I want my wall as much as anyone else, but politically I want to spend my capital elsewhere. I think we should rebrand the wall to be a comprehensive infrastructure campaign. This means first and foremost ```HIGH SPEED PASSENGER AND CARGO RAIL ALONG THE SOUTHERN BORDER.```

This high-tech rail will be a boon for our economy, especially considering it will be built with ==AMERICAN STEEL==. In addition to the Southern Rail we should begin work on a Northern Rail that spans our northern border.

If we sprinkle in some more funds that ```MAKE AMERICAN ROADS AND BRIDGES GREAT AGAIN``` we will be on the road to untold prosperity.

Once ALL Americans see how great investing in America is, our wall will build itself.

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Seems easier to just fly on a plane. Or drive.

The USA will have to get rid of all the Niggers first. They want to tear American down and burn it's cities.

You're a fucking retard.

Highspeed rail would be many times faster than an automobile. Once it's built the costs are very low, it would out compete big trucks for moving freight across America.

Planes cost more for consumers.

There goes many american jobs.

Yes but it would have to be done the right way. No free transport, but no high cost travel either.

It should all be underground for the most part, you would be able to go faster with less of a chance of getting derailed, plus there should be added security at the gates, too many sketchy people ride trains and public transport. For example, vagrants, drunks, niggers, etc..

Get rid of niggers, kikes, spics and libs and then we'll talk.


We want jobs because they bring value to our country. If rail is more valuable than trucking, so be it. I want America to be great again, that means reorganizing our economy to be more valuable in the long-term. This is an investment in America, not a get-rich quick scheme.

No it wouldn't, it would just compete with long haul trucking, which is inefficient nowadays anyway. You would still need trucks to unload the freight onto and deliver to locations. The rail system wouldn't go to every adress in every city. It would just be a way for faster and safer transportation to more local large distrubution centers, if anything it would cause a spike demand for local delivery drivers because of the speed of freight being transported.

Why do you want this? It would just give all the city-dwelling niggers an easy way to spread their violence and degeneracy to tht country.
Trains work in Japan and China because Japan is Japanese and China is Chinese, american is mongrelized and that would just damage the countryside.

Infrastructure being built always makes my dick hard.

this would cause more job openings you dipshit.

What part of the spics are paying for it don't you understand faggot?


There is absolutely no way this works without the U.S. becoming racially 100% White

The Chinese have a homogeneous society, America does not have this, our diversity is not our strength.

Past much? Hyperloop is what you're looking for.

This is why you don't make it free or cheap for tickets. You also need to have a code of conduct passengers need to follow, this is currently what's wrong with public transport, vagrants, drunks, ghetto niggers are all allowed on it. If it was privitized it could happen.

I bet horse-carriage drivers bitched too when the automobile came around.

go fuck yourself faggot we HIGH SPEED now

Actually America already moves a ton of freight by rail, the American rail system is extremely good.

What America doesn't really do is passenger rail, which is what this would primarily be.

We could connect all the rails together. Then on the DOTR we can use our trains to ship every kind of nigger down to the border and let them get off on the wrong side of the tracks.

The rail would work as a wall, we would need to protect it from the rapefugees right? People crossing the rail would be dangerous. This means monitoring the rail, which is along the border, 24/7 for people attempting terrorist attacks etc.

Trump really needs to do an assessment on the cost of crime on American society, and I'm not talking dollars alone. I see no reason to invest money in infrastructure when niggers and spic are simply going to piss on it and destroy it in the short-term. I worry about going grocery shopping and not being killed by niggers walking to my car, I'm not worried about high speed rail.

Niggers tend not to do that since it'd mean coming into contact with heavily armed white populations, they stick to the cities where they're less likely to be shot if they commit crimes.

Not to mention getting finger fucked by minorities taking part in the TSA make-work program.

big trucks ruin our roads, and are wildly inefficient. truckers are only allowed to drive 14 fucking hours a day. having freight rail that's hooked up to the electric grid would be fantastic.


Which is why the purge must happen

That, plus the slew of other problems Amtrak is facing.

Snap Amtrak back into shape with good leadership, and give them some teeth to deal with shitty passengers and rail could really be something amazing.

Sounds like a very Trump project and would be pretty cool to not have to be absolutely reliant on cars/planes.
Would compliment a return to industry in this country, too.


commiefornia here.

The high speed rail they're trying to build here is stupid and the concept of having a national high speed rail is even dumber.

To build the one in California alone costs upwards of $100 billion, not many people would use it, and on top of that we have fucking Amtrak already. Why not just invest money into Amtrak so they can fucking fix their issues and lower the cost of tickets? It'd be much more viable to just fix what we already have instead of building another thing that will just be as broken as everything else.

We need this, but we can only start building it AFTER The Wall is built, the spics are deported, the leftist agitators are subdued or destroyed, and America is made MINIMUM 80% white again. You don't build a new castle when the enemy is laying siege within the walls.

1. Make America Safe Again
2. Make America White Again
3. Make America Great Again
4. Make Europe White Again
5. Make Mankind White Forever

You're fucking absolutely retarded. China is more of a meme country than India, it's made up of literally hundreds of chink monkey groups that are as different from each other as korea gooks are to filipinos.

none of that is possible in the changing times we are in. bombs are more of a thing now, sabotage would make this a shit show with no border security.

The problem is our cities are built for cars rather than feet, with the exception of some of the places with top-of-the-line metra systems.

Unfuck yourself, white man. We spent the equivalent of 20 countries' GDP to put six flags (kek!) on the Moon. We do this, not because it's grimly practical, but because nigger countries cannot. A project like this reminds foreigners that they are small and weak, and that we are rightfully their masters.

Train to Tijuana NO

Until we get the demographic situation under control and the border secured, '''there is no benefit to me in having a means for rapid dissemination of non-Whites to distant parts of the country.


Reminder that the (((auto industry))) outright destroyed an effective national mass transit system using the typical tricks.

This isn't the concept of a retarded passenger train system like California. The idea is to replace the current rail system we already have with a faster and more efficient one. Passenger rails are a literal meme and only retards would support something that stupid in America.

