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let's talk about racing games, but just remember that your favorite game is shit

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The boards are more broken than a…Ford Pinto?

New TrackMania is pretty fucking kalashnikov tight

Grid Autosport is kind of gash

DriveClub remains the best game on PS4

We need a new Wipeout

8ch is kill by alacrity demon.

New TrackMania is pretty fucking kalashnikov tight

Grid Autosport is kind of gash.

DriveClub remains the best game on PS4

We need a new Wipeout

New TrackMania is pretty fucking kalashnikov tight.

Grid Autosport is kind of gash.

DriveClub remains the best game on PS4.

We need a new Wipeout.

New TrackMania is pretty fucking kalashnikov tight.

Grid Autosport is kind of gash.

DriveClub remains the best game on PS4.

We need a new Wipeout.

We need more Lancias.


We're back!

yeah, I don't get all the bad reviews on steam, it's pretty good.

The board is as stable as if it was developed by SMS

I think there was an user here who was doing a version of a NFS track in bob's track builder, did you rip the mesh from the game or were you scratch making it? I've got the mesh for route adonf out, just wondering how you went about mapping materials and shit, whether there's an easy way or some way to get the original textures

If you can get the mesh and texture rip of Atlantica out of it, I can figure out Route Adonf. I asked some cheeki breeki modders for their meshes and they wanted to get paid for them.

Mesh is easy, but I'm not sure there's a way to get textures out and applied correctly. I do remember reading earlier about something that could preserve textures but I'd have to look it up again. To get the mesh out, just use the frd2lwo program, then use Biturn to convert all those .lwo's into a 3d file format of your choice. Then from there you can just open up all the created mesh files in one scene and export as whatever. There may be another program out there other than Biturn that can preserve textures, try looking into alternative .lwo converters.

Yay, the Daemon managed to upchuck this thread, the trips didn't go to waste.

Either you do or don't know what you just typed. Kalashnikov's are pretty loose in their operations. It's why they're so reliable.

It's also not hard to be the best racing game on the PS4 when the only competition thinks it's an MMO No new PS4 Exclusive Ridge Racer and TXR game ever.

Also there is a Wipeout Spiritual Successor called Formula Fusion haven't a clue when it will be released though




I thought he wanted more Lancia :^) Though the Berton Kayak concept does look pretty good.

I remember one of the dirt games and unlocking an overpowered version of McRae's Impreza. How come more games don't offer overpowered versions of old cars Aside from the fact arcade style racers are dead

Modern Lancia is just rebranded Chrysler or something like that.
I don't exactly remember.
I'm pretty sure when people say Lancia they mean old ones.

It's good because it's trackmania.
It is, however, yet another step backwards for the series. It's a reskinned version of TM2 - I'm using the word reskinned very liberal here - with some key features stripped out and a tropical setting.

Lagoon is great;
no private servers, a missing paint editor and a consolized trackbuilder are not.

idk, there could be something about licensing and maybe muh realism.

Can't remember which game had an overpowered 90s Impreza though. I vaguely remember it being a thing in CMR4, 5, D, D2 and D3 but it wasn't mindblowing. Or maybe I did it wrong.

This reminds me, ProStreet and Pontiac GTO

personally, I really dislike the GTO for Speed Challenges. When turning, it slightly slides making it feel unnatural for me. I really like the Mustang 03. With LVL 3 performance parts, soft tires, semi soft suspension and long gears, it can easily reach 400 km/h with a bit of slipstreaming.

It exports the textures though, right? As long as it exports the textures you can apply them by hand to the object.

I know just having a bit of a laugh, And yes Lancia's are rebranded Chrysler's The Thema is a 300 and the Flavia is a 200/Seabringand Fiats The Ypsilon is a Fiat Mito I think

Dirt 2 had a 95 Impreza with maxed out stats. You only got it at the end of the game.

the '65 or the '05? I remember Nate Denver had the '65 and was a joke Granted all the kings were piss easy and the thing was near uncontrollable when you got it. But the '05 GTO was a beast. Held the road like nothing else and could hit the in-game speed limit no problem with the right gearing.

Though I imagine the '65 was good at drag events Like all the other classic Iron but the Charger was undisputed champ of those. God I wish I knew why Prostreet doesn't like my computer now. So good. Lest Carbon works but is actually kinda Ehh

Shit, also forgot to ask which games had good vinyl editors? I know of Forza, NFS series tend to be alright, and Midnight club LA.

It's arguably a way, way better game than most people try to make it.
It brought a lot of shit back that MW cut away. And, to be honest, MW is one of the worst NFS games both as an arcade(old NFS and NFSHP'10 did it better) and basically any other subtype NFS tried to be.
Not the worst though. That goes to either Rivals or Most Wanted remake.

I thought you were talking about the old one.
I didnt know the new GTO is a good Speed car. Might try that later.

How so? I think it's pretty solid as an arcade racer. Not the best game of all time as some rabid nfsfags make it out to be though.
I agree with you on the old nfs being good arcade racers but how was HP 2010 a good game? It was burnout with cops. I think it is abysmal.

polite sage for double post

user plz, they're almost the same with carbon having a vaguely more interesting SP and car selection.

HP'10 had the problem of giving you a massive car selection with 3/4 of them being shit to drive I mean fucking hell the Hypercar selection is so fucking terrible that only one car is even worth driving or even fun to drive at all.

Just fucking around after beating the story and Challenge series and it's good fun ricing and and racing. But the story is so full of busy work Why is the fabricator from 21st street not the guy who can chop tops and the tiers and types while a neat Idea means you can't use one car straight through the game And there's no new game plus mode to just bring a Tier 3 car all the way through Also fuck some shit being stuck behind reward cards And trainers not working to unlock it all

I was talking about overpowered old cars yes but the GTO got brought up. Yeah the New GTO is pretty good as a speed car Almost too good honestly, and you can win one for free. I decided to try it out as a sort of "New vs Old" Gimmick against Nate and found it to be monstrous.

As much as I love Prostreet I think a bunch of stuff made it by the testers The Chevelle is an excellent Drift car but that makes sense to me due to how much torque a 454 can put out. Also the Roadrunner would be COTY if the boost worked properly.

For Most Wanted I found the cop stuff to be a drag if you didn't like the idea of getting caught. Also the physics was a bit too grippy. Also it cut out a bunch of customization from the Underground games Admittedly some of it was just fluff.

And HP 2010 might be Burnout with cops but that means it's burnout with cops? If someone said they made a new Burnout and it featured cops wouldn't you get behind it?

I think he's pointing out Carbon kinda gets shit on while Most Wanted gets praised to no end. Carbon also addressed the issue of Customization Autosculpt is a great idea that works but is never getting back into the series. Even though It would be great for NFS'15 and getting rid of the brown filter I think it replaced it with a blue filter but it's leagues better then shit smeared goggles.

For beginners, MW introduced series to on-rails driving in worst way possible. The only way to go sliding is to stop with a handbrake, to use a timebreaker or to break the game with mods that allow cars to go so stupid fast the engine doesn't know how to handle it.
Addition of "story" and exponentially bullshit catch-up to make "bosses" seem not trash made gameplay even fucking worse.
Cutting 99% of customization was also a pretty stupid move - no more dyno, no more piece-by-piece body and vinyl building. Also gone are complete ricer-tier options but honestly i'm not really missing them, just miffed they've got cut.
Cops are implemented in worst way possible and are basically catchup torpedoes unless you're driving a car from a better "tier" which isn't actually specified anywhere and also makes progressing anywhere in game without changing vehicles nigh impossible.
And the piss filter.
It's not Burnout, it's Ridge Racer. And it's pretty decent at being so.

