Trump's possible supreme court pick: Neil Gorsuch

(((Neil Gorsuch)))

Some news outlets are reporting that (((Neil Gorsuch))) is Trump's likely supreme court nominee. He's a fucking kike.

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How about a citation on that claim?

His wikipedia says nothing but from what I'm reading he actually sounds pretty legit:

Oh forgot to link the wiki page: and in case anyone tries to mess with it:

I also see:

Sounds pretty fucking huwhite American to me. How many kikes do ANY of the above for fun?

Fuck off kike

If he's a kike fucking prove it faggot.

I think you're the kike here, shill

Yep, he's the pick.

Looks like I was right.

There are literally no kike features on his face.

His weird last name made me do a jew search, but he doesn't seem to be a heeb or act like one.

There are no good Jews.

Go back to cuckchan.

His weird last name made me do a jew search, but he doesn't seem to be a heeb or act like one. And his waifus a qt.

Except you called him a kike and he isn't. So fuck off, moron.

Still unproven

He's a protestant you dumb shit.

Burden of proof lies on the accuser you kike shill.

Except he's a White American Protestant.

Fuck off

Yeah, it's proven.
"Search Results
Gorsuch Family History. English: habitational name from the hamlet of Gorsuch, Lancashire, earlier Gosefordsich, from Old English Gosford 'goose ford' + sic 'small stream'."

is he a kike? does OP have any proof?

These idiots are still trying to shill from the "TRUMP IS A ZIONIST PUPPET!!!!!" angle

user, you are a kike.

Fuck off kike

Actually, you might be right - an investigation turns up nothing showing Judaic ethnicity or belief.

Doesn't seem like it, no.

He looks like a FUCKING WHITE MALE and I will assume he is until I see some actual evidence of kikery.

hes an episcopalian christian.

Gorsuch is a surname of English origin.

He's not a kike. Sage and report CTR thread.

Startin' early, aren't ya, OP, my man?

The only thing that worries me is that he has only daughters and no sons. A lot of these guys are either really good and raise them right or male feminists due to wanting everyone to treat their daughters like princesses instead of them earning respect like anyone else. I guess we'll see.



Fucked up


OP here, I was right about the pick, but not right about him being Jewish. He's Episcopalian.

Go back to Holla Forums, goon.

shut up nerd

That's not really mutually exclusive with his ethnicity but a few brief searches on the etymology of Gorsuch suggest his ancestors were Polish. No idea why everyone's suddenly convinced he's one of god's chosen

He's not Jewish, nor does he have Jewish ancestry you autistic kike. He is a white, protestant, anglo, with a white wife and white children.

damnit I told you to stop posting that image. stop or I'll call the police for harassment.



Last thing in that's needed is a kike. That would be fucked.

He looks like a dirty fucking white patriarchal cis-hetero privileged racist oppressive male to me

How was Temple Neil?

Great post.

You like them (((exotic))) don't you Chaim.

He's an Episcopalian, you retard. It's just an unusual Anglo-Saxon name.

We're getting a white anglo-saxon protestant from Denver fucking Colorado who is a strict constructionist. The kikes are eternally stumped. This was not part of their plan. The WASPs were supposed to be finished at the highest positions of power in America. Not a single one on the court in decades.

Mods, delete this thread before OP makes us all look bad. This is of huge symbolic significance.

You probably should have saged then, lad.

Do you remove your boyfriend's shit from the shofar before you blow it?

Gorsuch is an Anglo-Saxon name
SAGE you fucking shill

This is the first WASP on the supreme court in YEARS


on a side note what's with these try-hard shills? literally nothing about this guy is jewish but instead of just fucking off here they are with no shame. sad!

dubs checkd

You shills get to work fast.
Sage for lying about based Gorsuch.

we already addressed this is the nomination thread. Shills were accusing him of being jewish. The logical assumption is that OP is a shill faggot

Gas yourself you rat-faced yid

Literally no matter who Trump picked, people would be calling him a yid

He's actually the only member of the court that's not Jewish or catholic. Bumping because that's big. OP's thread is still shit though.