Police are moving in to clear a homeless camp outside Flinders Street Station, after people sleeping outside the building were given notice to leave or risk being arrested.



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salvationarmy.org.au/Global/Who we are/publications/2015/Youth Homelessness Report/The Cost of Youth Homelessness.pdf

Probably a bunch of white in that crowd who'd be employed if it wasn't illegal to hire whites. Also probably a bunch of veterans there denies care while nogs get 40k a year for doing nothing. Kill your self faggot cuck ham OP.

The topic reminded me pozzed Seattle which had a clothing drive for fucking sand niggers because of muh vetting, yet there a huge homeless problem because liberal bullshit in that same city.

periscope ended 15 seconds ago

They probably would go to jail for the free shelter and food.

is there a single person in that picture who isn't white?

This, op is clearly an underage edgelord from Holla Forums, fuck off faggot


Think about it, in many european countries refugee niggers receive home and food for free, but homeless whites don't, some of them get set on fire by shitskins.

"Social Justice" my ass.

Money and shelter go to fucking foreigners while our own couldn't put food on the table much less have a roof over their heads.
Hopefully Trump addresses this issue.


there are shelters for homeless people, don't you faggots realize most homeless people are schizophrenic or otherwise retarded, and don't want to go to shelters, and would rather live on the streets? if a city wants them either in the shelter, or out of their city, then that's their perogative, and I don't blame them. Some panhandlers are fucking aggressive. I've had them accost me at the ATM. I mean, are you kidding me?

You must be 12. Stop posting and kill yourself pronto.

Can't have squatter camps in the middle of the streets. It's friggin Australia. They were offered emergency housing and for people this profoundly useless the dole would most likely add up to a liveable amount.


Nope, I just have no sympathy for the homeless. Work at McDonalds. Go pick some fruit. The idea that there are absolutely no jobs at all is just a shitty meme. There are jobs, they're just shit. A homeless guy is too good to work at McDonalds?

You're the fucking 12 year old, too stupid to realize how pathetic these fucks are.

The whole thing is some kind of dumb statement, you can't bring reason in to this

And that's why you're either a shitskin or a child. I'm guessing shitskin with all the cuckchan influx we've had lately.


I dont think that constitutes most.

This, watching our people get chewed up and spit out by the ZOG machine is nothing to celebrate.

Why? I've worked 100 hour weeks in a burning hot kitchen with illegal fucking spics to bring myself out of poverty. I've slaved in the summer heat picking strawberries. What's stopping these people? They're faggots. They're pathetic. I'm a social darwinist, I have no fucking pity, if that makes me emotionally a child, good. You can go give them the coat off your back if you're so concerned. You can give them your spare room. Oh right, you're just virtue signaling online like a fucking cuck. Nice!

I was going to forget about this anger for tonight.


I wish you and your future children to become homeless some day in the future, because of huge house debt and then die from diseases and hunger on streets, and for your wife to get raped by feral niggers, you unrespectable son of a bitch with no empathy for our brothers in need.

You should consider killing yourself before the things i wished to you come true.

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*tip for the supreme gentleman I seem to have found

TL;DR you are a jew.

He's most likely neither, he's probably just a Kike.

The fact that you have to do that because you aren't in australia only makes it more ridiculous that in socialist paradise australia there are people who larp as "homeless"


If you don’t fear us, post your address.

Our country is occupied by Jews and America's Zionist system is unfair. Smart competent White people become homeless all the time through not much, if any fault of their own. If you don't realize this you probably shouldn't be here.

No, I'm just further to the right than you faggots. Tell me all about what you've done for the poor in your community. I'd love to hear all about it. Actually, I hear the crickets chirping already.

I'm not saying if you're homeless, you're retarded. I'm saying there are career homeless folks who don't want to be anything but dregs. I was essentially homeless at one point, granted, someone gave me a a sofa to sleep on, but if it wasn't a friend, that sofa would be a shelter, and I'd still have done what I needed to do to bring myself out of the situation. I don't see why these people can't. I really don't, save for disability, mental illness, etc.

They're larping

Gas yourself post haste. Also, if you're such a hard worker, let's seem them calluses. If I see the hands of some doughy cake boy or a scrawny faggot with no work on them I'll know immediately.