That's why we build THE WALL first.


You don't want to deport mexicants at 250mph?

incase you haven't looked lately China is improving the quality of life, and it's not the only homogeneous society I was refering to, it's simply the largest. South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, the major cities in China are all advancing greatly, and outpacing the USA. I'm no fanboy of Asia but I am objective and educated on the matter. Look at Dubai, oil wealth sure but it's also a homogeneous society. The Middle East is a homogeneous society but greatly different than Japan or South Korea, which are civilized. China is simply 50 to 75 years behind the advancements of the Western world but they are catching up quickly.

America is plagued with niggers, spics, and jews fucking everything up.

But this doesn't affect me. The border does though.
T.Goy who lives in a small Wisconsin town.

The route in Wisconsin would go right through my hometown. We don't want high speed rail for reasons stated above, mainly getting flooded with nuggets from Milwaukee and Chicago. No thanks.

In a nation as large as USA the very idea of nationalized passenger transport is ludicrous. It works in Canada, Europe, Japan, because of the high population density. America is not Europe. Trains in America are best for transporting freight.

I mean come on just imagine being able to transport freight at 250mph, the economy would BOOM.

And on top of that, the high speed rail in California is expected to lose $124 Million to $373 Million a year. How can you think a national high speed rail would sustain itself?

Putting flags on the moon was never intended to be some business venture, but the high speed rail is. Explain to me how it would be able to recoup the cost and ever make a profit?

Meant to say niggers, fuck autocorrect.

Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, North Korea. These are homogeneous societies.


Thats because fucking California, and putting literal retards in charge of anything always fails. It will work but we need leadership to do it.

Agree on Amtrak, but fuck they need to build their own rail lines.

Also have them start hiring fucking competent people and we gucci


Niggers are already getting imported to our towns. I live in Appleton and I've already seen a bunch. I think we got refugees in Oshkosh too.


This is FREIGHT rail user, niggers can't hang on to a train going 250mph from the outside and there will be no passenger compartments.

Fuck your money, kike. European cathedrals were a money pit until tourism was invented 500 years later.


I'll let you think it over user.

I can't even fucking imagine the massive boon an updated rail system would provide the manufacturing sector. Trump talks constantly about modernizing infrastructure, it might not be soon, but I bet improved rail is on his list in a big way.

will these trains come with gas ovens?


implying they wont just sit on their stoop and get drunk on malt liquor


dude go fuck yourself with China's 57 ethnic groups, the Han Chinese rule the fucking expanse of the country. Those ants all walk tot he beat of the same drum and keep all the others ethnic groups inline, it's like classifying all the white ethnic groups, white are no longer danes, germans, poles, brits, swedes, etc. So i makes actual little difference except in your own mind and your dump argument.


Tell Roth farms I buy their cheeselogs just to photograph alongside a scalped jew head with intact yarmulke on top of a bible.

It's quite the work.

There's a lot of things Holla Forums does right. Economics is never one of those things.

When shipping freight, its all about how much you can ship than how fast it can be moved.

Hi moshie, how was the inauguration?

Because I actually understand supply and distribution. Over the road trucking is a huge drain on the infrastructure of this nation. By improving and rebuilding the freight infrastructure to be both faster and carry higher amounts of freight we could do away with over the road trucking. That means that truckers would only have to drive within their state, it would be very good for the economy and traffic nationally would be greatly reduced.

FUCK HIGH SPEED RAIL, I give two shits WalMart can transport it's goods 20x faster, WalMart pays me shit.

How about this you dumb fucking nigger. Imagine freight going 10x SLOWER and how shitty that would be. We're talking about doing the opposite which would obviously be fucking based.


Also a ticket for Amtrak from one side of CA to the other costs more than your typical plane ticket and takes 8 times as long. Literally makes no sense unless you want to observe the scenery.

Only if the end of the train empties out into an open BBQ pit, a la Treblinka.

This is the biggest issue, anything nice like this becoming a Nigger Transport Service™. We have light rail in LA, because of the undesirables, nobody gives a fuck about it. Train stations are unofficial hobo camps. Untermensch ruin everything. This project needs a clear and very real solution to this.

Neo-marxist liberalism: The Entitled Millennial Generation

Coming to theaters near you soon

Because high speed rail worked so well for Commiefornia, right?


Good point, niggeranon, except for how they all speak different languages and have wildly different histories and cultures. Like, Tibetans, Uighur mudslimes, Mongolian nomads, Hunan farmers, and Hong Kong pseudo-jews all have so much in common because Commissar Chong says so.

Except this is Trump who prides himself on being under budget and ahead of schedule. Of course Commies would pocket the money and take for fucking ever doing something.


Tell that to the millions upon millions of mainlanders being forced off their properties and being told to strip their skills in Cantonese (you know, TRADITIONAL Chinese) or else they won't belong in their republic.

how the fuck is it that these faggots do EVERYTHING wrong. fucking gas them

I mean shit, buy trains from the Japanese if you have to because that is pathetic


t. Has no idea what he's talking about

America already has THE WORLD'S BEST FREIGHT RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE. It's built to handle extremely long, extremely heavy freight trains. Our bridges are constructed for that exact purpose, to carry a ludicrous amount of weight. The trains are long and fully packed which makes the cost of freight rail extremely low.

You can't just "HURR DURR BUILD A NEW FREIGHT NETWORK ALSO MAKE THE FREIGHT TRAINS GO 120000MPH HURR", it doesn't work like that. If you want high speed rail you need to build the tracks to accommodate high speed rail LOCOMOTIVES. That means electrical lines above (OOPS no double stacked containers now).

On top of that, why would the new high speed lines have freight rail on them? They're already that robust, extremely efficient freight network. Why would private freight companies want to suddenly use a much more expensive, much less extensive, much less capacity-bearing line? There's no such thing as high speed freight you literal retard. It's either passenger+speed or freight+length/efficiency.

