Trump derangement syndrome

The American left is getting more crazy, deranged and mentally unstable by the day.

How long before it escalates into something more serious?

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Hmm. These people are unsalvageable.

Mass liberal suicide soon, hopefully.

I love how it's telling people they don't need to own guns because they'll become magically available when you need them since its real life and all.

They're not angry enough to do anything and trump has tons of support.

It's up to the country… will they support these social engineering virtue signalists and the descent into vid related or will they support the actual workers who are too busy performing their duties to be like these harpies?

lol what a nutcase

let them flip their shit. it will only further marginalize them and their party


Never interrupt the enemy when he's making a mistake.

t. old azn dude

To be fair I would actually roll the tanks over them.

You know who REALLY deserves to be beaten until hospitalized, Nicolas?

Me 2 although it might be fun to see what a canister shot does to leftists.

Reminder that the freak in pic related is Sarah Nyberg

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

You might live to see it. If the leftists continue to escalate the violence, the country is headed for civil war. The limpieza is coming, the time where everything will be set "right".

I encourage the left to go as nuts as they possibly can, their wave crested far too early to build up any credible power beyond gangs and lone psycho uni students. They're completely undignified.

That Chris Kluwe faggot still exists?

What's good is that a second civil war in the US will be like the Spanish Civil War, not like WW2 or the Yugoslav Wars (as many lefties would hope) where a foreign power would come in to save their asses.

Yeah, not going to bother correcting them. Might even try to meme them into thinking Fallout will be real and they'll be the main character instead of the raider's fuck-slaves.

It already is serious. Celebrities openly advocate violence against us. We will start to hear about unprovoked assaults against whites in urban centers, which will be met with apathy by the majority brown police forces in those areas. The word "Nazi" will be used even more liberally than it is now, being blanket applied to anyone who doesn't want open boarders. Shortly after the attacks start, the first confirmed death will happen. After that, the downward spiral to mass riots or even civil war will happen very quickly.

Never before have I seen so much resistance against having the borders of a country closed, even just temporarily. It goes to show how devoted our enemies are to committing an all-out genocide on us.

What makes you so sure of that, user? There are a lot of countries that would like to see the US weak and/or balkanized. Why would they not help the anarchists sow internal instability?

Same. It's really crazy how much the overton window has shifted to the left in just 10 years.

Yes, but declaring war against the US would be suicide for most countries, and far too dangerous for any of the nuclear powers.

I should add that I want to see the right have a successful revolution in the US, because otherwise we'll be looking at a majority non-white American military threatening to bomb other white countries if they aren't nice enough to their shitskin populations.

Spainish civil war was basically an international war. Germans, Italians, French, Americans, Brits, Russians,etc. participated.

going to need a medbro because my erection will last more than 4 hours.

Were there foreign fighter jets bombing the place?

Wasn't nyberg supposed to be in jail for being a pedo ?


Well, yes, but you can get away with anything if you're a tranny.

Nyberg murdered someone ?

Well Russia and the UK would back Trump, China and Mexico might back the leftists. They might not put boots on the ground, but they'll have their sticky fingers in the pie all the same.

Not jets, but definitely bombing.

Foreign planes from the Italian and German air-forces as well as Russian and possibly more.

No, that refers to a discussion about whether or not Caitlyn Jenner should go to prison.

Hm, well alright then. I can't imagine seeing Civil War II turn into a Syria-like situation though.

I sometimes wonder what it'd be like to live on whatever planet the leftists think they're living on

You are probably right that there won't be any foreign agents setting foot on our soil, but I'm worried about the potential damage that could come from foreign aid going to leftist agitators.

How do you know that Russia wouldn't take the opportunity to neutralize us?

There will be a "Civil War" but it will in reality be a small part of the beginning of the Second Mexican American War. It will start with the leftist protests you see now, they will develop into riots. Mexicans will get involved, cartels will get involved, California will declare it is independent and then join Mexico. Canada, China, EU will all back Mexico, Russia, Japan, and probably UK will back USA. EU will collapse, China will collapse, Mexico will be partially annexed, Canada will be annexed, America will be made white.

Trump is God, Trump is the Avatar of Kek.

Trump bless you all.

Germans perfected some of their CAS tactics in Spain.

The Abraham Lincoln Brigade as comprised of Americans.

Russia would much rather have pre soviet Imperial borders along with a big chunk of China. Think big user, look at the bigger picture. Russia gets Eastern Europe, EU is dismantled, China is neutralized. It's Russia's best bet.

That's what I'm talking about, though. If the US is neutralized, They will have no real opposition to an invasion of eastern Europe.

It was the Nazis' Vietnam, except the side the Nazis backed actually won.

Weren't the so-called Lincoln Brigade composed mostly of Jews? Should been called the Judah P. Benjamin Brigade.

Do you really think the average American even knows the name of a single Eastern European country other than Poland? Once we get into war with Mexico nobody is going to give a shit, once we annex Canada and Northern Mexico Putin can just say "well Trump did it first!". America gets to be gross, Russia gets to be gross, Europe is made white, everyone is happy.

Russia doesn't have the resources to occupy Eastern Europe for extended periods of time though.

yes, let the hate empower you

Italy did fairly well in Spain IIRC, I believe they send a pretty large force while the Germans sent a smaller force although effective. The French tried to play both sides , Americans pretended neutrality publicly but tried very hard to support the communists… The Russians fully backed the communist scum…. International war however it was too early for a world war due to various situations in the allied nations. Spain served as an international a test bad for new tactics and ideas.

Possibly going by memory.

Russia could definitely hold Imperial borders minus Poland and that's all they want. The idea that Russia wants more than that is a meme created by kikes.

Eastern Europe is a shithole anyway. Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova… all shitholes.

What about retaking Constantinople? Surely that's more than a meme. The Holy Land is rightful European clay.

That's irrelevant to my point. Russia has something to gain from making the United States weaker.

I don't understand why so many people think this is a good idea. Annexing parts of Mexico would make us less white. It would be like Puerto Rico, shitskins flooding into the American heartland because they are now citizens and have free movement.

Do you really think our cuck army is going to mass slaughter civilians during occupation?

So they will be completely ineffective as a fighting force for the first couple months because they don't actually know how to shoot, reload and maintain a gun.

