Am I right in saying this guy's Hail Trump stunt moved the Overton Window backwards and undid the work of thousands of...

Am I right in saying this guy's Hail Trump stunt moved the Overton Window backwards and undid the work of thousands of anons?

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Get fucked

100% correct. Holla Forums knows it. Mods dont

Yes, he's a fucking sperg.

Hey rabbi, whatcha astroturfing?

That was by design. Tricky Dicky is controlled op just like the rest of the alt-kike. Lurk more.

I don't think he really affected Trump one way or another.

It made normies okay with the idea of punching Nazis though, lowering the already piss poor quality of political discourse in this country to a new bog standard. Way to go, faggot - you turned the left into full on ooga booga niggers and caused regular people to sympathize with them.

Him taking those two punches did more harm than the "Hail Trumo" thing.

Nah, the 'Hail Trump' thing was great.

It's everything else he does that's a problem.

Nope, I think it actually pushed it right and normalized "Neo-Nazism".

this though, the taking punches was probably bad

not bad for a cia front

No one can set us back concern troll. We have no leaders. And if you cut off one head two more shall take its place.

No he's irrelevant, aside from shill threads kike


I think we need to re-brand National Socialism. The Hitler redpill is just too big a pill for the average beer chugging football watching prole to swallow.

There are quite a few allegedly "right wing" celebrities who false flag nationalism and redirect it so that it exists in a way that can be used by the (((establishment))).

Holla Forums needs to start employing Realpolitik political strategy ( if it wants to actually change things in reality. All that matters is doing what gets us to our ultimate goal.

(Daily reminder Mods will deny this and actively encourage spergy extremism so that we stay contained here spouting le gas the kike memes on our containment board rather than redpilling people on normie social media and in real life by gradually changing their opinions with reasonable sounding, but ultimately right wing rhetoric).

It's like the game Pandemic - which simulates the spread of a virus with the goal of wiping out all humans.

If you make your virus super deadly too quickly, all the borders get shut. You get isolated (like we currently are on image-boards) and it becomes impossible to win. If you spread while staying under the radar though you can wait all the way until the end of the game when you've got a foothold in each country before enacting the final solution.

It's time to evolve, Holla Forums

Am I right in trying to demorialize Holla Forums like it's not completely obvious what I'm doing? No. You're wrong. And every second you continue your wrongdoing you're paying for it with the last remnants of your soul. Enjoy the millions of lifetimes as torment that await you.

Blaming someone for getting punched from behind while he's having a conversation.


So you want to go the national federalist party route?

I don't think it moved it at all. I don't think it did anything at all.

A lot of people are paying attention to far right politics for the first time this year. Since this is their first time, they don't recognize the inevitable cool down following the election. A lot of people go back to being politically apathetic. Alliances between groups that were formed during the election fall apart, because they no longer have any reason to put up with each other.

This happens every election. The fallout between Holla Forums and the "alt right" was incredibly predictable, because it always happens that way. Various groups see decreased membership, and often blame it on each other. In reality, it's just people moving on to other interests.

Also, Spencer is a faggot, and you need to stop giving him attention. I'm sick of seeing his stupid plump faggy face.

Spencer is way too naïve if he isn't malicious, which I remain unconvinced about

I don't think normies even know who he is or what happened. This is a clear shill thread though. There is no point to this thread and no one gives a fuck about his stupid ass really. We just wanted ANTIFA to get their heads kicked in for being ANTIFA.

Kike Enoch is the one who threw up the first salute.

Notice it's always jews who do this kind of shit.

I want us (and I literally mean individuals who post on Holla Forums) to get out in their local communities and enter politics, start clubs, network, start businesses, get fit and spread redpills.

Stop wasting our energy trying to convert antifa goons and leftists and instead target the silent, apolitical majority with palatable redpills that appeal to as many people as possible.


Stop noticing things


Go fuck yourself you 'muh PR' fag. Also, as a bonus

Go fuck yourself you 'muh defeatism' fag.

and lastly

Go fuck yourself you 'muh leader of Holla Forums larping' fag.

Sage because Richard "Huge Fag Punching Bag" Spencer has not done shit nor will he ever.

It was a kike, not Enoch.

