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Anti-semitic tbh, we should report them for subtle White Nationalist Propaganda and get them to take this down or edit it.




Anyone with a nose like that is equally not human and should be gassed.

Blue eyed European at the front with a Gold Star on her shirt.

What did they mean by this?

mexicans don't even have their own unique identity, they're literally the bastard offsprings of native americans and spaniards

She gets a gold star reward for being a good goyim and being tolerant and being friends with a gay, muslim, tranny, retard and black kid.

They all look so dead inside.


Can race-related crimes be anti-white white on white violence?

I've been discriminated against by white people for being white MANY times over my life.

heh, reminds me of my mom, all of her art was shit but she made lots of money doing it

love the shitskin's propensity to draw themselves as ugly as possible with literally zero self awareness.

I couldn't have come up with a weaker name if I tried

Universally appreciated aesthetics are a chiefly european thing, just look at all those AIs rating white women as most attractive. In effort to differentiate themselves from the evil colonizers the pockmarked PoCs so resent, they depict themselves in primitive, ugly fashions. If they were pleasing to the eye, they'd just be dark-skinned aryans.

why are they all looking down? What's down there?

Be a pioneer, user. Report.

Their dignity

Not in the right country for that.

I thought they were atheists.


Jesus christ, those niggers and spics look even more disgusting

This looks like a Holla Forums parody

Not all of them they left out a white guy

You must be talking about a different picture?

A shitty artist who doesn't know how to draw eyes.

Those noses are just plain nasty

I may be taking this too far, but since this is propaganda, taking things too far by inserting a ton of subliminal shit into it is the norm.
Looking down is an action people do which is usually associated with negative and complacent behavior (e.g. when you're embarrassed, have a beta attitude, or, more symbolically, putting yourself in the place of an animal, of which the default position is to look down to the ground, not looking for something more to life). The antithesis would be to look upwards, like you see a lot in classical/Hitler-era sculptures, yearning for ascension, exhibiting ambition and, sometimes symbolically and sometimes literally, gazing to the stars. It is not a coincidence that the root words for the word "human" in Greek (άνθρωπος, from άνω+θρώσκω) mean "one who looks upwards", thus separating the human from the inherently lower beasts surrounding him.
From these few speculations, it's not illogical to assume that both looking down and being happy with friends (peer pressure) at the same time are a non-verbal hint to the viewer that says "It's okay if you don't look forward to life and do not show any ambition to improve, at least you're not a racist and this is what matters. You've reached utopia and there's nothing beyond.".

top kek

Fucking pozzed country.