PETA goes full retard : Warhammer 40k must be fur-free

PETA goes full retard : Warhammer 40k must be fur-free

In the grim dark future, there is only war, but, more importantly to PETA, apparently too much fur. According to PETA, the fictional warriors of the year 40,000 should eschew anything resembling animal products from their gear. They believe that the current depiction “sends the message that wearing fur is acceptable.”

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Nobody cares. Fuck off back to reddit goyumgate

buts its just a video game



fuck off nerd

We had a thread on /tg/, conclusion is we're fairly sure it's bait because PETA doesn't get it's share neo-fascists bullying nerds over social medias.

Just ignore them, and let them slink back into irrelevance, that's all they deserved.

Always a good idea to bait the Left into supporting the most indefensible positions to redpill the normies fully. In this case, make them protect the Tyranids, as this article suggests. Wrong board for this, though.

They're just too shit to paint the fur details.

That being said, WH40K is a dead franchise and PETA is always going full retard.

Good thing there's no wolfs on Ferris

Peta is basically admitting a fucking video game triggers them, non existent pixel pets.
I bet even the most primitive game any of the amateur devs around here could spit out would easily make them extremely assmad.
Not a hunting game but a game where you just violently kill virtual animals.
Is there already such a game that I could spam screenshots at them?

Not that I agree with PETA, but yiffers should go the way of the squat tbhqh fam. They should legitimately have lost in WoM.


HOLY SHIT which Skyrim mod is this??

That literally doesn't effect animals in any way shape or form. And I like how they don't care about the countless thousands of people getting slaughtered in the game.

Did the deer dead?

he got better

Careful, because by that logic Holla Forums stuff must be kept off of other boards, which means surrendering 8ch to the leftists.

any mmorpg, especially with trade skills that involve skinning and leather working kek.

Also Cooking Mama triggered them hard back then.

you dun goof'd OP

I am a pretty desperate and depressed man, and wh40k is one of the few things in life I am passionate about. If they somehow manage to ruin wh40k, I will somehow manage to ruin them.


PETA is a perfect example of what the left is becoming. An ultra-dense neutron star of crazy. I can't think of anyone who actually takes PETA seriously except the people who are nuts enough to actually be in PETA.

forgot to sage

This is fucking retarded. PETA literally does not matter.

Daily reminder.

Since when is fur included with the game? I haven't bought a videogame in a long time but i remember just Disks being in there.


is peta nonprofit? Have they said any ills of trump?

Ideological conflict in space is the best. I actually hope that the lefty cucks get to achieve their Star Trek-style Luxury Gay Space Communism just so that they can be BTFO by the Right Wing Death Star.

And I was just discussing this yesterday with family.
PETA is lower on the Leftist rung than Hollyjew, and will get the smack down if they cross their superiors, because negatively-affecting box office sales and ratings goes against the bottom line.

Remember how those Earth first faggots were media darlings in the '90s before they started torching millionaire estate construction in the Valley?

Same principle.

Right, just go back to you're little dark corner of irrelevance. Since absolutely fucking no one ever thinks about PETA, at least until they pull some stupid shit that makes them look both out of touch and desperate for attention.

Also, not politics.

What PETA thinks is about as important as what The Satanic Church. Guess we should just pick easy targets to laugh at and avoid challenging or important issues like we are just furry faggots trying to imitate MILO.



You do realize you just described the Fall of the Eldar irl, with humans taking their place?

So sjws are basically the elder who murderfucked slaanesh into existence?

reminder that we must preserve warhammer 40k as a fascist fantasy.

The only one in existence.

