President Trump to announce Supreme Court of the United States Nominee

President Trump to announce Supreme Court of the United States Nominee

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I anticipate we'll need to rev up our smug folder. His choice will undoubtedly trigger the left.

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hour 15 left

Mirin those digits sir.

Rolling for cruz

Your intentions are good OP but there is a thread covering this already.

Your thread has no stream link

Yea and it's getting shilled to dogshit. I'm bumping.

Same number of replies and this OP is not a linkless faggot. Keep your shills in there though.

There are way more than 7 replies in that thread but I already conceded there were heaps of shills.




So NBC news said that one of the two choices married into a wealthy democrat family but I didn't catch which one. Can anyone tell me so I can root for the other guy

I don't even know who's on the list. I'm just trusting in Trump, it's in his hands at this point and he's been packing the kikes shit in since he took office.

Well I don't trust NBC of course, but fwiw they said it was narrowed down to two choices. I only mention it because I didn't have a chance today to get more information

I understand the concern. We'll find out soon and the digging will commence.



CNN is shilling two choices as well. No one expected Pence though or most of his cabinet for that matter. We'll see.


God that would be glorious.


CNN already confirming a partisan fight over this pick.

Those fucking retard comments.



Someone needs to remind CNN to stop printing off pages they find off of

I love how he's keeping the insurgency motif going.

God no. After Trump's two terms he would go full rino again
its Gorsuch


He did it.

Neil's the one he picked. Hmm.


And it's Gorsuch, white cis male with a beautiful wife. Can't wait to see how they spin this pick to be bad for the country.


You just did, shitlord.


praised post/10 would check again

I chuckled.

How long do you think the leftycucks will try to stall him from taking the seat?

Would Pryor had been a better choice? Is this guy alright?

So, who's gonna be the fist to smear this guy and what could/will they say? And how what reason will the democrats give for dragging their feet for this guy?

Aww, you're right! I did! I feel so speshul! Can I have a cookie?

Will Congress approve a white male protestant?

long enough to be fired

Your next supreme court justice. We've got the greatest justices here don't we folks. The man himself, he is the law !


Salon or Huffpo. They'll just screech autistically.

Is he /ourguy/ Holla Forums? Is he gonna repeal Roe V. Wade and make it so only shitskins can get abortions?

Death penalty

Gracious, empassioned, sincere… this confirmation is everything that most are not.


Not a TransFemale Transnigger, Transmuslim translesbian transgenderfluid transotherkin furry?

No, he's not going to repeal RvW. If Congress approves him, he'll be 1 Justice out of 9. He's not being appointed Emperor.

Gorsuch, 49, is considered a cerebral proponent of "originalism," the idea that the Constitution should be interpreted as the Founding Fathers would have more than 200 years ago, and of "textualism," the idea that statutes should be interpreted literally, without considering the legislative history and underlying purpose of the law.

This ceremony/gathering is white as fuck.

Wait, what?

This is from (((Kikepedia))) but seriously?


Niel "Degens Walk The Mile" Gorsuch

Its being edited constantly as we speak, just look at the logs.

Can you imagine the human dregs Hillary would have appointed? What a wonderful world Holla Forums he looks like a man who could be your neighbor.

lol nice edit

Defeatists plz go
Ginsburg will die, and we will own the court for 16 years (long enough to survive the insane shit president coming after Trump)

Fake and gay, just like you kike.

Niel "Keep It Simple, Stupid" Gorsuch

That wasn't there just before, check the archives.


hey I didn't do it

just posting what I saw, pressed f5 and it's "originalism" now


Doubt it would go that way where only niggers get a pass. The issue with abortion is it keeps the feral population down, but also you have the issue of the welfare state taking place of men in society and birth control which gives an environment where whites move away from that traditional family of the past.

That's definitely an edit, like 20 minutes ago it said he's a proponent of originalism.

Realism != Defeatism

Gorsuch isn't even a Justice yet. Congress has to approve him. That's not defeatism, you ignorant faggot.

