Budweiser Debuts Pro-Immigration Super Bowl Ad

#3 Trending on all of kiketube. This years niggerballbowl, believe it or not, is going to be the most cucked one yet. Hard to believe after the Gay Pride Supercuckbowl from a couple years back.


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these cocksuckers have to many thumbs up. gtfih.

lol, they needed to find the most handsome white man they could to try to get their point across. This commercial just comes across as fucking desperate, then again, these are the same kikes behind the Amy Schumer-Seth Rogan anti-Trump commercials, so… it's expected. Who the fuck drinks Bud anyway, may I ask? How fried do you taste buds have to be to do such a thing.?

I agree with the commercial's message

Only let white immigrants in

Wanna bet libcuck faggots will start drinking it like water now.

No thank you. If I'm going to drink shit beer, I'll make it Warsteiner or PBR. Coors light in an emergency.

meh, can't do much. Though I did notice more liberals drinking it when it was called "America"

I love how all of a sudden, the left is patriotic and "loves America" when their concept of America is literally "everybody is welcome, we love everyone, none of us want to work, free candy for all"

No thanks. Frontier's closed.

My douchechills have douchechills.


I gave up alcohol last year (feel much healthier by the way thanks Emperor), but when I did drink, it'd never be Bud, that's for damn sure. This will blow back hard.

That's probably from the PR firm that created the campaign.

All references to Anheuser-Busch founding members have been removed from Wikipedia.

at least get someone who can speak in the proper krautish accent lord have mercy

Itl be hard for these fucking losers to top their Amy Schumer campaign, but Im sure they will try.
Also, reminder Amy Schumer is Chuck Schumers cousin.

Disappointed tbh fam
sage for pointless thread topic

Can't wait for boomers to finally die so this crap can go with them.

*that subverted

I thought millennials watch niggerball too.

Hey Holla Forums. This is what you find when you dig a little.

A den of degenerate kike subversion, a tool for jews to pump out their degenerate, fake comedians. This place is how people like Louis CK are made. It made Schumer.

I wonder how she managed to get those spots. Not by being funny. Probably by being related to Schumer.

How are these things equal in their minds?


Same though I still drink and all that but I never drink budweiser. I never really liked it to begin with but their marketing has been ass for a long while. I remember it wasn't too long ago that they were pushing the whole "If you drink anything other than bud, you're a faggot hipster who's not a real man, fucko" angle. The most insulting thing wasn't the message they were putting out there but the fact that they thought they could get away with it. Like their brand loyalty was so deep that they were above alienation. Guess nothing's changed.

All record of the history is gone. Wiki starts with trademark disputes after Czechvar brought a lawsuit.

It looks like NFL's sagging numbers are just beginning to hit.
I know where I live, there's a dedicated audience that come hell or high water will watch football. A major way they get other people to watch it, too, is by enticing them with illegal betting (((schemes))).
…And now that kid suddenly gives a shit who wins football. Also, group B are neckbeards who play fantasy football.
smh, my generation, man.

Budweiser stock crashing in 3… 2…

Oh I have no doubt it was the kikes who subverted it, but there has to be an entry point for them to exploit first. And there are definitely aspects of HBD that lead to there being permanent behavioral differences even within what we call the White race.

Imo the Germans, Northern French, and Scandinavians were close enough to our founding British stock that they could be integrated over time, and they mostly were, but the other immigrants were either too headstrong and low class on average(the Irish) or too different ethnically(Southern And Eastern Europeans) to properly "assimilate" to the US's supposed dominant yankee culture.

Strength through unity. Why give the snakes a weakpoint in our identity to further exploit? Because muh nation of immigrants? Sounds pretty terrible, especially if one considers themself a nationalist. What is a nation? An ethnic group. What is an ethnic group? People who share blood, behaviors, etc. What can't happen if you keep injecting "fresh blood" into the mix? The formation of an ethnicity.

Immigration, even the white kind, is a nice way to say "we're gonna ethnically cleanse you, but be nice to the people we bring over"

I don't know any people under 30 who care about football.

The ad shows "immigrant" walking off the ship with zero immigration checks. Just walks right off the boat unimpeded into the US.

The white American is already its own distinct ethnicity that's basically a dominantly Northern European mix of French, Anglo-Saxon, German, and Scandinavian. At this point it doesn't really matter what you inject into white americans as long as it's European. The American is the beginning of the ideal overman, the culmination of all europeans into one Aryan Race.

We just need to send the niggers to Africa, the shitskins to their countries, and the spic beaners to mehiko, Make America White Again

um, this only emboldens my spirit as a European American. In fact I had Paternal German ancestors from St Louis, MO, I learned recently.

