This is how badly they have beaten, now we must finish it

This is how badly the media has been beaten. The elite believe the people are coming for them, but it is actually the government and military that will come for them first. The media believe the government and military are coming for them, but it will actually be the people, and the people will destroy them so there is nothing left for the government and military to do.

We must destroy every last shred of credibility the media has left. They must be ridiculed and shamed until they cease to exist. They cannot adapt to our tactics and they don't even know we are coming for them. We must do this before the holocaust so they cannot defile that sacred rite with their lies.


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How so general?


We must become the media, exert our influence over every normie sphere. This is our greatest task, it begins with normie social media and real life forums such as colleges. The blue collar is for the most part, already red pilled.

I see things like this, and I only hear one voice.

We are what keep the elite up at night in fear. Dehumanize yourself. Become the nightmares of monsters.

Face the bloodshed. Know how this must end. We are planning a holocaust. The only way to the stars is breaking free from our old masters. The only way to break free is to kill them all. The only way to kill them all is to turn off the media for everyone.

You want a holocaust? Turn their propaganda machine off.
so brave

Please tell me that isn't Acadia. Don't ruin Acadia with politics, especially your bitch boy politics.

This is fitting though. It makes me want to write a great article about how their "resistance" will just be like lines in the sand man. As Jimi said:

"so castles made of sand, melt into the sea, eventually…"

That is the old Hillary PRTeam guy


Anyone have any figures on how much CNN has lost since the election?

what is CNN trying to slide?

And it wont stop at just the media, I want Holla Forums's tendrils in every book/movie/song/sport, I want every profession and every form of entertainment to be dripping with Holla Forums, I want there to be no refuge and no safe space from our ideas, we have to achieve complete saturation of the population so we can have permanent Holla Forums dominance of all discourse.

They still have advertisers. Let's take them away.

They are trying to slide the fucking holocaust. The lapdogs of the elite have been tasked with guarding against those who would rise up and face the bloodshed. The elites are fleeing from us (into Trump's hands for now) and nobody is defending the media. They are fucking pussies. We hit them hard, with enough force, and they will turn to their masters for help, but they won't find any. Not anymore.

looks like they are doing a pretty good job of that themselves


Politico actually had a pretty good article on just how bad Dems are doing at the National and State level.

If anyone's a history buff you I would compare this to Labour's wilderness years from the early 80s to the early 90s. There's a good 4 part documentary on it on Thatcherite Scot's youtube channel.

Fuck. Forgot to break link.


Criminally unchecked digits.

If you want to kill them off, just let them continue what they're fucking doing. They're the only ones who don't realize how fucking retarded they look. You have years and years of democrats dedicating their lives to brainwashing the younger generation to be more sympathetic to them, whether it's school, tv, etc, and that generation grew up as spoiled bitches and is burning away everything given to them without realizing it.

You see the media making a big deal out of nothing. I see the media as broken, abandoned, and offering itself to us as the first victim of the coup d'état. Stop waiting for the holocaust to happen, this is how it starts, and we are the ones who start it.

I see what you're saying, but we cannot just sit idly by; it's what got us this far to begin with. We just must be smart in the fight, use the leverage they give us against them.

I can't help but feel this way. These are spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum. They're playing right into our hands. In an alternate universe, we'd all be in FEMA camps right now, so I don't want to get complacent. But right now, I think it's best to let the left continue their chimpout and not have Trump start rounding them up for disrupting critical infrastructure. Soon, everyday folk are going to be so sick and tired of their shit that Trump will be able to do whatever the fuck he wants.


If the elite see that they cannot win a fight against us, and they have seen that, they will not keep throwing money at the media. The ratings have tanked, but the advertisers have not been told how much they have tanked. We expose that one small truth, only the advertisers have to believe it, and they are no longer solvent. No paychecks and the lemmings and celebrities go home to weep. No media and we can easily take control of the rest of the population and lead them towards the holocaust with us.

Do who wants to make RWDS in the sand?

If we just get the elite to stop throwing money at the media, you're only taking care of the symptoms. We need to instead get rid of the tumor.

