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What did he mean by this?




Bernie praised Trump too


If you promote this you're helping (((them))).

"Don't worry Dahnald, leave this meddling kike to me!"

Pfft. It's called a ripped stream off youtube, nigger.

We've now entered the Android saga

Sanders is Android 19

Ted is Vegetta about to reach super sayain

Jesus Christ, that's not even a fight, the Zodiac killer will strike again.


Bernie will die within a year.


Ratings? It'll be interesting

To prepare for their 2020 presidential runs, Jew and Rato teaming up.

All whites will have to pick a side soon. The choice will be clear and easy, and the other side will not want them.

Sanders is going to get embarrassed. I'm not even fond of Cruz but know he's more than a decent debater. In any case, this is him simultaneously trying to raise his stock while burying the shit he pulled during the convention. Should be interesting.

lel. Delegatebowl.

He meant:

I don't even know what's going on in this timeline anymore

Anyone else get the feeling Cruz is going to throw the debate as part of a large establishment scheme to get more Dems elected so they can impeach Trump?

Consider that Bernie couldn't even debate Hillary, you might see him die on the stage Tuesday night. This is the timeline of memes, speak that reality which you wish to live.

Then Pence will electrocute all of San Francisco

No, because that'd be retarded.

Why would he vote in favor of bills Trump has spoke in favor of, campaign for Trump, ect., and then do that? Stop being autistic user.

I'd be surprised if he did that, though the thought crossed my mind. Cruz is very self-serving and even if that were the plan it would backfire. That and losing the debate won't do much in the long run for either side really. If anything, Bernie may take a dive opening the way for another person within the democratic party to emerge as a leader. He may be an independent but he is seen as one of the major leaders of the left.

Nah. Remember during the primaries, how Cruz was the best debater? His ego is too big to fluke this, on purpose at least.

tfw actually rooting for cruz

Nah, Rato is on the Trump Train because he's going with the flow. He stands to gain nothing by cucking to the Dems now. He knows where his bread is buttered.

Cruz may be a rat bastard, but I think that Trump has him on a short leash. He's an excellent spokesman, and if nothing else he'll go all out to either run for a subsequent election or maybe even a SCOTUS seat.

This, cruz is too young to throw a debate

It does make one wonder who the moderator will be. Also, over such a topic instead of a broader range of topics is going to work against Bernie. In any case, CNN is stupid and hoping to cash in on Bernouts watching since Trump has grown tired of them.

What's the point of this debate? We know they're both liars.

the return of the rat

I'm looking forward to the shitposting and memetic occasion tbh.

The establishment is probably trying to lay the groundwork for Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders in 2020.


Mr. "Vote Your Conscience" was a little slow in his epiphany

CNN is desperate for viewers now that everyone knows they are fake news. Bernouts are stupid and will watch anything with Bernie, though this number is probably considerably smaller since Bernie cucked out to Hillary.

The Priesthood rises

Meme dump time


I miss shitty Cruz memes.

Leave it to the (((establishment))) to craft some shit plan that won't backfire at all.

Bernie's going to die on that stage. He couldn't beat Hillary, Cruz was willing to get into a shouting match with the mad lad him self.


this just in, everyone to become sycophants. more energy for the god emperor.

Destroy Bernie once and for all, you rat bastard.

This is some alternate timeline where they actually handed over the delegates and Bernie didn't get screwed. Wtf

because hes controlled op user


I hope burnout sellout will finally be seen as he really is. An ideologically bigoted communist who vilifies the successful and bribes his supporters with the promise of free shit just so he can win votes. He's never accomplished anything in his life and for his many years of doing nothing the stupid kike has gotten rich off taxpayer dollars






hello rato




hello rato


A killer vs thief. Historical showdown.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!

hello rato

Bernie will die within a month.

A week?

A day?



Already dead.


A minute? What do you need a second for, you greedy goyim?


Trump has in fact made anime real.


Bernie will die the next time I take a shit.

Sry, back to dumping



I just know the President will do something where everyone will swarm and forget about the debate, maybe to the point CNN won't air it because of Breaking News.



Thread theme?


video sauce and music immediately



Remember this, Holla Forums?

Do you remember?

10/6/2017 5:34 AM



hello rato, curse you user


Got it from /bane/, threads gone though now.


hello rato

El Rato has evolved.

El Ratticato has bent the knee.

On paper, Cruz has top tier verbal rape skills but in practice he's got trouble persuading people because he's a creepy insincere Canadian rat-man. He's more than enough to turn Bernie into dust though.


You know we can post up to five files at a time, right?





