an unknown variable to me. It would take a miracle for you to get it down to 1 second even with the fastest broker and the fastest API service. And in that 1 second the algorithmic traders already executed a thousand trades.

just end my life fam

also checked

my biggest fear tbh


I'd argue maths is many times more important than coding. Coding can always be picked up after the fact. The ability to accurately and or usefully model your problem space is what leads to innovation, much less just plain old useful applications.

I wish casual study of math was more of a thing. I've found myself wanting to study math now as an older man and it feels like there is nothing even available for you. There is some booklists and what not, but it is still pretty much hacked together and there isn't much self-testing material for you to drill which is important.

I know how bad my situation is. I feel trapped.

Then that's where I need to be it seems. I will find alternatives meanwhile to make my way.

I've got nothing to lose mate and I might as well try to have fun with this.

Depending on your level of expertise a good self assessment would be to download previous years math subject GRE. Not the general GRE mind you, any retard can do that math.
If you can do well on that then you can basically say you have the understanding of an undergraduate math major.
From there I would suggest auditing graduate math courses. Most professors appreciate students who just want to learn.

Start a business then? Find some people in finance and just start from scratch.

Businesses start from thinking big.

Could you elaborate more on learning code. As someone who is relatively young who has never done so I'd like to start but don't want to waste my time on unnecessary languages.

here you go b r o

They are cheap. They work for nothing. All testing gets done there. That's the truth of it all. Globalism is killing everything.

Already got it, cheers!
First I'll start with the HTML shit like

First I learn the code.
Then I apply it to the financial system.
Then I begin writing the code and acquire a form of initial capital from somewhere.
Then I meme the economy into volatility.
Then I buy blonde wives and have 30 children on a tropical island. :^)
inb4 I ruin my life… more

Yeah that is idiotic, you need to build up a large level of mathematical maturity to handle machine learning.

Remember brother good things do not come to man but from the good man do all good things come forth!

See the first half hour of this video by Shrekeli. He makes the point that there are people working day in day out devoting themselves to doing what you're talking about, so it can be worth it, but only if you are willing to put in that much time and commitment and know the sacrifices involved.

If you're looking to do it as a hobby rather than for use, studying set theory, geometry, or topology may be pleasant. Check out Cantor's diagonalization or the way matrix multiplication is related to geometric transformations as two interesting starting points.

Great programmers don't study languages, but the concepts behind them. That is why someone with expertise can pickup new languages like chads pickup sluts. So lets say you choose a language like Racket to learn to program, if it teaches you the concepts and you never use it in production, you're not wasting your time on it.

you seem like someone who just learned the names of programming languages and thinks therefore they know about programming.

fucking lol. "C basic" as if C# and C++ are just extensions of C!

There is, but tell me what it is you wish to learn. If you're unsure, I can recommend some survey books which might pique your interests.

This. I have no interest in a world which is ruled by effete numale technocrats sipping latte as they deploy zog drones, rather be dead.

AI is a powerful tool, but take it with a grain of salt and be careful not to feed into all the (((viral marketing))).

I'm from MIT and I think AI is just the latest technology being overhyped to lure in government and venture capital funding to ((experts))). Before this, we had "Internet of Things", "Cloud Computing", "Push Technology", "the Semantic Web" , etc.

Deep learning and neural networks are especially attractive because they're hard to falsify. You end up with a black box which slurps up training corpora and spits out match scores. You can analyze the model to figure out what the computer is doing, but it's not as straightforward as with rules-based AI. This reframes programming as a magical world which only the Jews can understand. The AI literature is also getting more convoluted - more jargon words, complicated names for simple concepts, tons of synonyms for the same thing, argument for the sake of argument. This is a sure sign that the Jews are trying to jam their foot in the door and then slam it shut for anyone that doesn't understand their stream-of-consciousness gibberish.