Right, but I'll elaborate from

While the car selection is pretty neat, we cant just let you choose what cars to use on every event? Nooo, you can only drive certain cars on certain tracks. No 'make your own event' type of thing as seen in III, IV and HP2, the games HP 2010 was supposedly based on.

Compared to those games, I also didnt like how the game had nos. Add the the double-tap-forward-to-drift-mechanic and the fact being you had to drift to get thorugh corners to retain speed made all cars handle the same for me.

A freeroam option was widely requested and the game did have it but guess what, you cant do shit. Just driving around with no missions or cops trying to bust your ass.

All in all, 6/10

I also forgot about the MASSIVE rubberbanding

Now that you put it like this, I hadnt thought about some of them like that.


Thank fucking god I never played anything other than the PC version.

You know except for the part where any of the starting vehicle in MW have higher than top-end cars specs once fully upgraded, hell the fully upgraded Cobalt is one of the best car in the game with the ford GT and Elise.

Reminder, I made an NFS board for everything NFS but

A kind user made a guide how to setup World Offline too.


To be fair, MW doesn't do this nearly as bad as NFSU2. Beating riced Skylines in a 106 is just so, so stupid. You can 100% complete the game the legit way by using only your starter car and an SUV as second car, and that feels a lot like wasting the entire car roster.

NFSU2 had the RX-8 and the Corolla though, with those two cars you basically where above anything else in any category SUV stuff excluded.

I was talking about Carbon, not Most Wanted for the Tier shit. Once you beat the boss of the area you start in you better have enough money to get a Tier 2 car or win the boss car because everyone imedietlly switches. It's annoying. It would be way better if it worked like Most Wanted for the performance. I mean what's really holding back a Camaro from being able to take on a Charger?


Wanna get truly upset?
Lancia in form of anime schoolgirls


The "textures" it's exported are literally just BMPs with a grid of different colours, so either they used some witchcraft to get shit looking normal or Biturn fucked up

What a stupid thread. I bet you guys honk off to cars.

Update: The textures are stored in the .qfs file, which then needs to be converted to a .fsh with this nfstoolbox.suckosaurus.dk/redirect.phtml?file=qfs2fsh.zip

which then needs to be converted into .tga's with this nfstoolbox.suckosaurus.dk/redirect.phtml?file=fsh2tga.zip

Next step is figuring out how to preserve the UV mapping

Does anyone play the new NFS? It's surprisingly fun

wanted to share my driftfaggotry

Grid2 is good for completely bananas sliding around but I wish I had a racing wheel and pedals so I could play something like project cars or assetto corsa and feel something more realistic

or maybe just own an FR config IRL instead of my 94 Stealth FF



So to preserve UVs, you'll get the .lwo files out, then import them in blender and then export as whatever file format you want to use - fbx worked fine for me.

Oh shit that's based. My 3DS Max is throwing license errors at me tonight (I think it either corrupted or expired) when merging the lwo files, I'll take a look at Atlantica later today.

I also have an announcement I'll post here and on the Steam group later today as well.

Are you using a script to import the .lwo's? When you get it working again, try just importing one and then exporting it, then applying textures to it to check that UV's are okay. Some converters and scripts don't preserve them

I pity you

I kinda like GRID 2. With a controller and zero expectations it plays quite well and once in a while you can have a good online race and those can be quite fun.
But there's still something kinda awkward about the way the car drives. Like sometimes you get legitimately good reactions out of it, but sometimes it will behave like the rules of physics just don't apply. Like there's some sort of inconsistent god hand hovering the good underlying physics.
Also, 4WD drifts are OP for some reason

Seeing you guys converting tracks from II/IV reminded me of Cry For Speed. Embed and link related
Havent been that active though, damn shame.

I'm not surprised it's a russian project. cyka blyat are specialized in ripping content


has memeing gone too far?

More updates: most, if not all textures so far need to be flipped horizontally. I recommend use of the 3dsimed 3.1c update to batch edit materials, surf__001 will be the same texture all across the track, the .xxx are meaningless


We now have a Mumble voice chat server now available for /ogc/ by the Splatoon General for auto vidya! Thanks Snooze!

You can connect to it using Mumble, adding a new favorite server and inserting the following.

Address: 8v.servers.moe
Port: 64738

Just look for the Racing channel listed under the Vidya General tab. Feel free to stop by the other channels though!

Got it in Blender, now have do I import the textures? All I get is surf(Partnumber) for the Materials.

I see actually, unfortunately there's literal hundreds of textures that need to be applied.

No idea how to map textures in blender, I usually use 3ds and 3dsimed. Just keep importing the .lwo's til the track is complete, then export as .fbx and you can edit it and do materials in whatever tool you want.

Is there a way to unselect all materials or filter them? These tracks have so many redundant materials.

With the latest version of 3dsimed, you can batch edit materials. so for example, all the materials names starting with surf_001 will use the same texture, all the material names starting with surf_002 will have the same texture, and so on. So what you'd do is open up the complete .fbx in 3dsimed, find some reference

I did, and I imported the lwo files into blender. This happens when I try porting textures, they don't map right despite importing the track one by one as an .lwo and exporting it all as an .fbx file.

fuck i wasnt finished

find some reference shots of the track, probably best to go in game and get them yourself, as compared to youtube videos and the motion blur are so easy to pick out individual textures

that looks mapped fine, you just must be using the wrong texture. Not sure if it's the same across all tracks, but the main road textures were starting with Z for adonf

Fug. Still a decent time in my books.

For this track, it uses the same naming convention as the track itself. The difference here is that I didn't realize that there were animated textures, causing the textures to not be mapped 1:1 with the names.

Is that bayview during the day?

Start line is almost done, working my way front to back.

I wish there was a really popular online racing game for the PC that wasn't too simmy or wasn't too arcadey. Right in the middle.

Not sure how active Codemasters games are nowadays but those tend to be what you're looking for.
Or you could just play AC lel

Nigga what, that is Hometown.

Applied all textures and flipped all images, but I still don't know how to apply the lanes. Nothing is listed undersurface there but these big blue lines.

It honestly reminded of Automobili Lamborghini The game where most of the cars aren't Lamborghini's.Also we will never get good EDM for background music again

All I have to do left:

it's cool but i don't think i'll join it. crippling anxiety and a shit accent don't mix lol

now the real question is how well will it work in a modern sim. older ports tend to have shoddy track surface that suck balls in modern games


There's people with some thick nerdy accents here, you'll fit in fine.

It appears to be surprisingly good, I'd have to do a surface test in order to see how it goes. rFactor would be ideal but I don't know how to change surface types that fast.

So apparently there's a game where you drive a trabant through a post-soviet shithole. Can anyone who has played it before tell me if its good? It looks comfy

Did My Summer car get a new name or did two separate slavs get the idea of making a Soviet Shitbox simulator?

fucking incredible

It looks pretty good but no steering wheel support is a bit of letdown.

Apparently this game will be on Greenlight soon so hype

Well, Jalopy is DDR shitboxery in the warsaw block while My Summer Car is 70's jap shitboxery in rural Finland circa 1990's depression years.

I'd say just use a plain white texture for the lanes. Then for any dashed lines, just make the appropriate alpha channel.

For the road surface, I just split all objects by material, selected all objects with the road surface, copied to a new instance, exported that as an fbx, then meshsmoothed a couple times in 3ds.