Gorsuch has never had the opportunity to write an opinion on Roe v. Wade. However, based on his opinions expressed in his books opposing euthanasia and the taking of human life, people on both sides of the abortion debate presume he holds a pro-life stance

No politician in years has kept as many promises so quick. The bar has been permanently raised.

Niel "Franklin thankin'" Gorsuch

As a justice should. Fuck the ones that get political.

There is no question as to whether he will become a justice you double nigger

nuclear option
thank you, Harry Reid

Not a woman, minority, jew, or catholic. Checking boxes.

Can someone explain this? I've heard it explained a few times, but it makes no sense.

Rupublican control plus the nuclear option. It's a given.

There's still the vetting process, you triple nigger.

They could alter the rules to make the confirmation a simple majority, rather than require sixty. If that rule change is done, all of Trump's picks go through.

Go look at the Dems who are on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Nothing is guaranteed.

t. contrarian faggot.

I hope you're right, but I see this not as a pendulum… but a spiral. We spin and wiz on the outer edges of the spiral while it flies farther and farther "out of orbit"… perhaps we'll be able to achieve "escape velosity" under Trump and defeat leftism forever… I tend to think we're building supplies and digging in our heals… saving rations… building momentum… to survive the next female nigger obama.
not a defeatist, but a contingency

Gorsuch has to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee before it goes to full vote.

What part of nuclear option do you not understand?

quadruple niggers can't into nuclear options.

Does that extend to all future decisions or just cabinet picks?

This meme needs to die. It's obvious Trump will accomplish so much good in the next 8 years that Americans will wake up.

The nuclear option applies to the full Senate, not to the Judiciary Committee.

After we deport their voter base, they're not getting back in unless by force (lol whatevs) or a neo-con gets elected after Trump.

Amazingly they already are. Blows my mind to see it daily.


Quads of hope but worringly also death.

Awful pick. Someone convince me I'm wrong, I'm gonna post this in both threads for visibility. I was really hoping for a serious Protestant or even a Catholic.

Ill check those digits user. You're right, more and more people everyday are seeing the writing on the wall. People I know brought up the fact that at the video of that nigger preaching that they should take all of whitey's stuff.

What blows my mind are those digits.

hopefully the death of ignorance?

Year of the firecock is rebirth from the ashes. Has a lot in common with the phoenix, or ho-oh.

What happens usually (oldfag) is that normalfags get /comfy/ and decide not to go vote.
I'm NOT a defeatist I'm just saying the mechanics of this have historically been different than what you have in your head. They don't need non-whites flooding in and voting if pacified normies don't perceive a sufficient threat and stay home… think about Bill
In this spiral i've explained, the only way I see acheiving another reich is to cycle through another iteration of insane poz… but hopefully not

nigger go shill your religion d&c in the shill thread. The guy is a staunch constitutionalist and long time admirer of Scalia (since college, and he's like 50 or so now)


Gorusch has upheld the death penalty by repudiating multiple appeals by death row inmates. He is also a strong proponent of interpreting the constitution literally, and as the founders would have interpreted it. Whatever his religion he evidently subordinates it to his decisions which are based on originalist constitutionalism. Overall a great pick given the circumstances, its not like you niggers were going to get William Luther Pierce nominated or anything.


He picked a man, not a church.


your nose is showing kike

Is this guy gonna be good for immigration? I don't know who he is

difference being the media no longer has a stranglehold on public opinion, every joe normalfaggot is free to look up alternatives to CNN and the like, and will stumbl upon one of our many memes or sympathizers. We are rapidly changing the very culture of America that defines the norms that normalfags follow.


lol forgot NAFTA. Guess all I'm saying is we've got to keep them awake once they're awake.

Slurp more cock, chaim.

Those matter a lot more than the fucking death penalty. How many times do you think the death penalty will even be used? There are millions of niggers in jail for random nigger shit that will never get the death penalty, only mass murderers will get which are usually whites or Muslims and even then if it was terrorism they are going to gitmo instead of getting the death penalty.