Now either do your research before you open your mouth about 100 billion dollar infrastructure projects, or just shut your fuck mouth entirely you literal retard double nigger.

t. train autist

I'm pretty sure anyone hiring for one of those project is just looking for a way to get all of their friends a nice gig, rather than actually trying to get the job done let alone on time.

My point wasn't China per say, it was about homogeneous societies, read this thread the constant theme is niggers, niggers, niggers, they are fucking up the country something awful. While the idea of high speed rail "may" it's merits, they are cast aside due to the nigger problem. I'll not ride on or in an enclosed space with niggers with IQ's in the fucking 80's and no one else will either, and rest assured the niggers will not be the ones paying for either.

It takes that state 15+ years to build an interchange and they STILL get it wrong. It's hardly the railroad's fault.

Tell me more about how The Wall will never be built.

Infrastructure takes a long time to get up to speed, and generates a lot of jobs. Can you imagine the amount of AMERICAN steel that it would take to get these programs up and running? It almost gets me hard.

there is no such thing because there is no traditional china or chinese language. It is a modern state and amalgam of many smaller groups and languages.

Would much rather we built some genIV nuclear plants and increased the share nuclear has in our electricity generation from 20% to 40%. High speed rail might be nice but is it worth the cost? That's the big question.

Railroads make most of their money by shipping more, not how fast they can ship. You dumb niggers need to think before you jump on another stupid bandwagon.

The only things that could be justifiably shipped in bulk at high speeds would be perishables and mail.

No, because the cost to get from Point A to Point B at high speeds goes up a fuck ton amount the more freight you're carrying. So much so to the point you'll make less money than you would just going a regular speed. Because, again, railroads get their money from bulk - not speed.

If you want an example, just look at what fucking happened to the Super C train.

Tell me more about an interstate system with no speed limit outside of metro areas.

Too bad you didn't invest in concrete and fencing.

You are a mouth breathing retard. It it 100% possible to build a high speed rail network in the USA. It is 100% possible to revamp our freight network (unnecessary, but possible if you wanted to signal upgrades/bridge repairs)


The logistics of passenger rail and freight rail are completely different. It's why Amtrak is so fucking awful even though America's rail network is robust, because the network prioritizes freight over efficiency in passenger rail. The lines are privately owned and will always be to the benefit of the freight companies, and that's ok because they're the ones who build, maintain and use the lines.

But a high speed rail network would need to be SEPARATELY BUILT. It needs to have ELECTRICAL POWER ALONG THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF TRACK. It needs to ACCOMMODATE HIGH SPEED LOCOMOTIVES BY NOT HAVING EXCESSIVE CURVES OR ELEVATION CHANGE. It would be better to make a high speed mag-lev line like the Japs for passengers and a freight rail revamp for freight. There can be no overlap of freight and passenger rail in the USA, Amtrak's failure has proven this. The lines for passenger rail MUST BE NATIONALIZED.

If you can't understand why freight and high speed rail are different after this post you are beyond help.

everyone here is trying to compare the US to some european countries or asian countries.
those countries either
all the while making no profit.
I don't know if you haven't noticed, but the U.S. owns more cars than any other nation on Earth.
you need to also take into perspective that those european states, and asian nations have historically been small. the us is almost an entire god damn continent. so stop comparing a country which would qualify as a us state to a entirely independent nation.

For an autist, you are pretty retarded.

Can't really fault people for not wanting their tax dollars to go straight into a furnace just to appease train autists. Unless you have something radically different (i.e. hyperloop if it pans out), don't bother.

America has designed nearly everything around cars. That's where transportation infrastructure spending should be focused. Even if you could magically replace all existing trains with 200+ MPH high-speed rail, you still have cities designed around cars. You know why rail works so well for Japan? They live on a small island and their cities were razed to the fucking ground 80 years ago. They could rebuild around rail technology designated by a central planner.

I think they're fine already. Just make sure the tracks, tunnels, and bridges are well-maintained. I don't think businesses gain much from faster rail travel; freight is for moving a lot of shit for cheap. If it's urgent, they can ship things quickly if they absolutely need to (trucks, planes). There's no point unless there's some cost-reducing technology waiting to be implemented.

And I don't even want to fathom mile-long trains traveling at high-rail speeds even if it was feasible. What a fucking nightmare that would be if it derailed.

You do realize it was the US that perfected rail systems during the fucking 1850's. The rail in the US was destroyed by GM and Ford working Congress (and Eisenhower) for guaranteed sales (there is a reason it is called the Eisenhower Interstate System). Cars and Trucks have a place, but it is absolutely stupid and inefficient to long haul materials from coast to coast on a fucking truck.

P.S. Canada does not have a very dense population density- at all.


Not an argument. Amtrak actually has a much worse safety record than the freight rail companies.

Using freight rail to carry gas (oil/petrol) is a huge mistake though. Even with the relative safety of gas trains compared to trucking it (which is cost prohibitive anyways) they're essentially rolling bombs. They've already destroyed entire towns in the south and that one in Canada, and the pipelines are an important part of our energy infrastructure to ease the burden on our freight rail infrastructure.

The only reason niggers don't do it now is because they can't do it easily.

China is far more homogeneous than the USA, there's a lot of different kinds of mongrelized asians floating around but it's still largely asian. Saying this is like complaining about micks or italians in jew york before all the niggers and gooks moved in.

Niggers don't drive their cars user, EBT cannot buy gasoline, and they are more inclined to soup them up and put sound-systems in them so they can drive around the block and let their whole neighborhood know they like shit-tier bass music.

this pleases my German blood

Stoop kid doesn't leave his stoop!

This is why public bathrooms should have entrance fees. I've noticed they do this in Europe and their bathrooms are always very nice.

We already have a railroad across our norther border.


The nigger is not the issue here. Any passenger transportation technology that is sufficiently cheap has low-IQ subhumans on it. Boats, trains, planes, doesn't matter.* Why do you think first class exists? If separating yourself from the lowly plebs is your concern, you can pay extra for that.

* - Except buses, as they are not large enough to sustain a first-class area.

This, I think, is the right answer. Improving the electricity grid and generation solves many problems at once. Energy independence, reduction in cost of living and doing business, makes electric cars more economically feasible, and other lovely benefits.