Just wait until you're dead until you own a gun, goy!
These people have no idea how a gun works, why it's important to have one or even how to obtain one.


Stop deadnaming. He's in transition.

They think they can just go to the "armory" and ask for one and it will be given one because, you know… They're hip and progressive, so why not?

When the shit hits the fan the niggers will eat these leftist faggots alive.

Russia really needs to annex Turkey.

Are you fucking retarded? We're deporting the spics anyway, what difference does it make if we have to deport a few more a few more miles? Stop your defeatist shilling. If you believe we can deport the spics here now then there's no difference if we have to deport a few more.

Posting an OP filled with nothing but gaymergate eceleb tweets.

Kill yourself.

It will be the most useful thing niggers have ever done.

It was a majority white US military that bombed the Serbs.

I've seen this fucked up concept alot recently.
One of the most in your face examples was a recent zombie film where the retards look for NRA bumper stickers to know what house to raid.


I don't even understand that type of thinking or why that could even be rational enough to suspend your disbelief for it even in a zombie film.
If they're heavily armed, that means they're probably still alive. If they're still alive and you're trying to loot them because you are nofunz, you are going to die.

For real? What was it? I need a good laugh.


I'm afraid some good people will show mercy to these genetic mistakes/ leftists.

Constantinople is only the beginning:
Mare nostrum…
If the land touches the Mediterranean then it should be a white European country because Classical society…
jews arabs and niggers out!

They probably think real life is some stupid RPG where you get given a gun at the start and are magically stronger than everyone else.

RL =/= Fallout 4, dumb goyim.

I'm pretty sure all they want is simple gain and they don't care that it might come at the expense of others. Russia would be best of with an isolationist policy for a couple years so that they can actually develop their vast wastelands and infrastructure and make use of what they already have, I mean it's fukhueg and they aren't even doing anything with it, they only finished a paved road across all of it in 2010.

Gosh, I wonder why?
In any case what about Finland and the Baltics, not to mention that a peoples have a right to self-determination

Sadly, yes. But I don't think conservative, white Americans could be fooled into bombing Europe again so the muzzies could take over the place even further.


Like… Just use your COD points for the n00b t00b variant. XDDDDD

As we can see, the proud warrior said that the armories will be captured. Obviously a horde of unarmed hipsters will have no trouble capturing one of those mythical "armories", all of which seem to be within walking distance of their favourite coffee shop and which will not defend themselves at all because that's just not cool, maaaaan.

Yeah, I bet they think that just like in the latest vidya game you just magically come across guns by searching people's medicine cabinets and cum socks.

If you look at it this way then it's not Russians who built Ukraina it's Ukrainians who built Russia


Have fun with the pillboxes with m60 gunners at all entrances, leftists. You won't get within 200 yards of an armory.
It's like they no concept of military tactics and defensive fighting positions. Wait… They absolutely have no fucking clue. So nevermind.

The thing is lets say they are right and they get all the guns they want…… but there is no ammunition because that's what everyone else who was prepared fought over, bought, stole or traded over. They are still screwed.


The "prepper" in the film was magically dead because his wife had turned and he then killed her after she attacked.

I want to say the movie was Cell but to be honest all zombie flicks are the same damned movie so that shit kinda all jumbles together in my memory. Sorry.

Ammo isn't light, obviously. What will they manage to get? 3 rifles and maybe 1,000 rounds?

You would know if you weren't retarded that at the time it was built slavic people all lived there. Russian people now live further to the north and east but that is because they migrated.

Well, it is right… like when a courageous White man murders a nigger who looked at a White woman wrong.

Maintaining societal health is paramount, after all.

tbh I wouldn't be surprised if they actually think they'll be able to USE any gun they find without training and experience.

How exactly are you supposed to capture armories/gun shops if you don't have weapons to begin with?

I can totally see thin wrist liberals getting gunned down in the streets

Just bomb the armory, DUH!
I'm sure they all know how to use ammonium nitrate effectively and make detonators. Didn't you watch Breaking Bad? Just use thermite.

from the Jacobin reign of terror to the soviet massacre of farmers and wrong-thinkers, the mental disease of far leftism has in all modernity proven itself to be the most dangerous and deadly of ideologies

We need a new McCarthyism and we need to flip these tactics of career and personal destruction around so that these people fear for their lives and livelihood like they did in the postwar 50s and as they SHOULD for the remainder of the life of this Republic

Do you genuinely believe that's the way it's going to go down? Did we deport all of the Puerto Ricans when we occupied Puerto Rico?

I'm not defeatist. I'm just pointing out that taking over a brown country is going to cause problems.

Consider the mindset of libshits. They don't think. At all.
Hell I once had a conversation with a couple and they said they didn't have to store food or have a gun because they had a baseball bat and a sword. And for food they could just gather fruit from the trees but they wouldn't learn to fish because that was murder.

"Man what the fuck! I thought you could just put a bullet into this clip-thingy and just slam it into the gun and it'll fire! But this bullet won't even fit! I bet those ebil gnatzees were behind this!"

JUST MAKE ASTROLITE, BRO! What could go wrong?

If we don't get rid of all the Mexicans we have now the white man is dead anyway. What I'm saying is that either we get rid of all of them and a few extra don't matter, or whitey is dead and a few extra don't matter. So either way annexing North Mexico is a win/win.


Confirmed pedo and most likely Swedish and Mongol rapebaby too.

That's not going to happen.


Is this finally enough for everyone else to admit that most of these people should be locked up in an insane asylum? The jews pushed a policy of sending crazies into society with a few pills rather than keeping them confined and away from society… hence all the leftist.

They arm themselves with words and they tell the store owner how privileged he is with all his guns and ammo.

Well.. that's IF they take any magazines.

Here's how the Second American Civil War will go

"Hey man, I figured it out! It says 7.62 on the bullet! I played CoD yesterday and AKs were 7.62, so we just gotta find a few AKs and we'll be a-ok!"

Exactly what I tried to tell them. And they also didn't like it when I brought up the fact that Farmer Brown would probably ventilate their ass if he caught them in his apple trees. You know, during that whole month and a half there are edible apples.

There are almost 3 million people in Sonora alone. That's not a few extra. Taking over Mexican clay would totally nullify everything Trump is doing to stop the brown tide. Like I said before, a hypothetical invasion of Mexico would not result in Mexicans being cleansed from that land. The army isn't just going to mow down every civilian they come in contact with.