He'll you could enlist kikes to help with giant swastikas but you would need to draw the lines for them.

So sick of this phone.

The difference between Labour and Democrats is the US is 60% white and Britain is 85% white. Labour is bleeding the white working class vote too fast. Democrats already lost the white working class vote but they won't need it in a couple cycles.

Somebody should add ".COM"

That's (((CNN))) for you.

We cut off all funding sources. The elite are in disarray, they will not all agree to save the media. They can't adapt to us quick enough. They control at a distance, especially when they are scared. One meme is all it takes to make advertisers decide to stop paying the kikes salaries, the elite will not be able to save them in time. If we cannot seize power now, then we are unfit to rule.


Heil'd. Let's make Goebbels and Bannon proud boys.

Apply pressure from opposing sides to advertisers. Increase their uncertainty, confuse them. These will be appeals to emotion. Then using a rational argument we will trigger the exodus.

Flanking move 1: Equate advertising on kike media with supporting (strawman) Trump's Fascist government which controls the media.

Flanking move 2: Equate advertising on kike media with supporting the coverup of elite pedo horrors.

The way out: kike media is inflating their viewership numbers and ratings, cheating the advertisers.

Kek has spoken

soo… literally nobody will ever know?

Everything against Trump is news. Hell we had an article about some guy that supposedly said no to a trade deal with trump 30 years ago posted on our biggest newspaper with the biggest picture and letters
And we're Norway, we dont have a vote.
However our own politics are hardly covered at all. They jew us right under our noses while distracting us with shit

Is Holla Forums Trumps secret CIA?

CNN isn't the media. It's taken a beating from US, but most normal people have no idea. I agree with you, but it's going to take work to put in the hands of the general public. (for reference) (actual documentary, warning over one hour)

until we can think of ways of speaking to the mainstream media, how can we wear down their empire?

This is such weak memery by the left as usual, it's almost as though they don't want to win.
Their "Resist" message got quickly wiped out by the sea just as their "resistance" will get washed away by another unstoppable tide of natural force.

This is your fight too. When the media is silenced your voice can be heard.

Intelligence services from all over the world are here. Ayy lmaos are here. Someone with access to Trump's family photo album is here. Kek is here. FBIAnon is here. This board has the highest average IQ of any online community. With the help of those watching us we memed Trump into the most powerful position in human history. We follow hitlers example, but this time we don't make the same mistake. Our holocaust will be real.

Dismantle the Media then Gas the Kikes


And global.

"We cut off all funding sources"
So you want to, against all laws, seize foreign currency with no real viable reason?
Watcha going to say? "me no like what they say, big trouble. gibbe money now"?
Your idea is logical, until you actually go to implicating it. HOW? with what legal standing? I'd love to live in a vacuum of law, and we could just do what we want, but it's not realistic.
We can seize power, but make it thorough words and means. otherwise we become the monsters we fear.

We teach the left how to meme. They can help dismantle the media, then when the media is gone we help them gas the kike elite. Just use different words and symbols, they will follow. Guide them as we have been guided. Pace then lead. This is the way of things.

Look around you, those that have helped us have been helping others too. South Korea found out and their elite were toppled in hours. The media is the only thing in the way between us and the blood of the kike. Once American media falls, once the world sees us act, other countries will follow. Nobody can stop us.

The left cannot meme. They do not have the creativity. They merely parrot the ideas of others.

If we can all (extreme left and extreme right) throw off the shackles of identity politics and unite behind a single cause though, nothing can stop us.

Campaign promise status : fulfilled.

Look at the media. Follow the money. Once you find the source, you turn off the spigot. Understand the way of things, the elite know how this game is played, and we are smarter than them. Move in secret as the dying rulers of this dying world have done for aeons.

It is decided.

They just won't fucking die, though.

They are literally organ vampires

You, I like. i saw the left memes during the election.They were frail copies of the veterans who started this battle.
I'm all for it. This election and the "he will not divide us" has only focused on the divide. left vs right, dems vs repubs.
Possibly I'm old and bitter, but it only seems like THEY (MSM) seek to divide us. the older I get, the more I see it m8.

