Xi Jinping calls for East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine and announces $7.6 million in aid for Palestinians


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Xi Jinping addresses Arab League in Cairo before planned visit to Iran, announces millions in aid to Palestinians.


This is what 4d chess looks like.

Cannot wait for Alex Jonestein to now come for his zog friends help calling chinks as the globalists.

We need to sway the Russians on our side more than ever. We're going to need them against China. It's in both of our interests to bring down the chinks.

I had no idea this pronoun shit had made its way to China

Reminder that Chinks practically own America, are swallowing up Canada and Australia and is no friend to the white man.


he already has though?

So far we pissed off China, EU, Mexico, and Canada. The only real ally we have is, maybe, Britain and are trying to get Russia on our side. It's really starting to look like WWIII again.

Fuck off retard.

Damn. Now this will be the start of the final war. The sea of glass that claims one third of humanity is near….

Pro-Sandnigger "white nationalism" confirmed for chinese psyop.

The Japs are with Trump as well.

Lol What the fuck are you talking about Kike. Russia, not us, are siding with Zionist Israel you stupid ugly kike.

I think the harder deja vu part atm, is the fact we're almost allies with Russia. The same way Hitler was.

not nor*

As long as American soldiers aren't fighting in foreign lands and are instead defending our home land, these countries cant do shit. Mexico and Canada can be leveled with very little resistance.

I thought that was cryllic пог for a second

Maybe they'll get so busy fighting each other that they'll both fuck off for a while.

Except Hitler and Germany were never almost allies. Stalin always intended to fuck over Hitler.

Who's not to say it's the same with Putin?


Dude do you guys really not understand the situation? America is controlled by Jews. Trump may be president but America for the most part still almost completely occupied by Zionist and they want war with Russia. I hate to say it but any talk about Trump making an alliance with Russia is horseshit.

Who indeed.

That's his family name, it means "Learning" in Mandarin.


More like its not the same with America. America is still controlled by Jews, Russia isn't. Jews want war with Russia. This talk of an "alliance" is just Jewish nonsense trying to lure Russia into a false sense of security.

7.6 million? That's almost 6 million! Don't you goyim know that we are the victims? All of us were holocausted and suffered terribly at the hands of Aryan monsters. Why give all that aid to the Palestinians? Palestine isn't even a country, so this is a non issue goyim! Now let us just negotiate reparations for the anti semitism this may have caused.

Isn't Putins mother jewish? And hasn't Putin put his lips to the wall while wearing that funny hat? Has Trump? Didn't Putin let the guy in pic related into his ear?

kill yourself

Kill yourself fucking ugly Jew boy

No she's not, that' JIDF bullshit

Sorry to to say user, but Putin is also a Jewish puppet. It's just that kikes are on both sides.

You're not seriously arguing that the man who let his own flesh and blood, his daughter, marry a kike is any better than Putin. I say we stay vigilant on them both.


No its not faggot.


Chinks are truly jews of Asia


I don't think he is. There seems to be legitimate Jewish hatred and fear against Putin. Unlike Trump he is most likely not controlled opposition.

Fuck you.

Chinks aren't based, they're playing their own game against the kikes and the US. This was just an enjoyable move to watch.


Xi actually blew Zuckerkike the fuck out. He wanted him to name his son or some shit and Xi told him to fuck off.

Leaf here, Cause Canada is such a big threat right?


I don't want it.


So China gave money to other Semites. I'll save my applause for when they nuke the Middle East.

He's been subtle about it, but he's been a good goy towards Israel and not international Jews, much like Trump. He supported Operation Protective Edge, he is a donor to a Jewish museum in Moscow, he believes in the holohoax, he called anti-Yanukovych protestors anti-semitic, he cracked down on "ultra-nationalist" groups, etc… He's been a very good goy to Boruch Gorin, who cohencidentally owns the museum Putin donated to.

Trips confirm Canschluss will happen before the war even begins

Yeah I still don't think he is. There's a lot of evidence he is genuine opposition to the "Jew World Order" like him supporting Assad in Syria. At very least there more evidence of him being a genuine threat to ZOG than Trump is.