I am only strengthened in my European lineage and burning importance of it in these times by looking at this video.

I bet you call niggers "African Americans". What the fuck are you even doing here.

there are zero redblooded Americans under the age of 35 who give a shit about it. football has been hijacked by libcucks for the better half of the decade.

rapid edits in the last three days

Looks like they'll turn him into a dune coon camel fucker by the end of the week.

This is controlled, purposeful, and directed manipulation. Lies and propaganda.

It really depends on where you are in the country. There's a shit ton of Irish and Italians in the Northeast. Mostly old stock Anglo in the south. There's quite a bit of German, scandinavian, and slavic in the midwest, and the far west is a blend mostly Anglo, German, Scandinavian, Spanish, and Irish.

Regionalism is very much real and America suffers from it something fierce.

kek. The Europeans will definitely not be pleased to hear that.

Agreed. I would just like to knock it off with the immigration thing for at least a few centuries. It's not healthy in the long run to fracture an already fractured population.

Of course they did. After they had Kike Seth Rogen and Jew pig Amy Schumer in their ad last year nobody should be surprised. But do we know the owner of the company, is he Kike?

I think it's actually kinda cool that Holla Forums in its infinite autistic wisdom (pbuKek), we can look at this ad and come away with two different explanations for it. Now, unlike kikebook or plebbit, I actually respect the opinions of fellow Holla Forums, so when a white man of Germanic descent and from St. Louis says he sees this as a reminder of his heritage, I can see that when I watch it again. However, this ad changes positively nothing about our drinking habits nor the drinking habits of most Americans. If you drink budweiser (or is it still called American? I never drink it unless someone hands one to me), you will likely still drink budweiser. If you don't, this ad changes nothing. Right now, the beer industry is reeling against the insurgency of craft beer. Craft beer, though, is something that's been commandeered by libcucks to virtue signal. When I got into craft beer back in 2006, it was because there was a white man who set up the only craft beer bar in the town I was living in. He made it a point to challenge state liquor laws prohibiting selling beers over 6% alcohol by volume content – something I approved of. He fought against the odds and proved himself as both a good businessman and a connoisseur of beer. I won't lie, though, as I got older, the taste of craft beer fell to the wayside. The repetitive IPAs/stouts all began to be indistinguishable to my palette and I found the price just didn't add up to the value. Now, I mostly drink German pilsners because they have a light but distinct taste and I like the bitter aspect to them (perhaps that's age creeping in). Coors Light and PBR have become the beers I pick up when heading over to a friend's house because they're convenient. Overall, this ad challenges nothing about my assumptions about Budweister. To me, it still tastes like Wonder Bread. I don't care who's black dick they suck.

Most Americans watch the Superbowl as a reason to have a chicken wing and beer party and tell their wives to stop nagging for a few hours. The ads are well known as some of the most seen of the entire year. This is blatant pro-unlimited immigration bullshit, further backed up by a deliberate online fact-removal effort.

More Jewish horseshit.



And he takes the hazing without complaint

Boomers don't watch football. Main demographic for football is the children of boomers, most football goys are mid thirties to early fifties. Boomers at least the men are usually pretty based and hate niggers even if they're afraid to say it because of the jewish PC culture. Honestly people who spout "muh boomers" are all just retards looking to shift the blame away from JEWS and on to WHITES. FUCK YOU CREW SHILLS!

Icehouse or High Life for when Im feeling like being a shit poor drunk. Otherwise, Staropramen or Leffe for me.

Isnt budieser own by brazlians?

Budweiser is now a brand of inbev, it's not a person it's a fucking golem

What if we start a # that says that Bud is being racist saying that ONLY WHITE immigrants can succeed and not black, Muslims, or illegals. Because the only immigrant that they show succeeding is a white male.

Because all illegal immigrants in the late 1800's knew America was massively racist, so they spend weeks on a boat to come over, many dying, in hopes of finding those early SJWs that would protect them and give them the American Dream.

It's not like they needed an American citizen sponsor to vouch for them under penalty of law, or a secured job to justify their entrance, or a physical that weeded out the retarded, weak, or infectious, or that the risk of failing to fend for themselves and be productive would leave them destitute due to the lack of a retarded welfare system leading hundreds of thousands to return back to their homeland.

Its just a response to all the angry messages they received from people like me, asking them who the fuck do they think buys all their beer, and telling them to stop promoting white genocide. They got a bit more subtle, took the jews out, used the Jameson style setting. Drab coloring, white men, old times.