That RESIST is a perfect representation of the left.

Their progressive movement, the laws that Obama and Clinton passed, all of their PC bullshit, all of their gay bullshit, all of their tranny etc. jew kike bullshit. They spent all of that time writing it in the sand.




I could've done that by myself. Just goes to show how weak they are.

I'm the one who posted a documentary about exactly what you are speaking about, in this thread.
If you have something new to add that isn't cryptic, I'm all ears.

Yep. Unfortunately left and right direct all their energy against each other - cancelling it out, rather than upwards towards our rulers.

We need to keep in mind that the (((media))) creates a false narrative of both sides.

The left think we all watch Fox News. We think they all browse Buzzfeed all day.

The truth is more a grey area in the middle. Everyone has good reasons for believing what they believe, and we share more beliefs in common than beliefs that contradict.

Exactly. We don't go after the lying press headfirst, we go after those intermediaries that allow them to be paid handsomely. Go after companies colluding with media, on-the-field journalists, the agencies giving them the crew, and the media is rendered toothless.

r/K theory makes more sense that your triangulation.

They have been dying since they turned away from the light. We must help them along their way just as we help all beings along the paths they have chosen for themselves.

The law of free will must not be violated. These beings have chosen the path of unspeakable evil and destruction in the name of power and greed. Their end is the abyss of eternal death, we must help them to their destination quickly now and the media stands in our way.

What would they become if they found the type of power that others are about to hand to us? We must kill them now or risk battling them for all eternity.

At the center of the black sun is the evil, contained, imprisoned. This is the order of things and we are the ones who must create the order.

Holla Forums basic beliefs
leftist ideology

I don't see the commonality.

WE fuck ourselves, by labeling m8. I'm left vs your right, I agree, gets us nowhere when we want the same things.
I don't care who's side you are on, you can't deny we all want those things.
we allow the media to devide us. they have seen this and want to create things like CTR/CREW to further divide us.
I've kinda given up on a grey area existing, It just seems like to me we are classified like cattle. It's a flow chart.
and the list goes on. All in attempts to divide you from me, because you like chocolate milk when I like 2%. Their powered up with the motivation to make me hate you.


SO I should hate you because you can't into an argument? I have acceptance in my reality for the retarded, also.

Berlusconi was taken down by constant demonization over the years. If you don't silence the lying media, they will radicalize a generation and you'll have no chance of winning.

Respect and appreciate our differences user - then move past them and work together.

It's not the same as pretending we are all equal and the exactly the same.

I want to start by saying this is not an insult and I agree with what you've said thus far.
I just want to ask as you are getting dangerously close to going full on civic nationalist in this particular post, are you one of them "but what about muh based minorities! judge a man by the content of his character!" guys?

Get this through your head you stupid fucking shill. Non-whites are leaving my fucking country. They are leaving in deportation vans, or they are leaving in fucking URNS. It's your choice, but there is NO alternative. ONE OR THE OTHER YOU FUCKING SHITSKINS! YOU LEAVE DEAD OR ALIVE!

Do you understand now you fucking shill? There is no working together, there is no "based non-whites" there is no "getting past" differences. Non-whites are fucking subhuman animals and if they refuse to leave there will be no mercy.

When the old gods come they will understand. Every ancient religion has rules about intermarrying, yet the elite globalist cabal seems intent on pushing one thing above all others: globalism.

We have so many species ready to go to the stars. But once we ascend we will follow different paths. Throw them all in the same city, and they self-segregate. This is the order of things. What do you think will happen when we travel the stars?

Don't you think it is odd that the elite have an obsession with a particular disorder of the eye? Or that the elite have systematically and secretly begun to catalog all of our individual genomes? You should stop and ask yourself if maybe the fact that these elite share the same religion and psychological defects, that maybe it might be highly relevant to the reasons and methods they are in power.