If you keep your eyes open, you can see the Jews benchmarking their bullshit to see how much they can get away with. There was a clickbait meme a while back about a black and blue dress which "some people see as white and gold" (sometimes it was the other way around). If you do some digging, you will see that this started out as some kike's excuse for why his shitty AI couldn't correctly classify photos of dresses. Now we are seeing articles about how AI can colorize black and white photos (impossible, because the information is gone). This is (((their))) litmus test to see which goys are stupid or loyal enough to fall for obvious lies.

Look up "AI Winter" on Wikipedia. Basically, a bunch of Jewish MIT professors got millions of dollars to write AI missile guidance systems. After decades of overengineered garbage, Uncle Sam finally pulled the plug, and these idiots spent the next 30 years bitching about how this was worse than the Shoah.

pic very much related.

That said, this should get you started as far as getting historical data and a live feed.

Be the ascetic man, do not live for pleasure or false realities. Remove everything that makes you weaker so your true nature can shine through. We are of God and we are to perfect ourselves to hear more clearly what we must do. Rinse off the dirt so you shine brighter.

Mate, this is my degree already. I committed to this train many years ago now. But the last few months kicked things into third gear.

People shouldn't fear taking the adventurous route. People living day to day lives complacently is why our world is declining, why people no longer care for each other as they used to. If nothing matters, everything matters.

No. You learn 'fundamental' languages, and by knowing the languages, you absorb and master the concepts. You can't start by learning concepts 'in abstract' .

Learn and master C.
Learn the basic algorithms and structures (eg: sorts, permutations, trees, lists).
Then learn and master Lisp.
There's nothing you won't be able to understand.

Why do you think the chans get so much attention?
When you understand memes and begin to learn code - you could change the world greatly.



this thread is fucking golden, well done for shifting the focus on this part. And yea, the next big war will be part of the programming as you said. The more red pilled white programmers that there are, the better.

Maybe if we got enough power we could make our own tay who could then red pill twitter, and get around bans as you then apply the machine learning towards account creation, vpn usage…if the captcha is still a problem, you pay 2 cents for each captcha to some mechanical turk or whatever…

but can you imagine this? We all know how tiresome the normies are to red pill, some of us already created simple but complex pastebins, pictures and more. Surely a bot could be automated to do this.

Wrong. You're just recommending the way you probably learning things, and you're supposing it correct. I started learning with C++ first, imagine that for a first language…

The abstract patterns of function calls, logical flow and manipulating data structures ARE the abstract concepts you ought to learn about first. Not getting bogged down in memory management, or learning the C stdio system, like most shitty "Learn programming for low IQ Pajeet" books teach.

SICP isn't just a meme.

maybe he meant C0 ?

what are fun applications for muh neural networks to fool around with (beside image recognition n' sheeit)? I've a 1337 GPU and can sort-of into C++ if that helps.

If you're down for it then go for it. Understand your competition/understand what exists is what I'm trying to say.

They cant code shit, maybe few of them can but its not enough to win.

If it motivates you to learn, good. But if you dont even have a degree on this field or interest, dont bother.


Instead of fighting Pajeets why not convince them to join our cause to fight the zog/globalists ?

Literally a waste of time. Especially Lisp. The only general purpose language you need to know is python.

We president naow, reddit. Calm your tits. H1B visas are being revoked, good luck to the kikes importing their shitskins now.

If you are going into coding, start with C. It'll force you to learn the overall essentials of programming, so you aren't one of those blithering retards that only ever work in PHP and go "uuuh what are data types?" and you'll soon find that most languages out there (except zany shit like Prolog and the like) work more or less on the same basis. After learning C, go to some object-oriented language like C++ (it's similar, but definitely NOT just an extension of C). If you learn those two properly, you won't find much difficulty in learning any other normal programming language.

t. BIT

Yeah, and the minimum wage for H1B employees is being doubled… haha, no Pajeet, you're not getting a salary increase.

In other words, you're a retard that thinks he's superior by not learning something. Not knowing memory management is going to fuck you in the ass if you ever try to do some serious programming

…no? Share some

I'm talking to a person who wants to start from scratch.
I even mentioned that started with C++… ergo memory management. Please refrain from dispensing further advice until you are less mentally impaired.

