Democrats Block Confirmation Votes... But Don't Have Enough Votes To Block Them

Democrats Block Confirmation Votes for Sessions, Price and Mnuchin… But Don't Have Enough Votes To Block Them

But ultimately, Democrats alone lack the votes needed to block any of Trump’s nominees from eventually taking office.

Democrats alone lack the votes needed to block any of Trump’s nominees from taking office — and there are no signs of Republican opposition to any of his picks.

How are the Democrats blocking them then?

The only way this is happening is if the Republicans are allowing it to happen! (update #1) (update #2)

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Not enough votes to get quorum, I think.

So how is that not possible if they have a majority?

I think you just need a majority to approve, and Republicans have that majority. Is it just a matter of time then? Or is there some weird rules that Democrats are abusing to stall everything? If any republican joins the Dems then he/she can kiss reelection goodbye

You need a certain number of people present to hold a vote at all.

Well, Republicans now hold a majority of seats, right?

You don't get what I'm saying. Unless a certain number of representatives or senators PHYSICALLY SHOW UP, no vote can be held. That's why they're skipping the hearings.

So much attention is being given to Trump's administration by everyday people, yep.

I thought McCuck and cuckboy Graeme were going to block Tillerson

Is there any way around this bullshit?

Hmmmm… makes me wonder why they just don't get all the Republicans to show up, and vote without the Democrats. If they have a majority, they should have the physical support.

Quorum is a simple majority, there are 52 Republican Senators. If they get their shit together they can do whatever they want for the foreseeable future. The only threat is the instinct to play nice for fear of mean campaign ads.

How many are necessary to get it out of the committees, though? That's where the hold ups are happening.

English, please. Not this law babble bullshit.

It's time to take a break from posting.

Ah, so at least two in the minority have to be present, which they refuse to be present.

So what happens next?

This is english.


Call the Sergeant at Arms and have him drag those gaylords in to work.

Trump fires up his twitter account.
Now the nagging of deposed King Nigger comes handy since he was always going apeshit over Republicans not wanting to toe his line.

The Democrats are playing poker with Uno cards.

Judging by your spacing, perhaps you should fuck off back to reddit.

This reddit spacing meme is the best thing to expose who's just a meme spouter and who isn't.

you need 60 votes to invoke cloture and close debate.

I think they were going to try but Rubio screwed them over by siding with Trump. I think.

There he goes. He's doing it again!

One reason they could be holding out is because once Trump get's his cabinet in, he can proceed to go after kiddie diddlers and the creators of ISIS.

Stop posting and lurk until you can read. We don't need idiots like you posting.

can the Sergeant at Arms have authority to do this?

would this be delayed indefinitely?

Wait why do we like Mnuchin again

he is the only pick that really gets me worried, the guy is a MASSIVE Jew and opposes the Fed being audited.

Why are they still trying when Trump already outplayed all these cunts just yesterday? He fired the acting AG and appointed one of his people to replace him, effectively bypassing this entire impotent faggotry.
Even if they block Sessions forever, Trump already got his man on the job

Grand standing, letting the "people" know that they aren't alone in their "resistance" and trying to get back support, doing the shit they accused them when poor King Obango didn't get his way.

We don't, I am okay with every other appointment other than Mnuchin.

Because they want to have a chance of gaining support of anti-trump supporters, remember, election is coming up for the senate, and they need to get their demographic to vote for them for their paycheque.

Trump has apparently known him for over 15 years, no other reason than that. Jew needs to be watched closely.

I doubt many will win re-election in 2018, hopefully they keep this up so that they remain out of touch with the changing demographic.


It's honestly going to be an utter shitshow when Trump pushes through senate term limits.

I honestly have no idea what kind of effect it'll have on the Senate. It's honestly going to change America politics forever in a major way.

Oh if they keep this shit up, there is gonna be plenty of redpill moments for those who aren't far gone in the insanity

McCain is horrid. I don't anyone who voted that insane warmonger.

Graham is equally suspicious (Pizzagate…), and is really NOT popular in the Carolinas.

How do these subverts keep getting elected if nobody votes for them ????????????????????????????????

During Spicer's press conference when he was raking Democrats over the coals about this, he said that you have to have at least one member of the minority present for the vote, but Democrats are simply refusing to attend the vote at all. Republicans could approve the appointments if the vote was actually held, but they can't hold the vote due to that rule.

There are going to be no congressional term limits. The congress would never vote for it. Senate Majority leader McConnel for instance has said that's not ever going to happen. You think Senators and House would vote to put term limits on themselves? Not gonna happen.

I wonder what Trump's cooking up to get that through, I think it'll be a even bigger gambit and trap than anything we've seen so far (or even in modern history!)

How long can they possibly keep up stonewalling appointments like this? I thought they kind of had to give the president his appointments within a matter of weeks.

He's not cooking up shit. Its a nice thought I suppose. Term limits. I don't really care for the idea myself. I like having professional politicians. Even if a lot of them aren't that great. Anyway it was a nice idea but he can't ram it through with executive order and he's not going to convince the congress to do it. Trump won't bring up term limits again soon after he realizes its not happening. He can get a lot of other things done though.