I sent them a Jameson commercial I think. Sometimes I wonder if Im making the difference. If you recall, wikileaks showed that the DNC was passing around these emails and angry voicemails from staunch democrats, that they took it very seriously. There was some woman saying dont cater to Sanders and she feels betrayed because Hillary was considering what he wanted done. They were worried they would lose those "break the ceiling" voters because of Bernie. One person, though. One little message, with a lot of passion.. and they listened. It went to DWS if I recall.

That kind of shit never works. It doesn't catch the left off-guard in any way, and only encourages them to become even more anti-white. It also does nothing to sway disgruntled whites.

(and how they lost almost 10% stock value, and like 1% market share or something..) also, I never personally bought their beer, I just meant white people. Bud is garbage, especially bud light.

If you drink that dog piss you're probably a faggot. Also, do these dumb bitches know mudslimes don't drink booze? Talk about cucking yourself.

Most muslims drink alcohol, most jews eat pork. The only part of their religions that is absolute is fuck goyim/infidel scum.

Every crony corporate kike is trying to turn this into a national travesty. They'll end up creating a refugee remembrance day at this rate.

My biggest gripe is the "golden era" of film and TV.

It's not golden. It's dated by definition. Timeless means a piece of art speaks to a universal value or truth that is as relevant and relateable to any generation as it was to the one in which the art was made.

The TV and film from the late 40s-early 60s viewed from ANY proceeding generation seem absurd and relative to its time rather than universal in the insights into human nature it reveals. Besides that most output from that time deemed "classic" is quickly and clearly discerned as boring, stupid, and trash by anyone from ANY proceeding generation. This will likely continue for the next century until the monolithic influence the boomer generation had, which was in itself owed to their sheer wealth of spending dollars in the advertisment realm.

The problem with the Irish is that we got too many of them at once, not their genetics.

If anyone wants to check out the wiki pre-edits

Yeah, Luiz Fernando Edmond. As of 2008 it was acquired by InBev.

This is going to work just like their kike rogen and kike schumer bud light ad campaign. The result will be sales loss. No virtue signaling hipsters drink bud. Not even ironically.
So we have NFL ratings tanking since the niggers wouldn't stand for the anthem. Now we have a Laddie Googoo halftime show that will inevitably rip on President Trump and who knows how many commercials that will be virtue signalling shit. What could possibly go wrong?

Not when they pass sharia law they wont.

Their population was pretty much cut in half 3x over, first from Norman invasions, then kike loving "Kill them because they are Irish" Cromwell, then the forced starvation caused by the removal of all edible food sources (the potato crop - which just happened to be rotting - was left - they had plenty of other food). They were also kept ignorant by both England, and the Catholic church, which had a history of keeping its followers ignorant, even of what the bible said. An English pope for example was who initially confused them into not resisting the English invasion by giving his papal bull and suggesting it was condoned by god. He was an English pope…

Anyways, Irish are white, and that was just as much white genocide as whats going on today. The island has a population of about 5.5 million, both the Republic and Northern Ireland combined. They might have had a rough landing, and youre probably right, too many at once… but it was white genocide they were suffering, Id cut them a little slack. White is right, Id argue any white country has a duty to take care of any other white people who are suffering, its a totally different story when its some random third world scum who will simply rot the country and deserve no special treatment. Whites are special, and Irish are as white as French, or Scots.

Won't drink Budweiser again until they issue a formal apology for attempting to undermine the God Emperor's national security initiatives.


Honestly, just look at that. Fuckers deleted all that info, then ran an ad like they did. I've used wiki before to add to local historic pictures, but can some faster user get that info back up? That's really… fuck

Too hell you say. I have never used Wikipedia and laugh my ass off at someone who uses it as a reference.

Nigger, you must have terrible taste to barely stop drinking them now aside from ever at all. Shit-tier beers like Budweiser, the ones that were too big to fail even during (((prohibition))) are so shit that people have never wanted to try other beers because they think they taste like shit like Budweiser, Miller, Coors, etc. I'm not even a big beer person, I do like a nice stout and porter every once in a while but I remember turning 21 and being hesitant to try beers because I thought they were all shitty like those. I can't even imagine why poor people buy 12 packs of absolute piss like lite beers.

The beer of virtue signaling liberals?
I don't think of budweiser when I think of leftists, goodbye a huge chunk of your customer base.

It's pro white immigration. The bigger message is cucked but I think you're overreacting.

Local craft beer is what hipsters drink, drunks drink what is cheap. Alcohol is now degenerate, no excuses.

From the old article:


basically this. I'll grab a tallboy of Kirin Ichiban every now and then when I'm at the grocery store, but other than that I never drink. Feel happier and more alert without alcohol.