Thanks for the same idea. I had a bad day today and can't get over the media. It just seems like they want to divide us. I hate to seem like it's the 60's like asshat insuniuated, but it's the fucking truth.
pick up any piece of news you like, and it's US vs THEM.
That Shia LeBeef livestream, his arrest, has only confirmed my belief that most MSM seeks to divide us. I haven't seen them produce anything other than sports, weather, and fuck your neighbor for six months.

I was being a bit more diplomatic about in case he worded that poorly and was referring to different strata of whites, but this is basically what I wanted to get around to saying.

Maybe the resist was meant for CNN, resist jewish mind controll.

(checked and heil'd)
Source for the second and third pic?


That's great buddy, but here in reality, the browns outnumber us 10 to 1. We're just going to keep losing unless we figure out how to get them to work with us towards our own goal.

The shitskins I'm fine with deporting if possible. But people like you TRSodomite, race traitors. You have to die.

You fucking stupid bastard

I appreciate your comments. I'm a veteran of many things, I won't freak on you unless you freak on me.
What is civic nationalist?
I'm not kidding you at all. Yes My Google works fine. I could search for it, but it's just a label. Why do you care about those things? I don't need to be BLM, or a white nationalist, a Muslim extremist to have an opinion. I could be Texas bred PECKERWOOD, or ISIS and, my post has no different meaning.
welcome to a red pill. the pool is closed and you're in the chan.

I engage you here, for freedom of a label, so please don't try to label me. I'll give you the same courtesy. I'm just her for the respectful exchange of ideas.

I've been making gradual headway persuading people I know in the meatsphere to disengage from mainstream news media in print, online and on talmudvision.

Once you explain to people the principles of MSM calculating their reportage to a) trigger snowflakes with the sheer injustice of the world, and b) trigger normal people with insanely biased, polarising reportage - and that their anger and continued viewing only feeds these goblins more advertising revenue - they start to see things as they really are.

Okay, let me be more direct with my question. Do you believe non-whites have a place in the future of the United States?

They will all find their way to where they are going eventually. Some will leave immediately, some will stay for awhile, some will set out alone. I choose to stay with my family, my brothers and sisters. They will do the same like they have always done.

I didn't dodge, you didn't ask. I'm not 14/88 if you want to go there. I have no swastika tattoos on my body.
in a fantasy unicorn land, that would be great, but its unicorn land. I support the upcoming H1B ban, because it keeps jobs in country.
Do I hate people because they aren't white, If you're asking? NO I hate people for being stupid.

Anything else enquring minds wish to ask?

You still haven't explained your fascination over labels. Please define your tumblr fascination with having to label everyone.

The fuck is this nigger talking about?

HIS area. local status, not national.

Why is your English so shitty? Are you even in the US?

That isn't a choice for you to make because this is not your homeland. A country is not simply an idea it is blood and soil.

That's all I needed to know thanks.

He's misrepresenting statistics to create the impression that the damage of multiculturalism has been done and cannot yet be repaired at this point.

Look here you stupid fucking Holla Forums bastard.

There are two labels in this world, white and non-white. If you are white and support non-whites being in white countries you must die. If you are non-white you must leave our countries or die. I am not arguing with you, I am warning you. Leave or die, I will feel absolutely no sadness when I kill you.

And how did you ascertain that?

I'm talking global. There are less than 600 million genuine whites in the world.

Well that is where you went wrong. What does it matter how many exist globally? We aren't out for world conquest; we want to regain control of our own countries. I really don't give a damn what a farmer in Kyrgyzstan thinks about what we do.


I was speaking to your level. Are you OK to make an argument? I don't even know why you reply to me.
you have no argument
you have 0 new ideas
you're just b8ing, and lucky I'm bored.

good enough, now tell me about your fascination with labels.

fuck you and your labels. I'm more white than you, if you want to cross that street. You're most likely some scratch back who's LARPING, by your horrible punctuation.

I can read.

Okay, you got me there, I fucked up when writing that. I intended to refer to the aforementioned browns with that statement.

christ, you can't even hide your normalness.

Fair enough.