And… Globally reported.

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Here's hoping that, after some 'extreme vetting', Trump will give the White homeless people their dignity and lives back. The rest of them gotta be deported back to their country of origin

This isn't true at all, these "homeless" are either hipsters, crazy or professional. What I mean by professional is that begging as a full time job nets around 70k a year here without tax.

How do you post emojis on here?

I don't have to prove anything to you, because in the next thread you're in, your faggot ass will be agreeing with every point I make. My hands are soft as butter, the mexicans used to joke about my hands being like a lady's because of how soft they were. That doesn't mean I wasn't burned or didn't get dirt under my nails, but believe it or not, some people don't have such shit genetics that their hands turn to stone after a few years of hard work. Nice emoji though, and you're calling me the child? lurk more, faggot.

what an edgy hothead. Definitely not 14 years old

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i dont think these leaders understand what the africanization of europe will do for law and order.

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Are you shills broken? Do you think you're on Holla Forums or cuck/pol/? No one here feels bad for the type of person who doesn't want to better themselves. Your changing IDs every other post is just outing yourself as the fucking kikes you are. Go ahead and create your social welfare programs, take money from those who work hard, but not in my fucking country you won't.

If telling yourself that begging is a well paid job helps you hide from the fact than many of your people have been abandoned whilst your nation moves Heaven and Earth to ensure it can throw money at people on the other side of the world who hate you and everything you believe in makes you feel better then so be it.

I don’t know what you are doing on Holla Forums however.

Fuckkk I'm form Massachusetts and I've not heard this shit. Rapeugee are in my back yard ReeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeEeeeee.

I haven't seen a white person working at McDonald's in a decade

Underwear goes inside the pants. faggot

Its fucking disgusting

Hate to be a buzzkill but most likely he won't do shit. Things will most likely get worse for White people in the near future.

I'm telling you the truth mate. The people we're discussing ask me for money everyday.

technically illegal though they will never a million years be charged for it

Considering that Magneto is a Jew that gif is very fitting.

boils my blood fam

user, would you hire a homeless man? Would you hire him when you could hire a person that has an address, telephone number and well-fed instead?

Also, none of them mention a welfare system, trump could just hire them as professional recyclers or some shit like that. Give them something to do and allow them to get enough money to stand up for themselves and set up their own businesses.

This wealthy beggar meme has been touted for hundreds of years; it is essentially folklore at this stage and it is always stated as fact based on unsubstantiated evidence. Just like you are doing now.

If this were a common occurrence then there would be regular evidence, it’s a good story on a number of levels and any media group which could show proof of “millionaire beggars” would make bank themselves, local newspapers, TV news, documentary makers and even politicians would jump at the chance to prove that begging is a racket.

Where might I ask is this evidence?

There are of course people who become wealthy from begging but they aren’t the type of people you are referring to and nor do they beg themselves, these people are Gypsy elders who send their people out across Europe to beg full time and send back money. The collective effort of their gang of families does indeed make them wealthy. This is not however the same thing.

The vast majority of beggars are genuine down-and-outs (why they would sleep outside at this time of year if they were rich). Could some be Wiley pro’s, perhaps but at this stage that is an unsubstantiated claim.

Anecdotal evidence rather*

The unfortunate reality.

In your scenario, they're fucked and they might as well kill themselves. In my scenario, they get a shit job, get back on their feet, and then, if they're skilled, can get a job in the field they so desire. So again, I pose my question, are these people too good to work in the restaurant industry? Are they too prissy to work on a farm? Manual labor and service industry jobs are sure in demand where I am. Did you know that you could go to Swift, or various other Trucking companies, and they will house you, and pay for your training to get a CDL, so long as you make your way to their office. Hell, some of them will pay for your ticket out there. At that point, you fucking live in the truck that you operate in. You don't even need a house.

