Revenge of the NEETs

Okay basement dwellers, realistically you're never going to start a family with a qt unless you start making money to support yourself and her. Now we're all pretty stupid and that's why we're on 4chan and not doing something productive. But maybe if we pull our collective brainpower for 5 minutes we can figure out a money making scheme that will get us out of our parent's basement.

Now focus and throw out some ideas.

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trump will fix everything

Try this:

Try this:


trump will fix everything

I had this idea for a video game. University architect. It's like prison architect but a satire on Marxist universitys.

Try going back to 4chan and staying there, homo.


Pump and dump.

Selling and reselling stuff online.

Going blackhat.

trump will fix everything


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I've already got my "scheme" I was told about when I was on /adv/ a year or so ago. Only recently started working on it, and I think it will be successful.

Basically just be lucky and hope someone says something that clicks with you.



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God I love this. You named the pol. Half of you are exactually this. Basement dwellling anime fapping, faggots who probably love bbc cuckoldry. I just fucking know it. Look… All hits aside this board really does need to focus more on getting our community and our wanabe nazi's up to speed. We should focus on getting ourselves more better and more healthier. Lets actually embrace what we preach. Again only half of you I believe. Other half probably know this but are unwilling to ruin or scare away their base by telling them to man the fuck up.

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I like the perspective of this picture. It's as if the guy's GF committed sudoku at the front door of their apartment and now he's packing up his computer and took a picture before he left.


The Anti-Male Shaming Tactics Catalog

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Perhaps it's cognitive dissonance, but I'd assume that some portion of you possess a bit of IT knowledge. If you want to quit being a NEET, get a cert or two and try to work your way into a nicer position. Study these topics to prepare for the test:

You don't necessarily need a CS degree to get a codemonkey job. The "I don't want to leave my house" alternative to that is to find a drawfag trap, pretend to be interested, and get him to draw the graphics for big your new retro video game. It's a proven technique.

Merchant, this has been discussed many times. Did JIDF's funding get redirected toward attacking Trump or something? Shills normally have a basic knowledge of the board.