Can you imagine being so butt blasted you start telling kids who made you rich to go kill themselves

And it hasn't even been half a month into his 8 years yet.

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Typical kike can't handle the bantz.

I like how she admits to being a smoker.

literally Naruto with wands.


I like the idea of harry twatter being a miscegenation psyop

More evidence one-hit wonders are cancer. Even Notch, with how he acts like he came up with everything for minecraft on his own, when in reality he just ripped off dwarf fortress, infinity miner, and got a lot of ideas from Holla Forums.

I'm sure we can meme her becoming mentally ill.

Notch at least redeems himself with pissing off whiny pissbabies on the left, but he's still a fat faggot.

Honestly Notch is almost based by Sweden standards.

It's pretty degenerate.

What's Infinity Miner? I never could get into DF, because it ran so damn slow on my old machine. Also, where the fuck is Ryzen? Jesus, AMD, you had one job to do, one fucking job…

That's actually pretty damn funny. They're the gays of Hogwarts.

What the actual fuck, mate? Is that real?

Why meme it? I'm pretty sure she already is, plus she has to live with the fact that NOTHING SHE WRITES WILL EVER SELL AS WELL AS HARRY POTTER EVER AGAIN.

Who the hell cares? This is about impressions, not truth.

J Krowley is just upset with people wanting to bang hermione because its her author insert character.

Notch is a pretty epic shitposter, but he still shares the same fluke all 1 hit wonders have.

I miss-spelled. It's InfiniMiner. Basically, Notch was originally going to make minecraft a dwarf fortress clone. However, he saw InfiniMiner when he was making it, which was basically dwarf fortress in first person, and decided to combine the two.


looks like a homeless man.

You're a faggot

What I mean by this is the blocky-layout. Gameplay wise they're totally different.

looks like a jew.


A beta cuck mess who doesn't brush his teeth is the best cock you can hope for when you're a crazy bitter middle aged cunt. I wonder how bad she wants The Don's cock and how much of her constant tweeting about him stems from that?

He looks like John Oliver after an 8 year long binge drink because current year ended and Trump won.




She fucking plagiarized it all you stupid faggot.


Unless she donated to a remainer campaign.

Yeah, no. Just more irrelevant monkey screeching.

Interesting. I didn't realize he was just a copycat, who won big. Why did Microsoft give him a lump of money, then?

I don't want to know about these celebrities' faggy liberal politics anymore. Seriously, just shut the fuck up you vapid old cunt.

mentally ill? no no no, user. we have much worse in store for her

so they can license it when it goes to any platform other than PC and Xbox. the 360 version of Minecraft topped charts for months.

LOL, look at this retarded self-congratulatory bullshit. The Left are the best at doing fucking nothing and proclaiming it was something. This is what degenerate intellectualism and a culture of critique gets you: snarky headlines and astronomical asspain when the Right continually fucks you into submission with actual work, i.e. voting Trump in.

Its about branding and nothing else. Being able to make some random game with aliens is something anyone can do - call it 'halo' though and you're guaranteed to sell a load. I use halo as they actually sold out and made some crappy i-phone games, so it really proves my point.

Pretty sure the guy who played Dumbledore in the films got mad that she made him gay. If you want to trigger her get the 'celebrity' complaints over the homosexuality, or harp on about how many white girls are offended by the notion that Hermione might be black (another thing she changed after it was released). Its probable that she will not care, but she will piss off her actual fan-base to no end with probable anti-white comments.

He was already making boatloads of money and said in a tweet he'll only sell out for 2 bil. Microsoft decided it was worth wasting that much to save their failing console.

She just continues to prove how much of a hack she is, she basically has george lucas syndrome at this point, since it's clear that the only reason her first couple of books were good, was because her editor kept her on a tight leash and then she came crawling back to harry potter once she found out she sucks as a writer and continues to ruin her "legacy".

Remember when she wrote a book under an alias and it was such unsellable garbage they had to leak it to the press that it was actually written by her to get people to even notice it.

pretty sure Harry Potter got big because it was heavily forced by multiple private and public institutions. I remember when the first movie came out my school's library turned into nothing but Harry Potter books over night.

George Lucas

This hack

It's because she stole the plot and characters from a much better comic book series called Books of Magic.

Reminder that this bitch insulted pepe

Actually disregard most of this. It really should just be Lucas at least had 2 hits. I forgot about all his painfully bad specials and shit.

The Telegraph
JK Rowling sent a pithy reply to someone angered by her tweet about Mike Pence


Truly the incarnation of the left. There goes her legacy. If she had just shut the fuck up Harry Potter would've been remembered.

I'll also never forget her tweet when Brexit raped her and the remoaners. It was something like:
Basically stating that if she could she would force reality in her favor, fuck democracy. What an utter cunt.

Please never overestimate the intelligence of the left. Maybe some of you are basement shut-ins, but anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with a leftist knows how buttfuck retarded they are.

This image made me laugh, cringe, and wonder… what the fuck is wrong with these people.

But the Churchill quote applies to Trump more than anyone right now…….. he still has a strong base but he has made more enemies in the past year than anyone I have seen.


Who gives a shit about Harry Potter in CY + 2? That cow is milked so dry that it hurts.

is this relevant? I don't get it

Some user should attack her hack writing and her age. Women like this are vain and hitting them at the age will get their vagina's nice and sandy.

They are forced to add in those unnecessary adjectives into every headline right? Magical, glorious…Otherwise no one would even notice these "stories."

I'm glad I didn't buy into that garbage as a kid. I thought it was gay


She would use magic to control muggles?
Where have i heard that before

The series is straight up kike programming with magic references.

These are all return by retarded women and nu-males. This is how they think & speak. This one is written by an actual faggot.