Can't remember specifically, but I remember some guy on 4/tech/ had to go through the coding for the taskbar.

It was something like 11000 lines of coding or some shit.
Which sounds fucking rediculous.

Also apparently the managers know fucking nothing and spend their time making fucking powerpoints and getting real programmers to do their shit.

I also heard that the way the produced windows 10 is horribly fucking outdated.

modern languages progressed beyond the need for memory management years ago (see Java, Python, Go, etc.). It was only ever an artificial barrier to entry designed to exclude women and PoC (Programmers of Color).


HTML and CSS are pretty useless separated from each other, but bare bones even together. If you want to be a webnigger (like me), you can go front-end route (which is javascript, jquery and stuff like that), but there's usually just a few front-endist in each team, but a lot more back-end people. What would net you a lot more job possibilities (or any at all)
is you should make your own full stack website project.

Make a full stack website. A simple library type website was recommended to me and I would recommend it to you. Basic stuff PHP for server (Laravel is simple, Symfony has more "growth" use, but it's what Laravel is based on and good as well. If you don't feel confident, use Wordpress to start out), add a database for user logging in and registering. HTML + CSS for design (twig also, depending on what you use), MySQL for a database, PHP for server. You'll have made a complete project and it will look good that you know the whole process. The rest is just making really specific stuff. For webniggery you can make servers with Rubi, python, java etc. as well but PHP is easy enough and popular enough for starters. Alternatively, if you want sites that you don't have to refresh to get information from servers, go nodejs, but it might be a bit harder for starters.

Anyway, whatever you choose to do when programming, you should leave webniggery behind at some point. It's frowned upon by Holla Forums and /g/, and the coolest programming shit doesn't get made in it anyway. Just like OP mentioned, wanna go science (or something both easy-ish and interesting), do python. C++ is used in physical devices these days, and different languages are based on it as well. Java is good as well, but also leads to a lot of app development or possible webniggery.

Just fucking learn some skills, anons. I don't care what, just make yourself greater and improve yourselves. You deserve to be Men of Arya. I want you to be Great. God is waiting for you to Bloom into Man.

This is a glorious idea.

Garbage collection was invented in 1959 for lisp, long before women and POC got into computing… no, it isn't for them. Half the bugs and security holes we have today are because retards in C cannot manage manual memory management, in a complex system.

indian programmers are the worst lol

And exactly HOW are you supposed to learn about those things in the absence of an exemplifying language? It's like liberals bragging about how much they know about their theories of life, without any life experience.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Programing is learned with the compiler in hand. By coding. Else the abstract shit is just gonna float around in your head giving you the illusion of knowledge without any actual understanding to back it up.

A jack of all trades is a master of none.
You master the 'pure' languages, you're going to master anything in between. Your thoughts will get clearer.

The purest 'imperative' language is C, the purest functional one is 'Lisp' . C built on the Turing machine, Lisp on lambda calculus. 90% of all programing languages descend from either C or Lisp . So if there's any two languages you're ever gonna want to know, it's these two.

I think we do a bit of this and the codeacademy courses.

Kill yourself ludite.

By starting with a beginner language that exempts you from ancillary concerns like memory management.
Racket or Python would be perfect.

Certainly yes, you MUST learn C afterwards, but this is once you've allowed the concepts to sink in. Assembly is also something you want to have exposure with, even if 99.9% of you won't become assembly programmers.

I spent the past few years learning to code. Pretty much because it is fun and I am bored. But now I'm tired of solving challenge problems and reading about algorithms and data structures. I want to build something actually useful, but I have no idea what.

What do you spend your free time on or find interesting. Find a problem you want solved that you could work on with your programming knowledge.

Seriously how, I have to force myself to even start.

Because you're either not used to learning new stuff, you've been pampering yourself with too much easy entertainment, or you don't want to learn stuff because you're actually interesting in it. What's holding you back, user?