How would I do that? Then once I smoothen it out what do I do?

Once you've got it open in 3ds, you'll want to convert to editable poly, then apply meshsmooth modifier (there are ways to make a nicer looking mesh so that you can get a nicer driving mesh, but it's a fair bit more work), then change the modifier to quad output, 2 iterations, untick isoline display. Once the whole track is done, just export as fbx, then you can open that up, delete the original objects in your original scene and copy in the smoothed objects. It'll automatically pick up the material properties of the deleted object, but any object properties (HAT target, visible in rear view mirror, etc) are wiped.

Once I mesh smoothen it and import it back into 3dsimed, what settings do I then click to add things like the drivable area, walls, kerbs, movable items and so on? How do I fix areas with missing holes in them like in pic related?

Waiting on my 3DS Max to uninstall, it's been a real pain the past few days so I'm trying to reinstall it.

Looks like you chose NURMS instead of quad output, NURMS won't preserve the borders so it's useless for this purpose.

For your other questions, it depends what game. If it's AC, then you'll need to assign that shit in the kunos editor thing I think. Otherwise, just right click the object, select it, and on the right are all the options that are relevant to most sims. It's easier to just look up what each thing means than for me to explain it.

You used rFactor 2, right? I'm using rFactor 1 which is basically the same thing. I've done AC before but never converted to rFactor.

Well for any objects it's possible to drive on top of, you'll want HAT Target to be true, anything you can drive INTO to be a collision target (like walls, poles, etc), everything can be set to visible in rear mirror, and LOD out values can be set at like 700-800 ish, doesn't really matter because everything is pretty low poly. Lit at night should be on by default anyway, and everything should be set to receive shadow. Dunno how rf1 is with shadow casting so you'll need to work that out yourself.

Similar to rF2, only difference is the better shading engine really.

As for the logic, how would I do that? For example the spawn points, legal boundaries and so on as well as the surface type.

Spawn points, surface grip and response is defined by the aiw and tdf, respectively. By default you'll spawn at 0,0,0. And the shadow casting in rF1 IS different to how it is in rf2, at least in how objects need to be set up and how it responds to different shadow casting tags.

Look up laymans guide to aiw, it's pretty much all you need for something basic.

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nice catmaro

Race Wars Soon

Also does anyone remember Driver Parallel Lines?

I'm gonna do an LP of it soon and want to see if there's interest enough to shill here or to keep it to /lp/

Hell yes, it is quite enjoyable. It has a lot of sidemissions too and I think the car list is pretty neat, lots of different cars to drive and own.

You reminded me of it and I havent played it for a long time. Maybe I should give it a go again.

It was okay. The on foot sections were a bit meh and felt like a cheap GTA clone but it drove reasonably well and was quite interesting. The dual timeline thing is very nice and some of the later cheats that let you turn into a random pedestrian are fun.

Still preferred Driver SF.

3d sidewalks are now done for route adonf


also route adonf looks a lot like route adolf

When you imported the track as a mesh, what did you use to mass edit the HATs of the parts? Almost everything could be either road, curb, grass or wall and I don't know how to do that without spending a week editing each face.

Separate object by material and then filter material for whatever you want to edit, then all visible > set tags

I've found the menu with the tags and applied them in the track. What must I do to get the track ingame for a preliminary test?

Export gmts and textures and make a scene file and shit, just Google for any track creation tutorial

What's the best drift game on PC that doesn't have hazards like Police in modern NFS or unrealistic tracks like Trackmania.

assetto corsa with mods

Has anyone played Car Mechanic Simulator 2015? I'm pretty new into the internal workings of cars, and I find it somewhat educational while also being enjoyable.

I played CMS 2014 and it was quite good. Simplified quite a lot the "how to" to focus on "why" which was quite interesting but I found that one of the missing things were visual and audio clues that something was wrong. Like a car could have damaged spark plugs but I don't remember the engine sounding like utter shit because of that, or vibrating a lot as it would if it was running with less cylinders.

It's okay to get you into basics on how shit works.
Try Automation while you're at it, you'll learn quite a bit about engines with it.

There are minor visual clues in '15, but it's mainly that parts look rusted and that's how you can tell. I haven't been able to hear any differences regardless of how bad the engine is. The latest patch introduced a 'hardcore' mode that doesn't give you any help with ghosted floating parts in assembly mode - you need to know what parts go where in which order.

Thanks for the tip user, I'll look into it.

Sounds like 2014. Hardcore mode is a nice idea though.

Would anyone have the consoles game guides sorted by genre? Dont mind if it's the fullchan or halfchan ones but I see them often come along but I never got around to saving them.

Prostreet's first Showdown at Chicago.

Do you mean games by Console? Cause this is the Driving vidya thread, that's pretty much all we can offer Admittedly there's sub genera like Arcade, Sim, and Car Combat but two of those are dead.

If you want a recommended list I might as well shill our broken ass wiki:

yes, and since the lists often have a racing games list, I figured I could ask here.

Thank you for the link.



twingo v6?

no it's a vee-ate

So, which one is more american, the V8 or the dragster?

The V8. While Jet Dragsters are flashy, but utterly impractical Well nearly impractical, Rip Chrysler Turbine might seem like they embody America, it is the V8 that made America fall in love with the car. It was a cultural phenomenon that lasted for decades until rising oil prices finally forced them out of the hands of the American people largely. But it still persists today and is still associated with America. The Italians get lusty V12s, the Germans get precise I6, the Japs get Turbo 4 pots, but America has and forever will have the V8.

Would anybody mind if I shilled my Let's play of Driver: Parallel Lines?

don't think so, at least i wouldn't

Cool, still gonna sage though.


All I just wanted to do was see my track with my own eyes for the first time.

Check the very first line in the .gdb matches the name of the scene file, aiw etc exactly

if you want, just pack up all the shit and I can probably troubleshoot it


I've done AC maps before, but I've never done an rFactor map which is throwing me off.

How easy is it to go from rfactor -> AC? I'd be down for playing some nfs maps

Extremely easy and ~95% of the map can be done in 3DS Max. Unlike rFactor, AC determines parameters by the object prefix (#PROPERTY_) instead of the material name, so if you have an object called 1ROAD_obj101 it will handle like the street or if you want to make grass you name the object 1GRASS_obj201 or 0TREE_obj305 as some examples. Points are the same thing and names by their number, so you mark the pit areas with points, start positions with points and each the left and right sector dividers with points. In rFactor the points are done by a very frustrating .aiw file and then to do pit in/out, startline and section dividers it's a literal invisible plane with a specific object name (pic related, the huge ass vertical sand wall).

When I was converting from rFactor to AC, I could convert the average track in roughly 3-4 hours. I don't do it anymore because rFactor just has more variety and runs on toasters and is $2.50 per copy so I don't feel guilty buying it.

I've noticed that AC also shits the bed when it comes to doing texture blending and alpha channels a lot more often when converting than rFactor where I can just throw an alpha channel in or a blend and go.

your lack of knowledge in modding for a game != harder to mod it. aiw's take about half an hour to learn how to do a complete one, and the way rfactor can handle materials (you can set individual parameters for any material type, eg some parts of the track will have more grip when its wet or a very sticky gravel trap) is pretty straightforward if you stick to preset material types anyway.

Also, you didn't export textures, or at least didn't include them in the download.