Right on time with a low energy, anti-thought shitpost, Chaim.


no why

But Enoch is a kike and he's married to one

Irrelevant to the misinformation.

He took credit for it.

No, faggot, Peinovich (Enoch) admitted to it.

Then who are these?

So, Dicky is pretty much confirmed to be FBI at this point, right? He has next to no major accomplishments, yet he's always propped up by the (((media)) to be on the same level as Jared Taylor and David Duke, people who have been in the public eye for fucking decades.

When someone's main claims to fame in the "white nationalist" movement are screaming "Hail Trump" in front of the entire mainstream media and getting hit in the head with a wrench, it's definitely suspicious as fuck.

I've redpilled 3 people in the last two days. The only 3 people I've ever known for sure I've ever had a signficant impact on politically.

With 2 of them, I argued against bringing in Syrian refugees by appealing to Syrian nationalism and protecting Syrian culture. Pointed out that transporting refugees halfway across the globe to cushy first world nations kill all incentive they have to go back after the war, brain draining and poaching all their manpower in the process. I think I referred to this process as "colonization by osmosis" in order to speak their lingo a bit. Honestly, I thought they'd rip my argument apart with a "but were a nation of immigrants" retort, but neither said anything like this and admitted I really activated their almonds with that argument.

The last one, I just mentioned that I can't vote for Democrats anymore because as a midwestern white male I resent being blamed for all the problems in the world. The guy I was talking to, another midwestern white male, literally had not noticed/been bothered by this. I saw the lightbulb go off in his head as soon as I mentioned this, and he conceded it was a good point (this isn't earth shattering or anything, dude is just, somehow, still hilariously blue pilled even after the last 2 years of zaniness).

But that appeal to nationalism by speaking well of it in the context of muh poor oppressed nations seemed like a good foot in the door on promoting the idea that the nation state isn't all that bad after all.

You're wrong because you're a kike.


k im being serious now:
this whole being a nazi thing has been dragged trough the mud and degraded so hard that it's just embarrassing to be one at this point
hell keep 100% of the ideas and policies and everything but just change its name, and you'd do 100000 times better
it doesnt matter that you had neo nazis such as dr william pierce, a physics professor who worked in jet propulsion lab and took part in planning of mars mission, people are always going to assume toothless trailer trash

so this whole nazi and publicity thing, how does one go about it? I dont think anyone is going to even question whether the jews won the public image when it comes to this, and I think that 'the movement' for the lack of a better name is losing a lot of really great potential members, and its all because of this shit the jews keep pulling off

Quality post. I've done my part in this. Not too much… but I can assure you all that my 700 friends on Facebook have become more tolerant of (far) right wing views due to my regular tactics and posts. Every person you influence, influences others. It's a web. My influence does not stop at the 700 people that hear my words.

Most people are lemmings… You cannot win these people over through hard reasoning and logic. You can't start dropping redpills about Jewish influence in the world without turning most people off. Use humor… this is our greatest weapon. Mock the stupidity of the modern leftist in meme format, and you'll start winning people over. In serious conversations, you need to steal the Lefts tactics. Always paint yourself as the better person… Or as the more honorable person (they do care about honor… Deep down). One of my driving points recently was on "all races being held to the same standard in regards to what's socially acceptable", addressing black-on-white 'racism' and how it's tolerated by most people. Stand for fairness… It makes you above reproach in regards to criticism, and it ultimately helps us in our goals. Deep down, I hate Jews and pretty much all races other than northern Europeans and the honorary Aryans in Japan..
But they must never know this.

Lastly… You need to be someone important for people to embrace your views. You can't be a nobody. You gotta be the cool kid… If you're not physically attractive, you need to be good at something that people admire. Musician… MMA fighter… Military member… Etc.

Lastly, see pic… Prime example of my daily Facebook work: getting the normies to question the narrative.

My apologies for the rambling and disorganization. I usually just browse this board for news and good reads from people that I relate to (hate normies). I rarely make posts of my own. Buuuut… I hope you guys have a good night. Deep down, you all are my only real friends. Shadilay.

That's a shit meme tbh rest of the post is alright

Its what I posted today… Not the best thing ever, but it's relevant to the things I was saying and my overall message on normie-conversion.