The whole intervention in the Syrian civil war is under the 'follow the money' principle. I think the reason everyone is going in there is because of the oil and for good PR in the upcoming 2 generations. People like Putin would never compromise bigly on his nation for another, but you can't ignore the little sings he throws every once in a while. I mean, listen to what he has to say about jews.

i don't think we're going to fight with them. We're just their ally not their dad

ching chong magic?


Europe is with you. The EU cucks don't have the support of the people.

It is obvious you moron, just like May would rather let a billion rapefugees in but she knows the moment she does so without justification her ass is grass. All alliances are based on mutual understanding that hard times are ahead and the necessity of strong friends is bigger than the necessity of strong enemies. Putin would most likely expand into the Ukraine by legitimizing Novorossia if given the possibilities, but he will not do so because he knows that Trump will be against this decision, so he acts all buddy buddy with him and go fight in areas that they have a mutual interest in. I wouldn't put past the two guys if they had private talks on who's gonna help constructing that pipeline…

14D chess, son. We have Israel fight them.

7.6 million? What the fuck is that going to day?


WTF happened to Holla Forums?


What is the ching chongs angle here? They don't support other nations out of good will.

Are proxy wars a new thing in middle east? :^)

Only korean dogs truly are.


Checked, and as usual of late, Holla Forums is filled with shills.

The only we way the west can win in ww3 unscathed is if we ally with Iran and Russia. The way this would flow is that India would be given Pakistan allowing us to march into China from the West and Russia giving us access to the North. Japan, Worst Korea and Abos will allow us to restrict their ports and starve them out from the south. Japan have her airports used as stops for American bombers. In this situation China would lose in less than a year. I'm not expecting NATO to do anything because they are faggots.

Checked, but not quite. Suspecting that something's up got you further than the tards sperging out in this thread though.

(checked btw)
This user actually gets it. This is just the jews trying to D&C at an international level with their other puppet. Did you newfags already forget that communism = jewry?

but chinks are just turbo jews

With China they are ;)

reminder that Israel annexing Palestine would be beneficial to us
it's a win-win

I thought kikes and chinks were best allies ?

Now I just want Russia to announce its support of Palestine as well.

False D&C. Chinks are soulless husks, but they're not directly malevolent like Jews are. They don't give a fuck what is going on as long as you're profitable to them.

Considering this post I assume the rest of the thread is also filled with "China is communist!" D&C bullshit as well. China hasn't been communist in a long time now.

Trying to gain simpathy Wang Li ? you're not going get any in here, fuck off.
Chinks are just as bad as the kikes.

Wouldn't it be funny if this is how Trump "ends up" distancing the US relation with Israel? By forging actual, useful alliances and dumping them like the trash they are?

See . They aren't kikes themselves, but China's communist past was how the jews wormed their way into their government. It's stupid to assume parity, but it's healthy to express caution under these circumstances.



Wait is this Holla Forums new line?
Is there anything trump could do that this autistic shithole wouldn't defend?
People just ignoring the "safe zones" being a new name for Clinton's no fly zones as well.
No matter what burgers will find away to justify fighting for greater Israel.
The board is being spammed by the same brain dead trs retards who ignored trump's kike kids during the election because mike the kike told them to.
I'm going to spam the board til I get banned because there's nothing here worthy of engaging with.
My only hope is that a new Chan rises from the ashes and the kike mods get aids.

Yes definitely be cautious. They're fucking soulless husks after all. Sociopaths the lot of them. But they're not straight up malevolent and they'd not want white genocide because they realize how useful whites can be. Always keep a strict eye on those fucking gooks, because they're going to fuck you in the ass if they get the chance.

My only positive and what I see as an important positive. Is that they're not satanists trying to usher in the end times and genocide/enslave everyone else like Jews are. There's no hidden greater agenda to Chinks, they just want to profit off of you and live in wealth.

Who is defending proxy wars ? and I'm sure most people here agree that Trump is a zionist until he proves the contrary, however it's too early to jump to conclusions we should wait and see how he'll react to the "best ally" nemesis now having the chinks as their ally.

chinese are asian jews, don't unironically think they're actually based.

they might do something now and then that benefit us, but they can be worse than actual fucking kikes sometimes, and that is no exaggeration at all.

