>tfw was going to post on Holla Forums but accidently posted on Holla Forums and then decided it would be better on Holla Forums - I need help
Anyways, who the fuck is sheltered and retarded enough to make these

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Good. Fuck Holla Forums. Shit up that Marxist shit hole as much as possible.

Berate them Holla Forumsack for they know not what they meme

Epic get coming up. RWDS NOW!

Gas the Lugenpresse

Keketh will rise again


This is a guy who is so rich, he turned down 1.2 million dollars worth of presidential salary. Do you really think anyone can bribe him?

Also check

These are terrible and full of shit. Fucking hell liberals need to be gassed.

Wew laddos.

What constitutional crisis, exactly?

They're at the point where they might as well be cheering for ISIS and hope they kill everyone. They're that desperate for Trump to fail.

the one where the "democrats" are in their death throes trying to do literally anything possible to oppose trump short of actually killing him

I've never ever heard or seen a legitimately optimistic lefty. Even when they look forward to something they can't contain their reddit conditioning and have to end it with some horribly sarcastic remark that punctuates their words with an obnoxious exclamation mark.

wait, my bad, it does go beyond that
id not mentioned the multi-century spanning conspiracy by the international satanic criminal cartel that rapes children and practices blood magic

Bors is known for being a hypocrite and Sorensen is known for being an emotional and hyperbolic, like all women.

Serious question, is this satire? I mean this reads like Holla Forums pretending to be a jewish liberal. Has the left really become this extreme and retarded?

finally he gets a laugh out of me

yes, I think we memed poe's law too much

Yeah I get the feeling ironic shitposting started a negative feedback loop and now liberals ACTUALLY BELIEVE Trump is a pedophile Russian puppet who drinks piss and will nuke everyone unless he is impeached or assassinated by anarchist revolutionaries who uphold the TRUE AMERICAN VALUES of multiculturalism and diversity. We did this, we have to take responsibility for it by killing these poor fucks.

I don't think libshits realize what ACA actually did.


This is what despair looks like.

That looks like it's an anti-Hillary one?


loss is from 08.

This "game" has some top memes.

The definition of untermensch.


Loss is from 2008 but it made a comeback on Holla Forums comic threads in 2012. Those carried over to 8/v/ where the edits had a revival in popularity.

Holla Forums is a tumblr board for degenerates

What the actual fuck happened to Holla Forums? During the election they just became rampant SJWs. Is it actual paid shills and CTR who infiltrated Holla Forums and tricked the little idiots?

Can someone explain to me why they suddenly "care" about the Constitution and exactly how has anything Trump done deemed unconstitutional? HOW???

It's probably Holla Forums shitting up the place by complaining that the board is a Holla Forums hivemind every time politics is mentioned in a thread.

Is this true? Because I stopped reading Holla Forums about a month or two before the election.

This. Holla Forums got a lot bigger during the past few months.


This is Kelly's true identity

I remember months before the election there would be occasional threads shitting on random twitter sjw gamedevs. Now whenever stuff like screencaps of indie developers saying they hate white people and that they should die get defended and anyone who responds is called a Holla Forumstard.
It's actually pretty bizarre. Even the 'rightists' on Holla Forums are "democrats are the REAL RACISTS" civic nationalist types.
Once in a while I will check halfpol and the majority of threads (not even exaggerating) are low effort OPs shitting on "drumpf" and white people.

What did you expect from a cartoonist from the Onion, which had been bought out by a Hillary supporter?


Many shitposters might actually believe Kelly exists

Holla Forums fags keep getting butthurt on Holla Forums over happy merchant memes and so now Mark deletes "both sides" on the board when things get heated.


No, it really isn't. It's mostly and they're transparent as fuck about it and usually get called out on it. That and bait-tier threads made by either retarded Holla Forums spillovers trying to start shit or Holla Forums pretending to be Holla Forums. Just know if you're trying to make a politics thread with a thin vidya veneer you're going to be shit on no matter what your position is especially when it's obvious you're fishing for replies like with this bullshit >>>Holla Forums11838047 . Over all, the board still has fairly Holla Forums attitudes whenever something political tangentially comes up. If it didn't, you wouldn't still be seeing those tranny kid or oh-joy-sex-toy comics in every "LOL" thread.