ALL Primarchs are males
They have white bone structure, so their geneseed will produce white Astartes
NO female Astartes
NO gay Astartes
The double headed eagle stay
The Emperor is a absolute magnanimous Fuhrer, avoid shitflinging
The furs STAY

Tumblr needs to fuck off. Peta Needs to fuck off. Twiiter needs to fuck off. Retcons need to fuck offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

holy shit what is with all the sagefaggery?

yeah, if we swap culture for religion, but at least for deldar are kinda cool
meanwhile in our own universe, there wont be anything to replace humanity

damn its so fun seeing people larping 40k

what is up with that?
honestly I don't know how long it will last. I remember when we could say the same about Medieval Fantasy, both high fantasy and low fantasy.

now Tolkien has racemixing, niggers, jews, dykes and liberals and modernists everywhere. average human player will say "elves are for rape huur" and average orc player will say "orcs are actually very noble and misunderstood with lots of wisdom".

they warp things in the same direction under the guise of the motto "is innovation", but what it means is just everyone warping the same things on the same direction. how is that innovation, is just the stale degeneration /rant

sorry for the rant, what I mean is that the death of a genre is a sad thing I hope it never reaches our favorite series.

those orcs made a lot of props.

This shit should never happen to wh40k because:

Survival of the fittest is the highest truth in the universe.
Therefore strength is the highest virtue, weakness is not normalized.
All nids are monsters, all orcs are brutes, all chaos are degenerates, all loyalists noble, etc, stereotypes are true because the universe does not tolerate.. peaceful orcs or whatever. Creatures are fundamentally all different. It's what makes the setting.

Imagine tolerant and accepting inquisition, no one would play that shit. Or imagine commissars not executing people to see if their guns work, it would not make any sense in the setting.

There's a reason 40k isn't infiltrated yet. It's a tabletop wargame. One that requires advanced degrees of autism to enjoy

as greedy as Goyim's workshop is, they're autistically defensive of their brand. They don't change anything unless a significant profitgain/loss is involved.

I only disagree with your Commissar statement.
A commissar shooting people for being a weak grunt is communistic. Most of the good fluff Commissars find a way to instill bravery in their soldiers without summary execution.

To change the rules of the universe is still heresy.

Even PETA think Age of Sigmar isn't worth their time.

Games Workshop have become very bad Goys lately. Skaven (rat men) have had their race symbol changed to a six pointed star

Holy Terra that is ebin

Oh, how optimistic and naive you are.

That's not how they work in the game though. You have the choice to kill a member of the commissar's unit in order to pass a failed leadership test for an order. The reason those "good" commissars stand out is that their instilling bravery is unusual.

I didnt touch age of shitmar or anything new but this is beyond epic

It's from Blood Bowl, it has just been re-released

I can't imagine it. I mean, he can't just stand around without knowing if it works or not.

Yeah they are fluff characters, the game comes first.

I don't care for Blood Bowl but I am glad they are dedicating energy to it.

Commissars are typically more of a medium between inspiring and execution.

Execution happy commissars tend to have "accidents", while ones who are less then zealous tend to be executed by other commissars.

How about farcry?

They should give away a fur-wearing mini to the first 1000 people to buy the game.

Headline should read "PETA desperately hoping someone will give them attention."

More like lots of $$ unless you buy from chinks. Games workshop=ultimate jews.

Says the imperial commie. Keep serving your (((nobility))), my job is to deliver cucks from this plane of existence.

Does anyone else believe these franchises, could be paying activist, to do this shit just to get everybody's attention? I grow tired of shit that should be irrelevant.

Oh snap.

"Kill-murder the goy-things! Yes, yes!" I can see it now.

I don't recall niggers, jews, dykes and liberals in Tolkiens writings

Not a single gay character
All the dark-skinned humans are part of the evil side

Into the oven they go

you havent seen the new hobbit movies have you?
theres dindus in the background all the time now and a racemixing allegory plot with an elf and dwarf


Fucking Heretics

I know how to really fuck with PETA on this one.

Fucking cosplay with REAL fur

those poor imaginary rabbits…

When will you fuckheads realize that PETA is organization based on trolling? Do you remember their Pokemon video games and their Super Tofu Boy, game?

For shame, Holla Forums. For shame.

Are you all really this retarded, PETA actually accomplishes a lot. They bought shares in Chipotle until they had enough influence to force them to have vegan options in all their locations and forced them stop buying chicken's from certain factory farms, they've conducted thousands of investigations into fur farms, slaughter houses, and laboratories in every country across the world. They know exactly what they're doing when they bait nerds into talking about them, they've also baited feminists into attacking them with their nude women campaigns and other stunts.

Their organization is very competent, regardless of how you feel about what they're trying to achieve.