When are those fuckers gonna stop doing business with them chicks, buy American, you fucking dumb asses, outsourcing is fucking bad, trust your own people, Jesus, and pay a decent wage, stop using those employment agencies like fucking Adecco to do the shitty job you don't wanna do. Last of all stop being a jew youself.

Seems strange considering Israelis sell the chinks US secrets like candy. Well, whatever. Good!

China will be the empire to end anglo jewry

China is doing this to have more influence in the Middle East, they are not "based". Palestine's dominant party (Fatah) is member of the Socialist International, so naturally they are going to be an ally of China.
While I hate Israel with all my heart, I can't support the Palestinians (though openly I do). If it were for me, I'd say let Assad control all the Middle East since he's the only leader that's truly on our side.

This is good because it aggravates the kikes. But if you think it's good because Palestinians are people, you need to fucking leave.

Yeah, you need to fucking leave.

eh, good for them, but it's not really all that based. Don't get me wrong, Israel is shite


We all know how well things go for host nations of our proxy wars.
Downside is it might make an excuse for us to start accepting jewish 'refugees'

uwot mate. Do you have anything to back that up?

You do realize the ancestors of modern day Japanese are Chinese, right? Early Japan was a carbon copy of China… literally. Since then on, Japan "evolved" on their own to become what they are today. While China and Korea mocked Japan for her rapid westernization both culture and technology, China and Korea soon realized how wrong they were and followed suit.

Chinese culture and history is very deep and at one point in time, superior to the West. The issue with China's inability to catch up with the West is due to changes in dynasties where the old dynasty's culture and history would literally be burnt/wiped off the earth and be replaced by the new dynasty's culture and history. At least that's the idea behind it, but I am no expert in Chinese history and culture.

I personally believe you guys need to watch your mouth about Chinese in general. Chinese people in general are good spirited people. Reminder that China is very huge with 1.3 billion people living there. You can shit on those from the poorer provinces who have zero manners and culture, but don't shit on those who are well educated and fully capable of thinking "critically" like some of you on this thread.

The issue here is the Government itself. The government is oppressive and guns are banned. China to a certain degree is on edge. Why do you think they keep on blaming all of their sorrows and suffering of their past on Japan to this day? It's easy distraction for the 1.3 billion citizens to distract them from real issues, like China's own war crimes and what not.

That's the idea behind it.

I was never aware of this. I'm going to share this to a friend of mine. Maybe he has some insight on this collage?

At the end of the day, I'm not a true expert on Asia in general. If anyone can provide good counterarguments or additional information, please add. Thanks.

Chinks have been known as "the jews of the Orient" for hundreds of years.

Both correct.
Chinese dispora does extremely well in other areas of asia, like south asia, etc. All the wealthy people in Malaysia or Phillipines are all Chinese. Even vietnam before the communists took over and kicked out most of the chinese to take their land and property.

I would go further in detail but I can let you be assured that at least 33% of chinks in China are subhuman in terms of morality. My estimate used to be as high as 50%, but due to rapid modernization the software is slowly catching up to the hardware. (As in the morals are catching up with the material wealth).

China has always and always will be on edge. It's entire history was basically barely holding itself together, or outright fighting amongst each other with rival states and kingdoms. Due to 1.3 billion people, fascism is needed to rule. Democracy would be slow and ineffective and prone to riots.

t. honorary aryan /fit chink


People hate Obama for fucking up the US, not for giving money to Palestine you retard. But you're totally fitting with your anime reaction picture for ants and le greentext, JIDF.

*fitting in

Holy shit, I didn't expect to meet you again. Long time no see, friend. ( ° ʖ °)

I lost 40lbs thanks to your advice. Wanna talk on Skype again like the "good 'ol days?"

go off yourself promptly.

You're not wrong that China isn't really based at the end of the day.

However, they don't like Jews a lot if my information is correct. However, they are in a way like Jews. For example, they support their own version of globalism/one world order where everyone must depend on China… or some shit. I forgot what the original story was.


