Wiccans and Pagans are subhuman


Never ever fucking forget that Wiccans are the pinnacle of LARPism, and have contributed to the decline of Western society by catering to women and encouraging them to "worship themselves". They will defend Marxism and any other culturally destructive force before returning to Christianity, leaving behind goddess worship and self gratification.
They've denied God and instead believe power can be achieved through dancing under the moon and lighting candles, instead of through rigorous self-discipline, with intellectual and personal reflection.
This is the same mentality which has led the Western world into believing in crystal healing and magical incantations over prayer and spiritual growth - resulting in spiritual, intellectual and social stagnation.
Wiccans lead this movement with the most influence, and it's only been made more accessible with the internet. However, we also have a growing base, and we all need to pitch in some effort in order to counteract LARPers.
We need to value philosophical arguments over the misguided teachings of barbarians.
Wiccans, savage NOI niggers and anti-western degenerates all share one, single trait: childish, egotistical personalities that are based on nothing but personal gain. We must all understand that materialism is nigger-think, meant for the lowest beings of society. We can't get caught up in it or else we will end up like the alt-right LARPagans who find joy in nothing but soiling Western culture.

Remember why you do what you do.

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Pagans are basically fedoras who don't want to be associated with the hat meme.

Go away Christcuck. We know LARPers are faggots including Christian LARPers.

Damn jew you were off by one minute.

Reminder that antifa and other far-left groups set up recruiting stands at pagan festivals.
When was the last time you saw something like this at a Christian church?

So christcucks can't even archive the link?

Also there are not even 4 people there

Only in the West. Rodnovery, Slavic paganism is legit far right wing.

Some strains of Rodnovery in Russia are characterised by racist and antisemitic views.[30] In 1992 a political party ("Russkaya Partiya") associated with Slavic native faith issued a manifesto, calling for declaration of "Christianity (which preaches the idea of God-chosen Jewish people) a Jewish ideology, and a foreign religion that aids the establishment of a Zionist yoke in Russia".[31]

In Russia and Ukraine, many followers of Slavic native faith use the Book of Veles as a sacred text. This work is considered by scholars in general to be a 20th-century literary forgery.[32]

Most, but not all, Rodnovers place a heavy emphasis on some form of nationalism as part of their ideology combined with anti-Christian sentiment (they consider Christianity a Jewish superstition). In some cases, this may be limited to a commitment to preserve national tradition and folklore; in other cases, it may include chauvinism directed against other ethnic groups. Dr. Victor Schnirelmann, a cultural anthropologist at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology in Moscow, has written that ethnic nationalism, xenophobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, misogyny and antisemitism are core values of many Russian Rodnover groups, and that they base their ideology on the Aryan myth.[33] Schnirelmann also says that the Russian native faith is prevalent among the skinhead groups in Russia.[34]

Recent translations into Russian of "racist and antisemitic teachings" by the Italian fascist Julius Evola and the antisemitic theosophist Alice Bailey support this tendency, he says.[35]

The Moscow Bureau of the Human Rights Watch notes prevalence of xenophobic, racist, and antisemitic views among Russian native faith groups.[36] In 2010 there were several incidents of violence by Russian native faith extremists against Orthodox Christians and non-Russians.[37]

Roman Shizhensky, a scholar of Russian Rodnovery, states that it is a manufactured "parareligious" movement based on fabricated mythology.[38] The scholar Victor Schnirelmann expresses a similar opinion.[39] Russian Rodnovery has been described by the culturologist I.B.Mikheyeva as "highly politicized quasireligion" with extremist tendencies.[40][41] Schnirelmann gives a similar assessment of a "quasireligion" based largely on ideology. His assessment is an interpretation of the statements of Russian Rodnover leaders.[42]

According to a religious census of Russia of the year 2012,[43] there are around 750,000 Rodnovers in the country.[44]

(((Neo-pagans))) are controlled opposition, just like (((Christians)))
Real paganism is based and white.

Looks like you were on time though, kike.


And Christianity in the 21st century isn't?

Shut up faggot. Christianity is a semitic mind control program that was designed to outlaw usury in Europe so that Jews could monopolize the moneylending profession.

Racial holy war is the future for the White race, and it won't be fought under the name of stick-Jew.


Tell me about the based jews again.

That and the fat chick (lol) looks like she's wearin a Bernie shirt Another jew worshiper looking to be saved by a kike.

Christian churches don't need to set up stands, they openly preach white genocide and white guilt at the pulpit. Methodist church I went to had a female pastor and was preaching how it was the black man's turn to rule and it was the white man's turn to know what oppression should feel like. That we as white people need to embrace people of color because integration makes us stronger. I live in a predominately white area, in the PNW, most of the congregation were older retired white couples. We had one black person in the choir and she was a transplant from Africa, here to study and living with a host family. It wasn't just isolated to our church either. It was a teaching plan handed down from the head bishop of the region. Nope. I refuse to be part of that indoctrination. I tried, as a favor to a family member, to try going back to church, but that really put me off of organized religion.

I'm not even a christcuck and I know how terrible an idea that is


This is a Kekism board, all other religions don't belong here.

I've never met anybody that liked wiccans. They seem like what juggalos would be like if they were hippies. Don't lump all pagans with those retards.
Personally I prefer Forn Sed, which is more focused on prechristian germanic culture and traditions. It's inherently rightwing. I see no reason to be adversarial with Christianity (apart from where it's been infested with leftism). A lot of people seem to forget that Jesus kicked talmudist kikes out of a temple with a whip and called them the synagogue of satan. It's not perfect and he's a foreign god but for a long time it's been a great unifying force for whites.


I can't argue with dubs. After we Make America White Again the proselytization of America to Kekism will begin. Barron Trump will be declared the Avatar of Kek and heir to the Empire of Mankind. Ave Imperium, Kek bless you!

Jesus didn't kicke talmudist kikes out, he kicked out people who had set up a market in the synagogue. They were squatters and general riffraff.
It has nothing to do with driving out bankers like so many think. He was just kicking out squatters. It's still a synagogue which he calls "his father's house".
Jesus also never called jews the synagogue of satan. It's John who came up with that story:
The based Christianity meme is founded upon misrepresentations of the text. Once again Christians misquote, cherry pick, and remove all context from a selected passage in order to make it appear as if it fits their conclusion.

If Europeans want to be free we need to stop pretending that Christianity is a based, European, nationalist religion. It's not. It's a proselytizing religion that has spread from the Middle East to the rest of the world. No fags, no e-celebs, and no kikes. That includes "muh based kike" Christ.

So, my question to religious anons here. When does it BECOME Larping?
Also slide thread is slide thread

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