Missed the death eater symbol

Shut up fag, Naruto is awesome. Jews hate on it because protagonist is Aryan as fuck. Its nothing like Jew Harry Potter.

looks like a guitar to me.


Somebody actually post the article instead of just fucking screenshots.

Out of curiosity, what is the article that is being referred to here? I unwisely tried checking yahoo, but outside of one semi-decent article about declaring English the native language, I found nothing. And good god, that place is nothing but pure unfiltered cancer.

Daily reminder that JK Rowling was a single-mother on welfare, who changed her name to JK so audiences would think of her as a male writer.



This. Before I even read the first book, my 3rd grade teacher read it aloud to us. Definitely heavily promoted, but probably just for lots of shekels. If anyone really cares they should look into her history before the books. I heard somewhere that she was pretty much a bum with little aspiration and then she got lucky basically. Its all meant for little girls' fantasies. Nobody even dies until the 4th one, and its some fat nobody kid yet she writes like they make such a big fucking deal about it. Anyway, show your kids LOTR instead.

They always use that "sexless" "virgin" "moms basement" "loser" angle, despite not knowing anything about the person making the posts they criticise



This is one of the great kike cultural inventions of our time. Virgin shaming. Because degeneracy begins and usually ends in something sexual, so riding the cock carousel is a-ok, but not sticking your dick into every cesspool is an insult.
Also, someone should tell these retards that any guy can get laid at any time, because you know, stronk women can get paid to spread their legs.
Not to mention all the studies that've been done on promiscuity unanimously conclude it's harmful both psychologically and physically. But yeah "lel virgin!"

What a bitch how fucking childish. She seems like she has the mental capacity of a child. I bet she didn't even write the books herself.


No they're meant for children. She just hit a niche and was lucky. In reality she is a loser, a very rich bum.


I know, the breathlessness with which they report on the tiniest musings of celebrities, and how much they salivate as they fellate them, is really hilarious. Meanwhile, the left still tries to pretend they're the counterculture.

This. It's desperation.

They use words like "sexless", "virgin", and "loser" due to self loathing, and they think it will cut society as deep as it cuts into them.

There is nothing that I hate more than white people who try to act black and use their shitty memes inb4 it turns out that Donna Dickens is (((white))). Have some god damned self-respect.

This is very true and good observation. Virginity used be a sign virtue not just women but for men too.

LWDW when?!

This is their tactic: accuse the opponent of what you are guilty of.
Hence why they call people "weak" and "cowards"

This is especially ironic considering her whining about the Salazar regime in Portugal (the bad guys in Harry Potter are basically a caricature of them).

I know some people are disgusted by this but think about it from a different perspective. The left gets blown the fuck out on such a regular basis that the second someone on their side "savages" someone on Twitter (i.e. tells a loyal fan to kill themselves, calls a pepeposter a virgin), it's fucking front page news. They are that desperate for a sick burn.




That is fucking degenerate as shit. These are supposed to be children's books.

oh my god the death eaters were the portuguese all along

I honestly expect more witty retorts, you fucking faggots. Pick up your slack.

To be fair, the idiots tweeting at her have incredibly weak bantz

Are these real? Jesus Christ
Anyway what a Zionist whore


Let's see how she handles an influx of KEK overload and smug nazi anime girls.

But its ok when Israelis murder Palestinians and discriminate against Goyim. What a phony Marxist whore.


Was gonna say the same. It's hilarious how stupid it is. It's playground-tier banter.

>Yeah? Well you're a poopface!

Damn, ya got me. My face is made of poop. Now be tolerant. #pooplivesmatter

I wonder if she really GENUINELY doesn't get it. She's on the left. By default, she's protected. If she says something that gets her in hot water, HuffPo and Salon will still defend it by pointing out that you're a fucking male who shouldn't judge; and after that, she can still not worry if it ended her career since she's set for life. She could go make a Twitter post that just reads: "Niggerniggerniggerniggerniggernigger gtkrwn" and while yes, she'd get lots of shit, she'd still never have to worry about paying her bills - ever. If Johnny user makes a post saying "Fuck you, Trump rules" and attaches his name and face on it, he can have thousands of people mob him because they like Rowling and not that I even think that's a big deal, that's the excuse that all these women make about online "trolls" being so terribly scary. And after that, he could still lose his job if an employer (present of future) knows of this. Chances are solid that Johnny doesn't have residuals coming in weekly from a massive selling book franchise that was then adapted into a massive selling movie franchise.



Someone tweet this at her.


Done. I fucking hope she replies.

Twitter just fucking locked my account for tweeting her that picture and calling her an old Zionist hag. Anyway I'm pretty sure I've these two Kikes before in a couple places.



That'd make my day if she called me a virgin because I lift every day and when people find out I'm a virgin I get respect.

That's not really fair. The guys doing InfiniMiner completely failed to see the potential of what they were doing and Notch did. A lot of great inventions come about because someone found something great but were too dumb to realize how great it could be and someone else jumps in and creates history.

what are the chances this triggers her into making Harry the villain in the next book?

Try to be a bit more subtle next time. I'm sure twitter has word filters/automatic reporting that get tripped when certain words are used.

With those numbers?

that will happen and it will be the literary version of "i was pretending to be retarded all along"

Thought harry potter was literally the 3rd reich…


I wouldn't be surprised if she was planning to do it for a while now. Making the white protagonist an ebil raycis is the de facto next step after making the other main characters minorities.


Oh damn. Guess I'll burn them now. Didn't get any penny of mine though bitch, my mom bought all of them. Sure as hell won't notice that they're gone though. Dumb cunt thinks that Facism and "diversity embracing" are two sides of a spectrum or something, mutually exclusive. These terms don't even really have to do with the same thing. Jesus, this is how political misinformation is spread. This is why nobody actually has any clue as to what's really going on. All these phony terms put into even phonier comparisons! Fuck!

pissing my pants lel


Cisbusters 2.0 meltdown when?