Jesus. I'm starting to worry that we're losing our grip on this website.

quotation marks are appropriate, there is no such thing as a middle path except for instinctual ethnic self interest. which whites are fooled into thinking is advanced by filling their own countries with shitskins.

Nah, Holla Forums is pretty much universally hated. Mark doing that isn't going over well with Holla Forums and they're aware that Holla Forums is pretty much reddit at this point.

Have you realized that Holla Forums is number 4 board right now?

Hi there, ex-Holla Forums poster here. Freech faggots and CTR completely destroyed the board culture and drove away all legitimate posters during the campaign season. No-one who isn't paid to be there is posting there anymore, I think everyone either went to alternative chans or is just here LARPing as a nazi.

ahahaha I just got it. I was very much confused by the comic ahahahahahah

Just become an actual nazi, you're just nationalism away.

lololol @ alternative facts

I heard you guys got a lot of refugees from reddit's socialism board as well.

Eh, Nazism is too German, and too anti-black. Black people help me get free parking & stuff. There's a reason they're called "brothers."

I'm an optimistic lefty.
Once Hillary cheated Bernie out of the nomination, my only hope was Trump beating her which I wanted out of sheer spite.
The ugly way the media forced its narrative through all of this made me think Trump might be great if all this corporate propaganda is against him.
With Trump ending the TPP and treating Islam like the cancer it is I'm cautiously optimistic.

It doesn't mean I'm becoming one of you, I'm just one of those endangered "classic" liberals that reveres free speech and liberty even if it means pissing people off because liberty means rights > feelings.

These comics remind me of a recent Scott Adams tweet, which explain that lefties would rather be right about Tump and die in a nuclear holocaust than live their lives as confirmed alarmist morons.


Anyone else find it funny that after 16 years of the constitution being trampled on suddenly everyone is crying much constitution when it isn't even applicable?


They're so fucking obsessed about that fake peegate bullshit, but the actual scat fetishist who eats his own cum and lets himself be used by a toilet is hailed as a hero because he suckerpunched some homosexual conversative?
I'm not even full of fun cringe or fun rage. All I feel is pity.

Fucking kek


I started, but then CS crashed…

Text so far was:

Got any solutions for my shit software situation?
I've tried gimp. It handles flow like literal poo.
I've tried Krita. It's full of horrible bugs, and I don't think it has a clone stamp (which is INVALUABLE).

PEBKAC tbh fam, just study a hotkey guide or something.

If you're just making shitty memes use the oldest version of Photoshop you can find. That shit was rock solid in the 2000's.

Third one is pretty good though.


Well of course they survived. It was rape and not murder. And you know what happens when you survive murder? Its called attempted murder. If you survive it, then it wasnt a fucking murder

They'll never understand the irony behind their "repressive tolerance," will they?

I can't explain that, because they don't. It's an act. During the election there were libshits at Harvard or some other Ivy league shithole circulating a petition to repeat the 2nd Amendment because muh guns, muh chillens.

They hate the parts of the Constitution that keep them from turning the US into an Orwellian state like modern UK or Germany, namely the 1st, 2nd, and 10th. They love the 14th because they managed to twist it into meaning anchor babies are citizens, and they love the 19th because women are easily manipulated via emotion.

They also think the Constitution legally applies to people in other countries and guarantees them the right to enter and stay forever. Some are just that stupid, but (((others))) are willfully disingenuous in their arguments.


Don't tell me.

They make it too easy.


It was a mistake teaching women to write or draw.



wait no

god this is exploitable as fuck

Our best weapon against the commies in the civil war won't be rifles or explosives, it would be megaphones given to anons so they can yell trigger words. They're openly demonstrating that their morale can collapse like Jenga blocks if someone says mean things to them.


r8 my OC

If those retarded shemale rape victims can't handle society, than they should stay at home.
If I would have earned 1 buck for each time someone called me a Nazi just for being German, than I would be rich as Trump right now.


I don't think anyone taught them how to draw considering how trash that shit is.

Many can draw fine, they just choose not to, because apparently its more important to be """"deep"""" and """"meaningful"""" than to actually draw well. Its a stylistic choice and as a artfag this disgusts me to no end.