Why would I want to be trapped on a train with niggers and beaners when I could just drive my nice comfy car?

put that Randian crackpipe down

niggers and beaners are going to be riding along your Rearden steel rails shitting up America at record speeds.


Completely false. America has the world's most lucrative freight rail routes but it is far from the best. Even the busiest rail interchange in America, Chicago, has swathes of unsignaled track and hand thrown switches. That's why it takes 3 days for a transcontinental cargo container to cross Chicago.

Wrong, that only applies to the European lines which have a low ceiling because of legacy tunnels limiting catenary height. American catenary height can in fact accommodate double stacks.

Well, you got me. I bow to your superior train knowledge.

trains will most likely have less of the TSA bullshit that happens with air travel since it's impossible to fly a train into the twin towers, so there would probably be a subset of people who would prefer a longer trip over the stress of letting obese, perverted TSA agents see their genitals



Chicagolander here can confirm
The rail city's rails are a fucking mess left neglected because they're not completely broken yet

I've heard it's easier to just avoid Chicago altogether

Gas vouchers can't get a nigger from Chicago to the middle of Montanna, user. Bullet-train will.

This. We need that wall first, then we can start going to mars, and building high speed rail systems.

You know we wouldn't need TSA at all if we only let European and Japanese Nationals into America. We would have to specify national citizens and not immigrants and put an across the board on all muslims entering the country though.

Besides everyone knows the TSA has nothing to do with security or safety in reality. 9/11 was an inside job done by Mossad and CIA. The CIA needs to be completely destroyed.

Another pie-in-the-sky project that will be completed halfway through this century, and that will only connect Tokyo to Nagoya and Osaka.

And that's the ideal target for funding. That's the kind of shit that can be improved with modest investment.

mossad needs to be completely destroyed.

the cia just fell in with the wrong crowd

dey good boys

I think you should fuck right off. We don't need a high speed rail system right now. I don't want niggers and spics being able to move around the country at lightning speed.

These anons get it.

Not to mention corrupt. The designers spent a ton of California tax money roaming around Europe and Japan WITH THEIR FAMILIES "assessing existing high-speed rail systems" or some bullshit like that. California monetary policy is pretty well summed up by the second half of embed related.

They want to leave the hood to kill whitey, it's like you think RaHoWa is just a meme.

Why would I want shit skins to have easier access to heartland and more remote white areas?

The CIA was created FOR THE PRESIDENT. The fact that they don't listen directly to Trump's orders makes them traitors.

5 micro shekels deposited

Highspeed rail is always a money pit, especially in a nation laid out like the US. We already have the largest freight rail system in the world which moves far more tons of cargo(and total tons moved it what really matters) than any number of commuters could possibly have. Why interfere with a system that works(unlike Europe were freight has to be moved by truck for the most part) for the sake of making passanger lines which will not turn a profit. Who exactly will want to use this system? All the productive people, ie whites, are all rural or live in small cities. Unless you are building very small runs for major megaloposis service on the coasts nobody would use it. And why would you when that would benefit niggers and libtards. I mean really what is the point?

God I hate trainfags. We have these threads every few months.

There are charities that provide Gas money and car repairs if you can make up some shit you could

High speed rail will help enrich the USA.

OP's map has the rail running in to cuckland and mexico. Why would we want to give them easy access to the US?

Are you implying that Northern Mexico isn't going to be Annexed?

Where did you get that from his post, g2b cuckchan you faggot.
Also stop defending CIA Niggers, they've been a rouge entity actively undermining american infrastructure since the 70s.

This. This.

Trump has unopposed majority power for two years. Leftist fanatics get a voice again after that. The Wall is paramount. It needs to be initiated ASAP and it's construction progress made irreversible before bureaucracy hobbles it.

Its full of muslims, chinks, street shitters, and cucked whites. We will need another wall not a god damn train stop.

Enrich how nigger? It doesn't move goods other than maybe some kind of priority mail. The Jap system doesn't make money itself and it is subsidized while servicing a very densely populated area. They subsidize it to keep the roads clear. But outside of a few major cities traffic is essentially a non-issue in America. Even in a place like Pittsburgh traffic is rarely a problem and none of that is intercity travel anyway. Where does this supposed money come from? Why build something that won't profit the country

i'm sure the cross-border lines will be one-way only, for speedy deportations.

A high speed rail could be pretty bad ass.

Canada is larger than the US with 1/10 of the population. The European Union alone is larger than the continental US.

As for population density, the average density is brought down by Alaska and ultra low density Mountain Time Zone states like Wyoming which paints a distorted picture. Eastern Time Zone states North to South are comparable to Europe in density. In fact, the NEC megalopolis greatly dwarfs every European megalopolis in population.

"culturally enrich" as in flood the rest of america with the filth that's been accumulating in our cities.

How? Democrats are the ones with the most seats at risk in 2018. If Trump does well or just maintains his support then they could be completely BTFO as a national party.

The US has the largest freight system in the world idiot. Autos only replaced passenger trains. The interstate had fuck all to do with it since most passenger service was town to town.


What is it about trains that give communists and socialists a hard on? Does it remind them of a time when their ideology was not thoroughly debunked?

The interstate was modeled after Hitler's Autobahn, and was intended for much of the same purposes. Wartime movement of armor, material, and men, as well as ad hoc runways for aircraft on straightaways, and civilian use in peacetime.

Not to mention if Trump gets term limits imposed on Senate within his first term the Senate is going to be absolutely BTFO and go at least 2/3 pro-Trump by the end of his second term. By the time Pence is president the Trumpening will only have begun. When Trump becomes Governor of New York then we'll see some real shit.

Because they're jealous fascists can make them run on time.

Trains are c y b e r as fuck.

Niggers are going back to Apefrica before we build them trains.

t. Holla Forums lolbergturdian/ancrap

The leftist fanatics will get out and vote just to oppose Trump's policies in two years. They will do it in a way to claw back even just local or House seats. While things are as good as they are now, the most important projects must be solidified. Even the smallest amount of risk to the Wall must be negated.