There is absolutely nothing black about the word "savage", you goddamn savage.

Oh shit! Epic and brutal! Is the poor receiver of such dead? He must be.


As a Fascist I embrace diversity.
Just get the fuck out of my country so we can preserve our differences.

That sort of headline makes her look very materialistic, like all she cares about is the money not her fans.
That's probably the case though

Seriously. We mock her for using ad-hominem, but hell, those retorts were just angry shitflinging.

I heard long time ago that HP wasn't written by her, and the fact that she keeps "forgetting" what's in the books sort of supports that thesis.

Is there anything more to that?

So when are they all moving to canada anyway?
They promised.


Look her up more. I mentioned it earlier here. I have definitely heard that before she wrote the books, that she was an unemployed single mom or something, or a loser in other words. Apparently hitting it big on these trashy books was a great stroke of luck to her. Was it luck or ((luck)). Were these ghostwritten by jews to promote the shit that people say they promote? I haven't read the newer ones.

someone should say something like only 1 jew? are you anti-Semitic?

What I find more amusing is that she called the Jew Goldstein. I'd say that was bantz, but considering her overall idiocy, it's just the only jewish name she could think of.

Yes she strikes me as a really stupid person.

If Harry Potter is about fighting fascism, why did Harry holocaust the pale, scheming and money-obsessed Slytherin?

Larry potter (pictured) was a book where this whore apparently stole her ideas from even terminology from for example "muggle".

joking aside women don't understand politics

i dont get it

check the forehead.

yeah two scars instead of one, i dont get the joke


Ten years ago op-eds and news articles didn't have titles like: Could this be JK Rowling's most epic (and brutal) tweet ever?

I've been saying it for years now, Idiocracy is coming to life on both sides of the isle. The left is just more "witty" and "intellectual".

just explain it you fucking faggot

How about instead you do some fucking research.

You don't recognize runes?
You never were interested in WWII?
I'm surprised the kikes haven't beat this one into people's heads….

pic related

Come on now. Stop it, you.

Holy shit… I just looked it up and it's real. It was written in the 80s, and yeah, the woman who wrote it, Stouffer did come up with the word "muggle" also used the word "Neville"

hahahahaa, anons killin me hahahaha

It was still better than all of the Porrer novels

You best be trolling, user.

I think she would get pissed if someone sent her something related to Larry Potter….

If any of these words or phrases are in any news article you can discard it completely.


I know what the SS is but his scar is an N so no, I didn't recognize it

You're so fucking new it hurts.

I never said that there was about the word itself, you dipshit. Re-read the post and then hang yourself.


You are literally retarded. Your question is so fucking stupid I thought about reporting you.

This would make genius bait though.

You're so desperate to have something in common with others, you get mad when I don't recognize that your N's are supposed to be S's

Actually scratch that the Waffen SS were elite men can't have people thinking that they can be great men like the SS.

All heroes have to be effeminate faggots who don't earn anything and win automatically…. like harry potter whom was whinny & lazy pawn of dumbelfag…..leftist are trash>>9090149

I am completely convinced that women "understand" politics inasmuch as it serves them personally and on an emotional level.

(This is from (((((CNN)))) ).

The conclusion is that there's an inherent irony in the "men think with their dicks" cliche, when in truth, women truly think with their ovaries.

Sage for offtopic.

Oh, it is. Just not the Harry Twatter kind. And it's the very magic that will be the dry cunt's undoing.

post it at her so all her fans can see it.

Don't have a twitter…. It needs dolling up like
some captions saying here's the first draft of harry potter then dump all the "similarities" of Larry potter with harry potter….

she's basically shitposting now and getting praises for it

i wish i could get that many (you)s

2nd Hokage didn't gas the Uchiha.
Your move, gay

So, we can all safely assume that professionalism and keeping your fucking mouth shut is a completely lost art now?

The trend is the opposite of that now. Every celebrity feels almost a compulsion to puke out their opinions and act out their first impulses.
For now, professionalism and manners are "uncool". But things will swing back around.

I want goons to leave.

I want kikes to leave.

Well to be fair the bitch was irrelevant…. after the last book so she needs this kind of publicity to stay "famous".
That bitch's number one fear is probably dying alone in obscurity.
Also she is probably doing this as she steals more ideas for more books each even more degenerate than the last Tumblr is her audience now and I'm sure some hook nose is probably giving her a bit of funding.

Send that to the cunt

I'm not a fan of Rowling; some of he shit she's said on her Twitter is gross and embarrassing, and her pretty much saying "sure, go ahead and burn it since the fumes might be toxic" is assholey, but I'm not gonna pretend like the faggot she's shrugging at isn't also an idiot. It's typical Twitter retardery and a thread died for this.


that's from college humor

How long before J.K. Rowling ends up going the way of Madonna, worshipping Moloch while giving out free blowjobs to Dumbledore Army conscripts?

"Trump is still the President."
Easy peasy.

Haven't her magic monster hunting book and movie both bombed?


I think so hence the twitter rants to stay relevant & inevitable more garbage headed direct to VHS or a bookstore near you. You know she's at Madonna's level when no one want to produce her film ideas or her books don't get much recognition.

Oh man I keep forgetting how fucking moronic Trump supporters are. "OMG, That celebrity is so fucking pathetic, she doesn't matter for shit, why does she even try".

This thread full of moronic shitstains pretty much says she's having plenty of affect.

I read Harry Potter as a kid (26 now) and the strange thing is that after the fourth book, her tone changed drastically. The books went from fun childish fantasy stories for the first four parts, to being extremely dark and politicized from the fifth book on. Even at the time it was confusing to me what had happened to Rowling to prompt such a complete turnaround in style. The books weren't fun or imaginative anymore, and the dark tone did not suit her simplistic storytelling at all.

