Streetshitters about to be BTFO

Streetshitters about to be BTFO

Bill planned to double the minimum wage of H-1B visa workers making it completely nonviable for it to be worth it to get them into the country. India is already butthurt about the proposal.


Meme it!

I wonder what cognitive dissonance this will cause in Democrats. Probably say that Trump wants to give benefits to immigrants and not Americans lol

Jesus christ.

I'd love to see the reporters tie themselves into knots trying to call Trump racist over this one.

doubling it is not enough. They need to triple it and they need to cut the number of visas down by an order of magnitude. google and those faggots are so butthurt they'll just eat the loss and pay shitskins double just to stick it to trump

The mental gymnastics should be glorious.
Next he should put some restrictions on the universities and the businesses hiring these pajeets and chink students in parttime work.

this tbh

Where is that user who created a thread saying Trump wouldn't do this?

He needs to kill himself immediately.

Wouldn't it make more sense for Trump to be MacLeod? He is half-Scottish after all.

How many of these slides can you ride at once?

lol good

theyd be cutting their own noses off and they know it.

they would be losing in the end just to make a point that nobody is listening to



This just pushes the market closer and closer to Google no longer having a monopoly. You have no fucking clue how huge a sigh of relief I am breathing over the idea of the H1B getting shitcanned like all other slavery systems need to be.


Fucking briliant. Those visas wore ment for high skill workers, a company won't have any problems importing some super smart scientist and giving him a high pay, but they won't import ditch diggers anymore

It's hard to overstate how brilliant this move is.

I agree, we should use our own kids for the ditch digging of our soil - teaches self sufficiency and nationalism.

Where were you when Trump single-handedly destroyed San Fagcisco with one fell swoop?

>I thought everyone deserved to get a living wage!

The only blowback I see from this would be companies no longer bringing the workers here, but bringing their facilities to the workers. Double this with trade agreements, and it puts all the major corporations in a stronghold. This is how you defeat capitalism. This is what the liberals want, but they'll ignore this for refugees

Would seem a better option to ban companies from hiring a certain amount of H1Bs.

No. This is perfect. 4D chess. Genius.

He doesn't deny the right to do it, he just makes it unprofitable. This is a business man's solution. There is nothing they can say or do about it because they would be denying a higher living wage to poor migrants, turning their pro-immigrant rhetoric against them.

Finally these liberals will be made to pay for their own altruism. They love to talk but never take the cost onto themselves. Not in my back yard liberalism. That is changing.

Designated Crying Streets for Pajeets.

What is the loss to us? As it is, they are bringing the entire third world here. We may lose tax revenue but we preserve our culture, which is worth it.

Besides, let them take these companies to Pakistan and India. Let them navigate the fucked up political and economic terrain, based on bribery and extortion. They will lose more money on that alone.

The US is a stable nation, they profit from that stability. You can't make money in the third world beyond factory labor.

Besides, all R&D will still be based here.

There goes away my chance for visa. Now my only option is green card lottery or repealing Immigration Act of 1965 and opening USA for white immigrants. Fuck, I'm going to die in Poland when eurocomunism go full white genocide.

fucking brilliant. the only reason anybody hired pajeets in the first place was because they were cheap as fuck compared to people who actually knew what they were doing. now there is literally zero benefit, because these companies also know that these guys lie like hell on their resumes boasting years of experience when they only have a few months worth. now they'll have to hire entry level americans if they want to keep it cheap. thanks, god emperor

Consider peace with Ivan. I know there's a history there but it's better than muslims.

Trump is a masterful tactician, he's letting the likes and libtards kvetch over a minute temp ban on immigration. Meanwhile, setting in place more permanent, meaningful plans of action for improvement of the US.

Russia is even more shit. Better just drink myself to death or swim to fucking Commiefornia sanctuary.

Or fight the fight in Polamd perhaps. It's not like Trump has t already stated that the US needs to deal with the radical Muslim problem not only here but in Europe as well

Stupid phone

He's a MacLeod too.

As much as I love this news part of me hates it. I am a commercial diver who wants to immigrate to America and work down here and this fucks me over a little bit.

This bill seems exceptionally reasonable. By that, I mean I can't see a single way the libshit media could even attempt to spin this against Trump. This makes me so see if he was leading with the extreme bills to whip the media into a frenzy, and is now dangling reasonable bills in front of the media trying to get them to attack it. If they attack it, they're shown to be crazy, PR failure for media. If they praise it, PR victory for Trump, PR failure for media. If they ignore it, they create a flank that can be attacked by Trump and those critical of the media, future battleground favour to Trump.


This is decades overdue. I'm hoping Microsoft will try to fight this and get fucked over completely. All of the west coast needs this overhaul desperately.

These companies are going to start bitching they can't get "diversity" and foreign workers, and that hiring Americans will cost a lot more. And the unemployed and Americans will finally start putting two and two together that this immigration thing is done by the elites to drive down the cost of business by creating hoards of underpaid workers. The whole "but they're just doing the jobs Americans don't want to do" bullshit is being exposed when the H1-Bs are stealing high paying jobs that American college grads want but aren't getting.