I brew craft beer, and I'm pretty damn good at it. It's an excellent hobby filled with tons of knowledge from different disciplines to be learned. Alcohol is only degenerate if you lack the willpower and fortitude to know your limits. It's really a test of your degenerate, self degrading vulnerabilities.

I don't know my limits but I don't drink so I guess I don't have a problem.

Fellow brewmaster, I just finished up my full autobrewmatic machine 10 gal batches. Made a fine ole dark imperial stout that I just put on the kegerator. Honestly anons it is probably the most rewarding hobby I have and I have many. There is nothing like brewing your own, grinding the grain, mashing the wort, stirring, adding the hops, tending to the various additions and spices or just go straight grain, yeast bottle. There is literally nothing quite like opening a bottle of beer you made from start to finish, it is one of the most satisfying of the higher pleasures, and not in any way degenerate. Beer is a part of our blood, our heritage and culture, as europeans, and it can even be wonderfully enriching to learn and partake in the culture of your own ancestors as well as to taste the wonder of our bretheren. Anyone who disagrees, need only find the time to brew one beer from start to finish and put their feet up after a long days work, and throw back a pint or two of their own with some good friends. Hard work, patience, practice and good company all come together so wonderfully with a brew you brewed yourself.

Wasn't as pozzed as I was figuring based on OP's faggotry. Only drink crafts anyways, fuck that plebeian swill.

Most of those guys are faggots too

Leftcucks are to busy drinking their shitty microbrews

Letting the entire lower class of their country show up in our cities is a little much, don't ya think?

Prior to the migrations in the latter half of the 19th century, the US had never received low class immigration. We had mostly taken people who were of the middle class, because being poor you would not have enough money to travel to the US and being extremely rich you would not want to leave your assets in the old world behind.

The Irish, Italians, etc all contributed to the lower class that the yankees had never really experienced in the ways they eventually would.

In contrast, the Germans and Scandinavians(the only two non-British ethnic groups to move out into the frontier in large numbers, I might add) were more of a middle class pedigree, akin to the early colonial settlers.

The class of the immigrant matters. There's a reason the British don't like Poles moving to their cities and being the White version of Mexicans.

Because only the shit tier ones are willing to work like Mexicans in foreign countries.

I take it you haven't recognized Irish catholic voting patterns then.
They are to this day the most liberal hyphenated American White ethnic group.

Beer is fine as long as youre not a problem drinker. If youre using it as a crutch to handle problems from a jewish society, youre falling into the jews trap. Degenerate implies that it has a destructive and negative effect. Since beer is a regular part of cultural events related to relaxation and socialization in white societies, it would actually be degenerate to suggest otherwise. Again though, not to the point where it has a detrimental effect on your health, or career, or society.

Yes, because they were dying. Whites dont have a lower class, unless they act against their race, they are more valuable than any nigger. Im not saying eugenics isnt necessary to weed out the defectives, but Irish blood is white blood. There can be no parallel made with niggers, and muslims etc… I would gladly put up a white family of any ethnic background in my house, until they could get on their own feet. You wont have to worry about them raping the kids, or stealing from you.

holy mother of denial

Whites very much do have lower classes. Just because White lower classes are less shit tier than pretty much any other race doesn't mean they're not a lower class.

Go look up the European immigrants' arrest records online sometime(specifically NY and Boston). You'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Is this actually a good game? It's hard to find much serious reference to it beyond kvetching. I play old school D&D, B/X. TTRPGs (and wargames) are implicitly white in nature and origin.

$10 says this shit tastes like butter too.

Yes, whites forced to compete against all the other niggers, forced into situations they never would have been, growing up in a degenerate society where they are stripped of their culture, stripped of their values, stripped of moral support. White people arent cowards. Where are the rapes? 0 black women 4 years in a row. Whites might have people in lower economic situations, but that is merely a symptom of jewish society. Hitler had 0% unemployment, the white mans natural state is working, and he enjoys work.

No racially mixed society can be a healthy society.


Wait, wasn't the budweiser name stolen from a Czech brewery?
What's this faggot kraut go to do with it?
Who the fuck would drink a beer made out of rice anyway?
It's a beer for nips and faggots.

Married with Children killed their brand.

are you retarded? Descendents of Eastern Europeans' in America typically voted for Trump. Kill yourself kike

Good goy! "le boomers leddit meme." We need those old Whites to die so they can be replaced by new, mestizo, negro and Arab diversity.
Reminder that the entire "boomer" bullshit is a leddit meme stared by young communists league of leddit who blamed Brexit and Trump on "old ass White people"
you sound like fucking Time Wise.

