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for some reason whenever I read this guy's name I think of some legendary weapon of Scottish mythology but no searches are turning up anything. any paganfags know what I'm thinking of?

His last name means "Goose Crossing."

Did you think we were going to win this hard when we first started memeing for our Lord and Savior Donald J Trump, Holla Forums?

I don't mean the name literally but rather there's something mythological that sounds like it. A sword or something related to Cúchulainn but I can't find jack shit.


by kek no, i dared not hope for such blessing as have been bestowed upon us. but for every zenith we attain, the God Emperor forges way to a new one. we truly have no limits now.


Just what we need, another cryptokike.

The saltmines have been strangely quiet after this latest administration decision. Even the MSM articles have been rather tame - the comments sections have the usual shills screaming about literally Hitler and White males but those too don't seem to have much volume or energy.

I think Trump is slowly crushing the life out them.



Those trips.

But in all seriousness, there is only so much panic and hysteria that the human mind can take before it just kind of can't do much anymore. There will be a point where the 24 hr news cycle will be unable to actually keep up with the rapid fire pace of what the President is doing to them.

How can you pick something apart for days at a time and try to twist it to your bidding when every day brings a fresh new shipment of liberal tears?

Checked. CNN put out this:

Prime-time Justice: Trump puts on a flawless show



No problems with it on my end, though I think the Tumblrites are starting to fall into mindless despair. My salt company needs raw material.

When you see people like this you realize that hell exist.
And it's the materialistic prison that people construct around themselves in their heads.

He's right you know

Gorsuch must have hardscoped this faggot.

Kek, this nominee has a JD from Harvard and another doctorate from Oxford. I'm sure most people with a "Brain" think he's pretty impressively credentialed.


Unfortunately I have no proof, but his wikipedia page was vandalized less than 30 seconds after the announcement.
Someone added in "al-qaeda operative judge" into the first line of his page.

The constant butthurt radiating from the left makes me happy to be alive.

you can check the edit history page.

Wow, he sounds like a great pick. Im sold. I wonder why the need to make remarks about his penis size, though.

So, they killed Scalia for nothing?


"If leftists were not complaining, it would be an indication we weren't succeeding and making the inroads that we are."

-Some smug cunt

As someone who is mentally ill and going through a rough patch (considering an heroing), the libshit butthurt might just be the only thing keeping me alive.

Yes. Bet on Hillary getting the first transsexual Jewish mentally ill eunuch judge.

Backfired, he only had so many years left in him. This guy could last what, 30 more years, easily.

I always remind libshits that Obama was the first and last jewish president.

I looked through the edit history and there's nothing.

Don't user hero. We love you, faggot.

I think they underestimated how much of a pussy Obama was. He could have tried to force through Merrick Garland during his last year, but he just didn't have the energy. A completely spent quantity.

Scalia was like 80, Gorsuch is 49.

I hope the next justice is as young as possible. There are no requirements for being a supreme court justice, so maybe a 30 year old fresh out of law school with 40 good years, possibly, ahead of him.

I haven't seen it mentioned, but did you guys notice how damn smug Trump was when he said:
Then he made a face like pic related.

Been there, still don't have my life fully put back together, but damn it if I checked out early I would have missed all of this. Stick around, things are only getting warmed up.

Theres 8 more years of butthurt, look at the pace Trump is signing. He might slow down, but not much.. the guy works until fucking like 11pm each night, gets up at like 3am. Work work work, plan plan plan, MAGA MAGA MAGA.


Itd be nice, but I think that would be used against him. They are supposed to have the wisdom of a long career, and have proven themselves etc. Anyways, this guy is pretty much in that line of thinking. What is the youngest US supreme court pick? If its any much farther below 49, Id guess it was hundreds of years ago or something when life expectancy wasnt so high. Im not murrican myself though, just more interested in your politics than 90% of actual murricans.

He looks like a guy that could turn 20 years from now, when Trump's out of the picture, but for now, I'm sure he'll keep the hard line.

great, we got a hentai protagonist for scotus

Thanks, man. Things are getting better, but I'm stuck in this fucking place where I can't get over my illness and it has been this way since about January. I have no idea why I feel this way, since all of this shit happening is so amazing and I went to two campaign rallies and redpilled a good friend of mine. There's plenty to live for, but I just can't get past my fucking demons.

Anyway, enough about me. This is fucking wonderful news and I love you all. I hope you all have wonderful white children and I hope your days are filled with destroying gommunists in your own manner of choosing - be it with clubs and baseball bats or the immense satisfaction of a free helicopter ride or lining them against the wall and using your Moist Nuggets in a firing squad. You are all better men than I.
Besides, if I do an hero, I'll make it so big that you will know my name.

8 years of Trump
8 years of Pence
8 years of Dahnald Jr.
1000 years of Barron

Life expectancy being lower is a meme. Infancy deaths were much higher, but if you made it to the age of 50 you could live until around 80. Jews just want you to think antibiotics and other bullshit somehow prolongs your life when the truth is that medicine only barely keeps the rotting bodies of people who eat the American Diet together as a rotting corpse for longer than they should be able to survive living like they do.

Hell, in 2009 Obama had supermajority in Congress. He could have completely owned all the Supreme Court decisions in his term by asking Congress for a law to pack the court, then appointing 2 or more new liberal justices to overwhelm the voting bloc of conservative justices. No constitutional amendment necessary.

The god emperor could use the same gambit tomorrow…

what the fuck is gender history?

That's what I thought,… I don't think its what that leftist retard means.

It was obama's its not fair (CBS coverage stressed this point as well.. one of reported somewhat sounded close to tears)…. its like a child that was denied Ice cream.

Heh. These retards really didn't prepare for this did they?

Holy shit.

Why do they always have the fucking dumbest names?
They're always named "Hope" or "Destiny" or fucking dumb shit like "Neaveh."