So since I didn't want to work today I took a quick look. Not too bad, perhaps lower the sound of your mic a little bit because it's mostly noise and completely drowns out the game. Also there's some stuttering, but that might be the botnet browser having issues

Thanks, I'll do that. The first episode is actually kinda borked with the sound. I put the game audio way too low but I bumped it for the remaining episodes. Probably for the best though since the intro has copyrighted music. Also my mic is pretty cheap so I expected the fuzz, plus I have a bad habit of basically muttering. And yeah there was some in-game stuttering but I dropped the graphics a bit and that seemed to do well. Thanks for the feedback.

Also learnt that Evolution Studios closed down after playing Motorstorm Arctic Edge which is sad. I mean Motorstorm wasn't anything especially great, just a nice showcase of the PS3 but it was fine as an arcade racer. Was Driveclub that bad?

Heya fellow kids. Played Jalopy yet?

I remember it. For some reason i frequently replay oldass driver games. Of course the visuals and story a shit, but the game nail the car handling and the movielike feel of chases and shit.

Weren't they closed down after Driveclub?

I'll wait until wheel support.

Also rev up your botnets

Motorstorm and Arctic Edge in particular were the shit. Played AE all the time on my old PSP. Good times.

Read this earlier, couldn't reply until now.

I was thinking about this and so I suppose my meaning with this was off. It's easy to convert stuff once you know how, I guess I was trying to more make the point here that unlike rFactor you don't need to swap between a lot of programs often. With AC stuff you only need 3DS Max for making a track, all of the logic is already built into 3DS Max and you only need an external program (Blender) when converting it into a .kn5 format. rFactor on the other hand requires going to 3DS Max, 3DSimEd and back and then doing most of the logic by text editor which is rough for inexperienced people.

They were closed while Driveclub was still being supported by them. Quite sad really.

Also these requirements, Jesus. I know there's no way to "Future Proof" a computer but my 3 year old $1000+ rig seems like it may as well be a toaster. They're expecting people to upgrade to a spy machine with those expectations? Fuck me.

I don't know how they took the specs though, 1080@60 means nothing without the corresponding video preset. If it's high/ultra then the specs are in line with the rest of the games.

Is that's what's being recommend these days? Might be time to upgrade I think.

Also I recently learnt that Japan got an exclusive version of Underground 1 & 2 that got different vinyls. Though I'd do a video on 2 to show off some of the new stuff. I'm not shilling for my channel again, Honest.

It depends on whether it's on high settings, but games like GTA V run properly on high setttings if you have a 970 provided you lower the textures to avoid the shit memory

So it's just a case of Devs not doing any sort of Optimization before launch, huh. Kinda figured that was the case.

Pirates might get it to Run on DX11 or maybe Vulkan like they did when Vista had the same requirement, but considering they've been having hard times recently it might be a while. If at all. Still waiting on a good crack for Mad Max and NFS '15

F6 Apex will be in beta so perhaps the devs game themselves some leeway with the specs and skipped lower graphics.

Also UWA are apparently very hard to crack so it may take a while before people can crack them, and even then I wouldn't be surprised if we wound up having to install a russian Windows Store replacement or chinese kernel files. Something no one in their right mind would do.
As for backporting it to older OS, DX11 would be part of the problem but intuitively the hardest part would be to plug all the holes left by system hooks and features.

Probably right about them over estimating specs if they're going beta. I remember Carmageddon was a fucking slideshow but after a couple patches it runs smoothly Shame the gameplay isn't as slick

Why are some actually famous cars never in any kind of racing game? like simcades?
The last of the "traditional" modern Bentleys have been erased from memory for some reason, only the nigger turdmobiles remain from what was the most elegant coupe in the market

Driver SF actually had the Arnage and it was fun in that "move over poor people" way.

But really, many popular cars are barely represented. You have anything cheap and slow because devs are under the idea people don't want to drive shitboxes (tbh I like to trash shitboxes around racetracks, it's fun).

Also most cars like the Bentley, that are powerful but fat. The S class is quite under-represented as well, along the 7 series or the A8. And it's a shame because racing landboats is really fun


Threw the textures in there.

Like everything. License holders. Forza and GT have some classic Bentleys, but the priority is "cars we want to sell" and that even includes the big luxury/super/hyper manufacturers like Bentley along with promoting the racing models. And it's not a joke either. McLaren sold a P1 on the E3 showfloor in 2013. It's now really big business trying to get your car in the game. Every manufacturer has a priority on what cars they want in the game, including what car you drive first. Honda paid Sony for the Honda Fit to be the first car you drive in GT6. Ford paid for most of their showfloor range to be driveable in Forza 6 and the first car you drive to be the 2017 GT. We're at a point where some manufacturers are even paying to be in games so they can be front and center because they know getting the consumer familiar can push them towards a sale like the rush to import GT-R's after GT on the PS1. A lot of companies are apparently really easy to work with and see it as a promotion (BMW and Ford are big on this) while others still are hold out. Toyota can be an ass for example. They wanted too much for their cars in DIRT Rally so they were dropped because that game had barely any budget while other manufacturers were happy to either take a lower fee in exchange for better promotion (The team even had to drive from England to Norway to capture the rallycross track because they couldn't fly their scanning equipment. The budget was that tight). Some of them charge but are helpful in getting access to the cars. Mercedes let GT and Forza teams get access to really rare cars scan the 300 SL and the W196 "Silver Arrow".

Though the big "Never been done in a simcade" is any of Rolls Royce's cars as they were notorious for years in not allowing any licensing till Forza finally got them in 2014. Forza now has two of their modern models, but they can't get the originals because they are costly to do the scanning process. The original RR Phantom or Wraith is probably the most famous car never in a simcade. Or even this glorious motherfucker of a variant.Those are the only real "Unicorns" left for those games to get.

This is another cancer for me, i know well about those licenses, a real bitch but if you get the get-go what happens in recent years?
The damn scanning, something that's killing the fantasy tracks and now the rare concept vehicles, even if you get the go you are supposed to go on the distant museum, put all the good stuff and carefully scan the thing for 2 days
I think that's a really unnecesary if very awesome feature, i just want to drive it and see the cockpit, i know MANY buy Forzas just to see the entrails of a handful of cars, but come on, if BMW gives the go to use the Nazca C2, it's going to be areal trouble to scan it, same with any Italdesign, Bugatti or Lamborghini bizarre concepts shoved inside a hot garage somewhere in a field owned by the Sultan of Brunei

When are devs gonna return to made up cars for a racing game? Seems like Open world is the only ones that still do it.

Is there a chart of good racing games for all platforms?

Scanning's easier for their art and modeling teams along with the manufacturers sending CAD data where they can. It's actually cheaper to fly a team out to a manufacturer because most of the time the manufacturer has prepared it. I remember that even when Slightly Mad got the road car licenses for the BMWs. BMW just got the local dealer near the dev studio to drive over some models for the week Then they contacted works teams in the UK for to do the track cars. Even with the rare cars, it's easier these days because sometimes those Sultan's and collectors are big fans of the games (The Sultan of Brunei is allegedly a very big fan of GT). Forza have the 959 in the Porsche pack and always had it before EA pulled rank after FM3 because Bill Gates owns one and let them scan it for example. They got a bunch of Can-Am legends for F6 because Adam Carolla let them scan and record his personal collection. It's all about access, really

The tracks, that's a mess because of the fake tracks are harder to do than scanning real ones these days because you have to put a ton more effort in to make them interesting versus the real ones. I asked some Turn 10 guys about it and they know the community loves Maple, Fujumi and Camino Vejo but the problem with the fantasy tracks is that you have to start building inaccuracies in while with real tracks, the scanning car they send around picks up everything and provides so much data that it makes the tracks a lot more challenging gameplay wise. Say, you play an scanned but not laser accurate version of the Glen in PCARS and it's a very smooth rollercoastery ride with not much variations. Play it in Forza 6 where the track has a ton of bumps and sections with worn tarmac and it's a lot more about control and braking points because of the different surface types. The way you approach the back straight into the inner/outer loop and control throttle on the chute is vastly different on both games as you want to make sure you are centered on Forza due to the loose gravel in case you put your back end out (Especially as Forza has Dynamic suspension while PCARS suspension physics are stiff as a fucking brick. Don't get me wrong, I like PCARS but the physics still need some goddamn work). Maple was always mostly smooth with some hill sections and the bridge jump so adding in imperfections takes time when you can just licence and scan the real track Maple is based on (Pacific Raceways in WA) instead.