Most likely some ZOG-types got their hands on her and got her to produce the stories they want? She probably wasn't too hard to convince.

I'm sure some demon spirit wrote it for her.

Its like she is writing these articles about herself in the third person.

I recall a documentary where she stated that the entire plot and setting of Harry Potter suddenly appeared already finished in her head while sitting in a cafe trying to start writing. Demon? Possibly.

The virgin-shaming would come back to bite her in the ass if she didn't have fuck you money.


Yes, believe it or not, most mega stars are working with spirits.

I didn't use to believe it, but they admit it most of the time

I finally get it.
They're so assblasted by Emperor Trumps tweets, that they're trying to find their own liberal Twitter slayer


You can't force that. It'll just become cringe worthy. It already has.


agreed.. I was more angered by the fact that potter was a faggot that never had any skill of his own he never earned the right or ability to face snakeface ( can't recall his retarded name)

He was just went through the motions like a low energy stoner being pushed this way and that like a pawn by dumblefag. Even his choice of friends ( first rejects on train that were nice to him) and later main girlfriend were lazy.. he was dumped by the one because he ignored her so he took up with his best friends sister.

Its easy when you plagiarize.

You're supposed to be scared by Rowling getting 240k retweets. The mob is right and you're wrong and their numbers are all the proof they need.

Is it just me or does her face look like it's melting?

man the 2nd Hokage is the most criminally underdeveloped character in history, he did everything and got nothing

I always felt the tone shift happened in book 3.

(2) what now faggot?

I also never liked his constant whining about that faggot that got killed.

faggot getting killed was the end of book four when paul blart mall cop comes back from the dead and the series goes into Dumbledore's Army mode. The fourth book started to lose its innocence but was still an alright read (to me as a kid at least). The fifth book introduced politics and evil white people.

only the ones she actually replies to


cedrick… that one I never liked the 4th onwards they felt forced and wrong.

Kill yourself, my man.

Notice the subtle suggestion made by the boxed in words… She's a "girl asking to be raped." Which makes sense because I'm sure that hideous beast has never seen a penis.

Not one person in the replies calls her out on it either. These people are casting aside their humanity rather than admitting they were wrong.

I remember that type of behavior. In my teen years. Shitty parenting has a pretty fascinating ripple effect which makes me glad to have experienced actual pain and fear in my childhood.

shit really I thought that was some jewish guy

The topic of "mudbloods" or race-mixing is featured prominently in Harry Potter, yet in typical deluded commie thinking it has no effect on the idealized world of Hogwarts whatsoever. Truly Harry Potter is some kind of all-in-one indoctrination solution handed to Rowling by a demon


she made over a billion dollars selling magic-lite to hundreds of millions of children worldwide.

id be pretty smug too if i could outsell the bible with my own separate religion built around various esoteric and occult shit.

I'd say we have a chance but the beauty of meme magic is that normies can't into it.

Yes, race mixing would have resulted in magic being bread out of humans. Just like any other trait. The book creates a unique culture of people and a unique trait that connects this group. The book series then fails to support the contradiction of the political message the author ties to convey to this world she supposedly created… egalitarianism & mixing with non-magic people would destroy the vary talent that is central to her story and end the "wizarding world".
Similar to how this same egalitarian, race mixing, let in no boarders agenda is destroying the uniqueness & culture of the countries of Europe.
typical autistic cat lady retardation.

that article headline…
because participating in group masturbation would make you not a sexless virgin…?


Savage af tbh smh famalamaloo.

who read Harry potter now…tumblrinas gays and other mentally ill sexually frustrated crazies so the insult is nothing more than childish projections of their own misery.

wtf I love naruto now

I hate how leftists dress. All of them conform to the shitty hipster garb and then tack on more and more shit. The fuckers on the sides especially.
The broad on the left is what I see exhibited the most in public, though
Why do they strive to look so bad?

beauty is a sin and a standard that they strive to destroy. Mediocrity and sloth is what they are.

Never understood why people like Harry Potter. The first movie was boring and childish "let's be school children forever" crap. LOTR is great on the other hand.

To be honest Voldemort was too a half-blood, her mother was a pureblood descendant of Slytherin, while his father was some kind of muggle countryside noble.

Well at least I look better than your husband, probably has more sex than him too.

Kek confirms I am handsome? Random sloots say it a lot, but kek confirming it? I am honored, I will use my powers for you.

I hate her as much as the next Holla Forumsitician, but let's be honest, everything with 'Harry Potter' on it makes a killing.

I don't know about the Monster Hunter book, but the movie they based it on made a killing at the box office:

It made a killing. And they're gonna shoot 4 more, for a total of 5 movies. Which means this bitch ain't going anywhere, any time soon (much to our collective misfortune).

yeah this is one think I never understood about wizard breeding, so;
wizards should have out numbered muggles years ago.

Anyone who ever liked this dumb shit should kill themselves.

Her and the people who care about her enough to argue with her are all in the same Venn diagram circle of irrelevant, dumb consumers.

Oh wow. David Baddiel's still alive.

goldstein is such a jewish sterotype its what i named my senechal in rogue trader.

It's undoubtedly better tho.

You forgot about the six trillion killed by Grindewald and Voldemort. Also about all the squibs, and the fact that wizards seem to live in some sort of hell-world full of nightmare diseases, demons, and man-eating monsters. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the mudbloods blew themselves up by accident or got eaten by dragons.

I'm surprised the irony is lost on her. The quoted portion accurately describes the EU and US under Obama, Soros, Hillary Clinton, Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, & co. Rowling is easily the cat lady.