I certainly sympathize with the situation for workers in this country, who have to compete with Paco and Ching Lee. I worked 110 hour weeks WITHOUT overtime, because my boss could have easily found a mexican to do the job I did, and he would never have to pay overtime to a spic. I want illegals put in fucking BOXCARS and sent to Tijuana, I don't care how many industries collapse. Maybe people will have to start paying more for strawberries and tequila and their steak on a night out. Big fucking deal. But I'm not going to sympathize with people who can't fucking be arsed to get a job. We have disability. We have unemployment. We have welfare. Guess what, you can get unemployment for a long fucking time as long as you're looking for a job, but haven't gotten one. Disability is given out to any fucking Chris chan or vietnam one-legged veteran. We have social welfare. Most homeless people are drug addict losers with schizoid pd, actually schizophrenia, or some other type of mental deficiency. To prop them up, well, we might as well prop up every Jamal and Carlos in this country… oh wait, we already do.

Are you from Australia? This isn't san francisco where latte drinkers trample over their apartment's former residents on their way to their hip startup gig. We have insanely generous social institutions. There is literally not one legitimate vagrant in the country with "no options".

its a huge mental health issue not lib issue. we used to have sanitariums to but they were all closed.

i drive by a huge tent city that popped up in the last few weeks. and entire block smells like shit. fucking aggrevating

If a beggar were to clear 70k a year based on working 12 hours a day 7 days a week they would need to be given $16 an hour, every hour every day.

You allude to the fact that you live in New York City, based on your claim of an average of 70k a year income from begging then the homeless population of New York City take in 4.3 Billion dollars a year between each other.

Well, I think you have just paid for the wall. Tax the homeless.


this. homeless people need to be tortured to death.
i would rather a hard working black over a homeless white every single time.

How does that relate to the claim of beggars making 70k a year?

I am arguing that the claim made is bullshit and you are trying to move the discussion in a different direction rather than address the issue at hand.

Where the hell do you think you are?


Did you even read OP?
Why do I live in NYC? Because I said 70k? Explain yourself, that's confusing.

And $16 an hour isn't unbelievable at all here.

It's plausible that they could make 15 bucks an hour. Melbourne streets are teeming with people and they really accost people, while the cops don't give a fuck. I saw one beggar openly mentoring another once

I assumed you were refering to the people in the OP.

The net total of donations is massive if true.

My fiance saw a guy playing Hitman on his laptop while begging.

Australians are pretty naive I'm sad to say. There are indians and other miscreants standing around trying to get donations or hand out fliers or some other dumb shit and people constantly fucking stop for them

Yeah, the people in OP are from Melbourne, Australia.

What would I need to convince you?
These "beggars" aren't beggars.

iirc that happened at the YMCA in Lowell
t. MAfag

There are some articles about heaps of them literally just being backpackers but I wouldn't know how to dredge those up


In all honestly public begging should be a felony. Vagrancy in a residential or commercial district should be a misdemeanor on the first charge and felony on the second. If you don't want to live in a house fuck off to the woods, America has more real forest than any other country Russian and Canadian taiga is not real forest. Bums sicken me.

Those things are mostly already true but much like the illegal alien laws it's a matter of seriously lacking enforcement

This is why militias need to be given more authority. If I could round up some guys and force bums into vans to be taken to FEMA camps I would do it for free.

short term: Keep pushing for rightward political change. long term if it doesn't work out: wait for the cops to become too incompetent to punish anything you feel like doing…

Well, I can't find the specific study in the article I linked, it was from these guys but I can't find any reports salvationarmy.org.au/melbourne614

I did find this though
salvationarmy.org.au/Global/Who we are/publications/2015/Youth Homelessness Report/The Cost of Youth Homelessness.pdf
Page 8, the income section reports that the median income for the homeless is ~$400 a fortnight or ~$200 a week and that's in government assistance. That leaves begging only $40 a day to hit $70k a year assuming they work 5 days a week. To put that into perspective for the Australian economy, lunch in Melbourne costs $10 - $25 dollars and a coffee here costs $3 - $5.

that's why you go to the little supermarket and just get a apple pie or muffin for lunch

Just spent the last 3 days working as a volunteer (unpaid) in a warehouse… Loading up tons of food for distribution to charities, churches and other assorted community groups that then distribute that food to their local disadvantaged.

You're not a "social Darwinist", you're probably a SoCal Dumbass.

NatSoc includes working for the greater good of your people. Doing absolutely nothing to better your local community is extremely Jewish.