I just thought of this:
Is that like dune when you drink the water of life?

Children raised by single mothers are destined to end up on Holla Forums if they're male, and fucking niggers and spics for quarters if they're female. It's just the law of nature brother.

They're rapidly reaching that point and in the past day or two I've seen some admissions from the media fags that they are astonished he is doing exactly what he said he would do. They're dumbfounded this is happening. Add in Spicer's press briefings where he tells them to stop fucking lying constantly and generally humiliates them for being low rent shills is another daily gut punch for these fuckers too.

Another sign that things are changing is there have been a few articles trickling out covering the portion of America that is fully on board with the agenda. You can just smell the contempt from the authors that they are even forced to report on it.

Adult life was your 20s in medieval times, from what I understand.


It's interesting that he didn't. Of course Obama was a lazy low energy nigger, but the people backing him are quite well organized. Perhaps they are less ideologically motivated that we give them credit for. Once Obama's donors had their needs met, they dropped the ball.

They are only covering it because if they don't, they will soon not have an audience.

My god, still clinging to (((Ruth))). That bitch isn't going to live until 2020. I can't wait to see who he replaces that kike with. Does /ourkike/ Stephen Miller have a law degree?

Hope is a retarded name, but I'm giving Hope "88" Hicks a pass.

I hope Ginsburg tries, that much physical activity will give that old kike a heart attack.

This nazipunching meme is going to end up putting a lot of leftists in hospital.

That's all disinfo created to make you think "how much better you have it now goy", the same with the bullshit that "everyone worked 12 hours a day for 365 days a year!" even though people only worked during harvest and planting and had more free time than wageslaves have today. You need to take the redpill on human history user.

I bet you don't even believe in Hyperborea

Which one of you did this?

If Trump flips the court ideological status quo by filling a "liberal seat", I guarantee you that if the left ever wins Congress & the presidency again then they will hijack the court this way.

FDR tried to do it 80 years ago, and he would have succeeded except the justices cucked out to render affirmative rulings for all the unconstitutional shit he wanted to do, and thus made packing the court unnecessary.

Preventing this attack would require an impossible to ratify constitutional amendment to prescribe the number of supreme court seats.

This has to be stomped on by Trump to restore law and order else it will end poorly.

I noticed and then had to wrangle my cock from assaulting the nearest warm body.

You faggots definitely want to live through this

Under budget, ahead of schedule.

Are you a drug addict, an alcoholic or are you that whiny chronic Lyme disease user from the other thread? Doesn't matter nigger. Harden the fuck up and do what you can. You are a piece of the fucking puzzle. Put yourself aside, figure out what you can contribute, and make a future for white children in whatever way possible.

Sorry you bought into a kike meme, faggot.

Not to say that stuff is useless, but Ive spent more time watching things like counter-interrogation, and reading things that might help in the event of a large scale race war, or more likely, South Africa tier violent persecution of whites. They already have groups of 100 niggers going around in Philly, around temple U beating every white person they see, leaving them without an unmarked spot on their body.. even little girls, no mercy, no one spared. 2 arrests, as in 2 people - with this happening no less than 3 times in the last 6 months or so.

Stay strong, commies hate it when we're doing well.

Leave it to Satan to have top tier taste.

Also implying that a more youthful choice is in her favor. We can forgive her for that though, she's operating with antiquated hardware.

I bet his wife's son is equally upset.

What's wrong with that? It's perfect tbqh


Only a cuck would send someone to the hospital just for punching them.

I'd kill them without hesitation for punching me

Thats what it looks like.


Trump and his administration is too good for those people. Reminder that they will continue to live in luxury and still complain their sexual deviancies are not fulfilled enough.

If Trump will not go full Hitler on re-educating youth, they will go full Lenin on him.


.>second reply
they write it for us

Thank you for that, user. No I'm not some Lyme disease faggot. I'm not an alcoholic. I have what kike psychologists call "hypochondriasis" and I convinced myself that I have the poz. I'm too scared, however, to get a test because if I indeed found out I have faggot cancer, I would immediately off myself.
See, I fucked a stripper about 10 years ago and I got the flu (which isn't much of anything, since I was also around someone else who had the flu). Turned out she was schizophrenic and she died about 4 years ago. Obituary didn't say the cause and I've been worried about it for 8 fucking years. I'm 36 and a ZOGbot vet. Now every time I have a body pain, I think it's the poz.
Pretty hellish.

Can he prove he doesn't have herpes from sucking dick behind dumpsters on a nightly basis?

How many judges are likely to die within the next 8 years? Because it's going to be a lot worse than just one voice for 40 years.

Damn Trump's impact sure did hurt them, maybe he should've used lube.



What if Scalia knew that he wouldn't be replaced in Obama's term (not a difficult guess), knew he was a fat italian fuck not likely to live long, and faked his shit?

Ginsberg's going to stroke out after being bullycided by the Trump machine. She's not long for this world.

Current justice (((Kagan))) is close to the same age and I don't feel like posting all the reasons she was a POS appointed by KN.

dude just get the test. if it comes back clean, you'll finally be done with this shit

Also, I know I don't have to tell you this, but don't have sex with strippers. Easily the worst mistake I've ever made.

A good three or four could die the same way Scalia did.

You know, purely coincidentally with a pillow over their head, totally not murder. Trump gets what I'm saying, he knows what he has to do.

Trump could get 3 more picks

Yeah but if it doesn't, I will immediately kill myself. To me living in this limbo is sometimes better than suicide.



leftist: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
me: yup we know you are sexually frustrated due to your mental illness.

I wonder if Trump's healthcare fix will provide mandatory lobotomies for leftists?

Hysterical woman… the fix for that is a slap or a sedative or both.

Do not worry brother I only have sex with virgins. Though you can tell by my ID of course.


So this is the new buzzword for people with strong political ideologies that you cant argue with.

