Migrants at WAR: Tensions in Paris as children attacked with knives for being 'too rich'

GANGS of North African youths have terrified Chinese migrants amid complaints they have become 'too rich'.

The streets of Paris have erupted into inter-migrant strife as North African youths have targeted 'rich' Chinese migrants amid growing tensions.

Police in France recorded more than 200 attacks on Chinese immigrants last year, mostly from hostile migrant gangs.

This comes amid a growing perception that recent migrants from North Africa have become "too demanding" and consider themselves "victims" who deserve pity.

Contrary to this, the long-standing Chinese community in Paris has gained a reputation for being "hard-working and managing without taxpayer help".

In a report from German channel DW, a Chinese migrant named Woo described how a gang of North African youths attacked him in his home last November.

He said that the yobs threatened him and his wife with a knife and smashed his head, after which broke in and stole his valuables.

He added: "I am scared. I don’t feel safe anymore."



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Will Chinks in France retaliate or are they pozzed too?

Who knows.

Oh no… Don't care. They voted for this. Deal with it.


this shit is great, what's the source? do you have anymore?

Good, the triade usually retaliate attacks against chinks.

No, but look up about "China London travel warning" and you should find some articles because they were butthurt by it.

I remember hearing that cockroach London mayor losing his shit because of this

It's from the China Air in-flight magazine.


I've stopped giving a fuck about Europe. They vote for this shit. They want to die. I'm only a first generation American, but my homeland is fucking dead, and it's their own stupid fault. The jews may have instigated it, but they were too fucking stupid to spot the enemy. Even ten years ago, I remember Paris being A LITERAL FUCKING SHITHOLE. I can only imagine it has gotten 100x worse in the past decade. What am I supposed to do? Beg someone not to commit suicide? I've got better things to do. A France that falls to niggers just means there is going to be more jobs in my country for all the industries that crumble there. Same goes for Germany, and Sweden, and the UK, and all these other shitholes. Maybe none of you have ever visited these places, or think only recently they've become shitholes. No. London was a shithole 20 years ago. If the people actively vote to let it stay that way, well, I'm not going to waste my time hoping they change their mind. It doesn't fucking matter to me. They want pedophiles running their government. They want tax dollars going to niggers. Anyone left in these countries is fucking retarded.

What country? Germany? Don't make me laugh. Germany died 70 years ago. The UK died 40 years ago. Anyone with half a brain can see that its a lost cause. Everyone knows what needs to be done. The fact that Germany hasn't had a military coup… that vigilantism doesn't define the far right…. well, that's my perception of cuckoldry. This isn't defeatism, these aren't my fucking countries. I can already imagine Marine Le Pen losing, and the far right just saying "oh well, maybe next time." Please fucking prove me wrong.

I know the feel tho bro, leaffag here. It's not over yet though, there's still hope

I did here.

Goto the comments section. Everyone agrees with China Air. To do otherwise defies common sense.

nobody voted for Junker
nobody voted for Tusk
nobody votes for their MEP
nobody voted to join the EU originally
the EU is not democratic, it has no responsibilities to the individuals of Europe, and it has no accountability to the citizens
please educate yourself before flinging your brain into defeatism

We are getting hate crime laws on everything except straight white males. You c9uld reguster as a woman with the law and be protected by the laws, but straight white males are open targets.

I have hope, but that hope rests in brimstone and hellfire. I don't see their promised land being delivered to them on a silver platter like these idiots expect. Their enemy literally rapes babies and consumes their blood. The international left is going to concede through a stupid little vote? In an election they set up? An election where they "count" the votes? Get real, if you ever wanted to learn about Europe and its people, go read about the Dutroux affair. Or about Jimmy Saville. My family used to rule a nice little kingdom in Europe. Our castles are now gift shops. I don't resent anything, because if my family didn't fuck off out of there, I'd either be dead, or a trauma based mind control sex slave for some Rothschild kike.

As for Canada, I dunno what to say there. Lovely place, buttfuck retarded people.

Democracy is a fucking sham, that's my point.

Fucking Niggers. Atleast Chinese will be on our side. Jews hate Chinese to because they are harder to manipulate then Blacks or Latinos

A world without whites, a diverse and progressive society free of hate.

You're a retard if you believe that.

Whats happening in Cucknadia right now pretty much proves the opposite will be the case.


Why? What incentive would they have? They have a racially homogenous homeland they can simply return to, why would they fight for someone else’s clay?

The Chinese will be on their side, but come the end of the day I can't rightly blame them. they're truly funny looking and have some seriously strange customs and eating habits. But, I don't worry about them breaking into my house or committing violent crime for no sensible reason.

In this modern age, to be neutral is to be pro. As the china man repatriates and his government does not interfere, it will be a great asset in the coming wars of national salvation.

So how long until French chinks form armed protection squads, like what American gooks did during the LA Riots?

I would argue that there whilst their indifference isn’t directly counter productive the effects they have on reducing the numbers of ethnic natives living in cities acts as a negative. Furthermore by pumping their dirty money into our property markets they inflate the cost of housing and that equates to less native children being born.

We would be in a better position without them, a group doesn’t have to be physically attacking you to cause harm.

Says the American. If there's hope for you, there's hope for Europe. You have far further to go to get back up to the level of a civilized nation. We CAN turn this around and get civilization back on track.
In any case, it'll be far easier to uncuck Europe without Barack Hussein Obama's meddling.

France is fucked without tourism.

I wish you the best. The universe is strange, I'll say that much. I certainly don't enjoy seeing the state of affairs in Europe, but my visits have all ended with me disgusted by the fact that every fucking person I talk to would actively defend their country, and shit on me for being American. Smart people, even, wondering why the fuck a civilized country would need guns. It's always bewildering.