Point out she stole Harry Potter from the movie Troll. Ask her how much she paid to keep them quiet.

yeah she wants to be taken serious treat her like a joke and bring up the law suits over the plagiarism that she had to fight due to stealing ideas from Larry potter and other books.

Surprised no one has posted this yet.

Rowling might be an intelligence front. If nothing else, it's shady af that Harry Potter is an inversion of LoTR.

be condescending and call her responses cute…

The prequels are pure kino, an interesting mix of space-opera and romanticism, coupled in with a 9/11-jewish subvertion and takeover-plot and a classic greek-tragedy story.

They are actually better written than the original series.

No they are trash stop pushing this meme.

"So your argument is that because you are wealthy and wrote kid's books, the poor and unemployed people who get blown up by Muslims need to STFU?"

Spread it like fire and see if parents still buy her books to their children.

Why does britian produce the ugliest people on the planet?

alt-right…. I hate that label

idk do parents even have standards anymore? In the early 90's she would be finished for that today I don't think anyone cares.

Fog and rain, user.
Due to millions of years of fog and rain on the Island, people didn't have to develop acute eyesight (it's why there are no British pilots and why brits drive on the wrong side of the road) and as a consequence, they stopped evolving aesthetically.
Ah yes, well, the constant rain and horrible weather have actually pushed the average brit's emotional state down a few notches. The UK is populated by a nation of people that are half-dead on the inside, so any token of affection is welcome - thus making reproduction possible amongst the grotesqueries that pass as humans there.
I hope I answered your question.

This is what the left has been reduced to, really it's all they've ever been.


So close, but so far.


They spent the last three decades winning. Fag marriage is on the books and that is more or less the death of the white race.

Oh shit, can't wait to if she is still around by June. KEK works in mysterious ways.

Leftists need to back …
to their insane asylums.

via executive order… someone could undo that.

Not executive order, Supreme Court ruling. Literally the only way to undo it is a constitutional amendment, or have the court hear a different case and decide differently.

Supreme Court rulings have more power than actual laws.

Didn't Rowling steal literally everything about Harry Potter (down to the flash on the forehead) from another book?

Harry Potter is the name of a child wizard in the movie Troll from 1986.

Larry Potter & others.

There's a book called Groosham Grange that's a dead ringer for the Harry Potter series, thing is - it came out 7+ years before the first Potter book was written.

But you fuckers deserve this. This shit came out when LOTR trilogy was out, a genuine classic by a genius and expert in Nordic myth and languages. either you or your parents decided to support this shit from a fucking scottish welfare mattress and plagirist.
Proud to say have never read any of her books, watched a single movie, or given her a single shekel.

If she was muslim she would be stoned for the subject of her 4th grade reading level books

and her cuck husband would be allowed to beat her under sharia law

Do these people have literally nothing else they can write about? "Woman Calls Someone Virgin On The Internet" is a fucking headline now? This is why the media is dying.

If the Supreme Court can multiple times assert that racial descrimination is constitutional, even post 14th, and then a later Supreme Court can just say "lolnope" and shove (((diversity))) on us then a future Supreme Court can damn well end faggot "marriage," birthright citizenship (hopefully retroactively), and a whole host of other farces.

Now there's a feel I haven't felt in a long time.

Muggle was a word before HP came around. It was used as a person who smoked marijuana

Fuck I just busted out laughing in class at this.


>but hey look at this totally epic ownage this kooky celebrity did on our controlled media network!


Jews are masters of prejection
>They acuse others of xenophobia and ethnocentrism as if any of those things were bad when they practice both on a daily basis

Jews are masters of projection, wich is why i laugh so hard every time they invent new lies about Hitler such as him being impotent and needing to drink bull semen and cocain to feel manly

What is this even about? What's the significance that has Rowling so salty?


JK Rowling is a disgusted Jewess
I wouldn't have cared about the political message she crams in her stoy had the story been good, but she allowed herself to be jewed from day 1

Hermiony should have been the MC of the series but "muh stronk womyn protagonist" wasn't such a hip trend back when the first book came out so she compromised her work and made that useles faggot Harry into the MC putting hoim front and center so that people could stare at his forehead scar while Hermiony did all the work in the background for fuck's sake, even LOTR managed to hide a little better how usseles Frodo was during the first movie

Then when some random secondary character appeared (wich was originally a niggerette character) she had no problem switching the niggerette for a cuty blonde arian girl (cus arian cuties sell better in the movie theater),

But then when it was time to virtue signal how progressive she was, she casted the ugliest "stronk independant womy of color" she could find as Hermiony, blantantly pretendind that Emma Watson's look were not a solid 80-90% reason why the HP fandom grew to the sise it is now. But when that backfired, she quietly began to milk her own franchice JarJar Abrams style

She is a shitty author that writes whatever she thinks will sell. To her ensuring sells takes priority to tell the story she wants to tell, and i know that deep down she still regrets and is rather bitter that Hermiony was not the MC of her series and i enjoy her pain every day

sSo whenever someone calls her a whore, whoever did so, is not wrong in the slightest, for she sold her soul for just one more shekkel, she disrespected her onw franchise for shekkels, she robed her real MC from the spotlight because shekkels, she raceswaped her canon diversity token characters whenever she thought she could milk one more shekkel from her fanbase, and when her golden egg gooze died, she frankensteined it up for shekkels once again
all she does is for the sake of shekkels and she doesn't care that the world she built is trampled over by her own greed she is literally a literary whore

When will they realize that by saying this, they're declaring us virtuous and themselves whores?

Because they want to push the virgin = bad meme and promote degenerancy.

Yeah it's harder not to get laid than to get laid. All these forward whores are a huge turn off.

There is also the movie Troll (1986).


She was married to a Portuguese guy, Portuguese Dictator was named Salazar, bad guys in Harry Potter are Slytherin.

wow what an inspirational strong independant woman so brave and ruthless :O

Argus Filch (the Hogwarts caretaker) and Arabella Figg (the old cat lady who watched Harry for Dumbledore) both are squibs.