That was a hoax.

Also, what are organizations supposed to do with stray dogs that have rabies and that no one will adopt? PETA is a utilitarian organization, they attempt to reduce animal suffering as much as they possibly can.

I recall one of the books had this paciist priest that droned on and on about cooperation with rebels and shit like that, only to then get firebombed by the rebels, after which he went insane and charged the rebels in melee in his charred body

Your own source just proves that it is NOT a hoax, it just defends animal slaughter as "the good thing to do, yo"
They kill 97% of animals brought to them, and definitely not all of them are seriously injured.

Not all (or even the majority) of the animals brought there have rabies. Maybe PETA should devote more of their funds to taking care of animals and less to virtue signalling about fur


Deathwing has purity seals in English. Check mate.

I can just see the situation:


You missed the word even, you retard. And why do you think the animals are brought to PETA in the first place? It's because there no No-kill shelters who are willingly to take them.

Watch the video on the page I linked, here's the webm. They are not hiding that they euthanize animals, people are trying to make it look like they do. You disliking PETA does not make PETA hypocrites, they explain perfectly well why they euthanize animals and it falls into their ideology perfectly.

does that look like a noise marine to you? you do know khorne fucking hates slannesh especially.

You clearly have no idea what vegans push for. They want the majority of farm animals to be euthanized as well because cows are terrible for the environment because of the methane they fart out of their assholes. You being too stupid to understand their objectives does not make their objectives stupid.

Watch this video, if you think what is happening to these animals is just as bad as euthanasia, you're an idiot.

they also support terrorists like the ALF.

Reverse what I said in my last sentence, you know what I meant so don't start arguing about typos.

that video game? the one that has bolters that act like machine guns and not gyrojets? yea that shit doesnt count for dick.

No shit, why wouldn't they? Only the only people stupid enough to disavow the radicals who are fighting for the same thing as them are Cuckservatives.

It's quite full of retards and liberals, but it's not really intentionally infiltrated.

probably because it makes them seem like they care more about animals than humans so people wont give a shit about what they have to say. firebombing people over animals isn't going to win hearts and minds,

In no place do they say that the website is untrue, you inbred. And a lot of people bring animals to PETA because they figure an animal-rights activists will treat them even better than a shelter.

What is even your fucking argument? The PETA cuck in the vid gets proven a fucking hypocrite.

that webm is physically upsetting

Nuke the chinese.

The ALF isn't trying to win hearts and minds, neither is PETA. The groups that are doing the MUH PR shtick is Mercy for Animals and a few other groups. They all work in tandem, if you haven't noticed, veganism becomes more popular every year.

No they don't, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. PETA offers last resort veterinarian treatment, and euthanasia, they explain this to people who bring them animals. PETA provides last resort housing, they aren't running farm sanctuaries.


It is the fucking same, as in both cases, the animal ends up fucking dead


We all end up dead eventually, you fucking moron. If you think quality of life isn't an important factor when it comes to judging whether an animal should live or die, you're genuinely autistic.

get out PETA cuck

Stay triggered, faggot.

PETA operates globally. You only hear about what they're doing in the West because you live in the West.

im not triggered your analogy is just retarded, you are equating two very unlike things. one is someone killing people over poor treatment of some animmals, the other is a defensive strike against an invasion, the fact that you think its a legitimate analogy makes you sound like you think a monkies life is comparable to a humans.
idk why you'd shill for PETA so fucking hard when as has been pointed out multiple times they are hypocrits anyway.

Comparing does not equal equating. Learn what an analogy is.

Yes, but it makes a fucking difference if you die NOW or years later. Whether you suffer or not during dying is not nearly as big a factor as WHEN you will die. If I had to choice between getting very peaceful death now, or getting an agonising death 50 years later, I'd take the agonising death 50 years later.

PETA should use its funds to improve the quality of life of animals, not to improve the quality of their fucking death

but you were equating them. attacking muslims can win hearts and minds of people because people are being attacked by muslims. maybe ALF can win the hearts and minds of animals (if they had any) through their actions but not people. your analogy is retarded.