We have satellites (Rods from God) assuming the military is loyal to kill these bastards.

Kek. So true, though. Would love to see what happens when you put a .308 cartridge into an AK. Maybe nothing? IDK, never been that stupid. Also, would love to see where the armories in the US keep their AK stashes.

I'm not arguing that the army would kill them. But do you really think they would stop RWDS from mowing down spics? They would turn a blind eye and pretend not to see it. The military would just be an excuse, RWDS would be the true force of the Mexican Genocide.

I would kill spic men women and children without hesitation. I would burn their houses and shoot even toddlers trying to escape. Kill em all.

Seems like the RWDS would operate like the Waffen-SS.

I live next door to a Jewish lesbian (not even exaggerating) with two kids. I've long told myself that the minute the shit kicks off, I'm heading over there and putting a slug in all three of them.

Agreed I suppose you can argue that if they surrender you can make them dig their own ditches before you cut them down.

Also cowardly spics tend to run from tanks and explosions. You can chase them out of places if they don't leave they get killed.

Looks like an FBI Christmas party in here. How long until you're just shilling each other?
inb4 "lel im just an egy retard n ur a cowrd

They would probably try to expelliarmus it or use the Force to deflect bullets.

What a bunch of clueless clowns, they will be easily defeated from pure ineptitude when any real fighting starts.
Definitely don't afford them a learning curve, finish them all off the first time.
Also second keeping them in their cities to let them starve.

Oh by the way, if shit ever hits the fan in the US, do you accept volunteers for your RWDSs?
Slavshit here, low maintenance, will also bring my own firearms, food and tracksuit.

RWDS isn't real yet and I'm not sure it will become real under Trump's administration. Even if we had real RWDS, they wouldn't be handling the invasion. I would participate too user, but the military isn't run by people like us. King nigger made sure everyone with leadership positions is cucked to shit.

Shit hasn't kicked off yet, nigger, so I guess the FBI doesn't have much to worry about until it does. And when it does, my peaceful releasing of three faggot kikes will be the least of their concerns, kiddo.

I'm just an edgy fuck.
Here's a better idea, kill those that try to surrender and tell them it's fight to the last man or starve to death.

What are you even implying you moron? Why the FUCK would the FBI care about people wanting to kill non citizens or advocating the death of non-citizens? What American laws protect Mexicans?

It is completely legal for an American to say he wants to kill the President of Mexico, its government, and every last brown man woman and child in the country.

As long as you have no problem with killing so called "innocent" Mexican civilians and destroying everything in their country you are welcome. Death to Mexico, death to spics!

Yes we will.

It'll only happen if leftists are stupid enough to kick shit off. They're chickenshits, so they'll probably back down as soon as a couple of their heroic Nazi punching Indiana Joneses get ventilated.

You are every bit as delusional as the morons in OP's pics. Back to your quarantine, cuckchan.

Last time I looked there is no RWDS or a leftist uprising.
I think you want this: I do not condone violence. Well there it is.

Oh man, if there is a nationwide CC passage, punching Nazis will actually take some balls. Sooner or later, their luck will run out.

Because we know - for a fact - they would do the same to us.

It's honestly a matter of time until one of them gets shot or stabbed.

It would be funny if by accident some leftist punches a jew for being a nazi.

Didn't they just run off a kike doing an interview and call him a Nazi?

So you're saying the FBI is now an international organization? Are you really this retarded? All the FBI cares about is people doing illegal things within the country, killing spics in Mexico is outside of their purview.

I mean the CIA probably cares but those jewish cocksuckers can go fuck themselves their days are numbered.


yeah…almost there.

Didn't one of them actually get shot at some Milo speech?

Reminder to bring a gun with you constantly wherever legal.
Become the Zim-Zam.

Only one problem, though.


Now what if I was wearing a swastika tshirt and carrying my 9mm? Would that be considered intent? I'm assuming you'd definitely be in court and your life would forever be ruined, but how hard would it be to get off on the charges they threw at you?
Wearing a swastika is a protected right and protecting yourself with a firearm in a SYG state is a protected right.
But I assume they'd try to get you on intent.

He would just claim the antifa was actually a neo-nadzee pretending to be antifa, then he would cry out that the neo-nadzee was literally gassing him and he had no choice. 6 trillion sympathy awarded.

oh boy everyone is in danger there jews can't aim for shit and are neurotic.

Just wear a MAGA hat instead, it'll still trigger them and you won't get fucked on intent charges.

I think people will start apologetically fighting back after the first few deaths. If the left thinks it's morally just to attack people for being Nazis, surely the same logic can be applied to Commies.

The jew doesn't even need a gun. He will be martyred and the left will lose the little credibility they have left.


Better wear some kind of body armor though, and bring extra mags because there will be a lot of spics trying to kill you.

I live in a state that went red from blue and there's an even mix of leftist faggots and Trump supporters. I don't think a MAGA hat will trigger them enough to try something stupid.
But walking through Ann Arbor with a Swastika tshirt will definitely rustle some jimmies.

doubly so.
The Communists in terms of deaths are at LEAST four times worse.

correction, it went blue to red. my bad.


Yes, a libtard was shot by a Milo fan in self-defense, and the oppresor police didn't even arrested the guy ;^)

Also, can I get $$lawsuitbux$$ if I walk into one of these faggot Ann Arbor locally own hippy leftist businesses with a swastika tshirt and they refused me service?
Political beliefs are protected statuses. Can I drain these faggots economically using the court system?
knowing that I think these things, I suspect I might be like 1/64th Jew

More likely than not they'll be happy to serve you coffee.

They'll piss in it though


get a job as the health inspector dress like a trump supporter get food test it then shut them down.


How about a buddhist swastika?
You can even claim religious discrimination.


Oh man… Not only can you get them because they thought they were discriminating you on political beliefs, but also because they actually were discriminating you on religious beliefs.

alt- kike spencer

Also report them to ICE

The media are trying to push this derangement. They are trying to subvert the system actively now.
They are now a threat to the state. They are now effectively a foreign psyop.

They always were as are all of soros groups that push fags and all kinds of other suicidal degeneracy or leftist opinion. Russia threw his groups out of their country Hungary was going to…

They're not a foreign psyop. Most of the jews in the world live in America. They are domestic terrorists and the MSM should be tried and shot for treason.