Oh for sure, I couldn't leave that out.

Only thing dems are going to fuck up is their party.

that doesn't scratch the surface of his crimes and cruelties

If I ever find out it's the poz, I will have my revenge on faggots for spreading it knowingly throughout the 80s and the bugchasers today.

yeah but the odds of you having hiv is low. people who have it for a long time are sick as fuck without meds.

checking these bookends

These lunatics have been assfucking the United States for 50 solid years with their Cultural Revolution and now they fly into a rage when the populace has finally had enough. They still don't realize what's happening.

That's true. It's been the better part of a decade and when someone says things that makes sense, like "Dude if you have the poz, you'd be dead already without meds," it brings me out of it. FUCKING THANK YOU. I needed that.



Hello Omar.

I'm 31 and I've never put my dick in anything that could have possibly been contaminated. That said, my previous statement is absolutely relevant. Break your mental barrier the fuck down with an Aryan sledgehammer of "Go fuck yourself nigger world."

Stop letting the kikes infest your mentality. That "hypochondriasis" bullshit is just something the Yids invented to fuck with good white men like you. Fuck that shit, shed your chains brother.

ID checked. For complete torfaggotry.

What if you jump back in your saucer and fly home?

Im aware, kike dyke.

Oh I know. Like how he forced a little boy to live as a girl after a botched (((circumcision.)))

When Trump became the nominee they still didn't see what was happening. When he was elected they still didn't see what was happening. When he was inaugurated they still didn't see what was happening. When he started a fast paced nationalist revolution of the government through legal means they didn't see what was happening. When he starts deporting Mexicans they won't see what is happening. When he deports immigrants back to their countries and give Liberia back to Ameriniggers sending them all there they won't see what is happening. When they are led into the ovens they will cry out "What is happening? How can this be? The holocaust was just a myth to make us more powerful? HOW CAN THIS BE?".

Yeah. We've been fucked in the ass by commies from 1935-1997.

Jesus fuck, dude. Have you looked up the risk?

There's a reason they called this shit GRID. If you limited your degeneracy to having unprotected vaginal sex with the stripper *and* she were HIV positive then your odds of contracting the disease would be 1/2500. If you wore a condom the odds are even less. And – again – that's the risk for fucking a whore with HIV. If it's just background risk then your odds of having contracted it are like win the lottery jackpot level.

Now, if the truth is that "she" was a trap who assfucked you and used you as a cum dumpster, then your odds of contracting HIV would be like 1.5%. Given how the typical faggot fucks a random male like 20x/day, you see how the risk adds up. Hence, GRID.

Just get the test, see how it's negative, and move on with your life. Hell, you paranoiac… did the stripper even die of AIDSGRID?

This shit warmed my heart. I love you Holla Forums

Having exausted much of the finest salt from Twitter, I've moved onto reddit - the shit I do for you people…

First /r/politics/, usually hysterical but they're pretty sober about Gorsuch. Harvard and Oxford credentials nullify a lot of their complaints. Still a few cry babies in there though.

Yeah, yeah I know. Kikes have been at it since Vespasian kicked the living shit out of them.

I don't know. I just know she died. However, she was so badly schizophrenic that she was admitted into a mental institution. So if I had to guess, she probably committed suicide.

Oy vey it's almost like there was a systematic takeover by jews and their kabals starting with the Civil War, progressing to the asassination of Lincoln to prevent the Reconstruction and sending niggers back to Aperica, and then during WWI America was completely overtaken by kikes who led the country to destroy Europe during WWII and since then America has been complete ZOG central. Who would've guessed such a thing.

I love you too user. Never forget the depth of genuine love of one's brethren knows no bounds.

Trenched through the aids infested ETS. They were a board that sprung up to try and counter T_D from taking over reddit.

so being a lame duck hated incompetent kang nigger that prefers to golf and write executive orders to get his faggot agenda through was too weak and impotent to replace the dead SCOTUS ( personally I think Hillary wanted that happy power) and this means "da whyte man stole this from the poor down trodden black president.

Ridiculous, jews/bolsheviks out!
Women stay out of politics!

Seriously. I fucking love all of you. Together we have changed the world. I don't think enough of us realize this. We can do anything together. We are white men and we have conquered this fucking planet over and over again.
We have changed the course of history forever.
The problems we have? This too, shall pass.

Mass graves*

I'd like to interject. While Obama is a nigger he is also jewish as his mother is a certified jew. Therefore Obama should be rightfully referred to as the King of the Jews.


Netanyahu is king kike.

It doesn't make sense to kill him while republicans control the legislature yet that's what it looked like

So are you going to be a faggot about this for the rest of your life, imagining you have HIV, or are you just going to get one of those anonymous tests? You do realize your story sounds retarded, right? "I got the flu after fucking a whore. I was around people with the flu, but I think it was HIV because reasons and the psycho bitch eventually died" (whores being known for their graceful aging and long lifespan).

Confess your degeneracy: any other risks besides fucking this whore *once* (and presumably with a condom)? Shot up drugs? Let people fuck your ass? Shove your dick in faggots?



Off topic, but caught this on my mining excursion to /r/socialism. At first I thought they were a parody board, but no, they're not.

Phillyfag here,

A friend of mine almost got beat by niggers. I'm at Penn so we don't have that problem here, but jesus fucking christ, Temple U is a nightmare. The school itself is decent but the area in and around the campus is a complete and utter shithole. The actual campus streets look decent and are relatively safe, but as soon as you move 2 blocks away in any direction, its like Fallout meets Mad Max, but with niggers.

In fact, there have been flash mobs all over the city. These niggers use social media to coordinate these flash mobs. If you see one forming ahead of you, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can because you WILL get beaten and robbed. If you can't run, then get inside the closest store you can. They generally don't go inside stores and will ignore you. If you have a gun (CCW is fine in Philly, its a shall-issue state), then you should just fire it at the flash mob. These are adolescent niggers, so they will scatter like cockroaches.