Wizardry seems to be the result of a combination of genes. Squibs in pureblood families may be the result of mutations or extramarital relationships.

Muggleborns are likely the result of latent wizard genes and mutations and wizards having extramarital relationships with muggles.

It would be fairly easy for a wizard to rape a muggle and erase the memory of the event afterwards.

I remember seeing that the first time, thought it was some dude making a funny face and a hilarious troll of the whole proceedings. Turns out it's some mildly deformed pig of a woman. HAHAHAHAH


desperately hanging onto any shred of good looks. Ahahah I love being a man, as I get older I'm more attractive, dignified and women just turn into cartoon witches.

Huh, turns out people like characters who stand up and fight for what they believe in more than spineless cucks, who knew?

The only places I can stand reading these days are here, ZH and a few other places. So much headline faggotry.

JK stands for "just kidding"


Just searched this, fuck off CREW for spreading misinfo.

Has anyone from the "alt-right" even talked to that bitch on Twitter? It's like she replied to some /r/the_donald fags so they think they've defeated the Andrew Anglin Stormer Troll Army or something.


Anything to do with 'Harry Potter', 'Star Wars' or 'Avengers' is going to make a killing. It doesn't guarantee the movies are going to be good, but it's box office gold to keep pumping them out.

As far as JK is concerned, she knows she's limited to the Harry Potter universe. Her non-Harry book (The Casual Vacancy) was a flop and even with her generous fanbase upvoting anything she touches, still is generally regarded as a poor book. If it had have been her debut novel, she wouldn't have got her first contract.


That's because it's the only book she actually wrote herself.

She'll just call you a racist. To liberals, the "R" word means you automatically win the argument, and any logic underlying your opponent's argument is invalid because it's mean, even if it's a statement of fact.

Who gives a shit? It's all fictional bullshit anyway.

Out in the real world, we are trying to save the white people, come join us.

In the early days of film, the United States had local film censorship boards that would decide whether or not a movie was suitable for release in their town based on local standards. Some kike sued on 1st Amendment grounds and it went all the way to SCOTUS, who ruled that it was not a violation of the 1st to do this. A later court in either the 1920s or 30s reversed this ruling and said the earlier court was mistaken.

It's not common, but it is possible for the court to reverse earlier decisions.

She doesn't have much affect, her facial expressions are wooden from all the botox and plastic surgery.

Who wrote Harry Potter? It should be obvious that Rowling did not since the it portrays the Heroic Myth and gets the Archetypes right, which is why the stories are as successful as they are. No way someone who beliefs in the blank slate wrote that.

If only the media was dumb enough to print the tweets that she was replying to in the articles, we could sneak in some redpills.

Someone who blended Roald Dahl's novels together and then drowned the mash with SJWism.

Real journalists write childish articles about twitter spats. It's very important work.

Serious question: Is there such a thing as a Holla Forumsack who likes Harry Potter books/movies? Or is this one of those things that just appeal to fat girls and closet homos?

It's ok to like it if you're 12. No respectable adult man is into Harry Potter.


She sure acts like a kike. Is she one?
Seriously, this "artist" doesn't give a fuck about her work. At least she's honest enough to admit she's in it for the money.

If it was someone important I would

Fucking retard.

You'd need a super computer with a NASA team as back up to play that shit.


I used to study English translation here in Finland. Already back in the early to mid 2000s Harry Potter was like the religion for female translation students. Most of them dressed up in drab gray clothes, and looked gray and average, and acted gray and average. The only thing with colour in their lives was Harry Potter. If they were to like anything else it would be too non-mainstream and they would be shunned from society. But for some reason, Harry Potter was the one thing they were allowed to like.

Me, I've hated Harry Potter most of my life. When the first book was published I was teenager and thought about reading it, although it was a children's book, but seemed interesting. I didn't though and as I saw the Harry Potter phenomenon become popular and touted everywhere I began to hate the whole thing with each increasing new book and movie.

Ill probably sound like some PR cuck but in this case if I would do that it would just give them more ammo.

Gas yourself, exaggerationist. Faggotry isn't a hobby people can casually pick up, and it's inherently unappealing to the 97-something percent of people who don't have a predilection for it.


Reported for MGTOW.

Reported for MGTOW.

Gay marriage is an irrelevant issue next to demographic replacement.

Gay marriage is demographic replacement, you fucking faggot.


Reported for MGTOW.

How the hell does gay marriage stop white people from breeding? Think about things before you regurgitate nonsense.

Oh its hilarious.

I still love thebbooks, but nowadays its more aboutbmyblove of the fanfic.

The fucking irony.

Reported for MGTOW.

Dumb bitch gave away most of her money.

Except the stupid bitch wrote the stories in such a way that basically points to the blood purists being right. And she literally had tonmake to him super edgy Hutler and it still didnt stick.

Twitter must drive public figures insane. They're constantly attacked and can't retaliate or say what they like, so they finally snap. That's why imageboards are superior.

Her books are little more than fanfic fodder. Straight up.

No fuck you, all six movies were golden.

Go be a butthurt flowgoer somewhere else.

Back to Holla Forums with you, I fucking hate these ironic memes. They always manage to lure retards in that actually believe it.
"griffith did nothing wrong"
"my little pony is awesome"
Every single time

You're an idiot, lad. Fag marriage doesn't magically turn all non-fags into fags as well.

Faggots don't reproduce and they aren't people to begin with. What is your logic?

No fuck you, all six movies were golden.

Go be a butthurt flowgoer somewhere else.>>9090680
That wasnt a problem.

The problem is that the last two movies are so literally dark its nearly impossible to watch them.