Honestly the MSM should just be destroyed completely and after that we merge CSPAN, PBS, White House news, into National News Network, NNN, or as it will be more commonly known, Trump Television.

Wear a shirt with something like this so it's much clearer what it's meant to be.

This would be glorious.

It's getting crazy out there, fam. Anyone right of the far-left is a shitlord nazi fascist and they're openly advocating violence. I honestly hope they keep this tantrum going because they're just pushing moderates towards us and making themselves look foolish and irrational. Plus, if they end up getting the war they're trying to agitate, we would fucking stomp their asses so bad. Like, it wouldn't even be fair to them how bad we would wreck their shit. Hell, we wouldn't even have to fight them, just reinforce the countryside and let em all eat eachother.

American right-wingers and their supporters will end like Croatian right-wingers Ustaše at the end of WW2 in mass graves,

Yeah, the second one is perfect. Absolutely no libtard would know what it means, but I'd suggest removing the indian letters, just to make sure

Be glad that we will be victorious. Unlike you /leftyprolen/ we have decency. We will be so gracious as to cremate your remains.

All rightwinger should be killed and turned in to fertilizer

Rednecks, neo-nazis, white- nationalist, alt-righters, Holla Forums users.


*autistic screeching*

Butthurt Jugonostalgičar detected.

You will not be victorious everyone who is a right-winger will die I would get rid of my own family members is they were right wingers.

And when we are victorious, your family and yourself will meet the same fate, since obviously you're all faggots and we will gas them.

Ah but do you have the strength to kill children, to kill the old, to throttle infants with your own hands? Can you live with destroying that which must perish? For what do you stand for? We stand for our race, the survival of our white people. Yet you, you people stand for nothing, you are nothing, you have nothing. In the end it is the man who fights for the future that wins, but you, you fight for yourself.

If they are hiding criminal dealings or are intentionally trying to destabilize and destroy the system - they are the equivalent of a foreign psyop.
They are aliens to America's best interest.

he fights for his own destruction.

There will be no Red Army with Lend-Lease to back you up this time. Jasenovac will run forever, with Black Legionaries working in shifts opening up Red throats nonstop day and night until the supply of leftists is exhausted.
Za dom - spremni!

You sound like a right winger. :^)

Be careful.

How about our own left, that became paranoiac that FBI is watching their every move now?


leftist think government is watching them…..dear God the government funds leftist and anti-fa
these people are delusional

All right-wingers will be turned in to bone meal fertilizer, without right-wingers CO2 emissions will be cut down drastically, there will be a lot more space for wildlife, populations of endangered species of animals will increase, all countries in the world will have gay marriage and gay adoptions,hurches will be turned in to strip clubs and bars including gay bars, all schools will be public schools, all business will be nationalized, public nudity and public sex will be legal.

Kek. Just because you say you'll be victorious and even if the media agrees, doesn't mean you'll do anything. Has the past 3 months taught you nothing? Keep dreaming.

Don't associate mindless slaughter as a right-wing trait. They were sitting on a mountain of skulls before fascism drew its first breath. Fascism is essentially a defensive reaction of the organism, a manifestation of the desire to live, of the desire not to die, which at certain times seizes a whole people. So our butchery serves a purpose, of removing genocidal reds from the earth.

To be fair, paranoia is just total awareness. I'm sure there are FBI her monitoring both boards.
All of this stuff is just hypothetical discussion for educational purposes, by the way.

To be fair, the feds probably are involved with HWNDU, considering that nick guy in the denim jacket prying all of our guys for information

Wouldn't be suprising that they'd try to lure leftyfags to attack pollacks and false flag our boards

Now THIS is what I call shitposting.

I agree. The alt-right is garbage. We are who you should be worried about. And we are coming.
We already did everything you said we were not capable of. Winning another civil war can be added to that list shortly.

Posts like this kind of allure me to think that most of the recent posters are agents. It should be obvious to anyone that the feds do monitor here.

Traditional values and capitalism must bee destroyed.

Typical communist mindset. "The collective will provide for me because that's what I'm fighting for".

If they ever got their collective off the ground, it would probably burn these useless idiots for fuel.

I think you linked to the wrong post.

Meant for the leftist faggot.

Goddamn it, nigger, he's on our side. Jasenovac was a concentration camp where muh 6000000 were gassed and "za dom spremni" is a right wing salute.

Sorry. I'm a nigger.

When Libertarianstan is established, Soros should buy some land and set up a commune so all the reds can fuck off there and experience their utopia first hand.

Oy vey, never forget the 700,000,000

half of them wouldn't be able to turn the safety off, the other half wouldn't be able to cock the gun properly

In that case it's forgiven, my man.

When I first got handed a break-action I fucked around with the sights trying to open the gun to reload. This is after I played Half-Life, mind you.

This thread and most of these posts highlight a closeted fear franticly covered up by an unwarranted smugness and desperate need to believe in right-wing violence, insecure machismo. The question we should be asking is 'what are we going to do about it' not 'boy t-those liberals sure are c-crazy amirite?'.

The truth is that the left IS good at violence and probably better at it than the right. Red Terror. And it makes you wonder why the people who believe white people are being genocided didn't do even half the bitching, fighting, kicking and crying that the left is doing now over the most trivial things. The right-wing is domesticated as fuck. All of these posts saying we should just let them start killing us is just a cuckold "if we kill our enemies they win" justification from domesticated "right-wingers".

This is the left awakened and they WILL win. In a few months we will see how bullshit the right has been.

Future will be a hell hole for right-wingers, porn on TV in the middle of the day, sex education in schools, no private schools, no home schooling, no prvate businesses, most of the work will be some by robots 90% of the people will get free money from the movement, human cloning legal, steam cell research legal, gay marriage legal, gay adoption legal, public nudity and public sex legal. traditional values and free market capitalism totally destroyed.

True, anarchists need to stop killing themselves inadvertently by destroying the system that gives them food, water and shelter.

Operating a gun is easy 30 minutes max is all that is needed.

Or maybe we should take from them what makes them so powerful? Their attitude to violence.


As soon as the left starts

this kind of bullshit, then the kid gloves come off and the state starts annihilating them. Don't think you won't see legit RWDS made up of militia and other citizens.