Stay safe, Phillyfags

Related stories.

He might have stumbled on something he shouldn't have or pissed off obama/jews by not cucking immediately for something and needing to be threatened….obama care? Then getting rid of him is smart as even if republicans replaces him they replace him with a spineless cuck…. that was their thought also they thought Hillary would win.

No other remarkable degeracy. I have never ever had any type of faggot sex - be it with "trap." Hell, I wouldn't even let my ex wife touch my asshole. I'm not attracted to any kind of other bullshit. I'm not even currently sexually active for obvious reasons.
Never done any kind of "dangerous" drug. The only thing I do is sit in my room and complete 80% lower receivers, play vidya and browse Holla Forums.
I used to be in shape, though I'm just average now. I used to run or bike 10 miles a day. I have always hated faggots and trannies. The only other degenerative behavior I have is smoking, which I would quit in short order if only I had the strength to do anything but worry.

It's just that the idea that people will remember Obongo as a "black president" bothers me. He should be rightfully remembered as the first and last Jewish POTUS. Obama is a kike and should be remembered as the kike rat he is. Niggers didn't destroy America, JEWS destroyed America! JEWS!

They don't realize that it's 2017. The Trump Effect has only begun. Soon when people say "heil Trump" they won't be doing it ironically. 2020 and people will be saluting Trump for his State of the Union address.


Also, every state will soon be concealed carry, as Trump plans to force them to recognize permits from states who do issue. Itl just happen in the blink of an eye, he will sign an order I bet. He also plans to expand self defense rights, I interpret that to mean nation wide stand your ground, but it could be anything.

Damn… That would be fucking awesome. The only reason leftists get away with the shit they do is because they're in NY or Chicago or California where everyone is helpless to defend themselves. Would love to see faggots like Shia get blasted when they assault someone.

Regardless, hes a jew puppet anyways… but yes, he has a communist history too. Bill Whittle summed it all up nicely.

Sounds like you're a victim of Mossad/CIA mind control devices, they can do that to people. Make a room of your house into a Faraday cage and sleep in it, you should get at least somewhat better.

Underrated post

It would be hilarious if Obama blew it just because he wanted to m'lady. Just totally shocking how pathetic he was, at veritably week opposition at that (McConnell). It's a good thing Obama didn't hit the ground running with Trump energy.

Kek. The only thing that would make my life worse would be to think I'm being gangstalked.


People who complete lower receivers are "dangerous terrorists". They're probably beaming you with those magnetic mindcontrol devices to make you unstable so they can create annuda "white terrorist".

I want to chill with him.

It's not just evil 'salt raifus, either. They've got me so bad that I'm now finishing 1911s and Glocks now too!
But really, I just do it because I know how and it occupies my mind. gives me something to think about other than my affliction.


Wendy is going to have a hard 8 years..

edgy as fuck

It's really bad I can't tell satire from legitimately held opinions anymore. The left has become Holla Forums's parody of itself. What have we created? WHAT HAVE WE DONE?

We created this monster, we must end their suffering



This is a underrated statement. King Nigger is half nigger but full kike. This cannot be stressed enough. Kike puppet with nigger skin. Hence his potency among leftist retards.

Stop this. Get out and socialize with normies. Yes it will infuriate you but you need human contact. No, don't contact them with your cock. Stick to stupid small talk. It will infuriate you but it is needed in your situation. Sorely.

Work on learning to hide your power level while still being capable of interacting with the outside world. Mastering this alone with allow you to stop obsessing over kike induced delusions. It will lead to great success and personal redemption.

Brother, you need to stop this immediately. Use nicotine lozenges to wean off of the cancer sticks. 4mg. Use them as long as it takes to get you from giving yourself lung cancer.

Get your shit together. You have a purpose. Never forget that. You are my brother. Never lose sight of who you are.

George Lincoln Rockwells initial goal was to agitate jews into overreacting and showing how insane they really are, that when a jew was angry, he was his own worst enemy. He would regularly rile jews up, and his whole existence and what he presented himself as just did that by default. It was to expose the jews on a mass scale more than form a party, at least at first.

For the love of Christ. Someone bash his fucking skull with a hammer.

A monster.

Read a Bible. It really helps, trust me.


We didn't create it, we just discovered it and are showing it to everyone.


Fuck, bro. Don't make me fucking cry. We are all brothers. Thank you for tending to my wounds for a minute. I got a haircut the other day by the most beautiful woman I've seen in years and just being in the presence of someone else was really great. Thank you. Tomorrow, I'm going to take my dog to the park and I'm going to fucking use these nicotine patches. Seriously. I sometimes need someone to slap my face and let me know what a faggot I am until it pisses me off to the point of action.
I've been nothing but a huge fucking faggot and I need to stop being a huge fucking faggot. It starts tomorrow.

I'm lucky that my school has its own private police force that cracks down on niggers with frightening speed.

I observed a Penn security officer immediately draw his baton and approach a dirty looking nigger because the nigger happened to cross the street unto campus near 40th and Walnut. The nigger said something along the lines of "I'm not doing anything, just let me walk here" and the security responds "Turn the hell around, you aren't walking here, I don't want to see your black ass here ever again".

This is necessary because I can't keep my two guns on me since its a (((gun-free zone))). I'm forced to carry a large swiss army knife in my pocket, and a bowie knife in my backpack since I can conceal it more easily just in case. The reason I carry both is because I'm trained in knife fighting with the bowie, and the swiss army is a general purpose tool and useful for arming a friend if the situation should arise.

This city is incredibly segregated in terms of race and as a result, it could go from relatively safe to fucking dangerous over the course of several blocks. People that are new here often fall victim to crimes. I have friends that live off campus in the mid-40s streets and they have to constantly watch their back. The mid 40s aren't even in the ghetto.

is there porn of her

Should we be concerned?