They said "He'll give you anything" and so he gave them defeat…


For the glory of Kek, for the slaying of sides.


Two shakes of a lamb's whatsit.

underated post




The fuck, is this real? I thought cheetos man was extremely anti-Trump?

Bernie Sanders will die one hour after the debate out of shame.

Ted Cruz is still the Zodiac killer. Nothing to get excited about. Bernie's economic plan is more in line with /pol than Ted Cruz's globalist corporatism stance. But Trump is President and this "debate" is irrelevant.

Bernie will kill himself on stage.

Classic meme

He is, but he crashed his career into the ground, and all of his shit was canceled, trying to rebuild it I imagine.

Ran outta Cruz memes. Enjoy my Bernie stash.

He is, but he wants to avoid the firing squad

Go home Bernie, you're drunk.

it's a Canadian rat vs. a kike rat. There is no winner


I post one at a time because autism and disorganised folder - not cuckchannery.

Are you autistic? A Jewish commie is close to Holla Forums?


Post dank Rubios


The worst part is he did a promo a few weeks ago with Samantha Bee to bash Trump if I'm not mistaken. The fucker thinks he's relevant.

anyone got the edits of Bernie in front of the TV?

anyone better is helping run the country now. hope he kills that socialist completely

Well shit, outta Bernie memes too. Jeb! took up too much attention.

I remember.

Trump plays dirty when necessary.

You and your ilk will hang from the street lamps, Kike.


Why do they keep giving us all of these opportunities for great memes? El Rato versus Boinie Sahndas? The jokes right themselves, two of the biggest campaign cucks of all time getting on CNN's stage to argue over something that is deadset going to happen and is most likely going to be a massive success. Complyin' Ted is going to destroy Sanders, he'll be lucky if he doesn't break down and start screaming about real socialism. Why would the establishment do this? Everyone knows this is shilling for their 2020 runs, even though Kike supreme wont last the year. Ted Cruz is never going to beat The Emperor when he runs again, he might as well sit tight and hope for the supreme court.Everything they do raises our morale and our memetic potential, and sets them back or makes them look like absolute jackasses on national television. The establishment would be better off sitting on it's thumb for four years, at least then people might have forgotten how retarded they've been. I don't fucking get it.

Fuck off Bern victim, Holla Forums is a Trump board.

Reading compression, user.

The (((incident))) had nothing to do with Bernie. You don't remember.

Also, don't forget he gave us this gem before he sperged all over Trump

I dont, and I was watching the whole campaign closely. Is that Rattos or something? It looks armored. The doors.

I remember perfectly well. Trump rekt a van full of rats.

Someone else can spoonfeed you, newfag.

Wrong. Trump had nothing to do with it either.
The rats murdered a vanful of innocents.

My life is Holla Forums and stopping white genocide. Ive been on the chans since like 2007. Chances are, youre the newfag. You realize after 2010 youre just cancer and can never be anything besides cancer, right?

Also hilarious from the guy who doesnt know you can post multiple images on 8/pol/.

Wait is CNN so desperate for relevance they have to hold a debate to get viewers back?

I hope this finally kills that retarded normalfag meme that "Bernie would have won!!!!".

When gets demolished and pussies out to fucking Rato of all people and reveals his commie power level to an audience that isn't actually a bunch of retarded Marxist sympathizers the last little shred of dignity and hope deep within their assholes untouched by Shillary and he DNC's throbbing cocks can finally die.

Ye, that'd be the cut-off point. I called you newfag cuz you missed that part of the election, but that may have been going too far.

Of course.


Also, 2007 was a bad year if you catch my meaning.

This is the best news I've heard all day.

Come on we know CNN can't help themselves they'll still load the questions and the audience.

Nova by Saint Pepsi. Just another chopped and slowed vaporwave track with some percussion added. Posting some cool funk myself.

It spanned a year. The picture returns nothing. I was interested in the heavy looking doors, is all. I wanted to know who was protected, and at what stage.

They were campaign staff for Dr. Sleepy Negro, and were most probably assassinated.

Obviously not. It was a major deal, so much so that Carson commented on it during a debate in a rather impassioned manner that reminded everyone that he can actually be awake when he wants to.

Getting raped by something would make you familiar with it.