That is just poor planning. I doubt they even know how to use a firearm properly.

Furry artwork terrifies me more than any horror movie ever could.

And how many times had Red Terror worked? Commie revolutionists got BTFO in France, BTFO in Hungary, BTFO in Germany twice, BTFO in Spain, and only succeeded in Russia due to German help and Wall Street gold. Then they used their "evil empire" to export revolution - and even that was not successful all the time. Now that evil empire is gone, and you are the ones with the backs against the wall, and all you can do is throw girly punches to muss some irrelevant guy's hair up and post Indiana Jones memes. You don't dare to start open war because you WILL die.

I had completely forgotten that these faggots existed.


Welcome to the world of liberals.

The fuck is wrong with furries?

I'm not going to pay to keep them alive.

Telling Obongo's taxmen to go after me because I wrote mean things on the internet isn't being good at violence.

There are as many if not more cases of right-wing violent action getting BTFO as left-wing. And most leftists didn't lose to rightists. They lost to Liberal state militaries (everyone has lost to these).


You never hand a gun to some noob without taking a few minutes to explain proper safety and manual of arms. WTF, that makes my brain hurt.

Trump's America will make Hitler's Germany look like a liberal paradise. Throw the first punch, become terrorists. Because that's al the left can do now, the right cannot be terrorists because we ARE THE MACHINE. You'll bomb, you'll burn, you'll loot and rape. And then we'll march you by gunpoint to your nooses and you'll cry and piss your pants. You'll yell that it wasn't supposed to be like this, that you are freedom fighters, that you were trying to save us. And as you breathe your final breath you'll look atthe cold eyes staring at you from behind white faces. And you'll see no anger, no hatred, only contempt and determination, you will see the future of humanity.

But by all means continue your "struggle", it can only benefit us. Enjoy your delusions, while they last.

Children and infants will not be killed they will be adopted and reeducated.

And what kind of bullshit mentality is this? The gloves come off when politicians are the ones being murdered? How about when the entire white race is threatened. How about when one of their politicians starts running their mouth. This is more faggoty domesticated right-wing shit. The right will never live down the fact that when times were the darkest we did nothing but make memes and posted on forums. The left at their lowest will kill all of us who matter and are capable of change. The left has the real death squads not us.
Which is it? The state or militias. How much faith can you have in the state that they will allow right-wing militias too.

We've been waiting for you cucks to fire the first shot for years now.

What are you waiting for?

And in this case YOU will be going up against a Liberal state military - or a Liberal state military that defected to the right, like Spain or Chile's. It's not like whole divisions of M2 Bradleys are gonna defect to fight for Socialism or refuse to put down the Portland Soviet Republic.

Only time the left can kill someone without taking massive casualties is against disarmed prisoners or civilians, typical.

That 30 minutes goes right out the window when the metal meets the meat, retard. Trust me. Hell, I've seen people forget how to operate a bolt action because they got excited when a buck showed up while hunting, and I couldn't even begin to tell you all the Bizzare stupid shit I've seen people do in combat with their weapons.

Examples, please. Because usually when the right wing finally decides to cut fence and start sorting fuckers out, they win. They just get shit on later after the Jew tells half the world that the right wing are ebil nadzis or some shit.

everyone of these posts starts like this

I think we'll be just fine in a civil war tbh.


Another element we can adopt from the Spanish model.
You hear that, commies? Your kids are gonna join the Pence Youth.


Yeah and why is this? The left doesn't wait for anything. This is just like when old Holla Forums used to make fun of stormfront

What leftist terrorist groups have attacked anywhere? What has the left done? Who has the left killed?

I'm not stormfront or WN at all. I'm just a regular dude who wants to go to work, provide for my family, leave other people alone and see that my kids have a future.

There are probably 50+ million people in the US like me, and every single one of us will rise up to smash down a marxist revolution with the kind of brutality that would make the japanese in WW2 look like saints.

We won't let marxists ruin the future for our kids. We're also not going to start the war - we're going to finish it if the lefties actually find the balls to start it.

Good, then I double-dog-dare you to kick off your socialist revolution.

Remember that graph and that argument about leftists being more violent? There it is. It happens everyday. Right-wingers get beat up and killed everyday.

Hollywood brainwashing. They think that guns are more or less point and click devices, hitting something at 800 yards is as easy as hitting something at 20, etc. Maintenance isn't necessary and the revolution will basically play out like a CoD game.


Can't blame them, if they finally understand they are being fucked with their bullshit ideologies they can become a big enemy for Soros and co.

nein comraden that is not real communism

real communism is only possible when I am king!

nyet nyet nyet you must make me glorious supreme leader of mankind to be free, now kill whitey goy!

What do you have to say about this then faggot?
Rightists can shoot you down like dogs and suffer no penalty for it at all.
Open season on reds has begun. It's up to you if you wanna live with the current situation, or take a shot at that socialist utopia you dream of.

All they're doing is chimping.
There's no organization other than protesting and beating the innocent.

They are so weak that they don't even know how weak they are.

The best part of GG's aftermath is watching the people who joined forces against it slowly realize how much they hate each other now that their common enemy is gone.

Seriously? Nobody's gonna check that? What the fuck is wrong with you Holla Forums? Get your shit together, god damn !

If we beat them, we'd go to jail.
In order to avoid that we'd organize first and attack.
But there's no need. We won the election.

And the left supports criminal pedophiles. Fuck them.

i don't trust the think tanks of the government to get anything right. this is not our future, maybe the future of those outside of the west. 2016/2017 altered the timeline so drastically that we may see an out-growth of nationalism from places where it is least anticipated (Western cities)

You're wrong. The left does not support criminal child rapists.

The fact is that the left was actually created by criminal child rapists. All leftist ideologies spring from the Talmud, it is the eternal source of leftism in all its forms. Gas every single kike rat jew bastard.

I think you're right.

It does, and it doesn't. Russia has a much bigger worry with China right now. If you didn't know the Chinese just decided to dump a bunch of medium and long-range ballistic and low-yield nuclear missiles along the RUS/CN border. On top of that, China and the USSR fought several times over territory. With the rising threat of Russia? They'd rather make friends with the US and countries in SE-Asia. Which is why they've been sending out feelers to the Philippines, Japan and so on. The RUS intelligence sees a bigger threat from China and islamists in the middle east then they see with a threat from the US especially with Trump in power. On the otherhand, if Clinton had been elected? There was plenty of evidence showing that she'd have escalated against russia to strengthen islamists in the middle east.