Anything short of global domination is putting the destiny and future of our people into the hands of a competitor though.

wew lad

alright, sorry. peckerwoods got me jumpy. No reason to shit on you.
i speak english perfectly fine, don't be a dick and I won't be one to you.
IF you could read, he spoke of his own area. Look at your quote of him "The browns out number us 10 - 1". It simply isn't true, nationally in the US.
Is that English enough for you , user?

Yeah but in America Trump sympathisers have guns, demonizers don't. I feel like the whole liberal movement is collapsing under their own weight of stupidity.

smugness is a universal beauty, no matter how common or obscure.

See this you dumb nigger.

Holy shit! I get it now. You're an internet philosopher high on their own farts. Please kill yourself you uneducated retard, and for your own sake go learn a bit more about logical fallacies before you try to identify them.

We don't need to work with them. We have military superiority. Just separate and leave each other alone.

You have no argument and attack me for being born before you?
have another

I suppose that is the last remnants of the cuck inside me trying to present myself as principled and virtuous by not exterminating the other races, but I definitely do get what you are saying. Hell, you're probably right. Can you even imagine what we could achieve if Europeans had access to the full range of resources of our planet?

You are right that our countries must be regained first though.

This right here is why I'm not an organ donor.

You really think he found a perfect heart match on an organ donor waiting list?


Criminally unchecked quads

But did you check the ID?

sweet digits indeed

Stop trying to make Dehumanize yourself happen, It's not going to happen.

Freedom of the press as currently defined is a mistake.

Freedom of speech must be preserved. Press rights, however, need to be granted and reneged by voters.

this. we have to attack advertising. we have to stress the incredibility of the media and the fact that its growing. this will probably cause problems with advertisers. a real prediction is hard but they should loose money in some way

they would have to throw way more money into the media, there wont be a consens within the eliltes so we cause internal struggle while attackin the media. if the media gets the money they will probably loose even more credibility if not they are fucked

over 20 minutes in fotochoppe

the Jews are going to do most of the "work" themselves. This is a tribe with a 3,000 year history of overreaching. amazingly, kicked out of 109 nations and they don't realize they are well on their way to doing it again.
"Mark my words– in America you will have Weimar conditions, and you will have Weimar solutions. What ever the Holocaust was, you've got one in your future." -Ernst Zündel to an Israel reporter.

(this is a classic, if you haven't seen it's actually worth watching entire thing.)

Keep crying CTR, your time is fast approaching

Buddy, Fredericton is fucking pizza central. Pic related was a big fan of boys.

I wrote Keir in the snow a month ago.

It melted away. They are jinxed.

They should have used the rocks because they cannot washed away. Apparently their brains aren't sharp.

I can't tell if that guy's serious or mocking them. The Jack Burton avatar leads me to believe the latter.

Oh my fucking god my state needs a carpet bombing for just about everything south of lewiston. Just look that the fucking electoral map for this election.

It is literally just like Sweden before all the Somalis came in. We have like 4000 now and they are always used as an excuse for how non violent they are. If you actually look at local reports you will see that is not the case and a few times from my own personal experience, but god damn the catholic cuck establishments in this state would import all of them if they could. They let white people stay homeless and without shelter while they dole out minivans and free assistance to Somalis like its going out of style.

Such a beautiful state, but fuck the liberal scum that infest it.

Even their memes are self erasing.
They have an unparalleled ability to lose.


It's criminal how unchecked this has been.

The left use indoctrination and therefore make themselves unable to meme properly. They get it done by repetition.
Imagine if every 8th post here was the same damn picture or infograph, over and over and over for months. Then one day you come to the board and find it locked and you have to trace out the picture from memory.
That's basically their political memery in a nutshell, and why it doesn't work without the (((MSM))) drilling it into their heads.
Without the MSM pushing things, as we've seen the past couple weeks with them so triggered by Trump, the various bizarre groups of nobodies that make up the left, dozens and dozens of different snowflakes…
They're all crashing into each other. It's become an uncontrollable maelstrom of oppression olympics.
Trannies, BLM, fags, all marching against the womens' marches for feeling excluded.
The womens' march itself splintering first from the cuckservatives in the crowd's pro-life stance, and then finding successively individual choices triggering.
They also left behind the biggest mess of any rally of historical record, outdoing most actual fucking riots. The slobs triggered each other, and tossed it all down where they stood.
The only killing that was made this month was by starbucks. $28 million in 10 days.
I'm sure the socialists and environmentalists amongst them were happy.