Go back to /mai/ weeb.

I hate that John Green is a published author.

Where in my post did I say cartoon girls are ugly.

Underrated post.

You forgot the perfect/flawless victory

Everything he does is fucking trash. Crash Course Revisionist History should have gotten him shot in the face.

2nd image
I can almost smell the nose

Read the first toon.
What I find hilarious is not the theme of whatever was puked up there, but the complaint that Trump hasn't yet brought back all the jobs that were shipped overseas, yet.

It took 3 decades plus to lose all those jobs, and Trump has only been in office a few weeks.
Little early to try and trash him on that one, don't you think?
But it does serve to prove that they are simply trashing him on EVERYTHING they can think of, real or imagined.

By jumping the gun on your attacks, you prove yourselves to be dishonest in ALL your assessments.
That's the only thing you've proven.

>"waaaaaah!! Look what's happened to our beautiful country!"

I wish the most violent, aggressive, crippling cancer on each and every one of these people.

What the fuck is "grids?"

Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It's what AIDS used to be called.

Its the blessing force of kek that removes faggots from our lovely world.

The Holla Forums shitflinging got so bad that any quality anons that were still there left.

Gay R (?) Immunodeficiency Disease

Basically the antiquated term for HIV/AIDS that was less PC, because it was discriminatory ;(

Mark has been pretty widely hated at Holla Forums, and is often used to demonstrate criticism of the first-come-first-serve board ownership and lack of centralized or user-instated moderation on Holla Forums boards. He's a really unfortunate choice for board owner, but he got there first and now it's becoming more and more uninhabitable.

You mean the faggot flu…

Gay Related.

Did he make an episode on the holohoax?

The OC forge is flaming and more is coming, they should have expected this

They're all from subreddits like /r/full_communism and other Shit holes like that. Like always communists seek to maximize their raw manpower and win by sheer force, and then get their asses kicked.


The hilarious thing about lefties is, that they think they're not bigots.

That first picture. They want war, they actually want war. This is going to turn into the stupidest conflict in history, never will it be topped in utter idiocy.
I will have no qualms pushing these knuckleheads form helicopters.

They don't know what they want. The vast majority of those agitating are young women, who would melt away the moment real violence broke out.


Aristophanes Assemblywomen should become required reading in all schools such that this never happens again.

Holla Forums loves Sony for some reason, look at what kind of people make their games.


Go back to Holla Forums, faggot.

Developer of garbage games publicly endorses garbage opinion, should surprise no one.


I tried to stop him! I really did!

FBIAnon was right

Bernie didnt get cheated he was in on it all along and got a lake side house for it


Well Holla Forums is mostly 12 to 15 year olds and kids only have consoles so that's why there's so much PS4 talk, not even VITA, just PS4. That being said it is a Nintendo board since Marks in a toddler who likes Nintendo everything and other mods ban criticism of the company.


I laughed. Saved.


>>>Holla Forums779047



We need to save and archive all this salt so in 8 years it can be shown to all the people who thought the world was ending, so they may know how retarded they acted.

this triggers me.

fuck that's funny

Does anyone know how to invert the black and white colors in a layer? I want to make the text black and the splash white in the fifth panel but don't know how.

what program are you using?


Select what you want to invert, then image>adjustments>invert color.

Wow. It's almost like he/she/it is trying to understand normal human social interaction and that even though you might be offended by something someone says, you should just let it slide because they weren't insulting you directly. Implying it's bad somehow is just fucking dumb.

Why don't we just gas that fucking fat autistic ugly kike already?

Seriously, what's stopping us from getting that fucking tubby twink off of Holla Forums and out of the picture entirely?

Better version
BTW why do liberals keep insisting that Trump will unleash WW3 when shillary was spouting she was going to start www3 with russia her whole campaign?

Move panel 4 to where panel 1 is, mirror panel 3 and move it to where 4 is and move panel 1 to where panel 3 is for extra LOL

and they're going to stab and kill us? lmao holy fuck. Liberalism is just being a walking contradiction. Who wants to murder people because they hurt brown people's feelings? These libshits should have their bloodlines ended, for their own good.

Something like this?