All these shills for the gasoline jew in here.
America was built on rail. On highways it's crumbling.
California used to have the best rail in the world. You could board at the beaches and ride straight to the mountains without leaving a station for nickels. Dollars in today's money. Try doing that as cheaply with any car.

The leftist fanatics will be in prison in two years.

A big part of that is that most of the rail lines in America are privately owned, so anytime an Amtrak passenger train is using a company's rail that has a freight train coming by, they have to wait.

It forces everyone from all classes to be knocked down to the same level and ride in misery together.All forced to travel on the government's schedule and along only approved route.

They hate how some people can own BMW's and Cadillac's and travel with total freedom and comfort wile they are stuck living in shit.

No. We want America to be economically weak with shitty infrastructure, so we can more easily take control on the day of the rope.

kill yourself cuckchanner.

During those times America was a white nation, it's now mongrelized. the white areas(rural, where these trains would go) need to be protected from city-dwelling scum.

The day of the rope will not be easy, user.

Nothing worth doing ever is.

I bet you voted for Hillary you accelerationist cuckold.

I'm not from there.

Railroads have few points of entry compared to cars. Easier to spot them coming and hide yo wimmin.
The argument for freedom of movement won't apply in a few more decades because you and I both know that (((self driving))) cars will be the hot new thing.

-t. train autist

Yeah, what happened? You'd swear somebody invented some way to travel even faster that didn't require laying down thousands of miles of tracks to facilitate it, like a flying train or something.

Self driving cars are a futurist meme created by jews and will never be real.

You morons act like it's still 2016. We're living in a world created by The Trump Effect, this isn't the same world it used to be. In a few decades we'll be driving cold fusion powered cars that last centuries with moderate repair.

If done right they will be a total game changer.

I can get in my car, tell it to take me to some place 1000 miles away and just nap the whole way. No TSA. No airport stress. No getting trapped on a train full of shitskins.

Kill yourself, they should not even have the ability to come, or exist in white nations at all.
And who cares about whatever modern cancer the kikes spit out next? As long as I can keep my car I won't adopt it. Niggers deserve zero freedom of movement as they impede thousands of white's very freedom to live. fuck yourself.

Long distance passenger rail is unnecessary. Planes are way faster and more flexible for cross country travel, and we already have the infrastructure.
Our freight rail infrastructure is already some of the best in the world, but I'm sure it could be improved.
As for light rail, I mostly agree with other anons ITT saying that all it does is enable niggers to fuck up the suburbs. If there are any growing cities non-democrat controlled cities, however, I wouldn't mind an expansion of commuter rail lines leading to them. It would be sweet to live in a quiet suburb, ride the train to work every morning in a mostly white city that isn't using welfare to maintain a population of pavement apes, and still be able to drive to countryside on the weekends.
More than anything I want them to work on our internet infrastructure and break up the cable monopolies.

Someone post the webm of (((Google))) "self-driving" cars running over children in Chyna.

Government picked a winner. Stratospheric Rust belt property taxes on railroad right of ways and the interstate commerce commission regulated private railroads into a state of disaster such that they are only starting to truly recover even now.

It will come a lot easier if our economy is shit. That is the only thing that will cause people to truly revolt.

No I voted for Trump. Trump will help to fix the demographic problem but will not be able to fix the economic problems (because they are impossible to fix). This is the best situation to create revolt. People will not revolt from demographic problems. They will only revolt from economic problems, so that is what we want to create. Luckily the ecobomic problems are already deep and will not be fixed, so we only have to focus on creating the best situation for ourselves for when the time comes. So we need to polarize people politically (the left is doing that fantastically right now) and we need to make sure whites have the best numerical advantage. That is how we bring about the race war and how we win it.

Technology will take time to get right. And GOOGLE isn't the only one working on it. ..

Sooner or later they will figure out how to stop making them run over children I am sure.

Yes, nothing more cost effective or convenient than paying $150 to get assgrabbed by TSA to take a 1hour flight upstate.

No shit. They absolutely will be networked, and it doesn't take much imagination to figure the risk in that.

It's as simple as toll booths that only open for RFID chips installed on the much safer self driving vehicles goy. Of course you can keep your unsafe antique but you'll have to pay some additional fines and higher insurance rates and probably be subject to a tax that'll be used to fund healthcare for brown children run over by car nuts like yourself. Then we'll introduce 'common sense car laws' to make sure such dangerous devices stay out of the hands of terrorists like you.
Maybe you should hurry up and start the day of the rope so you can have the good things in life. At this rate i'm sure you'll start filtering the air you breathe because it, at one point, has passed through the lungs of a negro.

It'll only connect the areas with stations, and once they arrive, they will have no cars to get far away from the stations.

Self driving cars are not going to happen. They are a ploy to drive tech investment bubble, just like all futurist crap is (invest in google, goyim, will will make star trek real hehehe). This is Elon Musk's whole con. All the tech guys do it.

Continued domestic terrorism from sandniggers and regular niggers will cause humans to truly revolt. Human prosperity need not be stifled to achieve subjugation of the lesser races.

Your Schlomo is showing, Chaim.

Neither of you are seeing the issue, these fucking niggers are going to be able to get to the rest of the US if this rail shit is implemented.
Self-driving cars are much less of an immidiate concern.

Confirmed for never having flown within the last five years. You just walk into a machine the size of a small elevator and get scanned. TSA has other problems such as being like 90% nog which makes it inefficient as fuck, but the grabby meme is an old one

Let's hear your logic as to why they won't.

pls Kek strike down this horrible meme

you can elect to either be pelted with radiation or be molested by incompetent niggers

Yes, and bubbles definitely don't happen, right?

Then just get them out of the fucking country on the shiny new rail roads. Cattle cars shooting straight into the Atlantic at 300+mph like a typical user's Rollercoaster Tycoon game.

So how will I get away from the station?


You get way more radiation eating a banana then TSA scanned. Also you get all your travel rads from flying high in the atmosphere in an airplane so it's a rather silly point if that's your concern.