No, we're blaming him for not kicking the guy's ass afterwards. What kind of faggot doesn't fight back after being punched?

left with glasses- on the tip of my tongue
middle- idfk literally who
right- tila tequila, sucky sucky long time attention whore that admittely brings the keks sometimes

A literal one, obviously.

we talking about how we redpilled people now? okay, I got one here, I think I only redpilled 2 or 3 people in my life, but I sit at home 24/7 and rarely go out, I have no real close friends
so anyway, I got extremely good at plants, its a hobby of mine, I have the craziest garden you'd ever see and I dedicated 20 hours of my day to it for certain periods, it's objectively impressive the things that I have done
than I met some people when I went to university, and since its uni for studying this kind of thing, naturally I impressed everyone who talked to me
and about me as a personality, I am the most boring person there is I think, I never talked first, never had a single comment or opinion, never went to hang out, never did any of that shit, I simply never cared for it and never did it
so, no opinions, no other hobbies, no comments, no preference, absolutely nothing but my garden, and these few people get me to start talking about it, and I show them a few pictures and there you have it, now they listen to my every word like I hypnotized them or whatever, everything I had to say was important all of a sudden

and this is where I openly tell them I am also a full blown nazi when it comes to that stuff, that all the shitskins need to hang, that the future must be secured for whites only and that zionism is embodiment of all evil in this world, and they listen!
again, I have nothing to lose, I am financially secured enough, physically as well since I sparingly lift and own guns, I dont have any friends and I dont care, being a virgin bothers me a tiny bit but oh well, life is still good

tl;dr cult of personality works, it's real and being a quiet, polite, peaceful looking neighborhood nazi works

Anyone who disagrees with this is delusional.
I recognize the game just heard about it this morning. I'm starting with my siblings and close family. You should too.

No; people aren't thinking "you know, maybe hitler was right…" because of some larper, it's because of dindus and mudslime invasions.

Zero effect except for spineless "alt-right" types to get scared and dissavow him because of the "left's sick captain america memes!"

This is clear as day to anyone with half a brain, but too many faggots here for fall the kike shills who are 9 times out of 10 pushing the extremist garbage that keep this containment board as just that, a containment board.

Spencer is and always has been controlled opposition. He is a puppet that is put in place to represent what the media wants to call the alt-right, which in itself is controlled opposition. What work we do is separate from that because we do not depend on the label or cult of personality of this faggot.

It's as retarded as a german person campaigning on a fucking confederate platform in his country. It doesn't even make sense, most anons are just too fucking gullible and dunning-kruger doesn't let them see the retardation in their actions. I think it's pretty fucking clear that the jews FUCKING LOVE the idea of us being, of all things, nazis… because they spent 50+ years memeing nazis and Hitler into the literal Devil. You can't even have a mustache like Hitler's without being beat up.

That said, everything is so far gone at this point, that promoting Hitler and national socialism is a potent way to wake people up. Once they realize that whole meme was largely a lie, and that the commies were 100x worse, well, they're more receptive to many-a things.

I think Dickie boy getting punched, well, it did a number of things. First of all, the fact that he just dropped didn't make the far right look all that tough. Would've been funnier if he shot him dead. Second of all, it showed the left doing exactly the wrong thing, encouraging political violence en masse. I think the right is emboldened by that, and… it's almost like fucking high school or something, this country. The old saying goes, let the other guy throw the first punch. Well, the left did just that, and thus, you now have a right-wing in America that feels justified in fighting back when they finally do. The left is just underestimating how forgiving the right is. The right is also underestimating how psychopathic the left is. Seeing as the right has let the left go on with their LARP this long, I think the left sees the right as a bunch of babies.. not a literal army with multiple weapons each, that would not stand still for a second should they try to pull anything with a real deleterious effect on this nation, like assassinating Trump, or pulling some other sort of political violence that has more dire consequences than a stooge getting punched.

Nah, we just can't have bisexual wannabe degenerates representing our movement. We need someone who has their shit together and isn't controlled opposition like Spencer.

Doubt it.
All I know is that it was cringey as fuck.



OP, this horse is dead.