She is a Bernion


They strawmanned as hard as they fucking could and ignored as much evidence as possible.

I've yet to see a trump supporter wearing a mask that wasn't a meme costume.

It's their disconnection from reality that is sinking them. They can't win because they don't even know who they're fighting.

Holy shit, looks like even tumblr is getting hit by the pendulum upswing


I find it funny how fixated they are on the kkk when there hasn't been any major klan activity in decades. They are always warning of these spooky boogymen dressed in pointy white hats, but when the fuck was the last time anyone actually saw one in real life? The kkk is so dead, not even the MSM can manage to pin any kind of reactionary activism to them despite constantly shilling "the right is full of racists" narrative.

Not to mention, these fuckers are the ones who always wear "masks." AKA faggy scarves wrapped around their faces to make them feel like le cool vigilante

What the fuck is that nail?

I like to think its a brave and mentally strong user slowly infiltrating them with the patience and cunning of a minor deity

Thank you for doing keks work

kek bless you

I wonder if this cuck has ever even seen one in person.

A nigger claw.

The left is based in irrational fear. That's how they get people. When I was younger I got caught up with that type of irrational leftist fear a few times, and it really is compelling if you're completely uninformed. It was like a temporary insanity that overrode my normal rationality. If you hear someone sounding fearful it can be contagious, and if you don't know better you can easily become fearful too, and it spreads like a virus. It's a kind of mass hysteria. The best defense against it is being informed about what's going on in the world. You're not going to be scared of liberal bogeymen like nazis and KKK if you know they're basically non-existent, but there are plenty of blue-pills out there who will believe this crap, especially if CNN is backing it.

Niggers don't work and are very vapid. They champion gaudy things like impractically long nails and bling as status symbols.

Can confirm. I was never full leftist, but I became less worried about shit like global warming as I became more conservative.

Yeah, that's close. But I'd recommend horizontally mirroring the last panel (ie. flipping it on the X-axis so that the patient in the bed is looking left) and maybe re-wording the third and fourth panels to improve the flow of dialogue.


huh, she looks cuter now

Waitaminute… why does he wear the mask?

Lotta loyalty for a shitposter


B-but that nigger son of a multi-millionaire who did the hunger strike at at MisU because of the shitstika said he saw a bunch of KKK drive up in a pick up truck with a confederate flag and racially abuse the students!

He saw one in prison

thanks doc but you off by one

Jesus Christ, this is so disconnected from reality.

I genuinely thought the first one was anti-democrat. I couldn't imagine they were this lacking in self-awareness. But then I remembered the past fifteen months.

This is pretty fun though

can't stop laughing



GIMP takes years (literally) to get good at, but if you put in the time it's just as good as Photoshop, provided that you download the Layer Effects addon.

Thanks. Here's the final product.


Three things happened.
1. GG people moved onto Holla Forums because of the election, got redpilled, lost interest in video games, and don't post as much
2. Longer-term Holla Forumslocks never liked GG and stay out of Holla Forums to spite them
3. Holla Forums has started a massive recruitment campaign from reddit and other cancerous communities with the goal of overtaking us in the board rankings, and spilling over to the other boards, to slowly take control of the site

Most of Holla Forums is against them but every single thread there is some faggot posting the commie cat or doing incredibly autistic ironic shitposting like you haven't seen since you were on cuckchan or screaming about Holla Forums, and not enough people are challenging them. We need more Holla Forumslocks fighting back and pressuring mods into dealing with them or the rest of the site is going to turn into /a/.

I think the sploosh still fits better in panel 4 but I like the black on white you did for it.

Luckily #3 won't last, as even the slightest bit of anonymity is completely poisonous to their belief structure, which relies on a lattice (or an intersectionality ;^) ) of constantly maintained social shaming.


8/8 edit on the sig

gay cancer

Watching them try to meme is like watching a retarded paraplegic try to ride a tricycle.

Will these people never stop shooting themselves in the foot?

You mean panel 5?

Yeah thanks, nice job man
I was counting like a computer starting from 0 no I wasn't I'm just retarded

Your cheerful attitude as your march to the ovens will be noted.


Make your selection, then CTRL+SHIFT+I

made my night, tbh user

these two always trigger me. any way to make them kek-worthy?

