NET TALON - FBI Watchlisting&No-Fly Qualifications, Undercover&Subversive Online Practices

Document revealed on Jan 2nd exposes FBI practices for designating someone for watchlist status/being investigated as a possible terrorist, what lands you on a no-fly list, a detailed "NET TALON" online forum subversion and infiltration plan on par with JTRIG, that they factually investigate/harass forum administrators (think Kampfy), are given "Otherwise Illegal Activity" permits, allowing them "blanket" passes to be above the law for a year at a time.. among many, many other revelations.

Someone else made a thread about the FBI investigating white extremist infiltration into police forces, but it was shit. In the article he posted in the form of a giant wall of greentext, this file was discussed and how it outlined the specific qualifications required for being watchlisted etc.. and I couldnt refuse reading into it, and digging them up.

Ive posted the caps, theres probably 20 of them.. and the first file has 152 pages, the second file supposedly contains their data collection methods, which is equally important.. but I just went through 150 pages to grab all the information in the OP and tried to spread awareness in the actual thread.

Among the interesting specific qualifications, are things like how if you express your willingness to die for something, you will be no flied.. or if youre a white nationalist, and collect a lot of guns.

Other urls found in this thread:

archive .fo/ULP1Y
archive .fo/Y9UJO

Called it in the HWNDU threads



We need people combing this file, I only did a skim, and theres more caps than Im posting.. I havent gone through them all yet, but I can confirm everything I posted in the OP is within the first file linked here:

Theres the other thread with the rest of the caps I posted, and more of the breakdown. This needed its own thread, search it and post most stuff you find, I doubt I grabbed everything of value.

I collect lots of BB Guns. I am also a white anti nationalist. I am willing to die for the great taste of burgerking.

I always pick the terrorists side in CS:GO because I like the thrill of Defusing bombs in games. I am just trying too make my way through life shitposting on anonymous boards brings me great stress relief for when I am raping tests at University

Have a bump

you just made someone's report a lot more intricate.

interesting bit that probably should have been redacted from page 141 of ULP1Y

(U//FOUO) Trilogy Login

From context I think that must be the name of their super sekrit intranet.

I noticed that too, its probably just a system that combines 3 lower systems other agencies have access to, like police etc. Just guessing.

Or maybe it's a shared system among the "three letter agencies" (tri logos)



Shitposting will save us all.


Sublime memacia, my friends. Truly worthy of the even topper than top secret designation of 'Above Top Kek'. Let's just hope that the OLD MEN that are RUNNING THE WORLD can't decipher these spicy images and ascertain their profound hidden meanings and associated plots!

One thing the document definitely shows is that anonymous image boards screw up their way of doing things since their policies are based on opening an investigation into forum identities which don't exist here.

On the other hand, if they can plant a CHS mod/BO/Jim they could identify people by their IP.

Im fairly certain that they have apprehended losers like you before, the only difference is your NOT posing as a 13 year old boy who likes to go to the park at night with out adult supervision to meet new friends "your age"

The person who owns this place, and the people who run the board are all under investigation. Its only one step further into coercion.

LOL go to Skip Baker's Facebook page. FYI…


FBI pls go

Not blonde, no mansion, and no model wife but by god at least I'm not a fucking letter agency manlet.

Im pretty sure the section on FISA etc which was too full of legal jargon for me to understand was probably talking about the courts making it easy for them to get everyones IPs anyways.


Heres one I forgot was important. What gets you removed. (leaving the US with no plans of coming back)

Which IIRC was how the boston bombers slipped through the cracks or something, someone had left the country and been removed from the watchlist, came back and wasnt put back on. I think it was boston.

Oh shit here's another document like this on the intercept:

This one is the Confidential Human Source Policy Guide that's referenced in the Counterterrorism Policy Guide

I'll take the GEP gun

There were many documents but this one seemed extremely important. As I said, the second document I havent even touched, my eyes are tired etc.. its supposed to contain a list of "permitted" surveillance and data collection methods, which really just means its a list of everything they can do, all their capabilities.

Remember though, anything that isnt specifically outlined and regulated probably falls under that "otherwise illegal activity" and they just get a 1 year blanket ban.