hah, Cheney was smart. He just said "Fuck it, make me a robot"
On the cutting edge, always.
At least we're finally rid of (((Perle))) and (((Feith)))
Fucker even looked like a vampire.

now dis is a delectable oldmeme… updated for teh fyuuuuuchar!

You're just delusional if you're not D&C my man

we didn't destroy their credibility. reality did. never interupt your enemy when he's busy self-destructing. Jeb told me to remind you guys that 'slow and steady wins the race' and I think thats breddy gud advice, tbh. Let's keep the pressure on and not get caught-up in theatrics and ego. Thats our God-Emperor's job. The last thing we need is to encourage e-celebs and stunts. These elleged Holla Forumslacks that got involved in HWNDU were kinda cringy. Gotta keep that power level holstered, faggots.

i bet you'ld love christian rock. protip: some things just aren't meant to be mainstream. lurk mor and meditate on the concept of influence.

I bet the Chinese are looking at us shaking their heads asking why did the White Protestants ever think they could trust the Semites. Bushes and Saudis / Clintons and Soroses / etc…. When this book is written on this I wonder if it'll be about how a group of WASPs thought they could ally/merge with foreign elites to forge a single global elite since the old way of ethno-national empires seemed to have failed.

This 'world order' alliance.. whatever its called… where leftist dregs and (((corporate-banking-technocratic elitists))) work together to fuck-over decent families and honorable men is going to fail because it's just not working, the way empires of the past became dysfunctional (only quicker). They were so focused on ruining the nations of world that they failed to account for how the various institutions working on their behaf would compete against each other. Basically, once all the faggot consultants and "think tanks" started circulating papers and giving presentations about how brown western countries were going to be in x years, they were doomed. It was then that the marketers, advertisers, entertainers, and various propagandists began acting as-if that future was already here in a cynical, entirely self-interested bid to be ahead of the curve and get the jump on their competition. This had the effect of breaking the spell over the white population and alerting them to danger.

Why the 'elites' felt they needed to "speak it into existence" using the mainstream culture is beyond me. They had the power through control of banking, trade, and the entire mainstream culture. I wonder if white protestants just want to be loved and jews/semites/niggers just want revenge. Maybe it was the neediness that was their undoing.

Had the progressives pushed-back against their own side and stfu about race and identity politics they could have prevented this. They literally got nothing out of letting it carry-on after the 90's. But once the professional consultants and idea guy faggots got ahold of the plans to snuff-out whites and started sperging like genocide is normal, they lost.

TL;DR - there is something deeply irrational about our current elites… probably a Jew thing, to be honest… but also could be due to other genetic factors influencing group decision making. It's enough to make a nigga believe they actually are Satanic and that metaphysically they have to tell us they're all trying to kill us in order for their type of magic to work.

Check your timestamp.

Spot on. Demoralizers and black pill faggots from plebbit always forget about guns, the prevalent gun culture, and the angry White middle class that elected Trump in the first place.


I believe Kek isn't done here yet. Biggest show in the universe, he wouldn't miss it, and he isn't a spectator.

It's no Jew trick, just classical hubris. Like in any ancient tragedy, their pride is their own downfall.

why the fuck shouldn't we dominate the globe? we gave everyone else everything good in their lives. most of them owe their lives to our advances and discoveries - we are the reason they have food to eat, the reason they didn't die in infancy. if whites are ever removed from a position of global dominance and can't continue providing free food and other gibsmedats, the nonwhite population will probably go into just as much of a freefall as if we ignited a race war. liberia and zimbabwe are right around the corner for most cultures on earth and whites are the ones keeping it away.