Will you admit 99% of all the shit PETA protests about is subhumans doing it? same goes for pollution

Nevermind, read up on your convo here and saw that you promote veganism. You are obviously mentally challenged and not worth my time

Because I'm a white National Socialist who believes in animal welfare and not some degenerate spic who lacks empathy.

Why the fuck would PETA do what a non-vegan who doesn't give money to them wants them to do? Fuck off. You've demonstrated that you can't tell the difference between being kept in a small cage where you can not move for your entire life and then skinned alive while you slowly bleed to death, and being peacefully euthanized in a clean facility where you are given room to walk around until you are killed. You don't care about animals, yet for some reason you expect people who do care about animals to listen to your opinions, you're a moron.

Apart from the bolters, the visual representation is fucking amazing and lore appropriate.

I'd say the number is closer to 70%, but yes, of course the majority of animal abuse comes from the illegal spics who work in the majority of slaughter houses. Doesn't change the fact that there are still degenerate whites who support the industry and engage in cruelty as well. Just look at Russians and various Eastern European shitholes.

so you'll take care of the niggers too?

legit question; where does most of the world's commercially available fur get produced and what are the pactice standards there?
I presume Russian or Western made fur would require them to at least kill the animal first.

I think you should just kill yourself. If all the world was vegan, all the animals kept for meat like pigs would go near extinction, as them being useful to humans is literally the only reason why they exist.

I was talking about pets, whose purpose is to keep companionship to humans. The purpose of farm animals is to be processed for food. That the hen kept for meat gets held in a cage? Who cares? They aren't humans, they're just animals. I care about them fulfilling their purpose in relation to humanity.

Your kind is cancer upon this world

don't bother with
he is clearly trying to co-opt NatSoc into a vegan thing, he's probably the same cunt shilling veganism on Holla Forums

Eastern European fur farms are nearly as bad. There are very few countries in the world that have animal cruelty laws, surprise surprise, Nazi Germany was the first country to EVER implement animal welfare practices.

Crack open a book once and awhile, you fucking mongoloid.

This is all common knowledge and still can't be implemented. You obviously aren't from here.

That's interesting to know but that isn't really what I asked. I suppose I should rephrase, if I were to purchase fur produced in the west, what are the odds it was made from skinning animals alive?

I'm not opposed to eating meat or wearing fur, I'd just prefer to purchase it from a more moral company.

you know these are different concepts right?

Take your own advice from here friend. No use arguing with the mentally ill.

Sure thing, fam.

Veganism, as a term wasn't invented until 1944 in Britain. Before that, the same concept, abstaining form all animal products was called a Pythagorean diet or ethical vegetarianism. Yes, I know Hitler wasn't a vegan, but he was heading in that direction and there were certainly National Socialists who followed a Pythagorean diet.

This thread is honestly pointless and dumb because PETA only exists to bitch about complain about the dumbest shit imaginable and to also slaughter more animals than even butcherhouses but I do gotta admit that this shit is making even me raise an eyebrow. Warhammer 40k is a series about the most brutal shit imaginable spread across an entire universe where having entire planets full of people, and fucking animals, get literally liquidated is the most normal and humane thing in it. I honestly don't know shit about the lore except tidbits I see get posted from time to time but even I know that fur is literally the least offensive thing about the games

There's no way to know. You'd have to research the farms personally.

You're retarded.

This is just a test by the left whether they will be able to attack 40k successfully. They chose a small unimportant aspect to gauge reaction. If this had been successful they would have gone hard on calling it nazi or sexist or some shit.

Find me a workable material other than leather, that has the same qualities as leather, and is just as durable if not moreso than leather when taking into consideration the elements that will be thrown at it.

Breathable, sturdy, long lasting.

But yea, Chinese dog leather is degenerate and needs to be ended. I will also concede that supermarket meat is highly unhealthy, and the vegetarianism and actually hunting game (such as elk) is probably the safer bet considering all the shit that is injected into farm cattle.

alright, good to know. thank you very much user.

I don't care if you wear leather. You can;t leather from hunting. The vast majority of vegans are not against hunting.

I meant to say can get leather from hunting.