That wasnt a problem.
The problem is that the last two movies are so literally dark its nearly impossible to watch them.

Elaborate more?

The real problem is mostly that only the Weasels apparently have multiple children.

The real problem is mostly that only the Weasels apparently have multiple children.>>9092144
Wizard/Muggle is unstable.

In fact, several fanfics have the theory that nearly all mudbloods are in fact the children of wizards either directly or thorugh an ancestor. Rape/Deception,One night stands.

That and Squibs. Squibs have the gene, but donr express it, marry muggles and well…

And Purebloods apparently hate having large families.

Then again, in a magical world, feminisms is just reality, since the women never evolved to be more subservient, what with magic and all. Plus magical birth control, etc etc.

She made a billion dollars off that shit and you think she's sad she isn't going to be a repeat success? That's fucking retarded. The only thing that you can do on the internet to try and get to her is shitpost at her on twitter. The OP makes it fairly obvious she has a frail ego.

Isn't that the point?

Sounds about right. Kid from 4chins doesn't know shit.

But that doesn't have anything to do with gay marriage, that has to do with social acceptance of homosexuality.

You're putting the chicken before the egg.

No, JK derpinherp likes hilling that muddbloods just hapoen out of nowhere.

What the fuck is the definition of a mudblood?
It's been along time since I have seen any of the movies and I never read the books.
The only movie I remember in even the faintest detail is the first one and in that one I'm pretty sure it was defined as the offspring of a wizard and a muggle. Is that definition wrong?

Reminder that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them proves that this post is canon.

Anyone with any amount of nonmagical parentage. Both muggle+muggle and muggle+wizard children are called mudbloods (which wouldn’t happen in a real world scenario; they’d have different names).

An example should be made out of every cunt that asks for it.

I bet ya after a week of even a dose of the internet hate machine she would fucking crack

two wizards + magic = pureblood
two wizards - magic = squib
two humans + magic = mudblood
two humans - magic = muggle
human + wizard + magic = halfblood

so… goyim?

Is he supposed to be mosley?

Its like pottery

No, but the constant promotion of it does and its acceptance is a major sign of a dying civilisation.

The first two movies were ghostwritten into something workable without Lucas' autistic fanfiction tier writing about mary stu and spiritualism bullshit. The next four rode on the inertia of their initial success.

We can all agree the one made in current_year is straight up brainwashing.

British Officer in, I think, the first world war.

Honestly, I don't think the people who even read or watched HP liked it. I've met one girl who read the books, each more than once, and she seemed to be kinda autistic at first, but it turned out she was a whore. I think perhaps they latch on to it because they think that's what nerds would like. Being a nerd use to be the in thing a while back, I suspect this lead to a bunch of people un-ironically liking Starwars and HP to signal how much of a nerd they were.

They just make easier for us to target them and their degenerate social groups.
It is not surprising everyone is trying to profit from virtue signaling nowadays.

The politics of Harry Potter are especially hilarious if you are redpilled because so many of the things she writes about go against her leftist ideology. For example, Purebloods are usually racists but have been known to keep a record of lineage to determine who is pure and who is not.

Which is exactly what jews do. The "evil" characters in her books were obviously intended to evoke white supremacy but actually much more closely mirror jewish supremacy. Everything about the world she writes about can be cast in our light. We can use this to our advantage.

fuck, I liked duolingo a lot.

Fags can make children gay, and accepting fags is going to make more children gay.

But then being a queer you are counting on that.

t. Tricky Dicky

The only Swedes that don't seem to be total cucks are the popular ones- Notch, Pewdiepie, and Leffen (although iirc Leffen is half Korean)

fucking news plebs

Somebody help me out. Jews are claiming they'll "register as Muslims."
Where? Where do you register your faith, exactly? This is puzzling. It's like there's some grand central bureau of religions, and nobody told me to register.
We should all register as Jews, and demand membership in AIPAC, or something. If this keeps up, I swear I'm gonna register as a Mormon.

It's the "muslim registry" that people think Trump is going to enact. Dumb fucks actually think he is gonna do it, as though muslims are a race and not a faith (which can be lied about).

Dubs confirm this will happen.

Notch is an actual cuck. He came out and decried the word 'cuck' because it insults people with "the fetish."

Your next line will be: "Muh Rome" even though they accepted Christianity and criminalized ass sex a hundred years before the barbarians rolled in.

wew. I knew he was a faggot when he sold the rights to MC because "it's like just too much stress man"

agreed. pissbabies is tumblr-tier.

he gave up on the game years before he ever sold it off. the last update he ever actually worked on was over half a decade ago.

lol this is the best tactic

Her career is equivalent to Blizzard effectively stealing the IP of Games Workshop and taking it mainstream… she's basically the Candy Crush of first person shooters… within the Tolkein fantasy genre. Her "writing" and it's acclaim are based only on her readers desire for imagination… which is why her other books are shit. She's an uncreative writer, and doesn't actually have the writing ability to make the mundane profound.

You are wrong stupid nigger. Notch didn't see the potential of fucking anything, and he didn't just get "a lot of ideas" from Holla Forums, the retard was a pet code monkey. He came up with zero design ideas in his entire time posting on Holla Forums, had no idea what he had when he first shared it, he only diligently followed our instructions and that was the one smart decision he ever made. The moment we memed it into a decent enough game that the drooling idiots over at reddit took sight and started throwing their mom's money at it, he diligently ditched us and jumped over to grovel at their feet like a fickle stray. And they diligently proceeded to give him the fucking retarded design ideas you'd expect, resulting in the game STILL missing essential features Holla Forums had pressing him to complete so that the game could have a closed loop of player goals from more than half a decade ago. But the money kept pouring in, so the game just stayed in the same fucking position it was since the day he left, with only retarded flavor additions added on since and some insulting poor implementations of the last few ideas we left him with (boats, biomes, resource decay)

The only exception, Notch's true innovation and the reason for his massive success, is his invention of the "pre-order to gain alpha access" model. I don't know how that idiot managed to come up with something so unbelievably scummy all on his own, I'm pretty sure he had no idea what it actually entailed (that is, forcing your early fanbase to pay YOU to be your beta testers, solely exploiting their existing loyalty). Not even the fucking kikes had come up with that one. But that was the "innovation" that actually took independent games by storm and brought him all the dosh, and ruined independent games for everyone forever


Celebrities are narcissists and could never help themselves from diving in head first on all bait. The only thing that keeps them away is they eventually realize there is no end to it, and they realize they can accomplish nothing.