It sucks but that's what people want it seems. Plus with tracks being a lot more open to licencing, there isn't really a point. No more Sunset Peninsula because they got the licence for Daytona itself.

Suzuka will be a bitch forever though.

check /ovg/ or /ogc/ wiki for a simple list

I'll never understand people bitching and going "hurr durr landboats bad"
They have weight.
Weight is fun to chuck around and into other cars

I'll never understand people bitching and going "hurr durr landboats bad"
They have weight.
Weight is fun to chuck around and into other cars


Checked, Anyways

It's because they're normalfags who see cars as appliances, same as a toaster or or a fridge. The electric car isn't a new concept (Hell they've been around since 1880 for Christ sake) but are only getting super popular now because they have the same appeal as an electric appliance. They will never know the glory of floating down the road surrounded by door to door Velour and Fake wood grain trim.

Was gonna post that, the land barge by excellence along win those wacky Lee Dunham rich ghetto lowriders

Yes, there's not much problem with fantasy tracks based on real stuff when you can get real in front of you and model it easier
But cars are matter of opportunity/mere chance, didnt know that about Gates, nice, but the Sultan didnt bring the big guns in GT, he has absurd cars only made for him, and by big guys (Ferrari)
Turn 10 needs more friends, and learn to copy-paste scan data to make bizarre fantasy stuff
I don't think those will die but they will be behind some DLC barrier, becaus eunlockable in these ages i dont think so

tbh an electric land barge would be something. floating in complete silence.

Leave it up to Tesla, they might eventually get there.

>it's been stolen by my drug addict father

and that's why i threw my father's ashes into the garbage when he died instead of having a funeral. sage for car post that quickly became a blog post

Ain't gonna happen outside of refitting an existing one. Sadly the age of the Land Yacht died in the 90's. Since then American company's have been chasing after Eurocuck silly idea of "Luxury". They all have taught suspension instead of cloud simulators and supportive leather clad chairs instead of massive couches. And even then a true Land Yacht is about ostentatious opulence, which means getting single digit Fuel economy's. It should say "Fuck the Plebians" not "I kinda care about the planet".

But electric cars might return since people don't have to worry about fuel efficiency so they'll care about how it looks again, sort of like those Retro Inspired appliances. And if Self Driving cars become a thing then people will want a rolling living room again.

Shit, sorry to hear. Nothing but cars that have literately nothing left to give but parts should suffer a fate.

Have you seen european "luxurious" cars? Fucking bentleys and mercs were landboats on par with 'merican cars.
Blame Japan and their cheap-ass small cars

reminder that cadillac was planning to make luxobarges again with the CT8 and the CT9 but those got cancelled because of tesla and CUV shitboxes

Japan made desperate copycats of Bentleys and Benzs
Blame kids who think a book-trap racing seat with leather is the rad max and a leather couch inside a car is for granpas.
Aka the Ferrari kids from the early-mid 90's

I know Bentley's and Mercs we pretty opulent but they've since succumbed to the same ills of Cadillac and Lincoln and were way more pricey. I was thinking more BMW and Audi for the Sport-luxury shit. Though you are right, Japan probably didn't help.

Also 'Merica did Land Yachts for the masses.

Sixteen Never ever. At least we got it in PGR4

i'd still call the non-amg s-classes luxobarges, nothing compared to what they were making before, but still a luxobarge.

Been planning to get a PGR
There's 4 but i just have the time for 2, can't decide which ones
Heard some really bad rap about 4 with its physics and the bikes, but it has the best weather system in a racing game that gen
What do

So i got the crew following user's advice a few threads ago

holy fuck it's actually a great arcade racer

Yurop here

Fuck exotics and those who like them with a 10 foot pole, and by that i mean some inbred slav who lives innawoods

Excuse me, as an inbred slav who lives innawoods I am offended.
I like all cars equally. Except for Prius. That thing is fucking ugly.

Have any of yall done actual high-performance driving before?

I play with my dodge challenger at my cousin's track when there's nobody using it. does that count?

Rally club in local army sport center. Mostly VAZ2108 and OKA though, but it still should count.

How? It was one of the better games in the series, you don't see games like that often anymore.

Heard (or read because it was here) that the physics around the cars was rubbish due to the implementation of bikes, which made some cars handle in a single row, if that makes sense
Other than that the weather is amazing, but the other thing puts me off
Also if 4 is nt the very best, what is? highly interested because i heard they are long games and i don't really want to ditch time in 4 of them

Does thrashing a shitbox with a 911 turbo badge count as performance? I mean it has turbo written on it, it must count

Done some V8 and rally, nothing professional though.


Could someone recommend me a game that isn't a simulation? I just want something fun. something like blur or nfs

Have you played Split/Second?

On PC you could go for FlatOut or Burnout Paradise
On consoles you can play Motorstorm or something.

i'm on pc and I've palyed both of these

I will check this out. I was looking for a more recent game but I think this will work too.

I can recommend Gas Guzzlers Extreme and the Flatout games too

Someone else recommended Gas Guzzlers, so I dunno. You can try the new Carmageddon or, if you're in the mood for self-torture, Death Track Resurrection

Shit why'd I do that? I hope I at least got a pretty penny out of it.

It's quite good yeah. Most people dismiss it because Ubisoft and/or their impressions from the open beta but the game is actually good and has actually evolved in good ways since its release.

If only there was a way to pirate it to check it out. Always online is fucking cancer.

There's the 2 hour demo to get a quick idea. In this case though always online is a bit of a stretch, the game's mutliplayer mode is every bit as wonky as TDU/TDU2 and both those games had offline modes.

To be honest I would be fine with always online now if there was a guarantee that when the servers will be taken down we'll get an offline patch.

I'll give you TDU2, that was a giant pile of shit on almost every account, but original TDU had a very stable freeroam and working races.
Also a big turnoff for me regarding the Crew is that it uses uPlay. And uPlay sucks donkey dicks.

The wonky comment mainly comes from the fact you get these 7 player sessions for a game sold under the premise of being an MMO, and matchmaking that's basically crap. TDU2 was pretty much as bad, except that they even managed to go from the meh driving feel of the original TDU (not helped by lego roads) to downright unpleasant.

I dealt with uplay and it at least has the decency of being not much more than a DRM overlay if you tick the boxes to have it shutdown when you exit the game. Unlike Origin for example, that at least has a store so it can pretend it's not just DRM, but will stay there when you exit your games. It's not nearly as bad as it was years ago for the first uPlay enabled games, like Origin is decent nowadays.