All of us have been there, user. You won't last.

speak for yourself, faggot.
that being said, he'll be redpilled soon enough. it's just a matter of time.

That's some serious wrongthink, bucko. Your allies would have you hanged.

Almost everybody who thinks this way is white, and the fewer white people there are, the more "endangered" your way of thinking will be, and the more you will be accused of implicit racism no matter what you actually think.

He's right, you only have to sit around long enough to see Holla Forums be right again and again until you start thinking "These Nazis are not as crazy as the world says they are." And then its all over.

It's comforting.

You know I bet if you show this to a lefty, they'll think it's one of their own.

well done!

Faggot Cancer.

too easy

Change the date to something more recent, like '07

more low hanging fruit

Sadly it was already this bad in the 90s. I've reacted exactly this way watching old movies I used to enjoy

You have no idea

I'm lazy


I'm slightly less lazy.

Here you go

As le dilbert man would say

We should make a bunch of Zionist tumblr blogs and post social justice stuff to amass followers, but also post tons of fuck goyim posts and fuck Palestine posts.

There's no way that's not a deep cover Holla Forumslack. Jesus.

Fucking Sutton.



Did a jew make this.

It's run by an actual kike. What the fuck do you think happened.


As far as I know, he's an Anglo from Minneapolis. Possibly worse than a Jew.

Rach is just shitposting and trying to get Holla Forumsacks to argue better. People who actually get mad at him definitely, without a doubt, have autism.

Hey, they can't do that–WE do that!–they can't do that.

Reported for supporting Rach.

These can't even pass for funny.

The funnier meme is Milo being a nazi. A gay anti-racist nigger-loving Jew is a nazi according to the current year left.

Goymergaters were always liberal user, think of them as edgy Southpark watching college kid liberals who only hate social justice warriors because muh moralfags.


I really hope Trump blows the lid off of all the rigging they tried to do. Millions of illegals voting, inner city bussing voters to multiple polling places, workers handing out instructional pamphlets on how to select hillary on the machine, etc etc. Imagine the 2020 election with voter ID.

C'mon now.


This would be even better if you put "lying" before "tongues" in the last panel.

Holy shit, I used to always joke about, "N-n-nazi!!!!" but that's some top tier kvetching.

Why does the nice strawman look like Steven Universe?

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it.

I can't wait for society to collapse so I can kill all these "people."


I think the evolution of a Holla Forumsack goes something like this
The edgelord

The unironic shitposter

The wannabe

The redpill chugger

Der Ubermensch (I wouldn't know much of this stage, I don't consider myself even close to Ubermensch status)

I don't know if any other autistic user concocted this sort of theory of the transition to our side, but I'm just really fascinated by how drastically people's outlook on life, politics, the world in general, can be changed.

I kind of feel bad about how easily destroyed these fags would be if war were to ever break out

No one posted my edit


They're doing it wrong.

You know how pissed they would be if you stole their Steven Universe meme and used it against them? The most popular one is the Stronger then you song they have. If you rewrite that and spread it around as NatSoc song or something they'd cry for years to come. I'd personally do it but I can't sing worth shit.

Nailed it.

Can you imagine how many neon green dicks all those Soros bucks can get these degenerates?

Does Soros spend millions on his personal collection of neon green dicks?

Took me a bit but I got it

Operation whitewash part 2 when?
Goddamn that shit was fun.

Do they want nothing to be said so no one gets offended?

Disgusting. I love seeing videos when they try to fight, though.
The bantz on this video are great, especially when they get pissy after being called out on wearing masks.

I still wouldn't that, but at least its much better than what they draw.

People this weak deserve this more than anyone.

Even the /r9k/ Pepe edits are better at drawing a body that actually matches the face. Is Matt Furfag incapable of drawing a front-facing Pepe face?

How many are legitimate users and how many are VPN-hopping autists? Daily reminder that when Codemonkey introduced the "featured boards" feature, Holla Forums did not appear in the first randomly selected group of boards, threw a huge shitfit, filled the thread with *autistic screeching* and started VPN-hopping and spamming their own board to inflate its rankings.
Faggots from here heading over to spam those faggots only inflates their numbers higher.


