Taking the Scotus One at a Time

Trump appoints WASP age 51 years to US Supreme Court. IT'S happening.gif!!

http s://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-picks-colo-appeals-court-judge-neil-gorsuch-for-supreme-court/2017/01/31/2b08a226-e55e-11e6-a547-5fb9411d332c_story.html?utm_term=.7e0cfa236d90


if dubs Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies this year

I'm really happy with this choice. Trump has heard our demands, that someone stop these faggot liberals and change America back to what it used to be. To what it was always supposed to be. The fact that any nigger, let alone a Muslim-sympathizing neo-Communist nigger, was able to be elected at all shows just how much trouble we were in. Then the Kang in question added the obvious lesbian Jew Kagan, and the white-and-man-hating Wise Latina Sotomayor. After Scalia was murdered, he even tried to add a fourth Jew to the Court, Garland. Under 2% of the population, almost half the court. Meanwhile, the traditional Protestant population has had 0 representatives for years now.

Gorsuch is perfect. I was hoping for a White Protestant man, and I got one. The Kikes spent over half a century destroying our country and now we're seeing the damage being healed in real time, day by day.


Trips confirm it will be next year.

This is him and Scalia btw if anyone wondered.

Attention all you Faggots we will retake the Scotus. Five out of Nine justices will be trump appointees, Barron will operate with impunity. This is only the beginning! Praise kek!

Hope Trump appoints even younger ones.

Don't forget, you're here forever

I was waiting for this thread I think we can meme ginsburg into being put out to pasture rather easily now, then we can get another conservative white man and watch the shit fly on the networks

Scalia just looks so jolly and huggable all the time. He's like Justice Claus. I'm not the only one to think this, right?


It looks like a soft wind would blow that demon back to hell. It is a shame she's busy devouring aborted infant souls with Soros- bitch will last forever.

It is very possible for RBG and Breyer to live for 8 more years. Even if their brains go they just have to sit on the bench and vote as they're told.

Look at Gabrielle giffords, she used to be pro-2A… now she is a puppet who literally has half of a brain.

She isn't human. Even if the only one to bite the dust is her, I'll be satisfied.

Gabrielle Giffords is a hoaxing fuck. This is well established. Her injuries are fake

Realize that while the Trump appointees should be solid, it's no guarantee that the political position of the court will be secure if the left gains control of the presidency and congress again.

Reminder that the constitution doesn't stipulate the number of justices in the supreme court, and that FDR attempted to pack the court with up to a possible total of 15 justices 80 years ago. So, yeah, even a 7 to 2 vote unassailable majority in CURRENT YEAR + 4 could conceivably become 7 to 12+ votes the opposite way soon after.

We can never relax our vigilant efforts to protect our way of life.

Giffords is proof you can get shot in the head and still function as a female in modern society.


49 actually. I know it's a minor difference, but two years is half of a President's term. It all adds up.


Sotomayor is Sephardic mix, so it would have been over half

Trump should just have them both assassinated.

(fucking checked)

Your 911 dubs make it so. CIA you listening?



Why bother? Instead, he could have Congress pass a simple, regular act to add three more justices to the supreme court. Doesn't require an amendment, or anything else special besides "not giving a fuck about tradition"

I strongly disagree. If anything, he should have a law pass that establishes the 9-judge SCOTUS as the standard and unchangeable. With Gorsuch's appointment and potentially 1-3 more during his next 8 years, the SCOTUS is ours for decades to come. We don't want shitlibs to have an opportunity to flood it with their own activists judges if they ever regain power.

You're thinking like a small guy, don't be a hothead.

The SCOTUS isn't our for "decades to come", the country isn't ours for "8 years". Either we clean this nation up, get rid of the shitskins and make it great, or it burns. There is no compromise, there is no resolution without violence. History is being written, we live in the most momentous time in centuries. The next few years will shape the future of mankind.

Kill the leftists, kill the jews, Make America White Again.

That would require an amendment with ratification by 3/4 of the states. I'm sure you can think of at least 13 blue states who would refuse to ratify that, right? So, put that under the "won't happen" category.

You need to understand that all that is standing in the way of this being done is that people aren't willing to break tradition. However, tradition is rapidly going extinct. For example, we're going to see the final death of the senate confirmation filibuster via GOP escalation on the Dem "nuclear option"–in order to get Trump's appointees through.

No user, (((tradition))) is rapidly becoming extinct. We are returning to tradition, we are Making Mankind Great Again. Ave Imperium, Ave Trump.


I'm not sure that I'd count "having 9 and only 9 members of the US supreme court" as a jewish conspiracy.


No but allowing non-whites and women in any government position is definitely a jewish conspiracy.

Shitskins, kikes, and women need to get the fuck out of the government, NOW.


Wait is there proof of this? That happened before I found Holla Forums but it did seem fishy at the time.