I always had some sneaking suspicion that Notch was contacted by a merchant early on to turn the game into a Trojan horse for state-sanctioned propaganda games. It's in practically every elementary school.

Some relevant Tolkien quotes. He was a cuck by the standards of the time. LOTR is great though yeah.
"Thank you for your letter… I regret that I am not clear as to what you intend by arisch. I am not of Aryan extraction: that is Indo-Iranian; as far as I am aware noone (sic) of my ancestors spoke Hindustani, Persian, Gypsy, or any related dialects. But if I am to understand that you are enquiring whether I am of Jewish origin, I can only reply that I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people."
"I have the hatred of apartheid in my bones; and most of all I detest the segregation or separation of Language and Literature. I do not care which of them you think White."
"Anyway, I have in this War a burning private grudge—which would probably make me a better soldier at 49 than I was at 22: against that ruddy little ignoramus Adolf Hitler (for the odd thing about demonic inspiration and impetus is that it in no way enhances the purely intellectual stature: it chiefly affects the mere will). Ruining, perverting, misapplying, and making for ever accursed, that noble northern spirit, a supreme contribution to Europe, which I have ever loved, and tried to present in its true light."

Wow, how completely unprecedented.

But did it ever occur to him that it should not have happened in the first place? Lel, no :^)

This. means. war.

i assume market research was saying that many of the kids who read the original book were in their teens now, and that teenagers love angst. so her ghost writers cranked up the angst level.

pretty sure ZOG was controlling her even before the first book was written. her backstory says she had such a hard life before the first book was published; either the story was made up by kikes to get the books more attention, or the story is true and she was so desperate that she sold her soul to the kikes

(((Liberal meltdown ))) thread is deleted
Harry pufter thread gets to stay
Jkike fuckwit is anti-white and make cultural marxist propaganda, and now shitpost on twitter?
so what?
we know this.

I loved Groosham Gtange as a kid. They were by the same guy who wrote Alex Rider and the Gatekeepers. There are actually two Groosham Grange books, the first one is exactly like the first Harry Potter book, the second one is exactly like the fourth Harry Potter book (the one with the tournament). When I was younger, I thought those books were rip offs of Harry Potter. I never bothered to check the release dates. Good catch, user


the trump curse is going to burn this kikess alive

He was a Catholic in the UK and supposedly traumatized by Battle of Somme. but if you think his estate (his grandson collecting all the shekels) didn't comb over/take out of context/outright invent shit to quiet the Jews bloodlust back when you could portray Orcs as literal niggers, you're wrong.
The entire trilogy (I won't watch last 3, will ruin it) was a metaphor for a Europe invaded by niggers, and the Jews knew this but still couldn't pass up the chance to make shekels. They went so far as to change the orc color from back to white in last 3 movies, which as soon as I saw refused to watch any of films.

Her low self-esteem is warranted.

Mediocre tbqh, but absolute trash now.

There were at least two writers, Prisoner of Azkaban sets up a lot of spells and artifacts that don't behave like they are described in later books.

It's funny how often women shame men for being virgins or even womanisers, yet are against any judgement at all against their own sexual behaviour. Reminds me of that Jew quote that the stated goal of feminsim is to remove all restrictions on female sexuality and maximally restrict male sexuality.

The fuck is wrong with all of you?

He was subscribed to a fascist magazine "Candour", for the last several decades of his life, so he evidently changed his mind after the war.

t. The modern left.

That was always "the left."

>Naruto has a son with a girl from another tribe although she is rather cute and named the kid after Mexican food

I just checked out her profile on GoodReads to see the library of her works. She only ever attempted the one non-wizarding world book back in 2012 which was considered unsuccessful - every other book she's penned has been Harry Potter related.

Any bites?


The first couple of books share a lot of similarities with The Worst Witch.
The whole thing is probably stolen from a handful of lesser knowns, uncredited of course.

Is this fucking real? What happened to this bitch, I remember reading the books as a kid, there weren't any underlying political messages

Read them again.

No. They want to be the arbiters of worth.

Dubs confirm LOTR for non-degenerate folk-fantasy.

She didn't write shit herself anyway.

Topkek, Harry Potter is a total pro-diversity and anti-pure sorcerer pride. Fuck that garbage.

Christian rome survived, byzantine empire

She's literally responsible for the larping tulpa-posters that have subverted this board.

Good writeup, user. It does say a lot about her 'personality'.




t. butthurt virgin

J.K Rowling did not write Harry Potter.
Her "it came to me in a day dream, fully formed and complete" is the same excuse Einstein uses to explain his papers on Relativity, the stolen ideas of greater men.
In Rowling's case, it is obvious that she was selected to be the figurehead for a multi-person project, brining a Cultural Marxist allegory to a new generation at the same time as "go girl" single mother empowerment.
There is an Australian man on YouTube who has a fairly convincing narrative detailing how the script was stolen from him back in the 80s or 90s.

Here we go, Greg Simcock.
How Hermione got her name.

I noticed that too. Worst Witch had a TV series in the late nineties and Mildred was bretty hot.