She can't sign warrants though, which is half the job.

It would require a constitutional amendment, which is highly unlikely to occur.

Oh yes. The sergeant at arms can compel any of those cucks to show up once ordered by either the senate or the vice president. It'll be amusing to watch them get dragged kicking and screaming into the session. It'll be up to pence who he wants to embarrass the most.

Do it Pence. It's not like they can whine any harder.

Pence can actually do that? That would be amazing…

Senator Cotton said the Senate may put forth a motion to do it, likely to keep it from reflecting badly on Trump.

The Trump effect started well before Trump. Dave Brat took down that Jew Eric Cantor and hardly spent anything

McCain and Miss Lindsay won't be around much longer now that the Trump effect is in full swing high energy mode.

This can't end well for them.

Rand Paul has been fighting for congressional term limits for years. You can count the number of politicians who want it on your hands. Fuckers.

Dude they are so fucked.

The GOP cucks never once blocked or obstructed anything Obama wanted to do.

i wish i could not show up to work whenever i felt like it and still get paid
oh wait silly me, i forgot,

Holy shit, that would be hilarious to watch.

It's funny because liberals keep making excuses for King Nigger that Republicans kept cock blocking him in Congress, meanwhile the Dems are cock blocking the God Emperor's cabinet nominees but it's ok for them to do it because they're the "right" side and the "correct" side.

I want to gas every fucking liberal.

Jesus christ I would pay actual money to see these cucks get dragged in kicking and screaming

So what happens now? There has to be some consequence to simply not showing up ever. Can Trump start to shoah the dems that never report in?

I dont think you can just fire elected officials. Shit, I think the only way to get them out is to either pressure them to step down or have them lose re-elections. I really hope Trump enacts term limits for everyone, but I have a feeling people will be grandfathered in who already have a seat and we'll be stuck with the same assholes until they die.

Speaking of cabinet positions, what's the deal with DeVos? Leftists seem to be crying about that one more than the others, in my experience. Is it because she wants to get rid of their propaganda machine, common core? I usually only hear leftists screeching about how she's "stupid", and that's as far as it goes.

Sage because off-topic

C-span is free, user.

DeVos is anti public education so libs really hate her. She also didn't handle the confirmation hearings that well so they're trying to play that for all it's worth.

Ironically, I think it was Cruz who ended up proposing the term limit bill to the Senate. Not that he thought it was going to pass or anything though.

OHHHHH so instead of filibustering, since they cant, they are just going full dereliction of duty?

Cruz, ironically, is one of the best weapons Trump could have in the Senate. He's a true politican - will betray and lie anytime it benefits him. Give him a big enough bait and he'll do things that fuck over Democrats. Of course, he can't be trusted, but he can be used.


If they keep it up, the senate or Pence will sick the Sargeant at Arms on them and force their asses to come.

Essentially. Since if even ONE of them showed up, Republicans could force a vote, and simultaneously pass it without the Democrats having any ability to block it. The only way to delay it is for none of them to even attend the hearings.

There are two methods to amend the constitution. The only one that has ever been used is where congress and the senate pass it and then 3/4 of the state legislators have to pass it. The other method would be if 2/3 of the state legislatures call a convention where they can propose whatever amendments they want and then those amendments get approved by 3/4 of the state. The second method bypasses the federal congress and senate.
Republicans currently control 33 of the 34 state legislatures they would need to call a convention

The entire Constitution gets called up tho.

Wait till Christmas. For some reason they are really good at passing bullshit without them on Christmas.

Someone should contact the emprah, we know boynie is committed to working with him if he has a good idea, get Michael Bennet to tag along too. Keeping an open borders cuck that's buddies with Rubio on your good side would give you a little maneuvering room on the opposite side. Tell Rubio what you want done, then he goes to that guy, then Bennet votes with the majority. With a vaguely 50/50 voting record, I feel like he could be made a useful tool while being oblivious to it.
He was also just re-elected so that means if he sides with the virtue signalers he'll be a PITA halfway into the second term. Pour the energies on Bennet/Bernie confirmations!
And if he starts out being dragged in, then it looks less suspicious to the plebs when he slowly shifts ranks later. Makes it look like he's reluctantly giving in rather than following his bathhouse buddy.
Reason we don't want just one token to go it alone, is you know it'll be boynie, and this gives the Clinton cucks a good reason to crybully about him 'costing them the election' again. It'll make it harder to do shit later it they paint him as a Rep-Lite to the Listen and Belieb crowd. If two go, then it seems like an authentic compromise was reached

Let's hope he flares out as badly as DeVos.
Although it's the guy's movie bidness he met him through, not the banking part.
They seemed to have bonded over spergouts about daddy pushing them into the family bidness when they "always wanted to be in the pictures!"

patience, it is blessed, so shall it come!

She is kind of stupid, but it's the less dangerous sort of dumb. Anti-CC but all for charter schools. Problem with that is, so was Yeb. And all the schools he built went broke.