Actually, I could see this as a plausible outcome now. They have a big protest where they get together and say manufactured pop culture platitudes such as "welp this is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause" with glazed eyes for the last time. Then a charismatic Jim Jones-like character announces that it is time for them to transcend to a more perfect world where Equality waits for all, and he/she/xir makes several plugs about how everyone here is a hero and will be a martyr (leftists love attention and validation to soothe their feelings of inferiority).

At that point, they drink cyanide-based Starbucks soy frapuccinos and perish. 304 adopted black children are given purple drank instead.

Only half joking.

No need to dehumanise yourself. Communists aren't human.

I see all the regular GG customers in there.
You would think tha THEY of all people would learn a thing or two.

Not impressed
And why didn't you? At the lowest point for the right you did nothing. The fact that someone like Tim Wise is still alive proves you're pathetic.

Sure it is


And? Leftists don't care about going to jail. They will literally scalp you and flip off the police as they're taken into custody.

Trusting government is soccer mom domesticated pussy boi shit. Are you going to write letters and call your representatives when leftists start scalping white people too mom?

How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

Please put more effort if you're going to do this.

That's the Hindu swastika not the Buddhist, Buddhist swastikas are dot-less and in the other direction

I can't speak for Spencer, but any numale commie that comes at me is gonna die. Even if it's five of them, which knowing your coward tactics it probably will be.
I live at 60 Cedar Hill Road, Asheville, NC.
Seriously. You don't dare to do shit, because you WILL die.

>ask >>>/k/ to come up with a list of the absolute worst guns and rifles availabe
>let the lefties know about "easy to handle" child dozers de-nazifiers

They don't care about going to jail because nothing happens to them. Now the ants at the inaug are being hit with 10 year sentences. These fags aren't going to give up their lives to break a store window and punch a nazee.


BREAKING NEWS: Evil White Fascist Neo-Nazi Trump Supporter Kills 19 Liberal Activists Who Were Near His House, Single Surviving Activist Claims "It was just a prank bro, we were just pranking him, the molotovs were just for funsies you know? He killed them, they were good boys, they dindu nuffin!"

inb4 hundreds of leftists file class-action against hi-point


There is literally nothing wrong with using a revolver as a side-arm.


This, it's how they won last time. Though I wonder if they could pull it off.

Of course, not outside of home defense in modern fucking combat though.

Off by one.


you ever wonder if they actually get off to this shit or if they're just trying to draw the weirdest thing possible


A lot of ww2 guns were shit, even the glorified ones user.

Nah. Revolvers are fine as a side-arm if you have **speed* clips. A handgun in itself is absolutely useless in any case, a side-arm is only there in case something happens to your rifle, there's no practical difference except for the amount of rounds it can hold so it's not good for self-defense CC but if you have a rifle there's absolutely no real practical difference.

Mmmmmmm he's thinking something along the lines of good luck with your bongs and pink dildo kid

You actually raise a good point

reads like an autist who took his first redpill kek **although we all know he's controlled opposition

No he's probably thinking "How long until the Chinese problem escalates and I can convince Trump we need to glass those bug eyed motherfuckers?".

Of course, but do you think people with any weapon experience are going to utilize that correctly? Close your eyes and envision trigglypuff going for one.

man I said of course again.

Reds have no regard for human life. If they will start a civil war in the US, they will only form a small part of the revolutionary army. For the rest, they will press-gang in Starbucks liberals, as well as spics and nigs and anyone in the area they can conscript. So you will have a horde of barely skilled cannon fodder, led by a few commissars. Desertion and defection will be rife as they won't be able to handle it.

Meanwhile most of us in that event would love to die screaming.

Meant to quote

This is a whole new different level of retardation

Whatever you do, don't die until you've killed at least eleven commies first.

Here we see the mind of the left.


Holla Forums in a nutshell

You wouldn't be a fighter for your peoples if you didn't user.

Remember that aeroplane that the left denies existence of?

The left is currently a cult of forms protecting the identity of such people. Those people nurture their ideological tree to protect it.

In fact, I think all ideologies do this.

Nice trips. It looks haunted.

They can try to.

Don't forget all of the right actively seeks to protect their kin and themselves.
The left wants to abolish protection or wants to hurt anybody.

Tell me again that they're gonna win. Memes and their natural selection says - impossible.

Not all ideologies.

Racialism is the only truly pure ideology as it serves the people and cannot be served. To put your race, your people first is human nature, it is the will of god.

Also this. The right literally organised supervision of booths and prepared militias.

The left is still anti guns and depended on the state.

Thanks. Can you delete this, though? I don't want a bunch of lefty cucks to actually send me a bunch of crap to my house and ruin my life. Also, how do I delete posts?

Let it be.

Certainly leftists went to Spain to be part of the various (and ineffectual, then as now) International Brigades, but as a whole most American industrialists supported Franco and continued deliveries of gasoline and trucks even after the Neutrality Acts were enacted. All those planes in the Condor Legion weren't going to fly on nothing, were they? The techniques the Germans performed needed more trucks than what the German production could make to supply both the Heer and the Legion at the same time.

You can't. Hope you like Cheese Pizza, mama mia don't worry I'm paying for it!

How to go from "fight me IRL" to regret in one post.

we are fucked guys

Ah to be a teenager who thinks he is king of the world and then fuck himself up by being a retarded kid. Youth was so sweet, but so deadly.

Dubs have spoken, everyone here owes the land 11 commie scalps before death .

Honestly lad that's not the "left" any more than TRS is the "right". The real extreme leftists are pretty much the same as Holla Forumsacks but without the love of the white race for the reason of either being a cuck or shitskin. Without love of your race you are no more than they, it is the only thing that makes you human.

liberal fags

I don't believe this is your real address. Prove it by taking a picture of yourself in front of it.


Invite some of your Jehova neighbors to talk about God serve as meat shields :^)

Zombieland, I think

I wouldn't let these degenerates surrender
Dead is better

Mosques, synagogues, spic and nigger churches and refugee centers should all be on fire. DNC and ngo offices. Any Jew faggots who advocate for and assist refugees. There's a wealth of targets that can be safely hit… if one were so inclined.

hahaha someones having a melt down. You'd kill your family because they had different beliefs… yet you have the belief that you would be competent in warfare? This is going to be way too easy.

