Exclusive: Japan eyes U.S. job, investment initiative ahead of Abe-Trump summit







TL;DR Japan will invest in US

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I think Trump is going to turn out to be the best president in history.

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Honorary Aryan and Trumpenreich alliance.

Every other country is a Communist shit hole that will be running out the clock on their European blood.

Step 1 to making America a 10,000 year Reich:
-Support, and help rearm the Japanese

Abe is already on his way, and if he can win over Trump, Japan might have a military that can actually compete again.

next up, removing Article 9 and giving the Nips Nukes

am i kawaii desu america-kun :3

I did an internship at a Japanese company that does manufacturing in the US and I have to say they are pretty based. They expect a lot of (over)work from you in true Japanese tradition but in other aspects it is quite unpozzed.
NatSoc/10, based Japs strike again.

I think Japan is one of our best/most influencial allies

This would be awesome. Me learning Japanese would be used more practically than just being used for watching anime



They need to build interstate Bullet Trains and take a bite out of the airline industry.

What company?

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