Veganism is about reducing the amount of animal suffering in the world to best of our abilities. Hunting is probably the most ethical way to kill an animal, it gets to live its life in the wild and sometimes animals need to be culled. If a deer isn't killed by a hunter it may just be killed by some other animal even more brutally. The main thing vegans want to do is end factory farms and make plant based diets appealing to the public.

Maybe if you actually researched what veganism was instead of getting your world view from tumblrinaction you wouldn't be so confused.

Oregon Trail, niggers.

You do realize you're not on Reddit, right?


Sorry, I got confused since the majority of posters in this thread are on the intellectual level of /r/the_donald

you totally must answer PETA that they are being culturally insensitive and discriminating toward Chaos Warriors who are required to wear the scalp of their enemies to socialise themselves within their culture
they so raciss

Not even sort of. Also, this is a marketing stunt by PETA, they've managed to get table top gamers to talk about them when they normally wouldn't. They've managed to keep themselves in the news cycle and in people's minds. This thread, and the countless articles about their press release is proof they've succeeded in their stunt.

Is PETA still around?


Go fuck yourself chingchong.

Does it?

Nigger stfu

Any more LOGH quotes? More on democracies?

So you wouldn't mind if you went out like this instead of getting shot in the head?

What the hell is wrong with nonwhite "people"?

The greatest snowball in history

You answered your own "question".

borderline non-white

Khaine existed millenia before Slaneesh was concieved, you fucking retard.

mfw vegan nazis that overthrows lefty's political homogeneity of veganism when?


P.S wslf best diet

Like we've always been so civilized.

Those pics reminded me of Berserk for some reason.

We haven't done that shit for hundreds of years though. They had a lot of opportunities and time to learn from us or other modern civilizations.

but thats besides the point. the point is that they're behind. they have been for some time and will continue to be for some time. Remember when Italy was using toxic gas Ethopia was still chucking spears. thats who far behind most of the world is.

we all come from a place of barbarism.

that isn't khaine though, that's khorne. Very big difference

into the trash it goes

*not against hunting

Some need the redpill smeared all over their burning flesh if they are to understand

Post the W40k version of the Titus get the cross reaction image!

It's not real fur, it's grimdarkfur, I don't think wolves snarl like this when slain. It's alll prepared.
Dumbfucks at PeTA, I'm glad they're a nonprofit and Trump will fuck them in the ass.
Just like the ADL.


It will be hard with the intersectionality faggots stinking up veganism, but I think we can save it.

those are Fenrisian Wolves, adepts are expected to kill one with their bare hands. They stand 4 meters tall at the shoulder.

I feel you. 40k is the last bastion it must not fall.

Don't worry, GW is doing their best to ruin it themselves.

Puh-lease. While GW are absolute cretins when it comes to marketing, I was itching to see some change.

they pretty much killed off any real future the craftworlders could have. But they're doing a lot of other shit.

defence for childporn


tbf the past year, no the past 20 years, shows we made a grievous error leaving that behind.

you shoulda seen the 15 year old girl on from christmas, she got the full-body treatment. Then lit on fire. tough li'l loli broad survived it somehow…but then they noticed and came back and ran her over with a wheat thresher. Fuck, if I saw that I would've patched her back up and turned her into a Sororitas, that's pretty hardcore.

guy that made that is running against cuckadeau in canada. In b4 dysentery.

actually we're on the intellectual level of /n/ which is where we're all from since 20-fucking-04 you piece of shit CIA shill faggot
These fucking eternal newfags.

All they succeeded is in reminding me they exist and how much I used to
hunger for their blood.
Bout time I traded my Sierra Club back in for a Seal Club

What exactly am I looking at here?

I missed that one.
Got a copy?

So killing you slowly and painfully is the same as giving you a quick, painless death?

You belong in the oven, you empathy-lacking sub-human piece of shit.

You're an idiot that does not understand that the design reflects the purpose perfectly.


Given the inherent 'rightness' of 40k,

I vote we make this the official Warhammer 40k thread in Holla Forums.

Yeah, a bad one that doesn't make sense because it takes a real child to get the pixels on screen. Using it as a defense for video games doesn't open it up for child porn you sperg.

If space turned out to be like Star Trek I would kill myself. Thankfully it's laughably unrealistic.

