Bartender Revolution

What is the bartender revolution you ask? It's basically a political theory created by a problem of the Oligarchy motivated profit margin.

Be you in a country coined as a Super Power. Jobs are ferociously handed out to the 1 million immigrants a year for "cheaper" labor.

Government of the country goes through a shift or change, and predict that the overpopulating of the country is going to cause it to implode on itself.

Currently national born citizens, are feeling the pain at this time, as competing for a job at a fair wage is growing increasingly difficult.

The government starts taking a hint, as citizens are beginning to criticize the government for allowing corporations to pass legislation in the government's name.

In realization, government starts to take on the challenging problem of this, and begins looking for the solution.

Immigration Banned. Profit focused corporations loses a large amount of employees, and are stuck to hire costly talented workers to fill the gap.

Jobs created, majority mass of population is now more comfortable than before.

Still a problem with the corporations cause their profit-margins had to take a hit for this idea. They start looking for alternative solutions.

Alternative solution happened to be automation, job automation. Profit-focused corporations start to pool together whatever disposable incomes they get, and work on innovating job automation, to a completely new level.

Citizens start noticing a cut in labor, while being replaced by more and more machines. To the point where they end up back to their original problem, prospective talented employees have to start competing with the job automation technologies.

In fact the job automation is so successful, that it was beginning to cause people of lower income jobs at restaurants, gas stations, even hotels.

Then comes the bartenders, their jobs were also under attack, but yet people don't go to a bar and get their drinks from a machine.

Bartenders start to worry, and band against the idea of automated drink servers. Civil unrest grows, and people fall behind this movement.

Forgetting to realize, the law enforcement has grown and surpassed its previous levels, due to the large amount of now available workforce.

Diseases get released, while the elites take their "vitamins" to stem the ever-growing problem of poverty, as it literally doesn't ever end.

Bartender revolution starts to take shape, but are largely outnumbered by law enforcement.

The revolution doesn't last long, as they are purged from existence with bio-engineered diseases, LBGTBBQWTF propaganda, abortion propaganda and essentially killed off by their own degeneracy.

Does Holla Forums hate bartenders, or is there a plausible solution to this problem? Should we end LBGT and Abortion, so we can fight the machines like judgement day? Or do we start regulating companies on job automation?

Pics related, examples of bar automation innovation.

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TLDR? Job Automation eventually becomes a problem.

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Feel free to have a substantial argument against any of it, or a solution.


What pitfalls do we see if Holla Forums is right?

Fine. I'll bite. You know what I think? Ban automation, or at least set a hard limit to what it can be applied to and provide with ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. Seriously. It harms the people as they can not achieve two things.

1 - They can not provide themselves an income, which is necessary for everything now.

2 - They can not do something to provide themselves a sense of self worth.

For both points I refer to Maslows hierarchy of needs. Pic fucking related. People without an income can not really do much of anything and are often forced to rely on handouts and charity. People will usually argue "muh basic income" and think this will solve everything, but it doesn't. All it does is just give people money to exist. Whatever stipend that is handed out would be minimal, and would result in what is essentially Soviet Russia living conditions at best. People would not be motivated, and would just degenerate.

People won't feel any self-worth if they have nothing to devote their energies to. Sure they could devote everything to themselves, but as we have all observed it results in just decadence. For those familiar with the Warhammer 40k universe - think of the Eldar. For outsiders to this comparison, what happened with the Eldar is they got so fucking decadent that they eventually collapsed in on themselves, with only a few survivors turning to tradition to save themselves before hand. It was so bad in this universe that when they collapsed they created a fucking chaos god from their remains. Rape, murder, theft, the seven sins, all of it was commonplace in the old Eldar empire before it collapsed, and remains common with what is now known as the Dark Eldar.

Fuck automation. Nothing good will come of mass application of job automation.

I'm going to say it already is a threat. For now it's been pushed back on the roads, but it will rear its ugly head again.

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Are corporations even trying?

This thread shows the entire world that you yourself are qualified to be nothing more than a bartender at applebees

Branding isn't your problem Holla Forums. The market has already shifted in ways that invalidates many of your presuppositions such as the labor thoery of value. There will always be a final frontier of economic activity even once 3d printing technology and the like become commonplace.

We're in agreement and you clearly didn't follow the conversation.