"stand up to a president willing to bend the constitution"


Rule 35, user. If there's no porn of her, it's up to you to produce it.

Doubt it, but there are a lot of photos. Michelle Jenneke is her name.

Goy didn't you get the memo? You can't rape a goy because goyim are cattle!
t. Bernard Sanders, jewish rapist


Faggots who enjoy witnessing their wives get fucked by niggers are upset, how will Holla Forums ever recover?


Come now Schlomo, now is not the time for fear, that comes later

Okay then. This is a very basic Bayesian statistics problem.

1/2500 * 1/50 * 0.2 = risk you contracted HIV from that single sexual encounter = 1 in somewhere between 500,000 and 1 million. inb4 b-b-but what if!

Let's put this into perspective. In 2015, in the US there were only ~3,000 total cases of HIV transmission heterosexually to males, in a country of ~350 million people. Holla Forums should just refer to AIDS as GRID (gay-related immune deficiency) as a matter of principle. Heterosexual transmission of HIV to males is effectively not a thing.

Get your life back, faggot. Take the fucking anonymous HIV test.

She's a certifiable loon.

How is that thing still alive?
Remember this how smug it was after they passed obama care?


We need another GLR thread, tbh.

Wait a judge died? Like killed or assassinated?
I'm a leaf, I don't really pay attention to judges or senate


This is ironic since cucks are pussies who literally let the bull and their wife walk all over them. But take the word "cuck" away from them and all the sudden they find their balls?


Whether Scalia was assassinated or died of natural causes with a pillow over his head (literally) is kinda up for debate.

It was world news. He died on a hunting trip, under highly suspicious circumstances. Found with a pillow over his head.

Forcing the Nuclear option on Gorsuch will be a giant fucking mistake, so I hope they do. If they force this shit now, then when the (((cunt))) dies they'll just invoke the nuclear option immediately on whomever Trump picks for her replacement.

Do people nowadays just use that to virtue signal? Because Trump surprisingly hasn't done anything to take away from current rights that LGBT people have.


Died in his sleep, pillow over his head. Was branded natural causes.

pay back for ruling against obamacare then needing to be "convinced" into changing his mind in my op.


Who's he going to vote?



In Canada, they arent allowed to carry weapons for the purpose of self defense, knives over 3.5 inches are illegal to conceal, and openly wearing say a bowie on your hip, in a sheath, is illegal unless youre camping for example, or have an excuse.

Having a bat in the trunk of your car can be considered illegal, and if you end up using it, they will charge you with intentionally planning to use a weapon for an assault, unless you have the baseball glove, and the ball with it too - and you say it was there to play baseball.

Killing their naive belief in Jewish lies makes them feel both stupid and emasculated - and exposes them as such.


I liked it when he btfo of that snowflake reporter.

Have some shitty Scalia OC, famalams.

Nice to see someone else from niggerdelphia. It's lonely out here.

He would have lost the 2012 election by a landslide if he did it as will Trump if he does it.

Im pretty sure its not up to them because its a republican house, these guys have no idea how this works. The republicans, who have the majority, had to consider but were not bound to approve. Now they can approve Trumps pick instead.

It was about as "natural" a death as that of Pope John Paul I.

They were both killed in the same way, it's an iconic Rothschild assassination

But isn't the whole point of being an actual cuck is to feel stupid and emasculated?

lolbertarian dude weed?

not stupid, just emasculated.

Yeah, Canada is a shithole, but as far as concealed weapons go, I live by the following saying:

"I'd rather to be judged by twelve than carried by six. "

So I shoot or stab a nigger trying to beat or rob me. No one is going to catch me. No one is going to investigate some dead nigger criminal with a 10 foot long rap sheet. If they do catch me, I won't plead to any charges. No one is going to convict me at trial. It doesn't matter because nigger lives don't matter.

What are you talking about?

They get offended for the same reason faggots got offended when you said faggot as an insult. Cucks think being a cuckold is a thing of pride and modern progressive values.

If this happens on any significant scale, that guarantees a shift of the overton window in our favor.

I have a very progressive friend who is married to an absolutely gorgeous lady. She came out on her facebook to tell a story about how she was raped - as a reason not to vote trump. Meanwhile, her husband is a bee farmer in his backyard in Detroit.
I would love to be a fly on the wall in their house because I'm about 85% sure she fucks niggers. He also is infatuated with basketball and classic soul music. He is pictured here on the left.
What's the over/under on his wife fucking niggers, do you think Holla Forums?

Yea, pretty much how it goes. Im a white guy here, any court that judges a case where I defended myself is obviously going to throw the book at me as some form of propaganda stunt, no doubt one of them leaks my political views before the verdict etc.

Nope, if I ever have to defend myself, itl be stab first, hide bodies later.

Trips say 100%

Trimps confirm 222% chance of her fucking niggers behind that "mans" back.

We're all gonna make it. All this liberal hysteria is therapeutic to my soul.

Apparently kek wills her pregnant with a nigger baby very soon.

Read the post I was replying to, If Trump asked for a law to stack the Supreme court using majority he would not get re-elected, that's why Obama didn't do it.

What do you mean ? Spy on her or fuck her ?

Ehem. So youre saying youd like to watch her while she fucks niggers…

Trips confirm his wife fucks niggers, brother.

Well maybe I worded that wrong. What I would love to know is if my suspicions are true. A friend and I have a bet on it.

Youre looking at like 1-5 odds there btw.

Those dubs say he'll be raising a nigglet pretty soon.

Bullshit, it was 60s. But you were an adult by adolescence.

Pretty much this. If you didn't have a wife and child by 16, you were probably some kind of mutant retard.

This is autism. Pure unbridled autism.

Zero need to apologize in this instance. You are dealing with literal autists who can't infer simple turns of phrase.