You start with a faggy language like that you'll never hone in your imperative programing skills.You get spoiled and learn to rely on libraries instead of the features of the language.
The only chance programmers today have to learn C well is to learn it first. Then you can examine your 'concepts' in lisp, but not before learning that despite appearances, memory and processing power IS limited and you shouldn't do things gratuitously.

Though I started to read a lot more lately and now I am making more progress.

Actually I feel a stupid sense of obligation to humanity. Because this planet lacks people that do enough of this that also lives in the real world.

Plus I like pushing myself to the limits of what I do, but found myself in a slump recently. This is part of my personal "uncuck my shit" motivation.
Plus whenever someone says "don't bother it's pointless" I can't help but rebel :^)

Whites create, jews take. We have to defeat the jewish money system scam.

This is why follow up courses present C in conjunction with systems programming. You can be spoiled all you want, but you're not bringing interpreters into the kernel, or your embedded microcontroller.

If the concepts are taught well, students will have an easier time atomizing them into more effort intensive languages like C.

It's a similar case for linear algebra. Some prefer to teach the matrix approach first, while others will teach it more abstractly with linear transforms. It's much more enriching to teach the higher level abstract method, rather than what they do in lesser schools, in which students mindlessly plug-n-chug gauss-jordan methods without much appreciation for what's going on… but I'm getting side tracked.

C isn't worht the effort of learning if you're not doing performance critical development. You should try to learn as few languages as possible. Unless you know you're going to need C the time it takes to learn it will be a waste if you're never going to use it.

holy shit, what's the story behind that gif?

I like solving puzzles. CodeEval, HackerRank, TopCoder and similar sites have lots of them. Doing foobar even got me an interview at google.

Haven't found such a problem yet.

You should definitely put in the work and overcome yourself. It's pretty much a dedicated year of work until self-improvement becomes a pleasure. You just have to know that you are limiting yourself, you must have an idea what will make you better, and you must completely position yourself, that the only way to get better is to let go of what is holding you back.
Godspeed, user.

Build a classification engine to perform textual analysis to determine if the author is white, a kike or a nigger.

good InfoSec

''Superiority" by Clarke is a short story everyone should read.

I have no problem with people focusing on tech if that is where their strength is, if I had a few of those guys at my disposal, I know exactly what I would have them work on. But it would be such a pain setting it up that it would make more sense in the event of habbening to just split a case of ammo with a few guys and spend that time and money elsewhere.

Code that. Kill the jewish money scam.

in terms of mathematics for understanding and more importantly being able to theorize electromagnetism and the inner workings of the universe which are most important?

I have taken Calculus II

afaik Calc 3 and Differential Equations, any other suggestions?

Look into some advanced analysis courses, and perhaps some topology. Analysis by Zorich is pretty nice, volume II is perfect for you, and if you haven't done any multidimensional calculus, see the last chapters of vol I.

Both are needed, but, again, the calculatory 'work trough it' approach is necessary grounding. If you can't code, or can't calculate, I don't give a shit about what 'concepts' you may trick yourself into thinking you know.

It applies to a lot of aspects in life. Don't get stuck in 'ideation', inside your head. Do the necessary 'low level' concrete work, and then you have the 'grounding' to form the correct correct idea. (eg: the "concepts" of physical training, without the training itself, are nothing. They assume you've already done quite enough of the work already before you can even begin to understand)

By the way, have you read 'Down with determinants' . It's a very interesting approach to linear algebra.

Yes I have, and you might have recognized some of (((Axler's))) influence on me in my response. Of course you need both, as is the case for programming languages (theoretical meme languages and practical ones), but rather than talk about exclusion, I'm arguing for the ordering in which these things are learned.

It's like I'm really back on cuckchan where the vast majority of users don't know how to

No one gives a shit about OP, and the conversation has moved to more interesting topics like computer science, mathematics and physics.

how about linear algebra and real analysis?

I got the perfect solution, build your own lisp in c:

A basic four step plan for killing the ZOG using technology.