I'm retarded and don't understand the implications of this

Kek has confirmed you're a retard. Good job.

The feds run game on the internet. I sure hope that they have caught a bunch of actual terrorists that we haven't heard about and aren't just setting up retarded autists to build death rays and sheeeit

Its the outline of already in place measures for placing people on the no fly list and in general counterterrorism efforts. Of course they use this on people that arent terrorists as well. Nice trips.

The document contains more information than I have posted, its 152 pages. We need people combing it, thats half the point of the thread. The other point are the things Ive already found and exposed:


t-thanks kek

The HWNDU stream has made me realize how confusing it must be for the govt to profile us. They're investigating a white nationalist groups but everytime they profile someone it turns out the person is an asian, an arab or a jew.

Cuck/pol/ is less white than America is, they took a poll about a year ago.

Unsure if I should have saged.

They will use just about any resource available to destroy a subject's credibility and reputation. Anons need to be always vigilant, always suspicious.

Almost looks like it was redacted and then unredacted or something, its the only spot I noticed that weird yellow box over the writing, makes it kinda hard to read.

Well as an Yuropean this means I probably shouldn't travel to the USA.
I've had this feeling for a while now.
FBI I dindu nuffin

Too bad for them, I'm a law abiding citizen.

Americans traveling to Europe are probably at greater risk than Europeans traveling to America. America doesn't have hate speech laws, many European nations do.

What would your wife think if she knew you you were sucking guys cocks on the side? Oh whats that? You dont suck cock on the side? Thats not what the files on your computer will say, when they are done putting them there.

Its that easy.

Americans traveling to Europe are probably at greater risk than Europeans traveling to America. America doesn't have hate speech laws, many European nations do.


Maybe you are right, but I don't like the idea of being arrested for posting RWDS unironically

Sorry, didnt mean to put salt in the wounds. It was a hypothetical, why not pretend your life isnt shit while youre hypothesizing. I dont have one either.
The point was, they can frame you and make you do whatever they want at any time, if you were in a position of power where they wanted to control you. Video/audio can easily be made up, for example.

If owning a lot of guns and hating niggers gets you on the no-fly list then they might as well just ban like 90% of North Carolina and West Virginia from getting on planes.

They could also send some men in black to put a bullet in my skull and make it look like a mugging. If they want to do that, there isn't much I can do about it. I'm not going to stress myself out fretting about something I couldn't prevent.

Maybe you guys should put antifa on a fucking list. They're about a hair's breadth away from assassination and bombing.

The no-fly list is bullshit, there's no due process and no way to appeal. Wasn't the mudslime who shot up the FL airport on the no-fly list?

Cant find the video from the scene at the end of Manchurian Candidate where they edit the guys face off and make him look like a different person, in real time… hes at some security check at an airport or something, and it makes it look like he never entered the country or w.e
I know its just a movie, but they have that capability. I guess I could post the one of the software where you can make it look like someone is giving a speech, like Bush or Trump, but I think weve all seen that now.

My point was, being a law abiding citizen wont save you from having your shit pushed in by any of a number of 3 letter agencies, if they decided to bring their weight down on you. I agree though, I dont worry about it, I probably just raised my own threat level just by taking an interest enough to read/skim 150 pages and post all these things in a thread for everyone. One for the team, I guess.

I think hating niggers is okay, but joining a group with one of its goals as hating niggers is probably going to get you labelled an extremist.


This is how they've been running pedo sites after seizing them.

we gud boyz doo so 1st Amendment bitchez.

This is for dirty, nasty muzzie cunts who want to blow shit up. Trumpyboo will use it right.

Except it specifically states far right/white extremism is the threat, not islam.. and its not islamic infiltration of police forces they are worried about, but "ghost skins"


Also, reading over these, tough shit FBI man, I only advocate for people who promote white genocide to be executed legally, under international laws, the same ones the Nazis were hanged under. Ha ha, fuck you lol

Also, this means every communist is supposed to be being watched as a terrorist, because communism advocates executing people not dedicated enough to the revolution as a means of dealing with leeches who refuse to participate, its part of the ideology.