Just so you know the whole food scam is a load of bullshit. There are no staving people in the USA. I have not once seen a person without anorexia or being /fit/ having less than 20% bodyfat, from the poorest bum to the richest merchant. People aren't starving, it's all a jewish hoax.

Because I'm loading tons of food onto pallets to be trucked to them.

It's not to prevent starvation user, if they don't have to spend as much money on food they have the opportunity to spend it somewhere else.

Exactly. They have the opportunity to spend it on non-essential consumerist bullshit at Goy-Mart or the ShekelTree and give the kikes more money.

No one is even near starving in America. If even 1% of the country were in danger of starving there would be riots and terrorism, how do you think the Soviet Union started goy?

Oh, you mean the movement that formed in an ethnically homogeneous country, and then went on to be assravaged by fucking kikes and their slaves because they took too much amphetamine? Yeah, good luck with that one. Believe it or not, Jamal and his 40 million friends and Carlos and his 50 million buddies will probably milk that dry before it even gets one foot off the ground. America deserves better, and by America, I mean the white people who built this country.

Or, you know, decent clothes so they at least look presentable and employable. Maybe they need to cut their food bill down to still afford heat in the winter?
Maybe they're trying to save some extra cash for giving their kid a bike for Christmas?
Just because you're an asshole who cares about noone but himself doesn't mean everyone else is.

Like I said. They've got you pegged in this thread.

Yep, kike confirmed. Filtered & reported him.

National Socialism is impossible in the current American climate. You fuckers don't understand what National Socialism is. The STATE is not the Nation, nor are the people within the State the Nation. Nation=Ethnicity=Race, National Socialism only works if you have a coherent state. We need to deport or kill the shitskins before anything like it will be possible.

If they live in a place cold enough to need heating they should be using gas which is extremely economical and can be afforded at even half of minimum wage. If they had two pairs of clothes, one for work and one for casual use like decent people had before consumerism they would not need so much money. If they are poor they do not need to buy their children such expensive toys as a bike.

But keep shilling for the jewish systems of control you shabbos goy. I know it makes you feel good to chase what the jews have created for you.

Why do you react like this?
You're really mad.

The jews want nothing more than for their opposition to worship national socialism. They spent 60 years building up an industry and indoctrinating every single person in this country to support violently attacking anyone with such beliefs. Like I said in another thread, might as well have AfD campaign in Germany on a fucking confederate platform. That's about as much sense as it makes.

dogmatic shill

Serious question here, are you banned?

I've never used Holla Forums without TOR, why should I moishe?

Because TOR is pointless, who owns your exit node?
Why am I moishe?

When I use TOR only the FBI knows that I'm posting on Holla Forums. When I don't use it the CIA knows that I'm posting on Holla Forums AND the FBI knows I'm posting on Holla Forums. Better the jew I know.

So you're banned.


This is the poz capital of Australia, you drongos.

you sicken me.

is only about 10K mate what are you smoking? Plus assistance they'd be on around 20K.


Force zillions of people into homelessness due to automation, offshoring and outsourcing - make it illegal for them to stay anywhere - put them into the prison industrial complex so the private prison industry can make shekels off them

This is pretty much the endgame right now it seems.

While I don't disagree with you that homelessness as a concept is by and large a mental health issue, the problem in Seattle of the size and scope of the homeless problem has little to do with mental health. The people setting up tent cities aren't locals. In fact very few of them have ever even been in the state before in their lives. Much like fluids, homeless populations will take the path of least resistance and settle at low points, and when a city takes it upon itself to refuse to enforce laws designed specifically to disincentivize these kinds of behavior, is it any wonder that you have these sorts of situations in which organizations are greyhound bussing homeless across up to 10 or more state lines to settle? The phenomenon you see in many major cities is less an issue of mental health care, and more a direct result of the breakdown of logistical systems designed to spread and mitigate risk and cost.

Any ausfags, or brizfags that wanna talk or meet up, come to the briz stormer discord and let's talk discord.gg/YhMw7




Any ausfags or brizfags that wanna talk or meet up, come on in

Nice post

Come in fags


These homeless cunts are all druggies. Normally I would love the cops to beat their meth addled heads in but Flinders Street station is Melbourne, the most pozzed city in Australia. Anything that helps turn Melbourne into a failed city sooner rather than later is something that I will support.