Well, I ain't Jew, Black, South Asian, or Middle Eastern. I come from a fairly honourable family with a proud history behind it.

Aside from race, is it wrong to correct any sort of misconceptions others have on your race as long as I have facts to back it up? I'm not glorifying my race and I stated the flaws and issues about it.

Even your race, assuming you're Caucasian, isn't entirely perfect either.

Look at how successful and grand Taiwan is. Although to a certain degree it is controlled by Jew (i.e. Nazi cosplay parade at a school festival in Taiwan fiasco/incident), it's a fairly successful and happy country when you think about it. I try my best to balance out my viewpoint and make fair statements, I can't do that?

Han, Tong and Soong dynasties where good until the Mongols invaded. Fuck you Chinks.
Not in the north it's not.
Mao is a Northern Chink Mongol scum.
Not even Chinks, they are mostly Hakka, Cantonese and Hongkongers. The Northerners are uncivilized and polluted in the body and mind.
Democracy is kike poison. Don't do it.

Southern Chinese, or Tai-Kadai, has the highest IQ and one of the best economies in Asia. Kudos to Yayoi and Joomon people of the East who are also doing good. Fuck those Chinks who are dividing us against the East Asia Prosperity sphere.

Not even fucking close, you treasonous kike lover.
I don't see the chinese being involved in the active destruction of the west, pushing for multiculturalism, refuges, sexual promiscuity, anti-art, porn, pedophilia and partaking in chiild sacrifice.
The chinese are just minding their own business. The jews are satan on earth.

shut up you dumb kike and suck a dick

gtfo with you passive aggressive bullshit, nobody cares, kill yourself

What part was considered as "passive aggressive?" I tried to be careful with my words and being fair/realistic at the same time. Here I am trying to be constructive and polite and I'm told to go kill myself, while you vulgar types provide zero value to this thread.

Well fucking done. I never once said "China is good as long as you ignore the bad stuff." I said "fairly good," which doesn't equate to "perfect." Nice try, LARPer. You don't like what I wrote? Then provide a good counterargument, I'd love to hear it.

If China had any balls they'd nuke Israel without a moment's notice. If they were really ballsy they'd take NYC too.

China is stupid if they think they can take on the Jews by playing nice.

Turns out not even trump is actually going to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem, it was just campaign rhetoric

Its nothing

Which country is capable of fucking up Israel bad enough assuming we go with your suggestion of "nukes."

Reminder that even if you nuke Israel, there are millions more other Jews in the world living in other parts of the world. Good luck killing them all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Hitler wanted to kill Rothschild family, correct? However, they fled to USA which is why Rothschild continue to live on today.

The issue is that if China wants genocide of Jews, China must fight against the rest of the world. So, what you gonna do at the end of the day? I think what China really is doing is simply "outjewing the Jew by emulating Jewish tactics." Thoughts?

Trust not the chink, for it is incapable of empathy. However this is good because it hurts Israel.

i mean fuck's sake Obongo was gonna send hundreds of millions there last month and we didn't suck his cock for it, why should we suck China?

The only people who have come close to destroying the Jews were the Romans and the Third Reich.

How did the Romans do that? With brute militaristic force. They destroyed their homeland and an enormous chunk of their history. The Jews lost a big part of themselves when the Romans wrecked their shit.

It's been such an amount of time now that the Jews have started to consolidate themselves in Israel once again. Sure some of the tribe will remain in NYC and Hollywood and other major financial districts, but it would set them back another 1000+ years.

Fortune favors the bold. China doesn't stand a chance playing the game (((they))) created. Even a slow and steady escalation of conflict gives the Jews way too much time to plan and rally their allies. They need to be dealt a final blow and it needs to come when they least expect it, not a moment's notice.

Cicero, Pro-Flacco in Rome


I was replying to . What are you trying to say here? Don't try to act smart when you're wrong yourself. China is not communist, far from it. It was truly communist in the past, it's no longer the case today. It is authoritarian, but it is not a total dictatorship. The country is currently hyper capitalistic. There are however certain laws that restrict its citizens from talking shit about the country and the government controls media, but other than that it's somewhat of a relatively "free country" in a way where basic human rights exist to a certain extent. I think I got the basic information correct, but I need someone to double check for any errors.