The tracks abruptly end on the mexican border, launching illegals back into Mexico with force over the great Trump wall.

I take it you've never seen the inside of a Greyhound bus. The nigger is not the issue here.

No, he's right.

Choo-choo trains are obsolete

what makes you say that? they already exist…

No it won't. As long as people can isolate themselves they will not revolt. See South Africa for a good example of this. Whites just move to a better area or leave the country and look the other way when niggers are constantly killing other whites. Because they still have high enough standard of living that they aren't willing to risk it. Even Germany in the 30s needed to become absolute hell from the depression before anyone voted for the NSDAP.

checked and confirmed

passenger trains only good for getting aways from the khrushchyovka (or back from gulag)


It worries me that someone as stupid as you can end up here.

Must be why every country except America is investing everything they have into building theirs up.

Kek favors you

I take it you don't realize places with greyhoud bus terminals are already too far-gone?


Not functioning ones. They won't exist because we will have a war or economic problem before they are developed and laws and infrastructure are changed to accomodate them.

I don't see why we can't do both, Mexico will be paying for the wall and America will build the rails.

he's baiting with the choo choo trains are obsolete post, but the reason trains aren't popular in america is because america isn't densely populated like european countries. the fact that every country but america is supposedly investing in building theirs up doesn't say that america is some backwards nation that despises trains in its bigoted ignorance like you seem to imply

Squandering the public's money on boondoggles isn't investing

yes, self driving cars exist, mate. it's not even a recent development, they've been around for a while

You moron, Uber has already deployed them commercially in several cities.

America USED to have dense centers of population, because they were built AROUND the rails. Rails came first, town next. People think it goes the other way around.

if you can provide a source on this I will go innawoods tonight.

Learn geography. The only reason America has a low density overall number is because of a few large near empty states like Alaska ( it's twice the size of Texas). Also the EU alone is bigger than the continental USA.

Every other county is shit compared to America.

White american's can afford cars and live in the suburbs. They don't care about mass-transit or want anything to do with it.

You learn geography, nigger. Only 5% of the united States is developed. Jesus fuck you faggots are either like 15 years old or are yuropoors obsessed with muh choo-choo trains

I recently moved into a small town in New Hampshire, the town fathers really don't want the town to grow, and even if they did it would be difficult. We are not on a major interstate so goods coming to us must come across mountain roads.

A train running here in the Northeast, that could bring in cargo and goods, and then distribute that would bring a wealth of jobs to the area.

Make it so Mr. President, please make it so. Make New England great again

That explains why you're using tor.

america has 35 people per squared kilometer, compared with 200 for britain. america has never been densely populated at any point in its existence, and i doubt it'll ever be as densely populated as europe
having distant population centers favors exactly the opposite of building rails, because you're building rails on a bunch of uninhabited land


Pick one.

Pick one, kike.

201 replies to date and nobody has talked about how putting rails on the wall attaches a moral price to it that the Left really won't want to pay if they wanted to sabotage the wall. Think about it, if antifa blew up a hole in the wall, we can get normies to really hate them because muh economy and muh innocent lives of workers on the rail and muh violence.

America's rail blows the fuck out of everyone's due to how heavy built the rails are.


This is some NWO shit right here
I remember way back in the day listening to Alex Jones talk about how the US is going to merge with Canada and Mexico and form a massive highway or, I suppose in this case, railway network.

Wtf are you talking about? This is exactly why high-speed rail is important. Stations are built in the dense areas and allow quick travel to the other dense areas (which are often likely at or near your destination anyway). As of now, when you have passenger trains typically traveling

Unless they are dead, otherwise the primary project must be mostly in place, beyond the point of no return. Any wins on the left might lead to bureaucratic bickering that leaves the Wall half built, which means useless. It's completion and enforcement must be solidly legal and un-recindable.

Not functioning ones.

No, they haven't. Time to go back to plebbit.



Why don't you just move to the city if you want your town to be more connected like a city?

There are plenty of people who live in sleepy little New England towns because they like them that way.

t. lolbergturdian

Much like their raises, I believe term limits are at the discretion of Congress. Curious how no other entity would be allowed this liberty.

Getting rid of jobs by increasing efficiency is good, as it brings down the costs of goods and services, allowing other jobs to become economical. Getting rid of them by outsourcing them to foreigners who will do a shitty job that winds up increasing consumer costs hurts everyone. Need to learn the difference.

We shouldn't want people travelling between cities anyway. Travelling is degenerate. I would want to ban personal vehicles as well.

That would seem to solve two problems at once.

i get you like trains, but you're wrong. america doesn't have a lack of train system for transport because it's run by evil train hating bigots, it's because it's not as efficient compared to flights here – because we're not densely populated. there is no anti-train conspiracy that has kept trains from being popular in america
it's fake, they're remote controlling it!


This isn't true. It's an asymmetrical gain. It is good for high skilled workers or those with more ability to change fields, bad for everyone else.

Every time.

I said functioning you numbskull. These things crash or run people over all the time.

Or since it's Tesla garbage, they also break down and catch on fire for no reason.

would you say there's no functioning human drivers? because guess which has a higher collision frequency, humans or self driving cars? go on, guess :P

Get the fuck out of here kike.

We just had this thread less than a month ago and I spent 3 fucking hours listing out the budget of this shit, the cost to build, the projected use, the taxpayer burden, cost effectiveness and efficiency of simply buying a car, fucking everything being discussed here with the final conclusion that high speed rails are a fucking money pit since it would take over 200 years and the rising price of oil to drive masses to start using public transit like 3rd world shitholes do in order to benefit the taxpayer because most of the country doesn't travel great swaths but instead move to suit their work.

Wrong. Everyone else gets lower prices, and their standard of living goes up. This is the exact model we have been in since the early 1800's. It's the reason everyone isn't employed threshing fucking wheat by hand, barely making enough to have food for the next day.

Trains and cars are not mutually exclusive, they are in fact complimentary and work best when designed with complimentary use in mind.

Is this you?

So I'm not the only one who remembers some train sperg trying to sell this idea before.


