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We had this thread already. Googling about Trump declaring Soros a threat yields old irrelevant results.

I legit can't find any other thread about this. can someone direct me?

No. Sift through the catalog. And stop posting fake bullshit, you kike faggot.

Op, ignore these three. They're nothing but nigger dick sucking shills. There is no other topic discussing this, and there hasn't been.

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You're bumping bullshit.

And both of you niggers are refuse to do your own research.

first i heard of it. support it if it's true.

i forsee a bounty for capture then a international lottery to see who gets to end him.

Newest shill tactic

They are claiming new threads are old info and not worth paying attention to. Don't fucking listen to them.

We just had this thread. George Soros is a US citizen and cannot be declared a threat to national security. The source is the fakest news to ever fake news.

We had this thread already.

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Wow, the shilling in this thread is something else. Have a bump, OP.


No really someone posted this already 2 days ago.

There's ways to get around those laws anyway

Reported for bumping hoaxes.

Okay any other sources on this

Anwar al-Awlaki was US citizen and yet he was targeted and torn to bacon shreds by Hellfire missil



Might just be heresay or speculation at this point, but at the rate Trump's going I can certainly see if happening.


Please archive links, OP.

Soros will be killed very shortly.

Mark my words.

and MoveOn a terrorist organization? Please God-Emperor?


Killing a random Muslim and killing a very famous and rich Jew are quite different, no? If Trump is able to kill a jew like Soros, I'll be the first to crack open the champagne. But I won't be holding my breath for it…



It's not realistic that Trump would kill him, but my point was that he could be declared a threat to national security without a problem. Paying for violent chimpouts should be sufficient evidence for it to happen.

Yeah, and we're going to war with China, right?

This thread is about Soros, not gooks


Fantastic if true.
I hope he isn't imprisoned, he should really be under the prison.

This thread is about Soros, not gooks

I keep seeing posts saying the op was posted days ago or some shit and it's usually always bullshit.

This is abnormal.

There are active agents of hostile powers in this thread, and they're acting more blatantly than usual.
I think the user above is correct - its afraid.

I'll never get tired of winning.

Fantastic if true.
I hope he isn't imprisoned, he should really be under the prison.

Bump. So many shills already. Where there's smoke there's fire.


The syntax of these shills reads like they've been redeployed from shilling The_Donald sub-reddit. post gore

What the hell are you complaining about me for?

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Sage for hoax.

No. It really has been posted before. You're either accusing your enemy of doing what you are doing or are well meaning but don't realize this isn't the case.

I was in the last time the topic was up. It probably got slid. Search on Google with words like pic related and you get shit like OP's link but in early January (before Trump is even sworn in). It's old news that hasn't had any reliable evidence yet. Link below being one of them.

http:// yournewswire.com/trump-george-soros-national-security-threat/

I'd like to believe it, and I somewhat wonder if Trump is currently setting up the chess board to have groups like Soros Foundation be declared threats, or at least cause problems for them, but we probably won't know this until after the fact. Don't tell your enemy your plan.

The role of shills is more to try D&C and causing strife while posting misinfo. OP is posting likely misinfo, anons are flagging it.

Only source I could find for this is YourNewsWire and I don't know if they're reliable.

Bullshit source. Bullshit news. Stop posting this.

Yup. Pretty easy to spot since their posts seem so off. Never, in real user threads, do you have 5 different IDs saying it's a repeat thread without linking the original. They use our language in unnatural ways, too.

the last thread didn't have a source

Ban those who post disinfo

Assuming the source is accurate, all Trump has done is ask for the Kremlin's files on George Soros. Whilst that's some hardcore shit, it's not the same as declaring the man a security threat, and could easily just be Trump interested in countering his potential tactics or other, more covert methods of handling the man.
But, the source is a direct link to some bullshit site, and it's source is a two week old article from YourNewsWire, which is alex jones tier clickbait vomit, so I'm going to say this is shekel-grabbing and total hogwash until any real evidence comes out to support it.

So yeah tl; dr it's bullshit, op is a shill

I think their is some truth to it but yeah you seem to be right. Though at this time the board is so fucking full of shill threads a Soros thread to draw the moths in might help. In my dreams anyway.

Also Kek I just saw Soros lost at least 1B after Trump was elected not counting the millions he's already wasted on trying to get Shillary elected.


Whatcha sliding, Moishe?

never assume malevolence when stupidity is an equally viable option

Actually, I did go looking. Fact is this was never discussed. I lurk everday here and this is the first thread about it.

They're terrified!

The last time this was posted, the "source" was the
Washington Post Times Feed

the source is whatdoesitmean.com which is sorcha faal.
Fun what 5 seconds of fact checking can do.

I don't think he's some kind of serious infiltrator, I think it's some generic shill trying to get more clicks on his dime a dozen website so you can forget about viagra with this one scientifically proven trick and so on.

People probably discussed the original yournewswire article that had the same core content.

How does it feel getting blown the fuck out?

Bump because masses of angry shills and I don't know which side they're on.

aka Sorcha Fail

It was never discussed. Where's the link, shill? Where's the archive? Oh.. you don't have one?

Every last one of you is a miserable failure, and a shining example of the futile effort your fellow CREW autists will waste countless hours pursuing. Keep trying to "control the narritive" or whatever you cucks call it, you will fail just as CTR did before you.

This topic is probably 40% people pointing out this exact article and source was posted within the past few days, 55% well meaning idiots who don't realize this, and 5% shills.