The best part is they'll be forced to admit it because it will cost them money and it will show up in financial reports.
It's a beautiful move, as expected of Trump. These big tech companies have no other move than to admit that they want diversity and immigration solely for lower cost labor and so they can raise profit margins.

There is no problem with muslim here. Poland is buffer zone between Germany and Russia, ruled by our ex spook cliques that work for one of 3 foreign powers: (((USA))), Germany or Russia. Economy is deliberately keep little above flatline, we are source of cheap labour and most of population is irreversible bluepilled, slave mentality Homo sovieticus.


Well brah, looks like you're gonna have to get married with an american gal if you want to live and work in the US. Maybe even have some white kids too, shocking no? Truely terrible, i feel for your loss.

I know, woe is me. Guess I gotta go ensure a future for our race. How unfortunate.

This. My father does business in India. He pays just as much to local politicians in bribes and mafia in protection as he does to his lawyers there, and everything has to be done out of sight and signature from him because it's impossible to get anything done without bending the law, but you'll get fucked if you're also doing business in America and provably giving out bribes, etc.

Sweatshops and call centers only work because the cost of labor, skill level needed and overhead required is so cheap that it mitigates all the risk. Trying to outsource code monkeys to the third world wouldn't work at any large scale.

Trump is just speeding up the political process every person goes through or should go through naturally:

Liberal->libertarian->Fascist->Traditional Monarchist

This HAS to happen. Killing the H1B program (effectively) is the first step to restoring American employment to American citizens.

1.4*10⁸⁸ dimensional smug

Streetshitter companies have been gaming the system for a long time and this won't deter them.

They coach their employees on visa interviews and what they actually pay their employees is totally different than what payroll shows.

Just ban india altogether. Wages are shit enough as it is for whites already.

The American government doesn't exist to provide you with opportunities.

I want to belive

The ZOG exists to keep you down.

I'm aware of that. Just gonna have to change plans I guess.

I'm seriously contemplating masturbating to this news. Pajeets are worse than Mexicans in every way.

It will cost universities a lot of tuition money. Pajeets getting their CS Masters have 2 years to get a job after graduation that will vouch for their H1-B or their student visa expires. Very few will find a company to sponsor them for a $130,000 salary. Thus, we'll see a large drop in Pajeets in American universities, where they pay full tuition without government/state aid afaik. Chinese pay full tuition too, but very few seem to intend to stay in America, rather than just come here for the degree.

Of course, universities are bloated with applicants and sacrificed the ideals of higher education on the altar of mammon. They deserve a tough blow to their funds. The only thing I'm concerned about is that this does heavily limit international student migration across the board - what of the german engineers and british mathmeticians and such? They also will almost never get a $130k job in 2 years after graduation, and instead have to work their career to that point in their home country before applying through the non-student channel.

It doesn't really matter if it fucks you over. People have this same attitude in Canada where I am about Trump. "What if what they do doesn't benefit us?"… as if that should matter to Americans. You put your country and countrymen first. Yeah it'll suck if it hurts me here, but it's not America's job to just give me the gibs when they have plenty of their own shit to work out. Half of the reason so many of our first world countries have been steadily going to shit is because we never stop trying to help out all of the shit people who will eternally be asking for gibs.

this is a good idea, but there still also the issue of equal opportunity employment
it pretty much means the tech industry is going to replace all of their indians with other minoritiesprobably including illegal mexicans until California gets whipped straight

I find it highly amusing that these news apply to both the Pajeets and San Francisco.

Pretty much. Liberals love the government until they realize what happens when a government they don't like is in power. Most of these kids are too young to remember much about Bush, and Bush was watered down anyway, so they've only ever experienced a government that is favorable to them. I think we'll also see a lot more talk of free speech from them. We're not going to see them asking for it to be abolished anymore. People having been making the argument to them all along that if they abolish free speech, then the next time there's a conservative government they've completely fucked themselves, but they just thought the government would always be liberal.

Same difference.

Looks like time is right for me to transition from Security to IT at last.

Pajeets and chinks are the reason for all of the street shits in San Francisco.

This better happen I swear to god

If you got 100k to blow on an edjewcation that you can watch online for free for the most part your family have connections to get you a cush gig in China as well and few chinks are interested in living around whites if they aren't poverty tier.

San Francisco is basically indiatown now, complete with shitting streets.

Work visas need to be eliminated completely. As long as the program is in place, an incoming administration can just increase the numbers again.

The EU and Canada have already been granted visa exemptions and we don't need workers from any other countries - especially not Streetshittistan.

They don't need visas, as their countries participate in the Visa Waiver Program. H1-B only brings in Indians and Chinese.

Only evil white people use toilets, street shitting is the first step in defeating white supremacy.

God, we gotta kill every last streetshitter. Maybe some of the brahmin are capable of being civilized but the rest of them can fuck off.

You always have people complaing of shitting their brains out when they visit india, and its obviously because they're consuming indian shit. How is this tolerable? India is guilty of poisoning every white person to ever have been there, they all deserve death for this.

The curry doesn't help either m8.
That alone can give someone extreme gas and violent shits if they aren't used to the spices.