Good luck with that without either finding a way to let people take their cars or getting it into every nook and cranny of the US.

That said I'd love to see


How about we make the Wall with a railway atop it? That way the infrastructural value of the Wall is such that tearing it down would be political suicide.

So to clarify a bit, the last thread was the same thing but high speed freight was poo-pooed by OP because "ungh you can't ride it!".
It limitedly works for freight and having lines dedicated to freight shipping alone, it's great, but having this for shits and giggles to ride around the country is fucking retarded.
If someone is going on a vacation somewhere then you can bet you bottom dollerydo that taking a memerail to a big city isn't high on the list so nix that idea.
Nobody will go in between major cities for work (and, lets face it, this will direct connect only to major cities) because nobody living in the suburbs of NYC will memerail an hour to Boston to commute for work. God forbid that they ride the rail from NYC to Boston and work more than half a mile from the station too. So get in your car, drive into the city, buy a ticket, go to some other city, hail a cab, get to work, do it all in reverse. Anyone who ever had an income ever can see that the cost effectiveness is shit for daily use. They would just move to the Boston suburbs instead.
Suburbs are an American thing as the automobile provided the ease of living outside city limits but in a reasonable distance/time.
People are only going to take a memerail to memehard. There is no daily practical application for a commuter memerail.
Of course all that will happen now, like last time, is that I'll be accused as a shill for the automobile companies.

No, you're not. We went over this shit before.
I brought up Amtrak budgets, commuter statistics, burden of the taxpayer, maintenance cost.
The government budget for commuter Amtrak vs the amount of yearly users was fucking something like $87,000 per person goddammit.
It's a pit we throw money into because everyone owns a fucking car and less than half of 1% of the country uses commuter rail.
A commuter memerail is just that - a meme.

and on this day, user with ID: a231ef was inaugurated as the supreme train autist of Holla Forums


Do you mean (((Henry Ford))) was a Jew?

Rails just transport niggers and spics into white neighborhoods. We must be really fucking careful about autistic train lines.

All truck drivers are gonna be out of work in 10 years max. That's when the shit is really gonna hit the fan.

It makes a big difference in the NYC area. As decrepit and pathetic as their commuter trains are, they have a million daily passengers offsetting traffic greatly.

That assumes it would exist in isolation like the stupid CA HSR which does nothing for the last mile problem.

What is Metro-land?

Congrats, you justified local commuter rails; falsely equivalent to transnational memerails.

One can justly assume that the rail won't be directly on 5th avenue or adjacent to the Boston state house. Sending this turd through the middle of an already completed city is the worst logistical nightmare build ever and putting it a little ways outside the city, even just half a mile from city center, will be the Occam's razor solution to building it.

A single place north of a single major city.
The suburb as a way of life around every major city was (and can be argued as natural) the consequence of people just moving out of the city with a means to still get to work. That suburb needed a pre-made rail to then develop around.

I also like the idea of giant airships for heavy lifting to remote areas. A world with roads need not be an ancap meme.

Don't do this.

You do realize time sensitive freight is a thing. By that, I mean, a freight train will not move just pulling one or two cars across the country. Freight trains pull cargo that isnt needed pretty much immediately, such as cars, coal, steel, etc.

Trucks haul food, and that food needs to be from point A to point B in as short of time as possible, which doing that by freight train typically does not accomplish. Add to that the necessity of having to use a truck anyhow to move the freight from the yard to the distribution center.

Ive argued this point with a fairly higher up of the Union Pacific RR. He ceded my point. Trucks will always haul time sensitive freight.

The Chicago rail infrastructure is mostly ancient as well. Most of them bridges were built back when most semi trailers were well under 13' tall.

As a truck driver, all cities east of KC are an issue due many of the RR bridges being old and lower than the 13' 6" standard height of trailers. Chicago is especially bad. RR tracks going every which direction and simply cannot be avoided if you're traveling on the side streets there.


This idea is gay no matter how many times you make this thread

I'll just leave this here.

It seems that OP and many others, I'm sure, could use this for increased posting quality.

Obama talked about this the first time he ran then promptly never brought it up again.

don't help them, it makes them easier to spot

Time for a comfy thread.

bro we're going to use jetpacks pretty soon and we are the stupid ones because you are stuck drinking manhattans in a caboose like its 1890 i mean come on but if we do this we need to make sure to build good train stations again

also railroad shill detected

King Nigger tried to force this meme on Wisconsin back in like 2009 or 2010. Luckily our state government said "fuck you" and cancelled it.

You morons know that this is a part of the Agenda 2030 plan? Agenda 2030 is a rebrand of Agenda 21. The Bundy Ranch incident was because the government was taking over land because of the Agenda 2030 planning.

It's been a while since I've been there, longer on a train. Are the Metra passenger cars still being held together by duct tape, or have they stopped stealing money from the state yet?

I'm sure an engineer can figure out how many places a high-speed rail can go for optimum commerce and tourism and plot out a railway map that way. I see a lot of naysayers on here saying some easily-debunked shit.

1. Not wanting a modern convenience because people you hate might use it is like refusing to fly because you might be seated next to a spic.

2. High-speed rail does not lower barriers of entry to people you don't like. Blacks can drive and take greyhound buses, you know.

3. High speed rail would be less spread out than airports, but would function as the arteries to a circulatory system of roads and other railways, massively decreasing traffic. If you've ever parked your car in an off-site lot and took a train to the airport you know how convenient this would be. Life often has the best designs.

5. The rail would pay for itself considering the sheer amount of products that would benefit from a faster delivery time. Not to mention how much people will pay to avoid the security bullshit at the airport.

Call it the Trump Train, color it gold and black, and keep it running for centuries, so nobody forgets his name.

I understand your point that the way cities are planned makes public transportation a difficult fit.
Maybe cities should all be rebuilt so the centers of commerce and living are easier to get to by walking and trains.

We'd better dismantle the train network then?

U wot? During the railroad wars after the civil war they went coast to coast, mostly by hand, in less than 75 years. With modern technology we could probably do it in like 5-10 years.