Why would I archive a random Holla Forums thread that had a bullshit source? That's a completely unreasonable expectation.

This, I believe, is the link that thread sourced: washingtonfeed.com/breaking-trump-gives-green-light-prepares-to-declare-george-soros-national-security-threat.html

Give us a good source. Please, I'd love for this to be true.

I never saw it posted, and clearly many other anons didn't either. Thus, I see no problem with having the thread again, IF it even is a duplicate. We don't have a rule that something can only be discussed once here.

This. Never really heard of this but whatever. If it ends up being true, then good. If not, then OP is a cunt. We're going to find out and see if true at some point anyways.

The problem is that it's not a reliable source and there's no evidence of any progress on putting George Soros's head on a stake.
I'm wondering if the tactic the jew crew is to post disinfo articles or misleading topics, get them slid off when people call bullshit, and repeat so strife like this happens.

Remember shills are trying to act like us.
Remember shills will outright lie and provide 0 proof.
Remember shills can't control themselves and will all swarm a thread at once.
Remember shills will furiously fight to prove they are not shills with meaningless achievements.
Remember shills will use Holla Forums trigger words to derail a thread.

The only issue with this is actual Holla Forumsacks are getting called shills by actual shills to discredit them. Like usually we'll just carry on with business as usual though.

By the way do we have an updated version of this I only have the GG one from 2014?

I think whether the article is legit is a separate matter; CREW probably have either explicit or implicit instructions to mindlessly shill for Soros whenever the topic comes up.

There is no reliable source on the article's claim, and the claim it makes doesn't even match the headline-grabbing title/this thread's OP. The OP also contains a direct link to the site instead of a broken link and/or archive, and said website is clearly filled with advertising and bullshit.

So Aussie shitposters are liars? Good to know.


All really good point. I think this thread would better be used to identify the shills among us and how they are operating.

sage for hoax

Holy fuck we made it. Praise Kek

Oh it's a crew member all right

The normal way a thread like this should go is Holla Forums outright ignoring the article and just taking the chance to shit on Soros, then 100 posts in someone says
but just gets ignored as Holla Forums continues to discuss Soros anyway. It is beyond unusual to have a swarm here all very upset and trying to shut the thread down.


It doesn't matter how valid the story is. You're still defending Jews. CTR learning nothing since becoming the Jew CREW I see. Your bosses need to fire you, again.

stopped reading

Oy vey!!

Calling out a bullshit article is not "defending jews", just like believing a bullshit article is not "attacking jews".

They're probably worried about this being memed into reality. Even the left has, to some degree, an understanding of meming things, though they see it merely as making a bunch of people want something to occur and hoping people will complain or demand said thing occurs when it doesn't. That is the fear here. People who support Trump probably for the most part dislike Soros. A bunch of them think this shit is real and are glad. It turns out it is not and are then upset and start wondering why can't it be real. People make a fuss and eventually it makes it back to Trump. Trump then decides to act on his supporters wishes and go after Putin. That is probably what the shills are thinking, assuming they are shills in the first place.

You mean a thread full of poorly-sourced, made up bullshit?
That's what's happening anyway because niggers like you keep bumping this shit thread with your tangential accusations of who is and isn't a shill.
Shitting up the catalog is a recurrent theme around here.

it's a slide thread. we all know by know that unless there's a video or a tweet of trump saying something, it wasn't fucking said.

Maybe I'd just prefer if we'd move on and not be funneling attention and clicks to an idiot/shill OP, and not have anons being fed lies?


What's wrong with the Kremlin?

it's not Trump's mouth.

kill yourself.

Sounds pretty spot on next they'll be in here trying to D&C because anime which we are only posting to signal there are shills here and they'll still take the fucking bait.

Seriously we'd do a much better job of shilling and subverting I've seen user spend 6 months pretending to be a leftist just to drop a million redpills on his followers. The low energy cunts can't even pretend to be us for a week before we catch on.

Fair point but you know it is gonna get bumped and kept alive regardless unless the mods delete or anchor it.

You type like a shill and your shit's all retarded. I am going to bump again to generate further samples to learn how you operate, because I think it's important, and you probably aren't even aware of the fact that the holocaust is a hoax. There were deaths in the prison/labor camps, but they were caused by an epidemic of Typhus exacerbated by starvation and allied destruction of supply routes. Typhus is spread by lice, and Zyklon B is a de-lousing agent. At the concentration required to kill a person, the gas chambers by design would not have even been able to contain the gas successfully. Ovens were used to destroy the clothing, sheets, etc of Typhus victims in an effort to halt the epidemic, and possibly to cremate those who died from the disease. The ovens could not possibly have been used in a mass extermination. Even modern ovens running 24/7 can't reach anywhere near the supposed rate of cremation that supposedly occurred at Auschwitz. No mass graves were ever discovered. Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials showed signs of torture, and the Jewish man who 'interrogated' the head of Auschwitz later admitted in his published book that he tortured a confession from him. Germans kept no details whatsoever of any plan to get rid of Jews, and much of their documentation of the prison camps contradicts the myth of the holocaust. The only evidence for the holocaust is testimonies from supposed survivors of supposed death camps. Several other hoaxes (like Jew soap and skin lampshades) were just recently proven to be false. Likewise, the showers and gas chambers are simply products of equal parts hysteria and propaganda. In the past century, elite Jews have profited enormously from the myth of the holocaust, and holocaust denial is illegal in several European countries. Truth does not fear investigation. The holocaust is a lie.