What timeline is this?

TYT on suicide watch, David Brocks faggots and CNN are having a meltdown

Alex Jones and INFOWARS are having a correspondent in the WH


ITT we praise Alex Jones and accept him as the only credible source of information. Haters and libtarded cry babys gonna hate.


This pretty much confirms that Trump is a steam release valve.
You've all been played.


You gotta be quicker, Moshe.

No, no. Let him explain. It's more entertaining that way.



Oh how Holla Forums has fallen…

OP can't inb4 faggot.

Alex Jones is confirmed controlled op with CIA connections. This is not tinfoil

Alex Jones is the most obvious controlled op there is, he's just hilarious.

I didn't say Alex wasn't a shill. I did say that letting you explain yourself could be entertaining. You've yet to do so yet, though, despite it also possibly being informative if what you have to say has any merit.

Hold on user, Corsi has not yet recieved any clearance from the WH.

Alex Jones, baby.

Basest of the based water filter salesmen.

Do you doubt he will get it? Why?

That one Youtube lady who studies body language seems to believe that Jonesberg actually believes what hes saying. Still utterly bizarre though.

He is the real deal. Trust me.

the problem is that his eyes are always wide, which is a possible trained behavior to sort of condition your own body language.

sort of like star wars girl who is always with a pic related expression

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

Holla Forums plz go

"New World Order" has turned into "Evil Nazi Globalists."
Maybe this is just a way that he's figured out how to expose international jewry without naming the jew.

Kill yourself.

It's not a stupid move in the least, really.



Infowars is garbage but at least it'll generate leftist salt

It's Evil (Ashke)Nazi Globalists thank you


you guys remember when BEEUUUUUUFFF was for supper?