Trump Executive Order Draft: Kick Out Immigrants on Welfare

Trump Executive Order Draft: Kick Out Immigrants on Welfare


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More good news.

Shit, they're on to us.



Is this fake news?

Like when they made up that story about Trump undo faggot protections and then the next day congratulated themselves for pressuring him to drop something that never existed?

I've been hoping for this, but not expecting to ever see it happen. The fire cock is truly an great time to be alive.

nice "mexican genocide" conspiracy theory they got there. changing demographics aren't "genocide". it's time they got over their irrational fears and embraced the inevitable future.

Who is leaking this shit?

Trump should find them and execute them.

So we're going back to 1996 right about the time everyone started to get rich

Trump is taking this one-step at a time, which is brilliant, because everytime he makes a new announcement the kike media bursts into hysterics and acts like it's completely unprecedented. The problem is after having the exact same frantic reaction 10 days in a row…the public stops taking the media seriously, so by the time Trump has sent brownshirts to round up the kikes, normalfags think it's just the media's typical overreaction.


They. Are. Not. Citizens.
I thought anchor babies weren't a drain on the system :^)

That's EXACTLY what I wanted to point out. I let out a hearty kek at that absolute bullshit. "No consensus among experts… huge numbers of immigrants don't really affect jobs"

Bless this absolute madman.

Could be Trump himself. He wants the left all in a tizzy shitting itself since that creates noise so he can release something else and continue the barrage and overwhelm them. A blitzkrieg of happenings.

I fucking wish.

Please Trump, sterilize all muds on welfare male and female.

Scheisse! Der juden know! Shut it down!

This is what Jews want you to believe.

This timeline is fantastic.

Exactly.>The Migration Policy Institute has found that dependence on public assistance falls over time and that “refugee men are employed at a higher rate than their U.S.-born peers."
Which is one of the many reasons they have to go back.

That's why I want Planned Parenthood to start ramping up its sterilization services. [/edge]

yep, wew indeed…


is this real life?
this is the sort of thing i dreamed about months ago and considered to be among the "best cause scenario" options
i'm in awe of this man, i can't believe how well things are going

When the majority support your position, it's gospel.
When it has moderately more support than not, it has 100% consensus.
When it has 50/50 support, it has a simple majority support.
etc. etc. etc.

I wonder if he means to use this for gibs, or just turn the nigs against the spics.

I wonder what cognitive dissonance this will cause in Democrats. Probably say that Trump wants to give benefits to immigrants and not Americans lol

The cucks at my college are losing their minds because of Trump. Praise Kek.

Trump derangement syndrome is real.

I am surpassing smug and just becoming downright happy. This is the best fucking timeline.

Black immigrants are doing better than regular blacks. How weird. Is that cause the slaves were the worst of Africans?

I'm not tired of winning yet. No, I'm starting to get addicted to it. I won't be satisfied until America is 100% white nationalist state with active space colonisation going on. There's a lot of winning left

because american blacks are genetic failures, they were caught and became beasts of burden.

It's a real mystery.

slave Irish descendants in the USA have IQs higher than the highest IQ successful immigrant blacks and their kids.

Connect the dots

All shitskins had to do to keep living the gibsmedat life is not rape and murder. That's it. And they fucked it up.

If a 2% difference qualifies as better, that is. Also keep in mind that some of those coming from Africa may be white flight from South Africa.

I look good in brown, and your post looks good with those dubs.

That's a damn good question. It could be Trump leaking it, he could also be producing fake draft orders like the internet one that got rescinded a couple hours after it was released so he can identify who in his administration is leaking things.

praise kek, for I do not deserve to live in this timeline

With the level of chess we've seen him play, it's likely to be the second.

That doesn't help but that may not be everything. The actual African immigrants I've met are worlds better than natives.

It's 15% compared to the difference in other categories.

We desperately need all of this. We've got to get all these confirmations concluded asap, especially the Supreme Court. Then the shoah will really hit the road.

I still don't get why the ideal of a white majority in America angers them. The last time that I checked, majority white countries were pretty good to them compared to their native shitholes (which they voluntarily moved from in pretty much every case outside of black slaves [that are all long gone]) even WHEN these white countries were far more racist than they are now. Why not just move to Africa if you want a life free of whitey holding you down? Afraid that the brown paradise may be just too awesome or something?

Are you seeing these dubs?>>9089833

It's a draft so it's to get the media pissing and moaning for a few days, and then Spicer will come do a briefing and point out that section. I don't expect Trump to start pumping money into these inner cities since most are sanctuary cities and corrupt as fuck. He'll make the city governments get an overhaul before that happens.

This, probably because when you go from a shithole to America, you're actually fucking grateful for the opportunity. When you're raised as a welfare baby, you're taught to expect.

It's hard to believe they still churn out bullshit like this and expect to be taken seriously.

The problem is devolving to the mean, their offspring will act just like niggers soon enough.

Right, it's simple supply and demand, you don't need to be an "expert" unless you're trying to claim authority and push a thinly veiled agenda.


That said, good. Maybe OP will finally starve to death and we can take care or our own for once.

It's just like dealing with bratty, spoiled children user. After enough spankings and beatings, they'll get tired of it and learn to behave.

Like that gook cunt snapping pics of notes?

They'll self-deport to escape these debts. This is great.

Amerinogs are also pretty inbred and the nice white-culture training their upper class used to sort of maintain in the niggerzones before desegregation has been hit with a big Jewish hammer.

DOJ is going to be very busy, Sessions too

Interesting take…keep the media crying "wolf! wolf!" and the public will start saying so what? Then Trump can run roughshod over the lefty losers







Of all the guns to choose from, it just had to be the kike one.

Many of the slaves bought in Africa had been conquered by other black tribes, so yes, America got the absolute worst of niggers.


Excellent news!


lol, the sanctuary cities are going to get mighty crowded real fucking quick

I have a dream


Reported and filtered, Jose.

American Niggers we're already slaves in Africa before the kikes bought them.
That should tell you enough.

Reading comprehension, retard. That user was echoing the justifications leftists have used for mass immigration into white countries in an ironic fashion.

Get out yuroshit

Brilliant response, and underrated.

Y-You shitlord. Haven't you learned that genocide = privilege + power.

Future of what, getting genocided anyways? Do either of those names sound spic to you? They're your typical virtue-signaling liberal cucks. Day of the rope isn't a joke for these faggots.

Checked and keked, genocide is officially a step on the stairway to post-human ascendancy.

You're going back paco in a bodybag