Nah nigga, nah. Don't feed me that bullshit, I used it for BF3 and it sucks all sorts of dicks.
But anyway, I might buy Crew on a sale if it's really low and comes with whatever the fuck that DLC is.

idk it worked for me when playing MW2012.

As for the DLC, there's the Wild Run expansion but it's still expensive and not worth it. Base game is like 15-20 currencies on your local Amazon.

I'll try to reinstall the game but this faggot is now over 25 GB

I'm so sorry for you.
I wish you'd have told him what you'd do with his ashes before he died, because that's monstrous and he deserved to know.

I suppose, at least, the parts will make other cars, so it's not wasted

This seems relevant.

Nah, fuck him. He messed with his son's car that he got from his dead friend after he fixed it up for a quick hit. Seemed like scum through and through.

just gonna leave this here

Game is currently on sale and i got the good goy edition with all the DLC and bonus content for 15 bucks at a local store, well worth it.

The wild run expansion is a must, without it gameplay is shit because it fixes all the complaints players had about physics and it comes with more tracks, specs, cars, a part in the storyline, improved graphics and more shit to do in the world. The game is trash without that.


you dont need wild run for the better physics and graphics

what the fuck hotkike i didnt have a flag



The physics and graphics are fixed even without Wild Run. You miss some of the tracks, The Summit, the freeroam events and the bikes. Not sure how many cars are exclusive to WR, IIRC you could buy them even without owning the WR expansion.

But WR adds The Summit and those can yield some pretty nice cars if you're decent. This month it's an F40 for example. And the F40 is a nice car.

btw did they fix how OP the LaFerrari was?

This car is actually an old beetle with the front end and backend of a vw gol stuck to it. The gol is BR only so there's a good chance it's owned by someone not that rich but with the taste of someone very rich.

And frankly, it's not the worst BR hackjob you can find on the internets. On an article mentioning it I could find these.

anyone tried this game?
looks dope

I need a game with a nice

Preferably 1997 - 2001 models.

Did a quick search and found it's in Stuntman: Ignition (PS2/3, 360), GT Pro Series (Wii) and Top Gear: Dare Devil (PS2). Some other anons in here probably know some more.

I'm in a need of an AC track modder aficionado.
We need to add additional pitboxes to the C1 inner and outer loop(probably 6 more are enough to the pre existing 12). If you can do it, or you're willing to provide a tutorial, feel free to respond to me. Webm unrelated.

why the fuck would anyone want to replicate a turdgen with a hatchback?

look up formula fusion on steam. TDR return as designers and its made by a lot of wipeout veterans

Use igcd.net. Great site. CR-V can be found here:

I think it's meant to replicate the even worse 5th gen pigfat mobile. Who knows what runs through a Brazilian's mind apart from a constant HUEHUHEHUHUEHUHEUHEHUEHUHEUEHEU

I like IGDC except they don't really have a good search engine and firefox freaks out whenever I try and visit through Google images.

Also there was a poll recently on twitter by a Namco producer to see what people would like to see get remade, and RRType4 won by a landslideAce 5 also won a poll as well. It's nothing concrete but it would be damn cool to see Type 4 come back Sadly as a PS4 Exclusive and even then there's no telling what they would change apart from graphics..

I've been looking for a site like this, thanks user.

Is that Origin, user?

No, the other botnet, chrome.

I see

IIRC, that's not just any Scamco producer; that's the head of Project Aces.

AFAIK from having dabbled with AC modding a while ago, adding pitboxes isn't much more than adding more dummies with the correct names.
You'll need the track source though, I reckon you can import it in 3DSimED and export it to .blend or .3ds and work with your favourite 3D editing tool. Not sure how "pretty" the import will be regarding shit like textures though.

Ate my pic. Still trying to learn how to pitboxes and shit in rFactor.

IIRC rFactor has some sort of tagging system. There's probably a tutorial out there for that

Is there more to this image?

The Crew's photo mode makes it quite pretty

Aw sweet, Atlantica. My favorite track.

Doing god's work.

Would that really be so bad though? Not like it's worse starting place.

The tagging system is used for surface properties, I don't believe it works for actually setting spawn points.

Been off and on for over a year now. The nice thing is that once I can get Atlantica to work, Aquatica will be a piece of cake to set up.

Aquatica/Atlantica might be one of the neatest ways a game made multiple tracks out of one area.

It's really cool, reminds me of Ridge Racer in a way.

have you ever seen a car more out of place than bright yellow tiger stripped ibiza in a snowy road

more kit cars

And textures applied. All left is to merge the meshes together, clean up the duplicate areas, fix the polys on the road, tag the surfaces and it's done.

Here is the Atlantica and Aquatica layout on one track. Very strange geometry considering Aquatica is essentially a touge on the outskirts of Atlantica but no mountain is ever seen in Atlantica.

…kind of needs an HD remake tbh fam

well exactly what you said, the textures were never meant to be seen on 1920x1080 LED screens, they were meant to be seen on 640x480 crt monitors.

Goddamn, those textures.

Ive been wanting to ask, are the textures in High Stakes improved or are they the same as in III?

Feels, I loved III and IV as a kid. I really need to get them working on my pc.

not to mention, whizzing by at 300mph

I went back and played HS, it looked as I remembered HP to look, but then again, it'd been a long time since I played HP.
I didn't really enjoy many maps from HS in the end.

NFS 2 had some great maps too (plus great soundtracks). I still keenly remember the greek levels' start.

Some of the textures range from passable to downright ugly nowadays. I find it funny that some rFactor maps released in 2012 have worse textures.

It's the plants such as the seaweed and bushes that are awful, trees are fine (the trick used for trees is still used to this day) as well as about half of the textures. Granted you're not usually staring at the surface of the track though, you're blasting by it so often.

IIRC it is from NFS4, I have rips of every NFS4 track with geometry and textures. Have to check the formats on 2 and PU.

'sup, any of you guys know how to properly import a dash from one car in NFS 4 to another without the interior texture being blank? I can show screenshots to demonstrate what I mean.

Even though he was just about the baddest dude to ever edit the original models into cars that genuinely looked the real thing, Ryuji Kainoh was a real pain in the ass at times.

Firstly the fateful day back in 2000 when he decided against joining NFSCars as the registration system wasn't working properly, leading to large swathes of his work being lost forever once his domain expired in 2006, meaning the only place I can race that 961 pictured will be in my dreams :c

Then you got his general reluctance to slap even a simple interior on anything he produced, even though he managed fine in NFS3 and definitely had the necessary modelling skills to make his own interiors.

Sometime in 2003 he just disappeared off the face of the Earth. Many people have tried to contact him over the years, all to no avail. Someone once claimed to have found an fb account that matched his description but it's since been deleted. The last of his available files were restored in 2012.

I feel terrible for the sorry state i left this evo in. It didnt deserve the beating i gave it.

You take that pic yourself? Seems quite small.

Also for anyone with Spy10 Forza 6 Apex is out.

Downloading it. Though it's not looking good from the early reviews. Stuttering, freezing, crashing, and possibly no 360 pad support.

Well it is beta and it's supposedly only being used to see how well they can port games to the PC. I see it as an interesting counterpoint to the OG Xbox, which got a whole bunch of games from the PC and the Xbox 1 has all it's games going to the PC.

I can see the beta point for the first three but no 360 pad support? That's not even difficult to implement. Hell, MS very specifically made it easy to add support for in any game.

Atlantica is ffrom NFS3 originally.



More Kit Car antics.