Got some questions, though. What do you mean by "but it would set them back another 1000+ years?" Can you elaborate? And how would you deal a final blow without going through a nuclear WW3 and making Fallout videogame into a reality? Because if your race, Caucasians, and my race, East Asian, were wiped off the map along with the culture and history due to global nuclear war, wouldn't it be counterproductive?

oy vey

It took them over a thousand years to become a relevant force again after the destruction of Judea. They wandered around Europe for a while but they were mostly treated like gypsy scum. It wasn't until England or the Rothschilds that they truly started to entrench themselves within our societies once again.

From the time Rome destroyed their country and expelled them until the time Israel was founded again, was roughly 2000 years. To destroy Israel again and wipe out many of the Orthodox Rabbis, scriptures, and fanatical Jews - it would set them back ages.

it's certainly a risk.
But keep in mind Israel would be destroyed and with it many of their lobbying groups and people who push agendas into American politics. You would still be left over with the dysporia Zionists here in America who would likely seek revenge, but I'm betting that if Israel was completely annihilated and America was left in tact, most Americans would just want to cut their losses.

The Jews will destroy the Chinese in time. The Jews are not like white people. They will not tell you to your face their opinions. They hide and conduct their business in the shadows. They will feign friendship and stab you in the back.

so how butthurt are chosen tribe after finding out you going to pay US shekels for your protection ?

Not that I agree with Israel but the chinks are just trying to piss Trump off for all the shit he's thrown their way.

Wow. Trump can afford that out of his own pocket.

Chinks are still shit

WTF, I love Ching Chong nao!

Leave this game to Russia.. this is just embarrassing. At least with Russia we had a worthy opponent.

Communism is a POLITICAL SYSTEM. It doesn't matter what ECONOMIC SYSTEM it has.
China is a one party communist dictatorship with a mixed economy.
It's still COMMUNIST, which means they are just a tool of the jew.

Or in your words, you projecting retard.:

dont let yourself to be fooled


because communists are against a national state

No, the major issue is that all the worlds wealth were located in China, the Chinese Dynasties literally had no enemies an no competition. The time when China was divided they got the Hundred Schools of Thoughts and the innovations of the Song Dynasty, which literally was the renaissance of the far east, and if not for the savage jurchen it might have started an industrial revolution.

Not true at all, no nation have ever come to rival the stability of the Qin and Ming Empire.

fuck off chink. No need for more savage influences, the only way to rule is through the Legalism principle constructed by Shang Yang, Han Fei and Li Si.
To preserve the culture and traditions we have the works of Confucius scholars.

This, People around and bellow the yellow river are the true Huaxia, the northerners are just rape babies. To not forget, southerners also has better looking women, i wonder why…

New Shi Min when?

But don't forget that there are still Trump marketers active on this board. Stay sharp, don't fight for jews, don't support jew wars.



what a matter user scared of a little war


You may want to learn how to properly sage before you bust that one out next time.

It cannot be stated enough that the Jews are trying to make China their backup plan if they get kicked out of Western Civilization. That is why Mark Zuckerberg married a Chinese woman. That is why he offered to have the president of China name his child. The president declined the offer probably only because it would be too obvious. The Jews want that half breed to be a Chinese Kike.

This little stunt here is probably just more disinfo. bullshit. This is to make it look like the Chinese aren't eyeing a Jewish alliance in the future.

I wouldn't be surprised if the money gets devoted to improving infrastructure in an area that will become controlled by Jews. Most Asians are Jew wise and pretty based. That doesn't mean that the Communist establishment won't let them in.

They're not based , they're just parasites trying to kill each other off.

Wow the Chinese are confermed Jews. they are playing both sides, funding antifug, and Palestine.

bullshit, you chinese fucks are taking over British Columbia, waving your commie flags around and spreading your hieroglyphs all over the place. Jews are worse yes, but you guys are very similar to them, high enough IQ to be an actual problem for the aryan man

Meanwhile, Trump continues to give unconditional support for Israel.