They fear that Pence will cleanse them. Hope Trump allows him to.

Reminder that as the world moves back towards the right we will move back in all aspects. Marrying girls once they start menstruating will become the norm again. Sex outside of marriage will make you into an outcast of society.

There is literally nothing wrong with fucking 13 year old girls as long as you are married

My guess is If Trump or Pence decide to move on the sexually degenerate mentally ill it won't be until he gets more things done to stabilize the country… obama and friends fucked a ton of things up.

Many people forget that cheese pizza was legal up until about the 1980s. All the sudden, almost overnight, you were a pedophile if you look at someone 17 years and 364 days old in a sexual way.
Now I'm definitely not saying pizza should be legal, but I just want to point out that the idea of marrying and having sex at a young age being criminal is a pretty new idea. Not saying it's right or wrong, just saying that it was surprisingly few years ago that society had no problem with it at all.

edi tion.cnn.com/2017/01/31/politics/donald-trump-supreme-court-announcement/index.html

Even CNN is showing respect to the God Emperor for keeping his promises.

Pornography in general should be illegal, it is basically filmed prostitution and should be treated as such. Viewing pornography I don't see it really matters, but purchasing it should be as illegal as paying for a prostitute.

It's funny isn't it, how so many people on Holla Forums would disagree with this yet say it's degenerate to marry young girls. Really makes you think, eh?

It needs to at least be hard to obtain and for people to need to go through some effort and risk to obtain it, which deters most people from doing negative things they would otherwise consider.

Also dont think anyone is saying its degenerate to marry young, we say get your woman before shes used goods. No hymen, no diamond.

I agree with this. Many many young minds are polluted with porn and it keeps our marriage rates at an all time low - that and the fact that women throw their pussy at everyone since it's their only known commodity these days.
Think of the young minds that have been ruined by porn. Think of how much more the white race could accomplish if porn didn't exist.
The idea of cuckoldry is popular, in my opinion, because nigger porn is being pushed by Jews everywhere. Pornography is a drug and it affects your brain in the same way drugs do. It's highly addictive, damages your libido and basically ruins your life. How is it any better than heroin or crack?

Agreed that porn should be illegal
but…. porn is at least does not result in
No organ failure, HIV ( from needles), lack of money, stabbings ( bad drug deal), death (cut drugs/overdose).

I don't disagree, but understand that this is the same line of reasoning people have used for decades to push for the legalization of marijuana.

I agree pornography should be hard to access. All pornography should be censored from the internet as heavily as CP is, the government has shown it is capable of doing it and it should do it.

Birth Control medications and such are even worse. Birth Control, condoms, abortions should all be made illegal. Anyone with GRIDS should be penned up in FEMA camps. Sex outside marriage should be a criminal misdemeanor for the first two times and a felony with minimum of 5 years in prison on the third time. Adultery should be a felony with a minimum of 20 years in prison.

Make Mankind Great Again

Penalizing adultery with the justice system doesn't work. Just ask any member of the military if the UCMJ has ever stopped an army wife from having a gangbang the minute she tells her husband goodbye when he leaves to go to the field or on a deployment. Or if that little PFC from Supply he's fucking on the side has made his think any harder about his actions.

She's cute, but

true but I don't condone it like those fucking weed pos.
It should be illegal

You're right we have to go oldschool for adultery. If someone fucked your wife you can challenge him to a duel, if you find proof that your wife fucked another man you have the legal right to kill her. We need to go all the way back to our old traditions.

I believe Texas has what is called the "Heat of Passion" law; whereby you can murder your wife if you catch her in the act of fucking another man. At least that's a rumor that had been long spread.

Why challenge him to a duel ? Just end him.

Shes Russian, and only does soft porn, never been fucked even to my knowledge. Worst case shes what people can ween themselves off the hard stuff with and train themselves back onto normal things which are acceptable to be attracted to, and fantasize about. I highly doubt shes been tainted.

I meant to spoiler that too, not to ruin anyones nofap.

What's her name?
asking for a friend…

Finally…can you sense it Holla Forums

We will have our revenge on these LGBT degenerates. Then were going to purge these vile fucks and their ilk from the planet.

Remember Holla Forums show no mercy, because they didn't show us any 2 years ago.



i can see the filename, but she's not the only blonde named Monroe. I'm sure Jewgle will turn up a lot of Marilyn.

Well sure you should be able to if you have proof or you catch him in the act. Executing a man you don't know for certain to be guilty is somewhat poor sport so dueling serves the purpose better if it's just suspicion.

First the came for the spics, but I didn't care because I'm not a spic.
Then they came for the shitskins, but I didn't care because I'm not a shitskin.
Then they came for the niggers, but I didn't care because I'm not a nigger.
Then they came for the jews, but I didn't care because I'm not a jew.
Then they came for the traitorous neo-cohens, but I didn't care because I'm not a neo-cohen.
Then they came for the leftists, but I didn't care because I'm not a leftist.
Then they stopped coming, because America Was Great Again.

Such is life. Her names Monroe.

Also… I think this might be a dealbreaker for me, unforch.

He should have thought about that before to try to fuck someone's wife.

Well, I wouldnt wife her, bud Id hatefuck her into a coma.

Her name is actually Katerina Kozlova.

Getting a bit far off topic here bud. Im saging for a reason.

Well the point is kind of moot isn't it. If a man fucks your wife you should kill him law nonwithstanding, just don't get caught. I mean if my wife fucked another man I would kill her and then kill the man who fucked her. I would be very sad when filing her missing persons report.

Sorry about that.
Let's rerail this discussion.
Since someone said contraception should be illegal, this is from a Slate article written about Gorsuch.