Everyone here is forgetting how incredibly anti-Bernie CNN (Clinton News Network) was throughout the entire primaries. Zero coverage of the massive turnout at his rallies, downplaying his early wins, practically ignoring his upset win in Michigan despite it being news on every other channel, and only mentioning him to remind everybody how "oh he's just a fringe longshot who won't win; now let's talk about the real candidate, Clinton, and how awful Trump is"

They don't like Cruz, but Bernie's been stirring a lot of shit lately and CNN is owned by the Clintons and the DNC and they're still furious that Bernie ended up doing so well and many blame Clinton's loss on Bernie running against Clinton in the primaries. They hate Cruz, but they REALLY hate Bernie; they want revenge and I guarantee they'll spin it so that Bernie looks like a fool and Cruz looks like a reasonable republican candidate in a time when the left is seething with rage at everything and everyone right-wing. Cruz has nothing to gain at this point since he can't run in 2020 and they have nothing to lose by crowning him "the winner" of the debate.

Mark my words, they'll use it to attempt to spin it to take away Bernie's credibility to push the narrative already that neither he nor any other remotely anti-establishment candidate like him should be given a chance and set the stage for the establishment Dem of their choice in 2020.

Hello Rato

Thank you user.

Bernie isn't even remotely anti-establishment.


Bernie got that treatment because he was running against Hillary. Anyone would have gotten that treatment this time around.


They died? I recall Carson talking about someone who died vaguely.. It was something I followed, but Its not coming to mind. Shit memory. Looks like an armored van, seems strange for campaign staff.

Doesn't matter. They blame him for Clinton's loss.

This thread has made me nostalgic for the early part of the campaign

One of the passengers died, the other suffered minor injuries.

That's not what Bernie says.

Bernie was in on the whole thing…wiki leaks also if this is an attempt to make Bernie look foolish Bernie is getting something out of this.. probably $$$$$$hekels.

In any case this disturbs me because it would seem that (((they))) are starting their bid for the presidency already.

That also seems odd, considering its armored, and it just looks like it went off road. I guess it rolled or something, maybe they were ejected, maybe no seatbelt. I do recall him talking about a dead person, but I never saw that picture. Probably came out afterwards, I would guess. Also, like I said, no results on google image search. Rare picture.

I know that feel. How lucky we got to be to witness it all.

Go Zodiac go!


He's not remotely sane anymore.

Poor bastard died in a car wreck driving around on icy roads helping sleepy nig campaign



Boynie is a literal communist. This should be interesting.

I wonder whether Bernie will actually get into a thorough debate and slip to defend socialism, or whether Boynie will just act Jewish and regurgitate social issues and racism. Probably both.

If he can't have Trump's delegates, he'll just have to take Bernie's.

hello rato

Yes Goyim, it was a simple (((Accident))); A mere (((Coincidence)))…

Hehehehe stupid Goyim.

You know for sure he will comment on Canada's healthcare and may try to emulate Trump by taking shots at Cruz for being Canadian, all the while ignoring all the problems that canada's healthcare has.


Hillary's digging the knife in nice and slow.

It aches being surrounded by those who parrot this crap. It aches knowing many (((institutions))) and colleges, and youth, we know out there promoting Boynie Sanders.

I remember listening to two Canadians peddle that Cuban healthcare is superior to American. It sounds absurd.

What problems are there with Canada's healthcare, by chance?

hello rato

gonna be interesting to see how sanders reacts under the explosive wrath of ted "the jewnabomber" cruzynsky

What is with this kike and desperately trying to stay in the limelight even after he stabbed all of his fans in the back? To rub it in?

You cant get any, you die on a waiting list, you suffer if you dont die, you cant get an MRI for things you need an MRI to treat. Doctors openly ridicule you, you dont pay them and they make their money regardless. They are paid peanuts, and their salaries are capped each year.. but they are overburdened with patients, so tough shit if you dont like your doctor openly insulting you and throwing his arms in the air in a mocking fashion while shouting "EVERYONE WANTS AN MRI!".. and even if you do get one, its like a 6 month waiting list, again.

Brock Lesnar almost died in a Canadian hospital, they couldnt diagnose him for days, or do anything for him. 10 minutes in a US hospital and they were saving his life.

but it's FREE™, don't you want Free™ healthcare?

Lost my train of thought half way through. They wont prescribe you anything even when you need it because government agencies pressure them not to give you anxiety meds for your crippling anxiety, but to give you anti-depressants instead, because they cant be abused. They wont give you pain meds, unless your back is broken etc. They dont care about you, and they get the same amount of money regardless. Giving out meds that can be abused is simply a liability to their career, they give out too many, someone harasses them. They simply dont help people, and thats if they are available to refuse you help. Horrible system, there is a reason that chart:

only puts it a marginal amount ahead of the US. The US system is better, more people get treated with better care. Oh, and theres this too:

Canadas healthcare costs 50% of every provinces budget. Imagine if you took 50% of your state budget and threw it in the trash, gave it to a bunch of Chinese people. Imagine all the programs you would lose.