I take it that's your deal?

This. Remember, if Clinton won, being on a no fly list would mean no 2nd ammendment rights, and we would all be on no fly lists for being evil white racist nazis. No trial, no hearing, nothing.

Pretty sure a right to travel and freedom of mobility are in the constitution. I guess they would argue youre still able to get on a cruise, but I think no-fly means no-trains too, unless Im mistaken. The second amendment one would be absolutely insane, and unconstitutional. Its probably why they offed Scalia and planned to stack the supreme court, for when it eventually went there. I cant wait for that fucking cunt Ginsburg to croak.

(Im not American btw, which is why Im not sure on something like that)

Reading through this it makes a point to mention Al-Qaeda quite a few times, but I haven't come across white nationalist mention. The impression I get reading through this is they are way more concerned with sovereign citizens than they are white nationalists, and even then it's not like people here make credible threats of violence; this all fits Antifa way more than it fits white nationalists. Even looking at the no-fly criteria it seems doubtful that any anons would fit it; we spread memes that make us giggle and that's about it. If there ARE people here who are trying to train for purposes of causing terrorism are caught, because causing harm and terror is absolutely not okay. But I really, really, really do not think that qualifies any anons here. Whoever wrote that article must have been wildly over-exaggerating.

Now if Clinton won, I'd be worried; but antifa groups fit this criteria much more snugly. The FBI has better things to do and more important things to spend their budget on than to open individual investigations for the hundreds of people who shitpost as twenty different people in the same thread on a mongolian finger painting board.

If there are people here doing that, I hope they are caught*

It mentions sovereign citizens, I cant find exactly where just quickly looking back over the "silent hit" section, but it was saying far right groups, it never said white nationalists I dont think.. but when it says far right, it means "Ultranationalists" which means National Socialists, in the end. They used the term "ghost skins" and said that groups were actively promoting that their members who keep their political views to themselves infiltrate the system.. and they were exclusively concerned about white people with undesirable political views, in effect.

Do you know what this means?! The FBIorFSB could theoretically post chilean peppers or java beans and have the legal means to find the servers and oy vey shut it down. This site is hosted in Flipland right? Duterte wouldn't throw all of us in the crocodile infested swampland would he? shit got serious so fastthese are truly sark dayswhat does the god emporer say of this???.

always practive good opsec otherwise ded

Like in the section on police infiltration and silent hits, or possibly at the top in the initial outline somewhere, it labelled the threat as exclusive to groups who would be whites, the far right etc… but they could have just as easily said they had a concern for radical leftist ANTIFA infiltration, and islamic radical infiltration, or infiltration by the millions of muslims who support Sharia etc… but nope, only whites. They use code words, but its whites when they call us far right, or tea party etc.

You are completely correct, about the constitutionality of it anyway, not that that would have stopped them. And I'm sure a no-fly list would have been expanded to everywhere there are TSA checkpoints, and then TSA would be everywhere, untill you eventually had to get a .6"x.6"x.6" chip placed in your left hand to even leave your house. Sage for rant

haha! what kind of chinese double agent came up with that?

this, never forget that if someone has power over you, then more likely than not they'll use it to their advantage if left unchecked.

Oh, well, if I knew it was hosted in Dutertes back yard I wouldnt have been slamming him as a communist so hard lol.. dont need to get it shut down or anything.

That's terror.

Dude the feds have been here for a long time now. We're good friends with them at this point.

Worse, it's shitposting.





we FBI now

8/pol/ is much more white than cuck/pol/, which is probably why cuck/pol/ is such a shitshow.


Shizzle muh dizzle, great post dawg.

I actually wonder how many people have been force fed a suppository redpill here.

It's seems high risk actually to send in government agents and shills because the upper management probably thinks its another stormfront tier website with uneducated pleb whites, not a bunch of high IQ anons with tons of time and resources on their hands with genuine ideology. Then you would get actual G-men on the side of Holla Forums. . .