I really love these cars. I hope that they will ever add a Renault Megane Maxi or a Citroen Xsara Kit Car for more Kit Car fun.

Just got done playing it for today, it's pretty shit as a game. It's OK as a tech demo though. The grafix are nice as are the physics. There's freezes and stuttering from time to time as well, the latter seems like it's due to frame pacing issues. They have a stupid token system to unlock cars and it look like you can't even unlock all the cars until they cycle through all the spotlight rotations.

Unless you pay real money to unlock all the cars like some good goy. Though I doubt anybody is surprised that MS is jewing as hard as they can.

I know, Atlantica is from NFS3. Thing is the PC version got an HD release of Atlantica on NFS:HS which is the version of the track in the screenshot. I have the other NFS:HS maps saved though I don't believe I have any NFS2 and NFS:PU tracks and only Atlantica/Aquatica has been ripped to a modern file format so far.

I've a copy of Ridge Racer V somewhere strewn about across piles of hundreds of other games. Is it worth a pickup? I'm dying for some decent racing vidyer.

I don't get why people ask if they should play games they already have and the Answer is yes. It's the the last of what I call the "Grip Based" Ridge Racers Which is to say it's not all drifting all the time like say 6/7, there's enough secrets to keep you going, the physics are fantastic and the music is MHH.

Hey man, time is money and as a NEET I have no money so I gotta keep a tight grip on how I spend my time. Plus it's so hard to get focused on a game these days, especially one you don't really have any clue about. Thanks for the review though, gonna go scramble for it and pop the thing in the PS2.


textures usually look a lot worse in 3dsimed than they do in game, it's pretty passable in rF1 other than one or two here and there

No problem I love the series as a whole and would probably rank it top three.My dentist office had it for a while before swapping out with PGR4

I deiced to see if PCSX 1.4.0 with open GL fixed it. It didn't sadly. Game seems to be running on it's own internal framerate, so despite PCSX2 saying it's running around 60. Certainly doesn't drop down to a number that would be associated with how it plays. If it was just fucked up texture then I could maybe live with it but gameplay being fucked up is unacceptable. I wonder why they haven't been able to get it to emulate properly. I mean they fixed the black-bar thing other Namco games had.

Yes, dubs, it would, because as fuckawesome as R4 is, simply giving it the ol' "eych-dee" treatment and tacking a bigger number onto the finished product is quite possibly one of the scummiest things you could do.

Could be worse, though. Scamco could go that route and make use of Bugbear's services once more.

Reason I say this is because while I wouldn't mind a proper R4 remake, I also want to see a brand new Ridge Racer, with new cars in all categories, new tracks, new songs, and new ways for Scamco to promote their money-printing franchise… and maybe a HD remake of Park Town / Above the City and Outer Pass / Bayside Line.

And hopefully with no nitro and the option to not drive sideways.

The graphical problems are from a texture cache issue so it's not gonna be fixed for quite a while, last I tried I didn't have any gameplay issues outside of utterly broken graphics.

Sounds like standard F2P practices. It's quite a shame but this was to be expected as soon as it was announced for free.

Here's to hoping this motivates MS to have the next main Forza game on PC as well.

Like the xbone game. Turn off assists and have Drivatars set to around medium you will medal everything without the need to buy good goy points.

Game got some big graphic graphic bumps on the PC though. Rain and volumetric fog looks much nicer, lighting looks way better and less flat, tracks got some new PBR elements. Dynamic shadows look amazing. Spotted the dynamic settings giving a little bit aggressive when the track got super busy and looked like it dropped resolution for a few seconds, but game was rock solid otherwise. Good port. Probably will get better once they dump the retarded parts of UWP with Redstone 1 later this month.

They confirmed it in April that "Future Forza games will ship on both Xbox and PC". Horizon 3 might be the first.

Anything confirmed one week by MSFT can be cancelled next week.

I'm downloading it right now but I can't tell if it's stuck or just slow as hell. Not enough granularity and most importantly, no way to tell the current downloading rate. It's okay for 100 MB or less apps, but for an 18 GB download it's not okay.

Care to share the model?

Anyone know if its Turn 10 or Microsoft pushing for Forza PC support? I'm nervous that Microsoft is gonna make it its new cash cow and start milking it by cutting cars for DLC and shit.

90% sure it's MS trying to make their Store relevant for PC games.

Right now it's a free to play so probably no DLCs in the standard sense of the term but rather more and more expensive cars.

I just hope the F2P is just because its a tech demo and not the new standard

I suppose your right I mean you have higher dubs then I do. Also I don't think having Bugbear do another one would instantly invalidate it. I mean all the Flatout Games they worked were damn good and Wreckfest showed some promise. My only concern would be if Namco gave them a good enough budget and time to do properly develop one. And not have Ridge Racer be a Bangers racing affair.

Honestly I want a Ridge Racer crossed with a Shutokou Battle game. All the old tracks smooshed together with some new areas I want the Renegade track back in some capacity with an improvement on on 7's fantastic customization system, with all the reoccurring cars coming back With new 1970's and 2020 styled with a few more cars so each manufacture has a bit more verity. With some special machines avalible and have it play like Type 4. Some little things would be having radio stations that had either a straight EDM flavor or a rock based one With a special radio station done by Hideki Naganuma.

I basically want this cover to be the game. And it's not like Namco hasn't done a TXR style game before. But it seems like Ridge Racer has gone to mobile so a Genki Namco game will never happen

I should actually play RR at some point. Should I played Ridge/Rage/Rave, or skip to Type-4 and 5? And is 7 any good? Apologies for the bombardment of questions, just not familiar with Ridge Racer as much as I should be.

It will depend on how successful it is, so far "standard" practices still work judging by F6's popularity so there's no reason to think they'll drop the idea of having a proper game.

They're probably looking at Rockstar earning millions of dollars through GTA Online microtransactions and are attracted by the smell of cash.

Ridge Racer and Revolution are straight arcade ports and don't have much to them, could be nice if you want the most bare bones experience first. Rage sets the tone for how every following Ridge Racer is, though admittedly not as sadistically. Rave never got ported to home consoles Though it did make it on the PSP games which I recommend as well so you can skip to Type-4.

It's fucking awesome with a story that could shame most RPGS or waling sims these days and the physics are the only time where the cars don't act like they're on rails when you start drifting, and that soundtrack.

V is actually kinda lacking in comparison to Type-4 and doesn't' emulate well Which is how I assume you're going to be trying these games out so you can skip it unless you have it physically. 6 is the start of the "Drift based" games on consoles The PSP games had it first and is on similar terms of Ridge Racer V for content. 7 expands on 6 and is probably as close to the direct sequel Type-4 ever got.

In summery Type-4 is the best "Grip based" Ridge Racer though the others shouldn't be shunned. And try out Ridge Racer 2 on PSP to see if you'd like 7's physics 7 also features different Nitro level form 6 and a slipstream mechanic. Though I remember the AI being a bit rubber-bandy but AI has never been it's strong suit so if you start anywhere else you'll probably be use to it by the time you get to 7.

I wrote both the /ogc/ and /ovg/ wiki entry's for Ridge racer and have played nearly everyone of them so I don't mind. Plus I like getting people into games.

Thanks for the information! I'll probably jump into Type-4 today. I'd be playing V on real hardware though, HDD in my PS2 makes life grand. I don't have a 360, so 7 is all I'd play of that generation. I'll try out RR2 on PSP though, thanks!