Pretty much just addressed this. 50% of your state budget, cut it off, or pay 50% more state taxes, thatd be more realistic. Suddenly you pay 50% more taxes.

What is Cruz's endgame?

Its obvious hes a lying psychopath hiding his true motives from everyone. He was once firmly against Donald, and now is working by his side. Even willing to be humiliated into working the telephones for Donald the day before the election. His entire life is run on half truths and lies, so much so that nobody can really pin him down on anything. Liars on his level are dangerous.

The man's a rat through and through. He's slippery and not to be trusted.

The ™ should give away that I am against socialized healthcare, this isn't Holla Forums where people are dumb enough to believe in free rides.

He covered it well.
People that live near the border, it is often better to drive into US and go to a hospital there than it is to wait for care in Canada. All the hospitals are tied to the same system also, so if you move to another hospital for one reason or another, you have to go through the waiting line all over again. Everything about it is pretty terrible at every level.

Oh I know, just saying, most people dont know that. It takes 2-3 weeks just to see a doctor, when a problem arises.Your back goes out and you cant walk, by the time you see the doctor its not in the same state and he thinks you just pulled a muscle, refuses to give any help, says go pay for physio (not covered) - oh, youre disabled and cant work? tough shit. This is where he openly mocks you and asks if you expect him to pay for it.

ol Stef Molyneux came to the US for an elective surgery because it was a huge pain in the ass to get done in canada

this sounds like personal experience.

Also, youre not entitled to disability because its a condition that can be treated, but you cant pay for treatment so you cant work.No one hires someone with a bad back, anyways.

Its like some disgusting communist gray area where people who actually want to have a job get trapped, then you get on welfare and have to live with 6 niggers, and if you get part time work they cut your welfare money so fast, it all just discourages people from even trying.

This system is designed to break people, force them to be reliant on the systems gibs.

Its a personal experience in the same way that Alexander Solzhenitsyn personally experienced the gulags.

Yea, and he also had to pay the government for the healthcare they failed to provide him.

It was genuinely the president. Now I'm not sure if he wants to be McConnall's successor or is trying to be a Supreme Court pick. He's also probably trying to save his seat - Texans don't much like socialism, whatever they think of Cruz, contrasting himself with Bernie is a good move for him.

Heres another thing, they have to put down for the government why you were there, but they can only put one reason, so if you have 2 problems, they will actively refuse to treat the second problem, even if it only takes 2 minutes.. because they are on the clock, and it looks bad if X takes 17 minutes instead of 15 etc. Come back in 3-6 weeks, goy.


Who is this?

I'm torn, it would be hilarious for Cruz to destroy him for the liberal salt, but the division between Bernie supporters and general democrats keeps getting more and more vitriolic as time goes on which is already good for us

glenn beck was outed as part of the cia when todd & clare blew up on itself
he promoted yamie chess products

hello rato

He's biding his time to build his massive army of Skeleton Delegates, Skelegates if you will

hello rato

Fucking amazing.

Never Forget

jews can't be traitors because they were never on our side to begin with

Unless they attempt to guise themselves on our side.

hello rato


it checks out

I want to help Cruz somehow.

Benny Sandman is perhaps our biggest ideological enemy, and he needs to be soundly defeated.

Sanders has been soundly defeated. He had niggers steal his microphone while he was campaigning. His party actively conspired against him and even after it came to light he endorsed his opponent. He claims to be anti-establishment but when he could've stood up to the establishment he cried and went home.

If kikes could feel shame Sanders would've killed himself by now.

He hasn't, since he hasn't fought Trump, the kike and his supporters are waving the fantasy that if he has fought Trump, he would have won.

hello rato

I can't expect leftists to understand this since their adult kickball leagues don't play for points.

oh fug I think I remember something about that. He got something like 50k from them right? Well from that cia shell company down in Houston,TX?

Leftist doesn't play by the rules, Papa Marx is all about fuck nature.

Well considering Crus is a part of the "establishment." Meaning he's funded by them and basically takes orders from them to keep a career, I think it's safe to say there's more to this debate than meets the eye. This could be used to legitimize comrade sanders to some on the Right, or to truly legitimize him to the entire Left. What does Cruz have to gain from debating this bum? Why CNN of all places?


Cruz is one of the most well-hidden globalists. However, I can't fear this being a set-up because it's "Bernie".

What timeline did I jump to?

maybe in the context of an actual academic debate. But certainly not in terms of a political election debate.




