CREW is stronger than CTR, and 4shit mods are on their side

4chan mods are compromised

They could have gotten away with saying banning opinions during CTR was a mistake or them reducing spam, but now?

This post does not violate any rules, let alone global ones. What do we do about this? CREW is trying to subvert Holla Forums.

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Isn't /polmeta/ only for legitimate Holla Forums, not halfchan's Holla Forums?

You're a fucking idiot.

You're 2 and a half years late, buddy

you have to go back.

I know they've always been compromised, but halfchan Holla Forums has always managed to shake it off. With CTR, there was a time limit. Shareblue was originally intended as a way to centralize media control once Hillary Clinton won. Instead, they're letting it loose anyway and using it to attack Trump. There's no time limit on this one. CREW has more money, more manpower, and a bunch of material to work with.

If we're not careful, they WILL subvert the redditors who have flooded halfchan and change the board into the new reddit.

you need to go back

Memes filter from here back to cuckchan. This is the place to discuss it so all the "laugh at the nerd virgins" memes can filter back to cuckchan for BTFO'ing CTR cucks.

There has been an uptick in anti-Trump shilling. The recent MSM narrative in conjunction with the arrival of CREW shills presents a new challenge. If they can, they'll attempt to reduce the nationalist gains of the past year. Expect them to shill and concern troll on any board, forum, or sub-reddit that will allow it.

Nothing that can be done about it except to troll them.

top kek go read this first

Get the fuck out, you will never be welcomed here.
It already is the new reddit, and you stayed on it two fucking years after everyone figured it out. Get out, you fucking piece of shit.


100% true

I don't care for cuckchan, but we need to make sure they make 0 gains here

That's a dodge. They are maintaining deniability for brocks groups actions. It's them unleashing brock while the pretend they have nothing to do with it.

also make sure we don't start tolerating these cuckchan faggots.


I've seen no evidence of that. If anything, they seem significantly more incompetent. I think their recruitment pool dried up after the election concluded.
No shit.
cuckchan mods were on CTR's side too you stupid faggot

OP is probably the jizz guzzling faggot who made another shit tier thread saying mods here are equivalent to reddit shitheads. Either way, you have to go back and fuck yourself.

Sorry, all out.

Are they still using the same offices? Can we go fuck with them IRL like we did during the election?

I remember the one Holla Forumsack went outside their office one night and that curly haired kike was peeking out of the blinds and begging us to stop in the thread. We could go hand deliver some pizzas or something with pepperoni swastikas to fuck with them or something, let them know there's no escape.

I remember. They had offices in many states. One was a day-trip away that I was considering paying a visit to.

learn from the jew, control your golem or it will turn on you.

fucking gas yourself op

They have been doing just that via HWND threads.

Yea, that's why we left.
Go back to your quarantine.

No, they haven't. You can't shake off mods and the users chose to stay there in spite of those mods.

We've been able to see easily enough how various Holla Forums ops got stalled like the Safety Squads on cuckchan because the mods started deleting threads and users, rather than leave the site, simply abandoned the project.

It's never a good idea to become so in love with a single site that you never feel like leaving, it just leads to you getting led around by the nose by whoever moderates the site. Many users there on cuckchan have fallen into the trap of thinking that it's stupid to ever use another site and now have a more limited amount of information allowed on the board.

If you didn't leave cuckchan two and a half years ago you are irredeemably stupid.

do not enlighten the troglodytes. They're our retarded cousins we keep in the basement, don't go giving them ideas about coming upstairs.

who would've thunk it

this place is 4chan
fuck you kike jidf reddit spacing cumskin non link breaking non image halfing christcuck faggot right wing left wing larpagan

Reported. Fuck off. You aren't welcome here. Nobody gives a fuck about what cuckchan mods do.
You were fucking stupid enough to stay there past all the exoduses. You deserve your ban.

fuck off retard

who has the trips? fuckwit PRAISE KUK

Someone gotta stay behind in hostile territory and stand against the sea of shilling.

So which one of you is going to start working for CREW and then make a copy of all their internal documents and post them here or on 4chan?

they are a completely lost cause.

You could infiltrate them and try to make them do something stupid that's going to backfire.


oh fuck me. that's some Get there, mate. Kek must like the purity of this board.

is your only solution

Respect the trips

stopped over there. Its nothing but a wall of ass pics and dick pics. Holy fuck its bad. The whole thing is slide. Not one real bread. Its fuckin bad.
They are trying to heard memewizards to 2.0 sites.

All the well good though. 2.0 is where the best sock puppet planning takes place.


Get out.


It's ok man.

I got a two week ban because of pic related.

Shame the window picture was a load of bullshit. How did nobody figure this shit out already?
Sage because Jesus fucking Christ.

Is it just me or the half mods are permabanning really often under the rule 3?

rule 3 is just the green light for the mod shaping the whole website according to his shitty competence as judge of character

That may be but op is still a faggot for being surprised

I'm permabanned from cuckchan for saying nigger on their sports board

lol who cares

Wow, I thought perma'ing me for making a NatSoc thread on /sci/ was bad.

I made a post on splatoon thread verbally sexualizing the squids and got permabanned on Holla Forums.

Id gas you tbh.

I can't wait til this piece of garbage Brock is rotting in prison.


I went to go check it out to see how bad it was. Holy shit it's bad. Hell, it looks like a lefty recruiting board now. I don't know how anyone could ever stay there. I feel dirty for even entertaining my curiosity for a min of checking out the catalogue, just to see what the fuss was about. Fuck that, cuckchan needs to be nuked from orbit.

its terrible, every thread is a stupid one sentence statement the other shills start commenting on

They are now CREW. Can we please get a list of employees and addresses? Id love to have their email addresses and twitters so we can spam them the fuck up.

CTR was like a handful of shills. Shareblue has 40,000 shills. That's an army.

If I had to guess, most likely those in ctr we know about tried to subvert those with power like cuckchan mods, and coordinated the official program to leftists groups and cheap foreign shills who got funded elsewhere. I don't recall how many there were, but I was seeing their sockpuppets all over normie sites. I just don't seeing that being all of them.

Have to wait until quarterly filing of PAC's.

Cuckchan gonna cuck.

No shit?