Social Justice

Yo I am working on a series against SJW's Tell me what does Holla Forums think of the first episode.

Everyone already hates SJWs. It's an easy target, and there's more than enough Youtube channels doing this.

Talk about the JQ. Until then, your OC, while the effort is appreciated, is wasted.

Nice job, but what he said really. Polite sage.

True, however i ran a huge facebook page that got zucked twice over the past 4 years, a lot of people still dont know the the fun terms I'm going to dive in later on like Truscum, transtrenders, terfs, swerfs, which was were the idea comes from, you have to have a base to jump off of before we can even talk about the super crazy tumblr shit.
Also the fact that the womens match was so big tells me this is gonna go on for a lot longer.

I will watch it. However, i suggest making yourself a name in other places. Posting your OC in jewtube is not well received here generally speaking.

Mention the jews behind it all and then we'll talk.

what on earth could you be talking about

Common filth/ mistermetokur/ sargon of akkad/ daily shoah copycat

The market for these types of things is over saturated at the moment.

Honest opinion from me, you have a good voice, dont waste it on this.

Make some actual creative content, not

Its the same formula

Channel your hate against fags into something creative

On your title card you spelled University with an extra I.

Ya i realized that a bit late, i'll fix it in future videos

You don't have the most charismatic voice. You sound bored with your own content. You're also skirting around the issue, and refusing to take a stand against what you're talking about. Both of these problems can be fixed. Nobody is interested in hearing a bored individual tell you about how he doesn't have a problem with faggots. The video is informative as an introduction to the topic of faggotry, explaining their made up identities and buzzwords, but it lacks real substance and narrative.

Neck yourself yid

Fuck off shill.

your channel is cancer and adds nothing new, unless you go full Holla Forums and start talking about (((them))) you aren't going anywhere
go be a shill somewhere else:^)

Thanks, The issue is on the surfuce its hard to say oh lgbt is bad, but than you go down the trans shit, otherkin, agendas in school, feminism, how they are all an coms, This was more of a launching point, so thank you for that the advice.

oh shit you figured me out

Oddly working with a group at the moment about the (((them))) stuff and fighting back, cant release until more info and time is right.

Your introduction in the video is good. You state what the video is about and try to hook the audience.

I agree with that you sound bored. Try to be more high energy. It convinces the listener that you truly believe in what you say and they will listen more closely. Try to insert some humor, a purely informative video is boring to listen to and people will tune out.

You're making these videos under a pseudonym. You have nothing to lose by telling the truth. Remember the quote about the strong horse and the weak horse? You're presenting a very, very weak horse in this video. If you aren't interested in presenting honest, thought provoking content, the best advice I can give you is to work on making yourself sound more interested in the content you're providing. Know how infographs have crazy fonts and big bright colors to make people interested in what they have to say? Do that with your voice.

Agreed, i'll work on the energy in the next video, Need to be more Milo and less Ben Carson.

into the bog you go

Your so new I could smell it from a mile away, I highly recommend lurking more before you post again, and nobody needs anymore shekel-grabbing social commentary channels on youtube

we have IDs here so people don't namefag like furry retards btw

Do this and build your following, and then move on to touchier topics.

I've seen deep inside the rabbit hole, I think the base layer at this point is just boring was the issue, after a few I should figure this out and be going really deep in on the crazy shit like the terfs and swerfs and transtenders. I'm also waiting on a go from a friend who is finding out more about the anitfa people and the connections to the ones who will not be named.

come back when you can do something new

That ship has already sailed honestly, the height of Tumblr's insanity happened when InternetAristocrat was active, and he capitalized on it. You're better off doing videos on hot issues like antifa or juden if you want to get really out there. Try and be different, nobody likes SJWs at this point.

If you want a small amount of what i'm working on. I've linked blm back to new black panthers, this leads to the nation of Islam who joined them in the late 1990s. All these groups are now part and joining the antifa protests. if you watch any blm or any leftist protest you will always see a black and red or black red and green flag. Trust me the video is in the works. and how it all links back to the Hungarian in-charge.
I'll jump that video up since its pretty much what everyone here once it sounds like.