Mercy is for the weak!

and I immediately joined the round up brigades up and helped hunt down every last treasonous bolshevik jew rat bastard

My reasoning for getting rid of contraceptives is philosophical rather than moral. The low birth rate of whites and the degradation of morals and society are caused by contraceptives. Without the ability to so freely and easily have "safe" sex without risk of pregnancy and without pornography to slate lust marriage rates will skyrocket. As pornography and cuckolding are the main causes of divorce divorce rates will plummet. As casual sex dies off teens will stop fucking each other and people will get married first (or get married because they got pregnant).

Banning contraceptives is the first step to making America truly great again.

Abortion should be legal but only for severe retards like down's syndrome. And people that retarded should be euthanized.

Sterilization should be an option for low IQ and undesirables. In exchange they get super wealth-fare flashy crap like big screen TVs and nigger tech.

I still thing it's hilarious that they think their (((heroes))) are in any way capable of going toe to toe with these based conservative paragons.

Weak-wristed, sickly, rail thin or massively obese losers who start panting painfully when they read a tweet they don't like.

I hope they all die.

Well obviously there should be eugenics. If we started a real eugenics program in the USA and ramped our efforts on genetic engineering research up we could have a country full of blonde hair blue eyes Aryan gods by the end of the century if not sooner.

o i am laffing. They'll never learn, will they Holla Forums?

This is more about the case of the bakers who are forced to make a cake for faggots. Looks like that type of thing isn't going to be happening anymore with Gorsuch.

Don't an hero fam, we need every autist we can get to reclaim the world.

oh shit is he /ourguy/?

As soon as I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to try to change. I'm going to get out of this house and do something productive.
I think a lot of you know that depression can make it impossible, but that's exactly what I'm going to do.
Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

You can do this. Don't believe in yourself, believe in the Don who believes in you!

Nah, son… It ain't even like that. Holla Forums is more powerful than the Don, for it is us who put the Don in his rightful position. I'm doing it for Holla Forums.

I feel like something could be done here.

"I fucking hate resist people."

Gáe Bulg?



Wasn't it the other way around, at least in last year

Man, the salt is never going to stop flowing, isn't it?

After 8 fucking years, this is non-stop mountain level of amount of salt each day.

I know user, even in the 6 or so years I've been lurking Holla Forums I still haven't developed a tolerance level for this sheer amount of sodium.

yeah that totally happened

From what I know none of the tests are conclusive, and apparently they factor in the lifestyle in the test result, which makes no sense to me.
It would be like going to the doctor with a leg that hurts and the doctor asking you if you skateboard. If you answer yes your leg is broken.

No, you're going to start today. Shutdown your pc, and >>>/out/

LOL. Quality reporting by Vice.

I'd say this is untrue, but then I remembered I'm here in autism land where someone is always going to protest that 99.99% isn't 100%. Perhaps your sources are confused about the difference between screening vs. confirmatory tests.

This is just false.

-t. medical user.

These fucking Leftists really take pride in typing on twitter. Damn. You'd think they were changing the world by sitting on their asses and typing a twitter comment.

This. Don't get stuck in a rut and waste away. Socialize, strengthen body and mind, breakup your routine of idleness. We all may fall into this trap from time to time but it is the ones who break out of it that actually achieve fulfillment.

I wonder how many of them would lash out over fake stories on the internet? Just a side thought, but if Holla Forums started writing fan fic from the perspective of "the oppressed minorities" I bet they would start lashing out left and right. These people are ticking time bombs and just need to have a "reason" to explode.

This bitch needs a good, hard Decartes to calm the fuck down.

Anti-Trump is turning out to be a mental disorder.

Give it eight years user.

More like yet another word the libtards decided to use without understanding the meaning or implications of. It's just autistic screeching. Also, not one of these fuckers even knew who garland was until soros told them to be upset over him.

Here's some salt from Ars Technica

I know that feel, user. If Trump wasn't elected, I might of an heroed by now.

They're cucks. They're always cucks.

Emperor Barron confirmed.

I am sore as hell from my first visit to the gym in over half a year. Fight the good fight my man, this feels fucking brutal and it hurts to move but its satisfying knowing that it is a step toward strength and mental fortitude.

I'll take "Things that never happened" for $400 Alex

I know this feel bro. I was at my lowest 1 year ago. I was physically weak, mentally rundown and saw no hope on the horizon. An heroing seemed way more viable than finishing my university degree.

The only thing that sustained me was watching Trump's campaign. The banter, the memes, the comeraderie. The daily shitlib tears were the only thing that kept me going.

Even still, I fully expected Hillary to win, and to become an hero shortly after. Trump's victory has bought me at least 4 years. I've already graduated, joined the gym, tackled my addictions head on. For the first time in a decade I am optimistic about the future. I couldn't possibly check out without seeing his administration through.

Trump made living great again.

GOP blocked Merrick by using the "Biden Rule" so they did not say that, Joe Biden did.

Build a fire a thousand miles away
To light my long way home
I ride a comet
My trail is long to stay
Silence is a heavy stone
I fight the world and take all they can give
There are times my heart hangs low
Born to walk against the wind
Born to hear my name
No matter where I stand I'm alone
Stand and fight
Live by your heart
Always one more try
I'm not afraid to die
Stand and fight
Say what you feel
Born with a heart of steel
Burn the bridge behind you
Leave no retreat
There's only one way home
Those who laugh and crowd the path
And cut each other's throats
Will fall like melting snow
They'll watch us rise with fire in our eyes
They'll bow their heads
Their hearts will hang low
Then we'll laugh and they will kneel
And know this heart of steel was
Too hard to break
Too hard to hold
Stand and fight
Live by your heart
Always one more try
I'm not afraid to die
Stand and fight
Say what you feel
Born with a heart of steel

This is not a good plan. Don't be what the left would have done themselves as a false flag. We don't need more Dillon Roofs, the left does no us.