Exactly. We need to apply accelerationism to Melbourne, and encourage a poz implosion to serve as a message. People are already learning it's becoming a bad place, some understand why, but it needs to get worse.

The homeless are about 90% drug addicts and/or alcholics. Many have mental health problems also. Melbourne is a magnet for Australia beggars as the begging is good. Most are collecting Centerlink (gibs). The reason why they don't go to into housing is most is run by salvation army and a lot are 'disapeared' from there or otherwise abused.

Housing in general is costly and can be difficult to get (tenancy references) plus a lazy 5 grand for rent and bond in advance.
Anyone can become homeless, but these seem to be people who choose it or cant escape it.

Not so long ago a large squat was broken up by a group hipster SJWs slumming it and telling homeless they were politically incorrect.
This is why there is a large group of homeless wanting to protest, the have been half ass politicized.

As for getting a minimum wage job, most are taken by immigrants working for less than minimum wage. Many cases in the past, 7 -11, car wash franchises etc. link


t. have worked with Melbourne homeless in the past.

Pls explain.

Seconded. I too am an ausfag and I have never heard of this.

Empathy comes hard for some people here.

a disproportionately large number of homeless people, especially older homeless men die in homeless shelters.
Salavation army has a red shield as its logo.
red shield.

control both parts of the game, take the money at the top and eliminate any useless eaters at the bottom. of course they will claim money from the government for their services as well.

They will attempt to get money from counting rough sleepers (homeless) and claim they are doing something.

A previous trick they had was 'street swags' which was a non water proof swag (tiny tent) which if rained on would let the occupant get wet, then they would die of hypothermia (easy to do if they are drunk when they fall asleep). when the police arrive its all to convenient to just zip it up and its just like a body bag.

basically giving out body bags to homeless people.

If you want to go into the strawman aspect to it, when people sign up to salvation army residential accomodation/care they are asked to sign over their will to the salvation army, and then the salvation army claim the strawman bond.

That picture is enterprise park where a previous homeless camp was by the Yarra river, about 500 meters from finders street station. A homeless guy was stabbed and killed there about a year ago. I think they got moved on from there a while ago.

Sorry my mistake that's city square.

This guy is right. Unfortunately, a lot of these 'homeless' are in that position by choice and I don't mean poor life decisions - they choose to congregate at the busiest places to make the most money for more drugs. Rarely are they people who have lost the house or experienced bankruptcy, they're more likely to be hipsters who can't be fucked working for their drug money.

There are genuine people on the streets struggling who could use a hand, but these ones in Melbourne are not it - they're the same crowd who flock to the 'anti-racist' protests and who want more islamic immigrants into the country.

Would you let your daughter fuck a godly nigger?

Race traitors get first on the noose.

Since when did America have a Melbourne?

Quite a while, actually.

Fascists soup kitchens anyone?

Oh, well that's interesting.

Your point about not reading the article correctly still stands though

Fuckoff OP, underaged mommy coddled faggot.

OP, you sir are a dickhead. Have some fucking compassion.

Fuck, any proof?

And can you tell me more? Really intriguing post. Top stuff.

if i had proof I would post it. Not all homeless people are drug fucked, and the ones that weren't drug fucked told me these things. I spent enough time with homeless people to figure out who was full of shit and who wasn't.

The street swags, I have seen with my own eyes and held them in my hands, they were not water proof. I don't think they make them anymore.

Op is a sick fuck. Non criminal or even petty criminals who have been fucked with immigration and have been thrown to junk heap by globalists need a mass work scheme for the homeless. They deserve our sympathy because the liberal sure don't give a fuck about them.

Any more examples? Can you expand upon the red cross will/strawman thing?

Pls user 8^)

I've also heard about unmarked vans picking up the homeless. Especially child ones. They take them to sacrificial places where they are sacrificed and their blood is consumed.

What did the homeless generally tell you? Were they scared of being killed or disappearing?

can confirm, they're also running the shelters like violent prisons: lock ins, early lights out, not investigating thefts or violent assaults, it's a people farm: they make more money on the government contract than they spend and they dominate the social services contracts.

mostly they're not very insightful tbh. otherwise they would have dodged the street, here's like five years of shit I've heard giving bums cigarettes:

welfare programs don't work, nobody gives a shit about white dudes, being penniless and homeless will not get you any sympathy in family courts or alimony courts, there's a hell of a lot of slumlords that are all to happy to run illegal halfway homes that operate more like the inside of a prison than the outside, weirdo muslims and africans are attacking homeless while they're asleep or set them on fire, avoid other homeless people they are dangerous.