For them it is, and I am inclined to believe them, as the response of your average leftist has the same depth as
Hate Newspapers
And all the other wonderful dialogue options puzzled out by Shekelthesda

Be sure to wear NBC suits and thoroughly burn any organic matter with willy pete and napalm when you clean out San Francisco. You don't want to catch any diseases now, do you? The Donald needs you strong.

It would be in their moral and economial interest to not attack the largest military in the world, even if we're fighting on different fronts.
Nice try, Jahans.

What if there are right wing people trapped in the city? Do they starve or what?

If they're in commie hands they're probably already dead, or hostages.

Or could be undercover. Gotta remember that.

Who do these retards think go to gun shops? Nobody on the left.

what they want is hegemony

They're probably gonna rely on someone like Soros coming along and arming them with full retard guns or a Cuban airdrop of crates of Kalashnikovs in some kind of reverse Bay of Pigs scenario.

I know right? If I was smart, I would have posted something like one of the SRS admins' addresses instead of my own. They're not that hard to find.

I got a real kick out of that, too. A SJW who used to post on reddit about his meth use is starting to realize that his 'allies' are all crazier than he is and want him dead because he's a white dude.

forgot to embed it

I was thinking the same thing. WTF?

If you don't own a gun, you certainly don't know how to use one properly either. Hell some people can't shoot for shit even when they do own plenty of guns and practice with them.

Liberals are insanely retarded.

I'm pretty sure one of the nominees for the Darwin Award tried to rob a gun store. I think a gun store robbery once appeared on World's Dumbest Criminals, too.

What a bunch of retards.
Anyway, communism was from the late 1800s, "comrades" from today think it's just like "Seizing the means of production" like some cobbler grabbing some wooden shoe framework and some needles.

Don't forget we're going to turn it into an amazing real-life daily prime time TV show and stream, filmed by high quality drones with cameras and guns, like a live documentary of the (urban) jungle.

Why is there so much shit in San Fran?
As if it wasn't shit enough already.

Assuming the lefty cunt managed to put a wrong caliber inside a mag for some rifle, it will end very bad either it 'might' work for a few shots but after that it will seriously fuck up the gun. Also not only the right caliber is important you need to consider the bullet types since not all guns can handle all the bullet types made for it's caliber due to bullet shape and sometimes even the grain amount, ammo mixup is a bitch.

Those lefty cunts who never used a gun in their life will get their asses absolute ravaged by any militias, their stupid rocks and if they are smart enough molotov cocktails will not stop them from getting hit from a skilled marksmen in about 150+ yards range or so, also they will not be able to coupe this stress in an actual battlefield.

Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and glycerin. Equal parts of the first two, with your glycerin quantity serving as the final amount you're looking for.

The substance will rapidly begin to heat up. Do not let it escalate to 130 degrees Fahrenheit or it will become unstable and probably kill you. Keep an ice bath handy so that you can put the beaker you're working with in it, for cooling purposes. However, you shouldn't let it grow too cold below 90 or so or the reaction will never occur.

Your sulfuric-nitric acid combo will be on the surface, meaning you can more or less pour the excess out and enjoy your nitroglycerine.

Any retard can do this with a simple chemist's set. Fertilizer bombs are what you make when you're an idiot and think the Anarchist's Cookbook is anything more than a way to get people to blow their own hands off.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this post is for entertainment and scientific purposes only. If you're going to make your own nitro, do it in super-fucking-small quantities, maybe half a cubic centimeter. Anything more than that and you'll seriously hurt yourself.

This. Uppermost kek.

Please God let this be true. Loving smart women for every good man!

The left is dying. Practically already dead. Very few people actually agree with these lunatics, and yet they're the only people you hear. The only position they can espouse is one of "I don't even care anymore fuck nazis I'm gonna punch the shit out of everyone who disagrees with me."

In 4 years they'll be a distant memory.

Wasnt that napoleon

Let them lose their minds. It will only hurt them.

I'm not real clear how they plan to "capture" armories without guns….

ok cassandra

I'm not sure about that. The jews will keep funneling money to them, and the "moderate" shitlibs will die out.


Randomly assaulting people isn't a great idea. Especially when you are a no cc lefty weakling whose never thrown a punch.


Exactly. They won't get anywhere with violence. Not only because they're wimps that are scared of guns, but because the more radical they get the more they drive the normies right to us.

I think you're right, they won't give up easily, but there's a limit to how successful they can be with this and they're smart enough to realize that. The globalists will not fold yet, they've invested too much into this around the entire world. They're going to have to try something else, though.

Yes, but that wasn't going to happen under Obama. We should relaunch the campaign to get her arrested, now that Trump is top dog.

Wasn't soros' address leaked?

Didn't mean to sage

Don't forget when they try slapping in all kinds of bullet sizes and shit that aren't made for those specific guns

You either get out, or become urban guerilla. I strongly suggest you get out.

It's hilarious that you think that leftists are going anywhere with their delusional idealism. Especially if those people are resentful parasites who routinely escape to safe spaces via politically-correct entertainment. If they were tough as they claim to be, then they would challenge Spencer face-to-face in a boxing match. Unfortunately for them, they're just coprophiles who suckerpunch with a mask on and flee.

The reason why they got into their situation isn't because of us. It's because of their narcissism and how they antagonize their own people. They need to continue on with their anti-white attitudes so that they will finally fall down.

Those people have the audacity to claim that they're oppressed when law dismisses them from crime and gives them the ability to fine others six figures for incorrect pronouns.

Nice LARP.

How else are you gonna get blasting caps, nigga? ANFO is best use as a tertiary explosive.

He did get challenged to a boxing match by some silicon valley fuckboy, and Spencer agreed to it. No idea if it's actually going to happen though, or when.

That retard is suggesting using nitroglycerin instead of ANFO, not to set it off. He also seems to be under the insane impression that ANFO is more dangerous to make than nitroglycerin.

Making a little bit of nitroglycerin is reasonable enough (see embed), but enough nitroglycerin to use by itself for anything meaningful? Give me a break.

