The mods shooting themselves on the foot

Everyone knows 8/pol/ is a heavily moderated board on par to leddit. but besides the classic problems that come with it [it takes less effort to delete a post than to write one, posters get discouraged about making threads just to get it anchored or deleted] we must face the biggest one they, and many here don't realize.

when they grabbed the shapeless anonymous form of Holla Forums and made it an americuck r/theDonald. and that brings us right into the scope of American fake news. Scopes always know that monitoring 8/pol/ will result into american news before they are news.

they call always call out a american shitlord because is all that 8pol will post it.

TL;DR 8/pol/ needs to allow more self interest and entertainment and a broader scope of posters and posts. to avoid getting cornered. Mods are failures because they don't see themselves as guards but judge [a job they are too stupid for.]

This isn't some kind of discussion board about sharing your feelings or opinions. It's a homebase for Holla Forums. You come here and talk about 8/pol/ things or you fuck off to a board that talks about what you want to talk about.

Sage for wtf are you talking about?

I fucked the second paragraph. but I doubt is a good idea to fix it, considering this without a doubt will just be deleted.


Currently, events in the USA are of world and world-historic consequence. Due to the sheer size of the American Empire, it would be like complaining about Rome being constantly in the news in your local Roman province at the heights/crisis of the Roman Empire.

Everything comes down to what happens in the USA. Everything relies on it. Every other topic is linked to it.

If you feel like we're not discussing other important topics, why not post a short list, so people can consider these other topics? There's not a lot to work with other than 'hey guys, 8ch is compromised!' Likewise, what alternative website would you suggest?

Is David Brock really that upset about H1b's?

he and others want less banning for minor shit
example being that this thread is probably gonna be banned for not being politics

lrn2english,don't use google translate.

Honestly, I've seen Romanian threads being kept alive for as long as it managed to hit bump limit. The reason why you see more of the Don instead of anything else is because more burgers are posting here than anything.

I am suspicious of the mods, but I've seen them doing their job also. So, I really don't know.

has absolutely EVERYONE learned to love the whip?

no one saw a anchored thread they wanted to discuss?

Yes, but it's not all about you faggot.

i get banned here 2-4 times a month because i made a thread that wasn't related to trump or anything currently important
i don't get why they can't just leave the threads alone, if they're such a threat to other more important threads, then let the people decide by either not posting or saging

This place isn't meant for useless shitposts drowning out legit discussion (what you call entertainment) nor is it made for retarded blogposting.Not to mention mods do already a weak job as is, yet shilling would reach cuckchan level if they were to do even less than they already do against low IQ redditors and cuckchanners.

For example I would have already banned the HWNDU threads and referred those interested in it to >>>/hwndu/ because we do not need 30 threadsabout that retardation, which hit post limit, clogging up the catalog.

For example I would have already banned the HWNDU threads and referred those interested in it to >>>/hwndu/ because we do not constantly need 30 threads about that retardation, which hit post limit, clogging up the catalog.

surely it must feel good to make this just a backyard of the 2 party system. but consider that this actually backfires

I just know everytime Holla Forums has a thread on someone being based, a week later that person is being shamed on The Verge or Hillary speech.

also you are delusional. I am sorry, but your country owes 20 trillion to china. your lack of touch with reality is all the more reason you should ask for more points of view.

The only problem with the mods is them banning people for criticizing Trump with legitimate concerns for his Jewish connections. Besides that they do a pretty good job.

i'm shocked they haven't deleted the book recommendation thread yet

fuck right off.

As to be expected considering it's meta shit. Only a fool would be shocked when he gets banned for such a thread. OP needs to kill himself and frankly so does anyone else defending spamming the board with more whiny meta shit that does next to nothing and you know damn well is going to be deleted, this means you too, faggot.

when you talk about absolute shitposts we can all agree. what you mentioned is a great example of spam.

but to decide what topics are good and what topics are bad, to that I ask you. who, single handedly, premeditated pol?

no one. not even the mods who choose every post and every thread we are allowed to see or post in.

Kill yourself kike.

if it's relevant, it should be allowed to stay
why should the mod be the one who decides what's right and wrong, let the community choose for themselves
this is not real communism

Welcome to facism

consensus building shills

It's not fascism here you lame ass mod. You've admitted you want to change the board into AltRight civic nationalism





Because it isn't a democracy? I'm not saying mods are perfect but what are you accomplishing with these threads? Nothing. Take the initiative and start your own board and try to build it up with quality control. Do something, these threads do nothing. I'm sick of whiny meta threads because it is just that, whining, and i'm not the only one as you can see by this very thread.

but we don't need a whole board for 1-2 threads

I wish they would do more but overall they somehow manage to keep the board from being overwhelmed by a gigantic tsunami of shit.

How much you wanna bet this is Learningkike's new shtick. Watch for the cunt's grammar, punctuation, etc. in the threads and you will pick up on it.

This concern trolling crap really is his M. O.

But you don't keep it to one or two, faggot.

Do you think we can self moderate against /leftycuck/ raids? TRS fags? cuckchan spam?
You are calling for the death of this board just because exactly come from those problem areas.
fuck off.
nice spacing fag

we didn't say there should be no moderation at all, we just want less

per subject, we do

What is with this sudden rise in threads where the OP cannot speak simple English? Are we being raided by retards? Serious question because this is becoming annoying now.

The users who report the threads and keep on saging stupid threads like this that stupid people like you or OP keep on bumping.

Despite "reddit-spacing" being a forced meme, I kinda like accusing people of it now heh

Yeah I'll bet you do.


OP opens with lying faggotry. Says nothing good. Can't be bothered to read another sentence of that bullshit. Not even going to check your cartoon. Just go fuck yourself.

Having an extra space under the post number like this is a possible signifier of a shitposter.

are you stupid?

Get the fuck off this board you piece of shit; our mods are glorious.

I'm sure you got banned for no reason Chaim.

No. fuck off. This post reeks of shilling.