He is a literalist and an originalist, in other words, he supports interpreting the constitution literally without any pilpul bullshit and interpreting it as the Founders would have interpreted it, so yeah, a great pick on immigration and in general.

So will this be the designated saltmining thread now?

Personally I think the left is done after this. The veil was lifted, their media machine is bleeding to death, people pay a lot more attention now. Their old tactics won't work next time, but even if they do, they will have a lot to try to "undo," with angry, well armed Trump voters standing by to make sure they don't undo anything he did. Remember, people were ready to go innawoods this time. They'll at least turn out to vote to keep it

Oooooo, you fucked up.

Reminder that it’s extremely likely that we’ll have three more deaths during Trump’s reign (and that other death aren’t out of the question).

Every goddamn time

The Episcopal Church is opposed to the death penalty, I was pointing out that he does not let his religion get in the way of a strict interpretation of the law, even if the Episcopal Church is pozzed he is not going to prioritize it over the constitution based on his record. I honestly don't care about the death penalty one way or the other I was using it as an example.

there is a very real threat that we will begin losing the internet battle. with google starting to heavily manipulate search results, with places like reddit becoming completely influenced by 'media matters', facebook and twitter being increasingly cucked…. we managed to get Trump in just as our window of opportunity started to shrink. We need to start getting ideas now for what to do once he's done, because this soros funded 'revolution' isn't going away.

President Trump will have to destroy their EU hive or they'll repopulate.
He will destroy it.

Wew. I'll assume it is different iterations of "he's a fucking white male" over and over.

the old republicans should step down if they know what's good for this country. Ginsburg is fucking retarded, I'm glad she never stepped down, she's definitely on her way out.

You got a source for those claims, negative nancy? Is it wikipedia? It's wikipedia, isn't it.

Thumbs up from Napolitano

mfw Ginsberg is gone

In a 2005 article published by National Review, Gorsuch argued that "American liberals have become addicted to the courtroom, relying on judges and lawyers rather than elected leaders and the ballot box, as the primary means of effecting their social agenda" and that they are "failing to reach out and persuade the public" Gorsuch wrote that, by relying on judges instead of elected officials and the ballot box to enact their agenda, American liberals are circumventing the democratic process on issues like gay marriage, school vouchers, and assisted suicide, and this has led to a compromised judiciary, which is no longer independent. Gorsuch wrote that American liberals' "overweening addiction" to using the courts for social debate is "bad for the nation and bad for the judiciary".


I don't think the internet is going to be a problem actually… look at all the kikes that still shill here still. As long as we've got a stronghold we're fine.

Nah, he was being cunty about the Episcopal Churchs views on gays and niggers despite the fact that Gorusch has proven to not make rulings based on religion in multiple cases, the death penalty and antiterrorism act being a prominent one. His faith is irrelevant to his rulings which are not only strictly constitutionalist but aim to interpret the law as the Founders would have, which is perfect, the Founders sure as shit would not try to spin the 2nd Amendment into a gun grab for example, and they wouldn't interpret the 13th amendment as birthright citizenship.

I'm serious, I've yet to see a nigger or a spic go on a killing rampage and get the high scores muds or whites can get.
Pic related, high score champ of the past decade

I guarantee she'll be one of those vampire jews that lives forever on pure evil and the tarnished dreams of gentile children, like Soros. She probably eats milk duds too. Those things are gross.

Reasons why Gorsuch is EBIL NATZI WHITE MALE SCUM


The episcopal church split in two recently. He might have gone with the better half.

We need to meme them to death

Internet hugboxes like Facebook, Reddit, etc. drive leftists (and admittedly some rightists, lets be honest) into their own bubble where they remain intoxicated with constant affirmation of their politics but are unable to reach the normie moderates who are the main prize of any political movement. They also stagnate and fail to adapt to more advanced meme warfare, the most huggy of hugboxes it Tumblr, for example and we made fucking mincemeat out of those cucks without even trying, the more these tech giants try to insulate shitlibs from our memes the better it is for us honestly.