1) learn to code
2) figure out how to use code to replace a key ZOG element (e.g. the media, academia, other institutions like that)
3) devise a scalable implementation
4) bathe in shekels and butthurt

I'm already working on disintermediating the entire education complex, anons should have similar/even identical goals. If anons do go learn code, there is a good chance we'll be working together someday.

No one is in #Shadilay and tox details never mentioned. We should really start using the in-group hiring method that pretty much all other ethnic groups use.

Absolutely important, especially as you move into multilinear calculus. Also when you move into something like modern digital circuits, or digital signal processing, a strong working knowledge of linear algebra is indispensable.

The Zorich volumes I included above cover real analysis, but also from a very practical standpoint. (This is a common trait with Russian authors).

For linear algebra, I like (((Axler))) for his theoretical approach, but that isn't enough. I'd combine that with a book with strong emphasis on applications, such as "Carl D. Meyer - Matrix analysis and applied linear algebra", or Strang's applied linear algebra book.

Differential equations are very important too. I quite like (((Arnold's))) classic ODE book.

Quality post and checked those digits.

90% of Holla Forums posters are feds? Sounds like the feds are the ones who got compromised with the red pill

The point is to make whites self-sufficient as a group. If all whites only became warriors, artists, craftsmen, and leaders, it would lead to the necessity of importing janitors, coders, etc or outsourcing to them. That's a globalized world.

Whites have the greatest range of potential, so instead of limiting ourselves, becoming specialized, and reliant on other races for certain jobs, we should seek to fill all roles with only ourselves.

Nope, we’re not fucked.


What the hell do you mean by "zogbots?" and what do they do anyways?

To elaborate on that, you can replace analysis with advanced calculus. The two volumes will teach you calculus from the ground up, at a very advanced level.

It is illegal in most places now, to hire only white men. They fine you for not diversifying.

Only once the company reaches a certain size.

What's the limit when forced diversity kicks in?

Affirmative Action laws don't take effect until a company reaches 50 or more employees. As long as you don't advertise 'NIGGERS NEED NOT APPLY' you don't have to worry about AA.

get on tox


I understand that


we need to talk

checked. but for every gestapo member breaking in doors and cracking skulls, we need a guy doing R&D in a white lab coat

no we're starting a white company, right now. that's open source, distributed and quiet.

learn coding now


we need you on the team

this, breadth is important as fuck

uhh they're not? i actually do not know anything about C

and but, you're kinda wrong

then you will be, that simple

You realize that many of the larger corps send out "diversity surveys" in which employees describe the kind of special snowflake they are right? So our white employees identify as disabled pansexual transblacks and the problem never happens.

When employers ask you during the application process if you belong to a visible minority group they are prioritizing those that say yes. We should do the opposite, no one will ever know.


We could do a lot. Our memes should be tech inter-twined, we can spread out and infect tech just as the left has done. With political leverage in the WH and senate and house of rep, we could make some monumental shifts in the next 8

why c++ jesus christ


because they're cramped up in india and will be offered half the globe. could you negotiate with bolshevism in the 30s? yes you could, you could even ally with it but war is inevitable.

thank you

they will find a way


sorry user, im a webnigger

organize first then form the curriculum

is it not? look at you user.

no it sucks the first year, guaranteed. just learn, don't try and develop anything

it'll start somewhere with code fam



i will be on all day

50 people? i dont know. we would need to offshore or move to land somewhere else where us labor laws don't apply.

this as well. thanks

Got a source for Zorich? Looked around briefly couldn't find a good source and 70$ per book is kinda steep for me Thanks btw anons doing god's work spreading the power of education

First and second entry.

Oy vey, can't have the anons getting too organized, they're even talking education!

It's on abebooks (owned by Amazon) for under 30. I second the recommendation of analysis and Zorich. Analysis is basically the theoretical framework which was established to place calculus on solid ground, which later expanded and became it's own field of study. Zorich is a giant book and had a multitude physical examples without being bogged down by them. Abbot provides a concise theoretical introduction. To answer another questions in the thread, linear algebra focuses on the connection between algebra and geometry.
Though for practical skills, I recommend stats as I did earlier in the thread. I once went to an applied math conference, and the older guys said that a lot of the work applied mathematicians were doing was stats anyways.