I love how libtards go out of their way to actually depict their side as ugly and disgusting as possible. They act like they're pushing it as a good thing, while to those of a logical mind can see how ugly and degenerate they are. Doing half the work for us.

Oven yourself kike.

Both versions are very strange, like the artist doesn't know how to draw for shit. Why are the two phones using the flash for photography outside on a sunny day, and why do camera flashes get depicted as if it were muzzle flare from a gun?

that would be a source of hearty keks for years, last time people fucked with SU they went ballistic

Kill yourself.

Does anyone has more edits of this author? I remember quite a few when I use to go to Holla Forums.

Is your use of that image ironic?

sage for off-topic

Top jej at that first one

It's funny how they claim to fight for equality then get all bent out of shape when a woman gets hit.


Gees, no wonder these people are so miserable, they have such a shaky ideological foundation.

Just let me go grab my hijab

Can someone explain?!

Thanks. Added to my read list.


What could we do this time around? Make all the characters fit, blonde, Trump-supporters?

And implicit dickie isn't even close to being NatSoc, fucking retards.

checked for truth

these people exist on multiple levels of double think. they're playing 4d chess on themselves no wonder they lost the election.


I was actually thinking taking over their music. With actual talent not just fan art which is easier to ignore. That is probably the biggest part in a culture war.


They're looking for ammunition to use against Trump, they know that calling something "unconstitutional" tends to hurt it, so they're throwing that at him, trying to repurpose old memes to attack Trump. It's the same reason why women who went on slut walks completely naked, feined offense at "grab her by the pussy", because even they realise that sexual morals can be used as a weapon against Trump. Why do you think everyone hwo protested the TPP for years suddenly cared about it's "economic benefits and trade deals"? Because Trump is also opposed to TPP and you can't ever support Trump on anything.

This isn't new either, how do you think they can support faggot rights and alo mudslimes who want to behead faggots after raping them? easily, because both those groups can be used to bludgeon normal whites to death. Trump is an avatar of the white race, they'll use anything to destroy him (us).

Are they low-key asking for an edit?

maybe you should make more prayers user

But isn't the American Flag a "Nazi Symbol" in of itself?

Besides, the Captain is /ourguy/



Fucking hillarious that they put the star of moloch in their coalition, but they didn't put the fucking American flag.

A "fascist" is anyone who is anti-communist.
Antifa will always go on about how "your grandfather would have shot you for being a nazi!", but they will still beat up Allied WW2 vets all the same.

Remember, that when arguing with them, most of what they say is inconsistent garbage designed solely to appeal to the intended audience. It's all Jewish Pilpul tactics. They have NO consistent principles or morals besides wanting world communism and the destruction of white/Christian/western civilization.

Checked, and how long will it be before they just explicitly add "liberals" to that list?

They already hate liberals, they just wanna use them as useful idiots for the time being.

it will happen in just now weeks

Most likely because you said it in archaic english.

Archaic English is the bee's knees.

And thus I proclaimeth to the lord, "make it so!" and it was so.

Þæt wæs god cyning!


hæleð under heofenum, hwa þæm hlæste onfeng.

Feasceaft funden, he þæs frofre gebad.

This thread is shit and the replies are worse.

gode gewyrcean.

Wilgesiþas, þonne wig cume, leode gelæsten; lofdædum sceal.

Such pathetic weakness.


newfag, here's you hint

What do these have in common


Was almost okay until I got to the nigger babble. Keep your ersatz BBC fantasies to yourselves you faggots.

the fuck are you talking about lad

So is Britain full of niggers now? Tbh and fam is niggerspeak.

you autists are just as bad as liberals shiggy diggy familam tbh

Projecting, kike?


Autists fixated on gender. What else do you expect?

Guess which one works at the DMV.

Not too many went that path from what blogposts I've seen about it.
mine was

comfy heil

Hehe, trannies.



bum tickley?

Can confirm.

t. The redpill chugger

LMAO, written like a real nigger.


I don't think you understand what Nazism National Socialism is.

I think that was supposed to be when they expected there to be a lot of faithless electors when the electoral college was going to vote. You know, the problem they were trying to manufacture that backfired on them spectacularly.

An election so damn nice we won in three times.