Leftist Snowflakes Block Road and Receive a Surprise From a Driver!

youtube.com/watch?v=gGMs0dNMgWE - Leftist Snowflakes Block Road and Receive a Surprise From a Driver!

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Doesn't the driver have right of way here? I mean, for example, if you cross the street against a red light and a driver hits you, that's their fault. If you jaywalk, if you cross the street when the light's green, that's your fault. The driver is not responsible

he posted the same thread yesterday with same wording. its a slide thread and a garbage video

while we're all here, how the fuck do you webm properly (on a mac)

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Pedestrians always have the right of way on regular streets, even if jaywalking (highways are a completely different story however).

On the other hand if pedestrians are threatening the driver, then pushing through them becomes a matter of self defense rather than a matter of traffic laws. This has been the case in a lot of these protests, though I doubt it was the case here (at the same time from the sound of it the driver was moving forward slowly and the protestors jumped on the vehicle so I doubt he'd face any consequences).


WOW i voted for trump but now that i saw these protestors blocking traffic and getting HIT ON PURPOSE i now hate trump now and wish hillary won

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This video will certainly change the policies of the US federal government I am sure.

Really? So even if a jaywalker crosses the street, and a driver hits him because, say, he didn't see him and couldn't slow down or stop in time, the driver would still be liable?

There's absolutely no excuse, Mac OS is the worst of both worlds. To answer your question I think ffmpeg works the same on Mac as it does on Linux, so just learn to use that.


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