Sweden removing almost all border guards

About 300 staff are facing redundancies, with local authorities having no idea how they will cope with reduced guards.

According to Sweden's Migration Board the cuts will focus mainly on the central region.

Migration manager Magnus Önnestig said in a statement: "All counties and localities in the region affected by the layoffs.

"The reduction will primarily be achieved through redeployment and natural attrition, but redundancies can not be ruled out.
"Exactly how various localities and units within counties will be affected remains to be seen.

"Local groups are now working to plan the transition and developing proposals for an organisational structure.

"To conduct negotiations with employee organisations locally and regionally. …



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Kill them all

Checked.. Is it too late for a Swedish Hitler to turn things around?

I don't the Sweds in have it in their DNA to produce a Hitler. Also things are far worse than they were in Weimar, the economy and culture was shit but Germany was still white, Swedeen is now at least 30% shitskin.

sounds good for norwegian/finnish raiders.

let it burn

How about the countryside? Can rural folks build walls around Stockholm and Gothenburg and burn everyone within them? This could save the country.

why are swedes and germans so resistant to online criticism of their situation?

Real talk why aren't we fucking secretly plundering this shit hole. Send in some agents and just start robbing and sacking anything worth while.


What the fuck are you talking about? Sweden is not even close to Weimar, heck, Germany and USA is worse off.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, Your leaders are literally telling you to fucking die so you can make room for "New swedes"

Fuck off.

I will bet a 100% there's a jew behind these shills who want to nuke a white country this much. All western white countries are in the shitter, let's not pretend otherwise.


Sweden is in far worse shape than any country has ever been in the history of the world

May Kek save them

It's not a dick-measuring contest but you can't honestly not say that the hundreds of ghettos around USA, the race-riots they had last year and the actual demographics, especially in the major cities aren't way worse off in USA.

And about Germany, Turkey's third biggest city is a "german" city.

Finally the Weimar-comment just proves your lack of historic knowledge. You know the word, fucking great. Come back when there are literal whores on the streets selling sex, jews pimping out kids, drugs flowing everywhere and whatnot. You seem to lack the grasp of degeneracy that the Weimar-republic was in.

Sure we are fucking in the deep shit, but let's not pretend everyone else is fucking fine because of it. I know your type, either you're a kike-shill, a useful-idiot non-swede or a swede with way too much white guilt to the point that even though you hate the immigration, you can't seem to grasp the concept of loving your people so your grasp for the straws of shills from outside of Sweden (usually civ-nats and kike-shills) that says Sweden just needs to die in an atombomb or that there isn't any resistance from the people.

If one would actually educate themselves on the problem, even the fucking mainstream polls (which some of you newfags didn't seem to understand was heavily skewed until Trump arrived) shows the anti-immigration party as the leading party. We are fucking done with it, we want it gone. But we're not at a point of revolution, no country is that, even though they got openly hostile leaders running them.

That's what 100 years of jewish influence and control over us have done. You don't seem to get it, do you?

Goymany and France aren't much better off tbh.

Shit bait.

Strictly demographically speaking, even Switzerland is in for some major problems with its 30% of foreigners.

Denmark isn't either.

Yeah, still overrun by mudslims, niggers and albanians. How is that anti-immigration stance going for them?

Some of you don't seem to get it, we're all in the shit. And it's not a ((coincidence)).

is there a cucking contest in the EU? its like they are all tying to see who can prolaps their anus the most.

Honestly, he might be the only weapon the Swedes have to reclaim their country. He's going to need all the meme assistance we can give him and push him into it. I wonder if any Swedish Holla Forumsacks can get in contact with him.

Well, if you are a Swede and know what's going on there, it's pretty hard to be a fence-sitter. They're either leftist cucks supporting the Islamic invasion of their country or they're redpilled and want to stop it.
I don't think there is anything in between there.
I sure hope he is the latter undercover

thank you based swede.

Stop being a faggot, you're Weimar 2.0, you not being able to grasp the reality of things, or you buying into your kike sponsored propaganda will never change that.

How's your mud population acting every fucking night in southern Sweden?

I still remember your entire democractic institution teaming up against SD, and SD is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, what the fuck do you think would happen if a nonpozzed party came up?

Admit it, you're fucked.

Is this another retarded renegade conspiracy or is there some truth to this?




Your government letting off "immigrants" with 2 week sentences for rape is the proof you ignorant monkey.

I'm not sure they want to create a white isis, but employing migrant shitskins as a new police/military is absolutely within their long-term gameplan. They wouldn't need an insurgent nationalist opposition to justify it, they would simply invent one in the media. They would seize upon a couple incredibly rare instances of white people defending themselves, splash it across every headline in every newspaper for weeks, invent a conspiracy of neo-nazis trying to hijack the government, and presto; fake opposition. Then they roll in the armed battalions of majority mudpeople. Hell, this could come about organically in the future if enough shitskins just join the militaries of european nations.

You said there were jewish paedopimps running the streets of Malmö. You are either a shill trying to make jewry related problems sound insane or just retarded.

Most of those foreigners are other Europeans though

dubs czech'd


Jesus, if we could write off Sweden a second time…

Kek saves those who want to be saved.

Sweden will have to really prove it.

Obviously it is only right that one of the other Nordic nations should be the ones to retake Swedistan when it becomes an official caliphate but which one should it be? Perhaps it should be coalition of all of the other Nordic nations (with the exception of Iceland owing to their lack of armed forces). Personally I believe the Finns are the only ones up to the job at this moment in time (not that they aren’t being enriched albeit at a much reduced scale).