I'm not on my pc now, but I have a folder specifically for debunking this stupid fucking belief. This was shilled endlessly after Dylan Roof and it was totally demolished.

Wasted fuhrer dubs. Breivik killed 77 in 2011

he was a kike

libtards mad as hell that Obama was denied that justice spot kek

Oops you are right, although I am talking US anyways since that is the whole point of the death penalty discussion.

And anyways if you wanna talk Europe that high score still belongs to muds anyways with the Bataclan theatre, unless I am mistaken.

for the newfags:

I hope people are actually abandoning Facebook. I think about 10% of my friends list actually posts anything.

No reason to fear an echo chamber, but a company like google can do some worrying stuff like doxing people, reading secrets of their enemies, etc. Google should be nationalized or something.

internet search results only matter for two things. 1) seeing headline news, which is becoming increasingly irrelevant since the media threw itself on Trump's sword, and 2) finding information on a politically controversial topic when you don't already have an aggregator site or place to discuss topics (ala Holla Forums), and this is again becoming a non-issue since our memes can route around censorship.

As for faceberg and plebbit, they serve a dual purpose of fooling true believers into thinking they have more support/power structures than they actually do, and makes them both complacent and increasingly detached from reality, while it has the effect of repulsing fence sitters who notice the much more pleasant alternative of our message. What you're seeing is increasing polarization of opinions, and this only benefits us because it destroys the cucky middle ground and leaves every white with a choice between something that hates them and something that loves them. Now you do have a point that we shouldn't get complacent with our success, but being the hivemind we are that's something we'd work on anyway, since being proactive is more entertaining than reminiscing on past achievements. Believe in the future user, it's the only way you'll ever win it.

Those quads of freedom.

I do too but at the same time, all I hear from my mom is stuff about Trump and how people on facebook are calling the media fake news. Honestly, shit like facebook and twitter might have been meant to contain, and instead it could end up being the kike's downfall.

That's another important point, the youngest generation is always the most important since they're what remains, and they are starting to get sick of faceberg since it's full of old people and sucks dick at everything other than having a large install base. It's unfortunate that they leave for degenerate alternatives, but it's an opening we can exploit.

I don't mean to shill, but I sincerely believe Andrew Anglin when he says that a large amount of his audience are 14 year olds, National Socialism is cool and saying niggerfaggotkike is fun and saltmining is addictive, we've got this in the bag

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.


This is an important point that marxists understand well. It's why they infest colleges. Who would have thought that acting like a bunch of immature teenagers would actually be a benefit for us in the long run. We get them before they go to indoctrination camps now, and when they get there they'll be the edgy new thing. Future looks bright

I hope he includes the first meeting of Congress where immigration was (and in fine print still is) restricted only to white people.

People I know are doing snapkike shit.

In that case in may be a good thing some user :'^) added that.

Give it to me straight pol is this a good choice to further our goals and stop degenerates or is he a typical Regan style cuck?

Also do you think trump will go hardcore right for his next pick?

True, I got that from Sam Hyde fans too.


How'd you make that connection?

This is probably getting picky, but his faith might be relevant. Christianity makes a distinction between the responsibilities of the individual, which combines into the congregation/church, and the state. The state has the authority to put people to death, but the individual must forswear vengeance. There is no contradiction for a church to be against the death penalty, but be fine with the state doing it. No, this doesn't mean there's a contradiction for self defense either. Because the state authorizes self defense to satisfy its responsibility to protect the innocent, and killing the threat isn't the goal of self defense even if it can happen anyway.

Of course there's no way to know if that's his reasoning without him admitting it, but he ever did then that would make him even better. Because he understands subtleties in Christianity modern subversion stopped teaching to the people.

So basically that it says exactly what it says. How the fuck does this "Captain Obvious" stance even have a name!?




Didn't we already have one?

Even without deportations, just cracking down on vote fraud would keep the Dems (in their current ultra-poz form at least) out from power for decades. And there will be deportations.

Kek wills it. Rev up the gas.