Never target npc's (mosques, synagogues plebeians ect) If your going to have a lasting impact find a boss. Don't be a sperg about it either, delete your shitposting folder, actually wipe your hdd with something like dban.org, wipe your phone too, don't connect your irl shit back to us.

Don't fuck this up for us, and best of luck.


You know what's brilliant? He could have chosen Hillary Clinton, and liberals would STILL be pissed. They would turn on her in a second and start digging up everything slightly offensive that she's ever said. No matter what he does, they will find a reason to hate it, and that's ok because their screaming and whining amounts to exactly zero.

He's right though just to double confirm, if you had poz and got the flu without crazy treatment you would have LONG died by now. Just pull the bandaid and free yourself from it by getting tested my dude.

Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is … Trump replaced a conservative judge with a conservative judge. Nothing changes at all.

Scalia was part of every major "liberal victory" of the last 30 years. His replacement changes nothing.

To be fair, the same could be said of a certain group of weebs and autists who think they're changing the world by shitposting on an imageboard.

Don't expect that will stop the perpetually butthurt from being butthurt.

The bigger picture is that Scalia was only the first. Trump will certainly get at least one more in the next four years. Two or three if he gets re-elected in 2020.

Trump : go nuclear if necessary

edition.cnn .com/2017/02/01/politics/neil-gorsuch-confirmation-hearings-in-six-weeks-grassley-says/index.html

It coincides with the invention of the concept of "teenager", before a few decades ago you were either a child or an adult with fairly well defined roles, but now you get to have an "emotional rebellious teen phase" and there's no longer any borders between adults and children except for statutory rape laws that only apply to whites.

Is he /ourguy/?

Just saw this, indredasting…..

Not the shit economy and no-fault divorce, no sir, it's porn
Kill yourself

*masturbates furiously*

Antifa on suicide watch.

You aren't going to be able to ban porn from the internet; it's just not going to happen. CP banning is effective (somewhat) because very few people actually want to see CP. Most people are disgusted by it. It's effectively just a make-work law in order to employ extra people in police departments, because CP would be rare (if easier to access) anyway without them. Porn is different. Wanting to look at naked members of the opposite sex in an erotic fashion is something I don't see going away for any part of the population that isn't literally patrician-tier. The only possible way to do it would be a China-tier solution of actively filtering content, which is a prime target for Jewing and frankly unnecessary. Get rid of the fucked marriage laws, divorce courts, child laws, feminism, and the multitude of other burdens upon healthy sexual relations and we'll bounce right back to normality. Civilization arose with pornography, so I don't see it as a huge problem. The main issue with pornography is, as the user said, that it is essentially filmed prostitution. We don't need our men and women become pornstars — whores and fornicators for money. It has no benefit.

The caveat to this is that there are certain times I don't see much, if any, problem with porn. If a husband and wife want to film their sexual activity and allow other people to see it I don't really see the problem. Likewise I don't see the problem with solo softcore pornography on a civilizational level. Erotica is a healthy expression of sexuality, and as long as a young man is able to marry a good young woman without unreasonable effort and be sure of commitment I don't see any problem with letting pornography be.

Cut out the middlemen of porn. Crackdown on the pornstars and the studios domestically. Help friendly white countries persecute their own prostitutes the same way. But don't waste time and effort on making sure the Smiths' sex tape isn't on the internet.

The punishment for adultery should be exile. We need penal colonies again.

What world are you living in? The main causes divorce are all the Jews telling women they'll feel great if they do and making sure the courts give them cash and prizes for doing so. We have divorce because divorce is rewarded.

this tbh fam


Cook my burrito bitch.

Women that enjoy being ogled by strangers aren't different from the ones that like having sex with strangers.


hold your horses, lads

oops, forgot link


I have to wonder what the fuck they thought would happen? That he would just forget to name a Supreme Court pick? Or that he'd be a giant fucking liberal? I'll never understand commies.

In their dream world, they thought he would either be impeached, or be a secret commie and come out and shame all of the evil racists who voted for him.


Nice to see some fear on the other side for change. They should be scared.

With this much leftie salt available you could live a thousand years. Stay strong user, we'll need every man we can muster to help put things right.

Don't ask for sauce you degenerate faggots.


>until now



He has some top tier shit posting skills(note that this paragraph is the entire dissent he gave for one case).

16 should be the legal age for marriage and birth tbqh.

No idea, but why even waste the mental effort trying to decode their latest nonsense? You could write a markov chain bot with a corpus of words scraped from tumblr that would produce indistinguishable tweets and get hundreds of follows / RTs.



Spooky dubs, user…


Meditate. Fight through the discomfort of allowing thoughts to come freely into your mind, accepting them and allowing them to go. It will be uncomfortable because your subconscious' defense mechanisms have been trying to help you from facing what's eating at you but by not letting you face it, causing the root issue to fester. Once the surface thoughts pass, more idea based ones will come, follow the same process with those even though some will be pretty interesting and try to grab your attention. After a time some kind of peaceful silence will hang around for a while. Stick with it. At some point your subconscious will start flipping your shit up at you since you're finally not too anxious/stressed to deal with it. Allow it to come and you may have to wrestle with it a bit but then accept it and allow it to pass.

Get up, write down the deep shit that came up, go do something else for the rest of the day and sleep on it. Sometime the next day come back to it and start working through it. Once you get a pretty good handle on the general gist of what's been eating at you, it's best to try bouncing it off somebody compassionate you trust. I've found smart women are best for these conversations.

Best of luck user, don't leave, the future needs all of us.

What manga is this?

Brutally underchecked.

No, it is not. He wrote a full dissent. And that's a good thing, because judges are supposed to interpret and apply the law and not just write admittedly funny paragraphs.
ca10.uscourts.gov/opinions/14/14-2066.pdf (his dissent starts on page 95)

I was genuinely ready to hang myself, but the election results have administered medicinal doses of smug that have kept me going ever since.

these cucks are so lost they think Bannon is running shit?