I'm actually an acefag that really enjoys the fact that RR is the same universe as the good AC games, but I've been itching for a decent racing game as of late so I figured I'd get into RR.

No problem. Ive actually been been playing Ace 5, is pretty good Even if I don't know what I'm suppose to be doing half the time. And Ridge Racer is chocked full of References so have fun.

Hey Map-user, is it possible for you to remove the barriers on Okutama in Race Driver GRID? It would be nice if all the roads were open regardless of discipline, especially the drifting ones. Just curious.

Not map-user but I did some shit with GRID maps. I tried to port GRID 2's Okutama to AC but never really went beyond the step of getting it in the engine

It's possible, not sure if possible in GRID, but porting the track to another game and mixing the different paths is doable.

Finally got F6 Apex, and it's quite good (except for that weird steering smoothing and no wheel support), but the game feels like it's dropping frames all the time. It's weird. Probably because Optimus is shit.

If you're not going to update those grafics, can you please release the model so some other anons can after you're done?


Update your drivers and make sure everything is set to dynamic with a target framerate of 60FPS in the options menu. It has some frame pacing issues but it's a driver problem they are looking into.

nvidiot drivers up to date, set the target to 60 FPS and it may have a made a slight difference.

Apparently it's a known issue with Optimus and F6, so perhaps it will be patched at some point.

I'll release the textures and models for the tracks, I just need to figure out tagging the track so it works. Could have gotten it working in AC by now.

If you want a specific track in the meantime from NFS HS, let me know. If anyone has NFS 2, 3 and/or HS let me know if the tracks in that use .frd and .qfs formats.


Seriously though, Lost Canyons or Redrock Ridge. Lots of beatiful props and scenery in my opinion.

Ace 5 is the comfiest, and most story heavy. It's also my favorite despite the AI being dumb.

Just beat GP with MMM and Age Solo as our sponsor. Holy shit this game is really fun. My only problem is that emulating in PCSXR, I can't seem to save and there seems to be a few framerate issues when in first person mode. Otherwise a fantastic experience.

i go accurately and on special lines

So there's a lot of attention to detail for the dialogue after every race. Playing GP again with ePSXe which fixes a lot of problems, and I'm getting new dialogue from Sophie. It's roughly the same idea but damn son. This is a fantastic game. If only I could control the Megre better.

Speaking of smug french cars, this was the song that played in MC2 when you raced one It was a Clio but I digress.

I want another MC2.

It had good choices with the music where it played more trance in Paris, hip hop/rap in LA and then more harder electronic in Tokyo.

I remember being at a now long gone regional electronics store reading the strategy guide as a kid for this game, one of the first I read.

High Stakes (4) and NFS 3 both use FRD format. 3 and 4 share the same engine, and 4 has all of 3's maps, of which Atlantica and Aquatica are a part of.

Don't know about 2 offhand.

I'd love most of them, but Redrock Ridge and Lost Canyons are the most memorable, other than Atlantica

Anyone? This is getting annoying. The .fce and .fsh both load up fine in NFS Wizard, but when I load it up in game only the model displays, not the texture.

Okay, so I took a little break and went back to try R4 some more and holy fuck how do you control the drifting? I'm way better off using Grip and playing like it's a normal racing game, but I want to learn to be good at drifting since that's basically the point of RR.

R4 is diffrent from every other Ridge Racer in that it actually simulates drifting rather then sticking to the road like a magnet It's been a while since I played it so the best advice I have keep the drifting to a minimum and practice. Might not be as insightful as I am normally, but I got nothing.

Ah, so if I went to V and started drifting, it'd be the stupid "Drive sideways" stuff and I'd be alright? If so, I'll just stick with Grip.

oooh a new driving/free roaming arcade game. At least if it is actually released and shit since this looks like a very early trailer.

"arcade physics" implies a sim mode, might be interesting

Yes, but you best not be hating on driving sideways. I'd say stick to Grip racing Which are referred to as being easier in-game if I remember correctly. to get the best "Endings" of the four team stories And to get Reiko's messages.

Sent of Shill. But hey won't stop me from bitching. I'll keep it's only in alpha in mind, but as it stands it looks rough. The showcase didn't have any really hard turns, just sweepers Which the car seemed to be struggling with even though it wouldn't in even a fucking sim. and the drifting could either be Burnout flavored or it could be just a stylish way to slam into a wall. And maybe it was just the guy showing it off or maybe the gearbox is super shit. And the lack of a visible redline might indicate the latter with no way to ignore it. And the fact there might be a sim mode with an Arcade mode doesn't fill me with confidence. You have to commit to one or the other Or you could do a Sim-cade I guess to make sure everything is right. Considering that it's coming from an unknown dev could mean they're spreading themselves to thin and the product will suffer.

It doesn't look a blatant Russian money laundering scheme but it doesn't particularly good. Wait and see I guess.


fuck you m8. saw the video, shared, discuss and shit.

felt like keyboard driving, with the little "jumps" from tapping the buttons
guess they went for the burnout/HP2010 feel

but it looks sorta decent, probably won't be because low budget racing games all fucking suck balls.

Doesn't really look good. It looks like just NFS HP 2010 all over again and NFS will always corner that market.

People want wild and crazy and something different in an arcade racer other than just "We made Need For Speed again". That was Driveclub's biggest detriment, personally. It was trying to be old NFS without the personality and wild and crazy jumps. Forza Horizon got that in a way with having it's own style (The creator of Need For Speed was the MS Studios producer on the first two so go figure). Even NFS The Run was on to something but the shitty handling and limited gameplay just fucked it up.

Eugene Jarvis and Raw Thrills are making a new Crusin' game. So I'd put my faith in that over this project. At the very least Moto Racer 4 immediately is getting "People want crazy shit like racing on the Great Wall Of China and we're gonna give it to them". No name studio from a shitty publisher but at least they get it.

Just broke out NFS Hot Pursuit 2010, and man that's a perfect arcade racer and a perfect reimagining of NFS 3.

This game sold great too. Why doesn't EA learn? Make fun arcade racers or NFS Underground #__, that's all people want..

Considering EA don't seem to want to make another NFS HP 2010 in a hurry, I'd welcome an off-brand alternative.

It looks equal parts dumb and fucking awesome, to be fair. But yeah, gonna be a babby and play with Grip and try to perfect everything. I got decent endings with getting the 4 perfect runs in the final, now I just need to get first place in every single race. Sophie is second best girl, though. She really grew on me after she chilled out.

I don't think I played HP 2010, but if it plays well, I might have to. The last NFS game I remember playing was Underground 2, but after I was done with that, I went back to HP2 on my Gamecube. Never played Most Wanted or anything after that, I don't think.

It plays solid. Great cars, great old fashioned gameplay; just you, cars and racing. And drifting for days.

They've got a sexy voiceover lady reading car facts at the car paint picker screen and everything. It's perfect, if you like arcade racing.

Most Wanted ('12) is similar, and not bad, but just not as good in every way (you'll enjoy it if you play it, most likely), HP'10 is perfect.

You cant be serious. HP 2010 was one of the worst and most boring racing games I ever played. And I fucking love III and IV.

At the top of my head:

fuck me i cant type

I agree completely. With that said, this will forever be my favorite NFS. It's sad that the PS2 version was the only good one.


The career mode races were far too long, and the music was atrocious..


It looks like it was the last NFS album to feature Rom Di Prisco on it, who helped make most of the NFS 3 and HS album.

He wrote one song.

Matt Ragan did a bunch as well, but I liked his older work more.


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