Yes, a very jewish one.

One wonders, does a homeless person chose to be homeless or are they a reflection of their environment?

This is such a hard question.

I was homeless for a few years. I was fit and young and it almost killed me dozens of times.

It's best to avoid shelters and other homeless people, many of them are drug addicts.

Lol this post reeks of a boomer living out his fantasy. Its almost a truism, boomers feel so guilty about living the easy life they often inflate or even make up struggles in their past to compensate and justify their existence. Yeah bro, you TOTALLY were a farmhand with illegal mexicans and now make 6 figures. This is VERY believable fucking kek. Its like you fuckers are obsessed with the rags to riches maymay

You can always tell if someone has worked hard by their hands. That he has soft baby hands is an instant tell.


That second picture infuriated me more than any of the others. Imagine going on a nice vacation there and having your experience ruined by those fucking sand niggers.

you'll never eliminate the homeless problem.. which criminalizes a huge proportion of the population and endangers common citizens

until you just fucking allow some welfare support and affordable housing

No, please, keep going. You truly have a principled mind.

What the fuck is with all the Trump talk in this thr-

.. oh.

The majority of the visible 'homeless' (that is, the ones that keep popping up in the news lately) in Melbourne are either drug fucked or professional beggars, there was a massive influx of them during the tennis champions preying off of tourists. That's not to say that there aren't legitimate homeless who really need actual help of course, but those are in the minority and will tend to stay out of sight rather than camping out in one of the busiest areas of a fucking capital city. Often times they'll still have a car so they'll be sleeping in them instead as well (in my town most of our homeless live in cars and stay out of sight behind shops, in alleyways and such, you'd never know they were there usually).

Of course if the homeless in Melbourne were to somehow make it out to the more rural areas where rent is far cheaper they'd have a decent chance of getting housing with their Newstart payments (if they're legitimately homeless and as such not paying any kind of bills or rates, and aren't addicted to something that drains all of their welfare, then they shouldn't have too much of a problem even saving up for bond and extra advance rent which would help to eventually have a landlord give them a chance). I wouldn't be putting them into homeless shelters or anything like that though, as others have said already ITT. As such I feel that forced relocation in order to continue receiving welfare is probably the best thing the government could do at the moment, spread them out into more rural areas where they have a fighting chance of getting back on their feet, assuming they actually want to. Not to mention that picking and other entry-level jobs etc. are far more common in rural areas, naturally. This would also help to weed out those who are aren't truly homeless or just professional beggars. Simply giving the homeless money or free shelter isn't going to solve their problem, they're usually homeless for a good reason and have a hard lesson to learn before they can rejoin society proper.

Overall though, shit is fucked here in Australia at the moment, and it's only getting worse, especially for those of us stuck in Victoria (don't even get me started on the shit the Victorian Labor Party have pulled while in government these last few years).

No, it's pretty simple: both. Shit societies create homeless people, but dumb weak people and addicts accept it.

We're have a massive over saturation of city apartments, it's been exacerbated by the Andrews reffo housing policies but they could only do so much damage if we hadn't spent years not developing family housing.

the real homeless live almost outside of society as much as outside of houses. Police often don't care too much if they die, they are not tax paying citizen and few friends or relative will ask questions anytime soon. The homeless that I met generally have a small cluster of other homeless friends and they look out for each other, usually one awake while the others sleep. This group they are in ( their crew) is very tight knit and they rely on each other for survival. Its not unusual for a homeless person to be abducted by a predator and never be seen alive again.

The homeless shelters are often violent dangerous places with lots of rules (curfews etc) but very little care into the assaults and thefts due to other residents.

Vulnerable people attract predators whether they me opportunistic or institutional, often they are defenseless against institutions.

The smarter homeless live in cars and avoid visibility. Homeless are generally draw to city ares due to the prevalence of charity free food many actually commute to eat.