God that's almost as retarded as that time Tumblr declared war on 4chan.

It's a nordic execution style. You basically rip someone's back open and turn them inside-out so it resembles an eagle's wings.
Basically first stop for all communists and vegans and other associated hippie trash preventing our nuclear expansion in the new world.
I've tried it on a large rabbit before, so I'm pretty certain I could pull it off.

I'm also partial to sawing, though that would take a ridiculous amount of time for the amount of people that need to face it. So maybe only the 'vampires' would get it. Also Steinem for just basically fucking so much shit up.

nah liveleak has been pretty reliable with non-americans, so I don't typically get those. I think it was from brazil or colombia, one of those crazy drug-happy countries.

actually, all this talk of preventative paedo measures and 2d/3d waifu, I bet the FBI's database could be utilised to make completely realistic VR facsimiles that would keep'em off the streets. Maybe have some kind of tracking code in it that flags someone for review in case they try to get a job with kids later, then they go over frequency and time since last access. Then the useful ones would be just hooked into it Matrix-style when not doing whatever they can be put to work on. (like how 90s cartoons have that one token crazy guy in a straitjacket they let loose to tear shit up Taz-style, only for mundane applications.)
All the girls involved are dead by now anyway, and the images already exist. CP-hunting division would shift from enforcement to preventative/pro-active measures. but I figure like with the potheads that get free pot in finland and holland they would mostly disappear from society once they had an outlet rather than awkwardly sperg all over the place at the local park. Take the idea of "gibs are an anti-riot tax" and apply it to all vices. I bet if you took all illegal/unethical vices and put'em together under the same umbrella, not only would it cost less than negro gibs but be about 25 IQ points higher.

Always thought it was funny sci-fi nerds called that more realistic than Star Wars. I mean they're both 'soft fluff' but there's so much "shit just fucking works 'cept when the plot says it don't mang" in Star Trek. Only really like the original (which still had the exploratory elements) and the movies, and the bits of DS9 that aren't part of a story arc. Space'd probably be somewhere between Event Horizon (all the shit we don't know how to explain yet) and Sunshine with a little zeerust Apollo 13 for nostalgia's sake.

Kill yourself, fam.

attack on lolis

And yet are completely silent when it comes Halal meat. When will mighty PETA address halal slaughter?


oh fuck off, it's all open source now nigger

they think "owning it" gives them power over us?

faggots, we'll go back to any ruleset we like, is ours now

what are the yellow one?

Silly thing is, I am 100% obsessed with wh40k, but I have never played a single game. I just read books and listen to those audio dramas and whatnot. I dont own a single figure, and yet half of my passwords are characters from wh40k.

you don't have to play the games to enjoy the story

I miss DOW 1, I should get it again, ebin

Fucking wolf fuckers. Even peta knows

hollywood beach, fl

Me either, I main FASA. Renegade/Battletech ftw.
I swear the Clans fuck each other up more often than SJs. Teamwork, people, teamwork!

I was going to argue with you, but you can just kill yourself instead.




It's not that I dont get it, but it still doesnt sit right with me.

PETA has always been full retard, they care more about animals than people.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against animal lovers or vegetarians, but when you get PETA-tier autistic then you need to rethink your life.

Wasn't there a study done that shows most fish don't even feel pain outside of a couple like dolphins and octopi?

Is this Common Core in action?

They have done multiple videos about kosher meat and kosher slaughter, the only reason they haven't done videos on halal is because other animal rights groups beat them to it. PETA tries to focus on things that other groups aren't doing.

Here's PETA calling out Kosher kikes.


Y'all just got played.


Between this and HWNDU threads I think it has become pretty clear that there are little to no white people left on Holla Forums, nothing but subhuman scum.

just fuck my education up real good
I meant sea creatures in general

Niggers already get enough of my tax money, goddamnit.

Funny joke.

Well gooks aren't human anyway. They are more like machines just copying with no conscience to recognize good versus bad.

These fuckers are impossible to please, this series isn't even real and yet PETA is still upset, buncha crazies

could do with less of those "horror movie" scene cuts it's annoying

Is that a bionicle?

it fits.

*the ones