This was happening at the time because Weimar was a failed country. Most of the population was in misery, some were exploiting this situation.

If Sweden were in misery today, we would certainly be seeing all that existed in Weimar given the level of current moral degeneration. Swedish women do not have to prostitute themselves for money, Swedish men do not have to rob or traffic.

The Swedes are being boiled in the pot gradually, the financial condition prevents them from observing reality and getting out of inaction.

Only a serious economic crisis can change this scenario.

he's busy with his jewtube channel…for now


No money left after paying Mohammad all his benefits. Fuckers get like 4300 a month hahaha

Germany also is lacking thousands of police officers aswell.
They are so "resistant to online criticism" because once the word spreads that the police is helplessly overworked the poorer faction will take advantage of that, that is why they try to keep the situation under control.

There will be no Swedish Hitler.

However there will be a Finnish Hitler who will remake the Suomi Empire and annex all of Scandinavia for the glory of Suomi.


how can I bet against Swedish Bonds?

Meanwhile in 2016
The cuckening record holder

They are the most cucked group of people on the planet. If they have the potential to become the most extreme far left faggots on the planet, then they have the potential to become the most frighteningly far right, racist, esoteric Hitlerists that the world has ever seen.

They can be the jews' worst nightmare… only if they want to be.

at least they have a right wing party. here in Canada we got the (((Cuckservatives)))

If some refugee decided to declare himself the King of Sweden he would probably get away with it.

Fucking this. Canadian here, we have NOTHING. FUCKING NOTHING!

At least they still have one of the most powerful and respected militaries.

I almost want someone to go to war with Sweden just to see their feminized military get fucked in the ass.

"Far-right" is a misnomer, it's a buzzword forced upon them by the marxist media over there. In reality, they're further to the left of the American Republican Party; they endorsed Hillary Clinton for Christ's sake. That's not to say that genuine Swedish nationalists aren't a part of it, but they'l inevitably be sidelined by the party leadership, and the party ITSELF is being blocked by a coalition of cucks.

oh lawd I can't wait to see them stomped

They are actually worse than the cops from Demolition Man.

Fuck maybe we should invade, take the place over with just bb guns.

What chance does Denmark have of producing a Hitler?

Did you see the video posted here recently of those British cops trying to disarm an African? The demolition man analogy would be perfect for that.

Has sandniggers pimping kids in all neiborhoods, i'm sure that has kikes on it too, at least using.

I could probably do it. I'm mixed, but if I did an accent I could probably pass for Middle Eastern. I'd have to learn Swedish and the accent though. We would have to invade multiple areas with enough people to rally the refugees. Then we have a few options. We could try and split the refugees into different groups and manipulate them into fighting each other. Though we could also just try to get native white Swedes to get angry enough to fight the refugees and force them to flee.

The first few sentences of my post got deleted accidentally.

*We could invade Sweden with fake refugees and force them to go to war after we defeat the Swedish army.

Oh the one with the hammer-wielding afghani? Yeah that was awful. I guess it's what happens when the police become just another bunch of civil servants. I would feel sorry for how pathetic they are, but then I remember that they take out their feelings of impotence on law-abiding white people, then I hope they DO get bludgeoned by some feral nigger.

ls that you Angry Foreign ?

you can hope to prepare canada as burger lebensraum only the good parts though

That last pic will be canada soon.

no point, you're women give it away for free… but only to sub humans.

the brother race of the Jews is doing just that and raping them as well

i visited Sweden back in 2015 and most of the districts with clubs had drugs practically on tap, I got several offers from shitskins for all kinds of shit just by walking through the streets at night; I can't imagine how bad it is now

I don't think Sweden should be nuked but it does need ethnic cleansing and all the race traitors need to be publicly tortured to death, it's the least they deserve.

summer is approaching
rapefest 2.0 is about to start


Sweden: Muslim migrants gang-rape woman, broadcast it live on Facebook

The Swedish publication NyheterIdag says that the attackers were “nysvenskar,” that is, “new Swedes,” which is the establishment media euphemism for Muslim migrants.

And so here we go again. The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified….


If you're redpilled in sweden you should've left long ago.

What the fuck are you still doing in Sweden?

Can Sweden be saved?

If anything that just proves that Norse are better than every other white subspecies.

They did, and they emmigrated to America.

That… that mess of faggots is supposed to be their army?

I can't wait to see the liveleak footage of the war that arrives at sweden's doorstep.

"Vut der furk es dis shyt?" – Karl XII

Albanians, Serbs, and Turks/Kurds. Dress the same, look the same, act the same and listen to the same type of music. Great. We also got tons of East Afriniggers recently. Thanks for nothing.

Nah nowhere near that. Sweden is 70% Swedish but atleast 15% are other European, mostly Finnish, other Scandinavian, Yugoslavian, Russian and Polish.

t. part of the 500k strong Finnish minority in Sweden

Sadly Sweden is in a different situation than most other places. Stockholm, Malmö etc are still 60-75% white while the countryside is getting equally filled because they put all the rapefugees there. There are examples of villages of like 2000 people getting 500 rapefugees.

Hey goys want to see how many migrants we can fit into our countries? Winner gets culturally enriched.

My country.

These people have lost their fucking minds. They celebrating while their society completely collapses.

Maybe some good will come of the suicide of Swedish society by serving as a warning for others to understand that the Left is social poison.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Most foreigners in Switzerland are other Europeans.

Your graph confirms what I said?


Most Italians and Portuguese I know have dual citizenship btw.


After all the suffering they have invoked on other European countries, it should be 30% native. They will probably be able to recover from this, however, unfortunately. I will sage myself for such negative thoughts, however.