Oh yes, statistics and probability are essential. Dimitri P. Bertsekas and John N. Tsitsiklis ( gets my recommendation.

added you but tox is kinda letting me down as I assume you are not seeing the friend request.

jews have always been infiltrating our space.
turnabout is fair play, I say.
from now on I am (((Elohim!)))

you know how I can tell you're a german living in germany?

cuckbait ?
what are you, a black man?


When I say 'no talent' I mean comparatively speaking, the US obviously produces some talent but its no way near enough to meet current demand.

You have to meet demand and then some in order to get back on track.

The languages I listed are really the only ones worth looking at if you want to git gud, most other languages have what a gamer would call a 'low skill ceiling' and people who can program Java/C#/etc are a dime a dozen.

C/C++ are systems programming languages, they are what operating systems, drivers, and other pieces of software which applications programs rely on are programmed in.

CUDA and HCC are what you use to program GPUs, CUDA for Nvidia (GT730 and up) and HCC for AMD (quite new, only supports a small number of GPUs at the moment). GPUs are extremely parallel processors, they are what neural nets (machine learning) and other parallelisable code are run on because of the huge amount of processing power compared to a CPU.

CUDA and HCC can be considered almost as extensions of C and C++, a program which uses the GPU to perform compute will be a base of C/C++ with CUDA/HCC layered on top.

GPUs are becoming all the rage in industry because of the compute per watt but to program them requires a completely different way of thinking which isn't taught in universities and is borderline impossible for someone who has been writing serial code for 20 years to pick up and master.

Thank you! Got them both, I really appreciate it user! I will have to reference that site in the future if I need other books as well!

Glad you found it useful. It's too bad all the seemingly useful threads end up anchored on Holla Forums.

I have noticed that this place has really turned to shit over the last 6-12 months and the anons here don't seem to give a fuck.

While OP was concern trolling the thread actually became somewhat good, however from what I have noticed its the threads which actually have workable solutions which get bumplocked or pruned while threads which are complaining about a problem don't get touched.

The range of 'acceptable topics' is becoming ever more narrow while people don't care because they simply engage in those topics more. We are being domesticated.

created a board

Definitely this - it's not even permissible to discuss self improvement and such things because of the tag line, news current events etc which yes I agree but pol is more than news alone, it is also a community of likeminded individuals who want to stem the tide of degeneracy and anti-intellectualism and also to praise kek

I'm not the BO, but myself and another user setup >>>/polstem/ a while back. It sort of petered out, but I'll gladly support any Holla Forumsstyled tech board.

We have >>>/latin/ running too, if you want to learn how to shitpost in dead languages.

I'll be visiting all 3. Thanks user.

Also, any good recommendations for books learning the aforementioned subjects being Calculus 3 and Differential Equations? I'd like stuff that it is engaging and interesting but still effective at teaching

Zorich is nice as I wrote above, but it's very detailed.

A nice book for Calc III topics is: Advanced Calculus - A Geometric View by James J. Callahan. It's very nicely illustrated which I found useful as a self-learner.

Ordinary differential equations by (((V.I. Arnold))) is quite nice, also liberally illustrated.

Another choice, which isn't what you asked for, but is a really comfy read, is "Visual Complex Analysis" by Tristan Needham. Once more, this is beautifully illustrated, providing a unique geometric perspective.

To clarify, the Calc III material will intersect is included in Zorich, but the Callahan book is worthwhile for the unique perspective it supplies. In parts of Europe, Calculus is taught as Analysis.

That's what I think I'm gonna major in OP, thanks for this, it convinces me further

Make new threads about this every day, don't let the Jew mods obfuscate another brilliant idea

If you have the option then don't choose the easy papers like web design, choose the hardest papers you can. Systems programming, data types, algorithms, high level linear algebra, etc.