Newishfag here, Holla Forums how long has the first post been shit here? This is the 5th thread I've seen some kike post once and ditch like a bitch plus just being a defeatist piece of shit. Sage for offtopic


This will actually seriously help us. The rural area's of Colorado are dying from a lack of jobs.

Almost every thread. Some people do it ironically. Could be a shill algorithm just as well. Sometimes is the second, or rarely third post.

Truckers wouldnt be forced to drive long distances where sleep deprived accidents sometimes happen, wouldnt be cucked by cheating wives and have good homelife. I like it.

Passenger rail and freight rail are two completely different things and most likely will never use the same track. Freight rail as a whole has been steadily losing miles of unprofitable track due to tractor trailers being more versatile. DO YOU EVEN TRANSPORTATION ECONOMICS?

Well if a high speed rail system can move merchandise quicker and cheaper and reduce environmental damage, why not? Truckers will still be needed. You're not going to have a high speed rail system to every city and town in the country.

It's about the cost of gas, dipshit.

They tried this shit in Texas from 2004 to 2009. It was called the TransTexas Corridor. This is the propaganda picture they used to try to sell the idea to the voters.

A little history first:
In central and north Texas there is a unique geological dividing line. To the west is the Hill Country, shallow soil, exposed limestone bedrock, and hills and valleys. It only supports pasture, cedar and worthless scrub brush. Travelling east over the course of only 3 miles you cross from the Hill Country to the Blackland Prairies, a fertile crescent of rich black clay that reaches from San Antonio, through Austin, Waco and then Dallas. The land requires no irrigation for farming, is very productive and was settled by white German immigrants in the 1840's. It's the Texas heartland and the origin of Texas' former awesomeness before the spic invasion.

If you look at Interstate 35, it was built on that dividing line from Hill Country to the west and Blackland Prairie to the east.

The TTC toll road concept was Rick Perry's baby. It was going to be funded by both taxpayers and foreign companies. The foreign companies would have gotten to charge and collect all the tolls, and the government of Texas was going to imminent domain the shit out of anybody in the way. The people that were in the way were the white Germanic people whose farms had been in their families for 8 generations. The land grab was not 600 feet either, it was a mile and a half wide, right through the heart of the heartland. The state was then going to auction roadside lots over the next 20 years to cover budget deficits as necessary, of course redirecting money to the cities and the spics that are making the cities liberal shitholes.

Further, there were to be no overpasses at all. They were gonna put 1 tunnel under the TTC every 10 miles. If you wanted to get from one side to the other, you were likely to be going up to 6-10 miles out of your way if you happened to be a ruralite. The tunnel specs were too small for modern farm tractors and equipment, so even if your ancestral homestead was bisected by the TTC, good luck ever doing anything productive with the other side.

Further, the greedy kikes at the foreign companies that were going to get the tolls let it slip that they were going to toll the tunnels as well, and that instead of the customary 3:1 tolls to actual construction and maintenance cost ratio, they were going to toll at 13:1; that is, collect 13 times the cost of the TTC over its projected life than what it cost to build it. See pic 2, the spaniard jew who was going to get all the dosh.

Grassroots resistance popped up to a NAFTA Superhighway. The state first tried townhall meetings all over the state to convince the poor rubes they were being silly, but were consistently BTFO'd by both turnout numbers and their inability to trick the public. Then they tried changing the name of it, changing the names of the shell companies who were going to rob the people, tried judicial and legislative fuckery to screw over the heartland, Schlomo's typical tricks.

This isn't a real plan. It's a fantasy map some nobody asian made. See Alfred Twu


Most countries are much smaller than America.

You're a legit retard, the continental USA are almost twice as big as the EU.

EU: 1,669,808 sq mi/4,324,782 km2

Continental USA: 3,119,884.69 sq mi/8,080,464.3 km2

Why would I travel at 150 mph on a train when I could travel at 600 mph on a jet? Trains are either for freight, for touring, or for autists.

Alright you got me. It's Europe as a whole that is bigger than the continental US.

Wouldn't this make niggers move faster to steal shit in rural areas?

Hmm. You could try a field trip to test your hypothesis. Take a trip on the Acela, carefully note if it indeed has that effect and then report back here.

I like trains as much as the next guy but railways are shit. The only way the rail barons could actually make them profitable was by buying land and businesses along their path before they were built. If somebody wants to build them privately, have at it but government should stay the fuck out the upkeep will cripple the country.

The real push for railways is to cripple the teamsters union and enrich those who own rail companies that would profit from the new networks (i.e. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates). The same people want to prevent oil pipelines being built so that their 'rolling pipelines' are used instead. They want the new network bought and built by the taxpayer for the benefit of crony globalist businessmen like themselves.

Real American's drive and fly because it's cheaper, faster and more convenient. Driverless trucks (and planes/airships) will solve freight's problems and destroy the teamsters just as well without the public bearing the cost of building and maintaining an unsustainable broad expanse of land.

They're going anyway with autonomous trucks. And those are going to be mainstream in 10 years tops. Realistically, earlier.

No, because they're scared of niggers.

*This* is what America should build:

We dont need highspeed trains, what we need is highspeed highways.

Compare what China builds:



it's designed to meme a more expensive rail train wall into existence so that trump spends too much money on it and all the bad guys can use it to try to shit all over trump

the train wall is a stupid idea because nobody actually gives a shit about traveling in that area anyway.


lol no kill yourself

You aren't fooling anyone, marxist scum. Only democrats are obsessed with building super trains to nowhere. Trains should only be for cargo. Poor people take Greyhound. Everyone else drives or flies. That's the American way. Soros would use your super trains to ship millions of blacks and mexicans to any state he wants, on election day. Your dream is America's nightmare.

Your picture shows super trains going into three Mexican cities, you fucking shill.


Speak for yourself, faggot. I live in New Orleans and a high speed rail between here and Houston would be fucking awesome to have. If I could live here and work in Houston, that would be terrific. Rents are cheaper here and it's a small city, but the opportunities for work in Houston are better.

pick one