TIM WISE. Our wonderful Jewish friend who constantly reminds Whites that they will die off and be a minority in their own nation.

the entire "boomer" meme is fucking bullshit. Nixon won his second election by the largest landslide in history. A few hundred thousands very naive college students (under Jewish leadership, of course) who made up the May 68ers are the reason people on the right who don't know anything hate them.

You're just fucking brainless and take every meme pushed by niggers, spics, and SJW on twaater. In case you haven't realized in, once the "boomers" all die out, we are then a minority in our nation.

Budweiser is a pils produced in Czech Republic as well. I drank the Czech version when I was there.

No one here gives a flying fuck about boomers
It has and always will kikes that will be hanged

What was edited?

Called Budvar and used to be nice before it was bought out like the other premium Czech pilsners.

RIP Budvar. It is missed.
I remember europeans wanting to fist fight me when I said
before they realized i was fucking with them.

nice try, beer merchant.

The Boomer meme has been around a lot longer than Trump and Brexit.

Does any self respecting White Man still drink alcohol? You should stop if you do, it is actual poison.

Alcohol (((magnates))) thought it would be a good idea to promote this with their degenerate drinks. Next thing you know tobacco companies are going to be promoting the same thing.

Possibly the most Jewish thing any company can do.

Yes goyim, protest Trump! HWNDU goyim! Come and buy my beer to make a statement against the system!

What do you think mudslimes would say about this? Maybe some tomfoolery will make this backfire.

Alcohol is haram

Add Budweiser and Starbucks to the same boycott list.

budweiser is shit beer

only assholes drink it anymore, but USA used to be legally allowed only like 6 beers

Didn't the nigger bowl already happen?

Is the message here that only white people do immigration right?

This Sunday

What gets me mad about this "everyone in the US is immigrants, thus everyone should be scrapping for more immigrants" is the blatantly false assumption that all immigrants are the same. Our ancestors built this country, there is no reason to give it away to a new batch of immigrants. Immigrants back then had to work fucking hard to not die, let alone get ahead, and the comparison to original settlers and immigrants to modern-day ones is quite silly.

Moderate alcohol consumption is healthier than no consumption. Just drink bottle conditioned beer, red wine, vodka, whiskey, etc. Not garbage.

Or be a real American and drink apple brandy.

You might actually be retarded. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of kids all across America, aged 5-18, who play football and give a shit about it. The only issue with the NFL is the fact that there are too many niggers… otherwise it is a great sport to actually play.

I think most of the fucking moronic anti-whites will just see it as an ad promoting white men. We get the meaning, but I doubt most of the radicals will.

This is an issue at every level, not just the NFL. Fucking high schools are bringing in feral apes from the ghetto to boost their athletics programs. These shitskins are a danger to everyone around them both on the field and off it. If you let your kid play football in a league where schools are bringing in niggers you are doing him a severe disservice.


the idea of any european immigrant drinking the piss that is american lager in europe rather than pilsner/stout/ale/lambic from their own country is rediculous. and that not even getting to the "we are all immigrants" bullshit the left has such a hard-on for

The Anheuser Busch breweries have been supreme shit since they've used GMO and artificial coloring and flavoring ingredients. Don't touch any of the companies owned by them, it's not even real beer. If you want a cheap decent tasting American beer just get Yuengling. Otherwise I personally get German or Irish beers.

they are really afraid of losing control over whites huh

as good as it is that this ad has backfired and steeled your resolve, don't use the term european american. it makes you sound like a cuck. white american sounds much better

Yuengling isn't available everywhere in the country, though it's a good option where you can get it. Local craft is usually available for reasonable prices–you're not going to get it as cheap as macro lagers but you absolutely don't need to get into the ludicrous 10 dollar 4-pack territory to get a good beer. Craft brewers tend to be shitlibs (plenty of the local breweries around here are virtue signaling about Trump and refugees), but more than that they tend to be non-jewish whites. As we take back the culture they will quiet down and drift in our direction, because they're not genetically destined to be our enemies. They're just normal white people going along with what they see.

en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Adolphus_Busch

Hmm, reads a little bit different, less gloomy than the ad.

Muslims don't drink alcohol.

Seriously this should anger Muslims, that a beer company is trying to turn them into drunk rapists.

Oh, yes they do. They're not supposed to, but most Muslims drink, smoke, and eat pork. I asked /islam/ and they said "It's a sin, but it doesn't nullify their Islam".

This is going to blow back so fucking hard lel Hipsters drink pumpkin spice ale and shit like that. The only people buying buttwiper were white men doing 12 hour shifts.