It's not risky if you send brainwashed commies.

ahahahahahahahaha they're so easy to bait. This is kinda fun.

heh. It's pretty funny the FBI is still trolling the right-wing, when it's the left-wing that is engaged in terrorist acts. Already this week I have seen many threats, and there also was a federal crime committed, where some hackers took over a radio station, which is a super-duper uber-crime, and reminds of pic related.

It's probably going to change under Trump we can hope. They mostly waste time here due to SPLC/ADL pressure. They've been fucking humiliated this year. Also, they're going to have a hard time justifying hanging out here when ANTIFA is giving people brain damage and the muslims are actually killing people, not trying to rig internet polls.


FBI: At least we aren't the CIA

"We kill the people who talk about the pedophiles but hey, at least we aren't pedos ourselves. Now check out or child porn archive we have for uh…research purposes"

I bet you think that what Joshua Goldberd did was "lulzy" as well, you cuck kike



Not all of us are white. I'm 1/4th Italian for instance.

This board is the most ANTI terrorist online place. FBI you will find none of what you are looking for here. We are nationalists.
The Leftists are the ones that want to bring down the country with their brown hordes and genocide white people.
FBI please kindly leave and go do your jobs and watch those agitators in the streets that are preaching that they need to start killing people like ME.

Thanks FBI, have a great day
Yours truly
CIA operative

bretty much. Holla Forums is truly a board of peace.

I think some alphabet soup helped with the doxing and drama that just hit us, since turning people against each other by leaking damaging information has been one of the main strategies that has been used to suppress nationalists in the West since WWII.

It would fit in with their disruption tactics leaked above, of misinformation and source based disruption etc.. they hack some info only say ghoul would have, leak it, then blame ghoul, then dox ghoul, then dox more people etc etc

Pretty sure it's hosted at some google datacenter in texas or some shit.

I have worked for the feds but I am not a fed, and the alt-kike deserved it tbh.

-t. totally not the guy who doxed some of those faggots.

TRS deserved it. They always were a bunch of sniveling pretentious shits stabbing their allies in the back and claiming to be the victims.


Cool op, now I know the name of one of the lists I'm on.

I really hope the FBI will get some privilege classes, schoolings and people that oversee that they will check their priviledge.

I saw that term in the FBI thread
third paragraph of OP's greentext

can you imagine agent Johnson saying that to agent Smith with a straight face He's actually an ancient egyptian pagan god by the name of Kek, sir.

The federal government creates the situation for this to arise but we're the threats? Its just impossible for you guys to not know how big of a group of faggots you are. Literally the only people worse than you are the ATF. Feel free to make your arguments now because I would genuinely like to hear them.

Regardless of if they deserved it, cutting out the cancer left us weaker than we initially were in many ways. You see what I mean? It had to be done, but by doing it, we spent a lot of time infighting instead of spreading awareness… and much of the boost we would have received from people after the election, switching to our ideology was wasted because we probably appear childish, for having an internet drama.

But yes, TRS having a leader married to a poz spreading kike, he had to go… that guy who was a crossdressing faggot sucking nigger cocks and fetishizing miscegenation while at the same time being on a popular podcast or whatever, he had to go. The fags inside TRS, they had to be exposed. The pro-nationalist jew promoters and sentiment, had to go and be stopped.

Its just a likely and predictable unfolding of events, but if youre trying to hurt us, you could bring it to the surface.. especially at a key time, and cause a lot of problems.

It's not just their leaders, it's the hypocrisy.
They were all LARPing as strong WN and everytime a picture of them came out they were skinnyfat nu males acting tough online, I remember seeing a screen of kike enuch lecturing in a very demeaning way someone for not working out and we all know what mike looks like. They tried to push the alt right label on us and had their own version of CTR shilling here for months (pics related) and when the red ice radio shitstorm started, they were the first one to push the "Holla Forums was never a racialist board", then it was the blame game where in the end they blamed the fucking CIA. They were a bunch of complete faggot who tried to do an hostile takeover of our place to corner the far right market for their "media empire" and I wouldn't mind having a wall of shame with all of their faggot faces plastered everywhere to make an example out of them.

Second screencap = wrong screencap, sorry.

Nevermind. Trump just let you fags off the hook for explaining your faggotry.