Where have you been the last two years, user? All of this shit is retarded and magically ends up being a part of the best timeline


Ted can meme. He was a worthy opponent of Trump. Now I'll lean back and watch him finish this communist.

and it's only CY+2

Truly one of the greatest anime redemption arcs

It was one of my favorite things to come out of last year.

Feels good seeing my oc for the first time since the primaries




chubby kstew makes my dick hard

hello rato

hello rato

Nah, this is obviously "what would have happened" or "who would win a fight" filler.

This is literally the plot to every anime.

hello rato


I know it's treasonous, but I never outright disliked Teddy. So, I hope he can slaughter the old communist jew and offer Donald his head as fealty and penance.


there's your problem

What is the point of it?

hello rato

Hello Rato!
Fucking things I do for meme magic

They cannot help themselves. Irrationality and self-destruction are part and parcel of the basic bitch leftist mindset.

honestly, rato is a pretty good debater. his sneaky, rat-like nature allows him to do pretty well with this sort of thing. sanders, on the other hand, is a fucking commie jew, also making him a natural weasel. i also don't think we ever saw sanders really try during the primary debates, since he was controlled opposition from the get-go.

at the very least, it'll be interesting to watch two faggots fight each other, assuming cruz doesn't cuck out. we won't get the bantz that we got whenever trump took the stage, though.

We've seen Sanders try to make arguments, he incapable of not saying or doing dumb shit. Let us never forget Sanders surrendering his podium to two ugly black chicks and their muscle, "I'm sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails", "white people don't know what it's like to be poor", and getting his shit kicked in by Betsy DeVos.

hello rato


hello rato

Rato is a scumbag but never forget he's a very self-preserving scumbag and relatively smart.
He must have realized by now siding with Trump is the best way to survive the coming years, so he will endlessly lick his boots for 8 years non-stop at least

It is so.


Because they say 'suk muh dik' to anyone including men. In prison raping each other is a hobby sport for them.

Third place match?

Halo rato

hello rato

Only so he can get in and serve his jewish masters.

Not gonna happen. Cruz may have been BTFO this time around, but there's no doubt that he'll run again. Same with Rubio.

He's not going to sacrifice his political future to be a part of some self-sabotaging, (((establishment))) operation.

hello rato



On Tuesday, we’re going to see what would have happened if Sanders had been the Dem nominee and Cruz the Rep nominee. It’s going to be a shitshow.

Why are they debating? What is the point of this?

This is a weird cross-over I was not expecting….Worlds will collide



That's a symptom of their latent homosexuality, not an explanation for their faggotry.

You know what I like?
The fact that people are now actively tuning into debates for the first time in decades.

We really woke up the world.

Cruz just needs to repeat one line over and over;

"White people don't know what it's like to be poor."

That one line cost Bernie what he needed to decimate Clinton.

hello rato

Bernie never had a chance. Those elections were rigged from day 1.

not taking any chances

hello rato

You're right. I think, though, that his numbers would have been a lot higher before "White people don't know what it's like to be poor".

I hope that real Americans vandalize his tombstone with that shit. Chisel it right in. That will be Bernie Sanders's legacy. "White people don't know what it's like to be poor." From a washed up socialist has been couch surfer who never worked a day in his life.

Cruz seems to be working to get back in the good graces of the trump supporters. He was on tucker last night saying how great Trump was and how he kept his word with the American people. Also how great the pick was.

Going with the Dems is retarded. They are completely BTFO and if they don't fix their problems they will become only a regional party. No way rato would go with that team.

Tbh fams, Bernie's going to screw him hard, despite being an old, Jewish gommunist, Cruz is just going to be the typical neo-con that falls flat on his arguments.

Hopefully this guy shows up again.

hello rato

hello rato

Reminder that "rato" is actually a hairless wombat. This meme has been a lie from the very beginning.


hello rato

hello rato

someone spoonfeed me. I followed election close as I could but I work full time. All I remember between rato and Carson was rato's cia guy's "applied memantics" and how they spread lies about Carson dropping out.

if trips, el rato gets cucked by bernie

Dubs for Rato Redemption.



Final reroll.

You can't come back, Beck.

No. Rato isn't establishment. The establishment fucking hate Rato. They just hated Trump more. It's not in his best interest to betray Trump. Rather, it's in his best interest to try and attach himself to Trump's brand and hope like shit that people forget what an opportunistic fink rat he is by 2024.

poor form

How much does it cost to rent a meme machine? I swear I'll give it back by 2019.

hello rato

hello rato