Honestly, I would rather use Gun Cotton as the Blasting cap. However a 2 liter bottle of ANFO going off would give me the giggles.

Hah! This actually happened when I was in highschool. This very obviously jewish kid(I mean all the typical jew features) was reading Mein Kampf and he got beat by some punks. I think they only did it cause he was a giant wuss and a toothpick.

china would no doubt airdrop arms to the liberal rebels

The left is not dying, it is evolving. Think about the consequences of that.

Bolsheviks and Russian Revolutionaries, here we come. There will be blood.

Gas yourself

You chucklefucks keep saying that but I never get to fucking shoot anyone. I'm starting to get annoyed by that ya know.

Just make sure to go through your Privilege Checklist. Wouldn't want you to go around taking the voice away from those impossibly disenfranchised minorities. All talk of Revolution is really taking away from your Muslim cock sucking appeasement marathons.

Break the riots with a whiff of grape shot, eh.

Also an admitted pedophile who has never been punished for his crimes.

They'd apply the progressive stack to it and decide that wypipo and men only get pistols so as not to be overly phallic. Seriously how do they intend to do this when a significant portion of them are literally scared shitless by guns. No amount of range time and practice is going to make those people combat ready. And then the heroin/meth/SSRI withdrawals kick in. Even the bloodthirsty radicals will be too jittery to aim.

Because user, if they fail they have to deal with us after we finish purging the commies from our land. It would be a gamble that would most likely destroy their own nation. The risk simply isn't worth the involvement

That third image lol



It's a different ID you retards. It's just some Holla Forums faggot pretending to be the original guy so they can act like people are afraid of them.

A world of niggerized mega cities ruled by jews. What could go wrong?

Bro I'm in Charlotte, you should join our local militia. 51st Mountain Division.

Will be a caliphate and the muzzies will throw degenerates from builders and mass rape whores.

Leftist sex slaves for all

This would be the way to live. When the machinery shuts down and the ammunition runs out, Roman tactics would be king.

Literally no country on earth other than the US has the military sea-lift capability to even contemplate an overseas engagement larger than, say, the falklands islands war.

I have zero interest in putting my dick anywhere near a liberal woman.

literally who

Have you played fallout new vegas? The Caesar's Legion faction became a wasteland super power because of that, even with very limited technology.

How will we produce more legionarys then?

No. Canada will join the USA willingly.

Embrace that the time may come when you must act in a way you never thought you would…

Was becoming a wise man part of your plan?

If I can't find a woman who isn't out of her goddamned mind, I will not be having children.

Annnnd thats why I don't fear some liberal arts fuckup rising.

That one I'm pretty sure is an injoke. They rival Holla Forums in their love of fucking with normies.

Any RWDS should try to take over the local mosque first to secure the weapons caches inside and prevent them using it as a staging ground.

It's a post apocalyptic wasteland, you wouldn't be in a position to be picky. Also she would be Slave so it's not like her views would matter. Just a wet hole

Won't be long. They are normalizing violence against us. War is coming

Pathological altruism - effectively being addicted to self-righteousness and getting a neurochemical high from it. The freakout we're witnessing is like the first stages of withdrawal. They're becoming emotionally erratic, violent, and unable to function.

I think we will see a spike in suicide as long as President Trump refuses to capitulate. When they could get Obama in front of the camera to whine and apologize on their behalf, that was like getting a hit of the dankest shit. Now the house of reps, congress, and the White House all answer to Trump and they will only continue to be denied the addiction which has fried their brains so badly.

I can't wait for these faggos to start offing themselves.


This, they're not deities, they're only human, they can only do so much before they have exhausted all possible options are forced to give up on their game, no matter how much it they've poured into this. The question is. WILL they run out of options before succeeding?

If their your slaves you can force them to exercise, and force feed them antibiotics .


Is there any real reason to ever use full-auto other than for suppressive fire?

I know plenty of Californians who hate spics with an undying passion.


Who are these faggots? Talking as if the gun shop owners aren't going to clean their own stores out. Captured Armories? What a bunch of retarded faggots. OP you are a gigantic faggot fuck off

Er, she won't be liberal after you enslave her. That does things to a person's mentality.

They think it's like fucking Half-Life, where a mild-mannered theoretical physicist can pick up a guided missile launcher and immediately know how to operate it. These people spend as much time as humanly possible not actually living real life. If it doesn't have obnoxious humor or some other stand-out indicator, they lap media up as if it reflects real life.



Have the same ID you mongoloid fuck.

A man can dream.

It's chambering a round you mong

I mean, it's almost like looking into a mirror.

How do these people not understand the irony of the situation they box themselves into?

But they've already begun, remember the faggots and trannies that committed suicide on Trump's election?

Cocking the hammer and chambering are distinct acts autist

mong's know guns, winter war

Did that actually happen though? I only remember twitter and facebook screencaps


To all Holla Forums cocksuckers. Your days are over.

It's more like that they've been this way but now they can't/won't hide it anymore.

Funny seeing people who used to whine about mean words being "online violence" now encouraging actual violence. May their organs spill out of their asses, the hypocrites.

Crushed into the ground and exterminated physically and later scientifically for all time!


Why the FUCK does Nicholas Nyberg think he's in a position to look down on anybody?

Okay Stalin.

Commie logic.


I am completely noguns, and every time I start to look into buying one I get overwhelmed by the overall lack of any consensus about how I should start.

Stop. Right now.

Go to the closest sporting goods store and purchase a cheap 12 gauge pump action shot gun and some shells, any kind. If the guy asks, you area looking for one for home defense only, and inexpensive.

Don't think, just do it.


Why a shotgun as opposed to a concealed handgun?


handguns are more expensive and require more buyer knowledge to purchase a good one. Shotguns for the most part are idiot proof. They are cheap in most cases and even still work reliably well. The ammo for them is plentiful and also comes in multiple variations (slugs, buckshot, less powerful rounds for in home self defense). A concealed handgun is definitely a good thing, but you need to know a bit about guns in order to pick a good one. With a shotgun you can pretty much get whatever the stooge at the sporting goods store recommends and be set.

H1-B visas for indian "programmers".

Eww…. I'm not going to use any of those retards as my fuck dolls. I'm grabbing some tannin and good needles. Daddy's gonna make himself some new pants. All these retards are good for is soap and leather.