I get that you don't understand the true moral hazard posed by automation, but what you're suggesting isn't likely to occur or end the way you think it will. There will not be a service sector uprising, especially when there's free shit from automation to pay off the rabble with. Hilariously, even automation requires effort that people simply aren't willing to expend anymore, I've watched it firsthand, and it's the hidden reason for the oncoming collapse. Here's some Molyn00b, enjoy.

I'll give you this, you the in house manufacturing of industrial tools and some dies without a lot of waste material, it's decent. Hell it might be its main use in just rapid prototyping. After that your going to need a fuckload of printers that take a long fucking time to produce things like cars. Theirs shit that those printer faggots tend to forget things like temper, alloy aging, and work hardening of materials. None of those niggers are Industrial Engineers.

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I'm not buying into it actually. I'm just using it as a shorthand for post-scarcity. "Labor" even in a post-scarcity will still exist even if it takes the form of a IP creation arms race or the like. After all this is basicly where we're at already. Starvation is unheard of and we've seen a massive explosion in service type jobs which is indicative of a shit towards intelectual capital.

Automation/robots are bullshit. If it could be automated for low cost, it would already be automated. If it's not automated right now, IT WILL NEVER BE AUTOMATED.

You need humans in the bar/restaurant/at the register because of criminals and making sure customers are taken care of. You can't turn a bar into a vending machine. It's not going to work.

I'm sick of this automation argument. It's not happening. Self-driving cars will never happen. Not 100%. Farms are not 100% automated and will never be.

Whatever you automate, there is always 1% you can't automate, therefore you need a human in the chain. In fact, look at everything that's ever been "automated". All that's happened is labor has been reduced - NOT ELIMINATED. Robots taking your job is not happening now or ever. Good try Ayn Rand.

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Automation isn't inherently bad, and it can be used to benefit everyone. As automation displaces the workforce, it provides avenues for renewed colonization. Whether it's space, seasteading, or a renewed scramble for Africa and Antarctica, all benefit from the advancements in automation while providing fresh frontiers to develop. The robots and niggers will still need someone to watch over them.

Kek provides a way.

Ted Kaczynski is widely recognized as being right about his arguments on automation, even by people who have professional reputations/careers at stake.





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OP is faggot. Automation isn't a bad thing


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Everyone getting replaced by robots has been perpetually 10 years away since 1950. Still don't have robot maids.


Not exactly a spritely argument you've made there, moishe


it aint no rosie the robot, but still to the point that the technology is present NOW to assume basic cleaning tasks. Give it a few more years and you'll have machines that can do the same work consuela does.

already there- these little bad boys replace at least 2 wet-backs each- just waiting for one to clean the toilets:

Simple solution:
Use the unused labor to build shit

If you want to see a society that has had a huge amount of automation affecting it's ability to function, you only need Japan. The only problem with large amounts of automation is it makes a lot humans no longer necessary to do things when they previously were. This creates a bottleneck (much like dear Japan) where there will be a stark negative birthrate to compensate for humans being so auxiliary in their current state. Now you all want to bitch and moan about Japan's birthrate but as long as Japan DOESN'T start accepting immigrants it won't matter how small the group is, it will remain distinct and unique, if smaller. With Japan gaining the ability to create some of the best robots in the world, they are also unlikely to import shitskins anyway because it'd be inefficient. You can argue that they can't defend themselves but we've already created drones for highly efficient bombing, slowly, the march of technology can give that society in edge in war even if they can't zerg rush like China would be forced to.

A good example of the lost of jobs due to technological development would be the development of the Jaquard Loom, where previously it was incredibly costly and required lots of hand labor to make those complex pattern textiles, it became something so simply a literal child could do it in a textile mill. Jobs have been getting automated from the industrial revolution albeit slowly. You can argue that there are some things that can never be automated but for thousands of fucking years humans have been stating that their current state of society is the apex of technology. Just because you can't see it right now doesn't mean it isn't possible, nor is it even bad. If we stop the inflow of shitskins, remove shitskins, I don't mind the vast restriction that will take place under automation.

The problem facing business today is not a lack of production but a lack of customers


While Japan has economic problems, I'd say that view of things is losing sight of the big picture. People in Japan live great fulfilling lives, are generally carefree and can visit anywhere in the country without needing a car. Not to mention, everything is clean there, and most places in the country are nice to look at, almost as if they have a collective aesthetic sense they don't want to offend.

Hrmm, must be a sensitive subject with Holla Forums. Even I don't think this thread deserves this much attention.