An oddly calming tour of Pyongyang

An oddly calming tour of Pyongyang

Everything clean and orderly, no subhumans wandering about, sign me up Kim Jong Un!

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I'd rather visit Monaco.

North Korea got rid of all the Koreans?


It's legitamitely and objectively nicer than most American cities.

I'm glad someone else thought the first thing I thought.


I've been there, it's like a zoo where rich goys get off at being oogled at by zillions of plebs shipped in via tour boats. A bizarre place.

There are lots of dark skinned koreans and while they're less tame than their jap counterparts they're still fairly civilized people.

Niggers of Asia = flips, thais, malaysians etc.

I thought that was the Chinese.

It still feels like some sort of Alien Hive. Koreans are insect like creatures, so perhaps it's just that.


Japs = Whites
Chinese = Jews
Thais Burms malaysians = niggers
Phlips = alahu akbar


Nazi Germany also was clean, without being a communist shithole.

This, plus when you kill every criminal and a quarter of your population starves there isn't much to trash either. Best korea is still better than south korea though

Indonesians=allahu akbar.

The HWNDU threads prove how many nonwhites we have on here like OP try to convince us they are not subhumans worthy of hate
Fuck off, all nonwhites are subhuman animals.

That's like confusing Dixie masterrace with Yankee race traitors only with the latitude reversed.

They are the RWDS of the East.

It's a nice looking city, i wonder if all those buildings are actually occupied by working people.

WTF is monaco but even more overpriced and crowded version of the French Riviera? Maybe the most unattractive place on planet earth. Best Korea would be fun to tour and try to wrap with the natives about who is more miserable, they or I.

The fancier Skyscrapers are probably reserved for higher level bureaucrats + Chinese expats.

It actually reminds me of parts of Shanghai (Pudong). Huge streets that are empty as fuck + lots of government buildings.

4 minutes in and people are walking out into a busy intersection. Nigger-tier brains.

Chinese people and koreans are practical (they walk when it's not dangerous) while Germans will stop at red lights on empty roads because they were brainwashed from an early age.

Fuck, I'm going to have to save up my shekels for VR. Google Earth has a 360 VR app now too. Wanted to wait for price to drop more but being able to tour cities like this in VR, I'm too much of a geek not to fucking bite.

Without getting too far OT, does anyone have a Vive set up right now and can just say if this works on jew tube right now?


I had a Vive at my previous job and only a handful of jewtube vids looked actually immersive with the VR player I had.

That was 6 months ago and not much VR content was on jewtube back then.

The vive is nice but I personally wouldn't spend 3k+ shekels the vive + a decent computer.

There is literally nothing wrong with being Korean.
You faggots wouldn't know real National Socialism if it goose-stepped on your balls.

Already have the system that can run it, but not sure if I should wait another year for it to really get out of beta stage and hopefully drop from $800 shekels. The google earth thing really has me hooked, even though I'll prob end up disappointed with it. And it's exclusive to Vive, which not necessarily a bad thing (fuck kikeberg and the rift) but it's another $300 shekels.

I bet you blow through stopsigns on your fixie bike.

I think VR is still in it's infant stage and a bit gimicky right now, but in 5+ years people will look like this.

If you want to try it you can just order it on amazon and return it after testing but don't do that stuff too often or they'll ban you permanently.

You see, lads, looks like communism can work after all.

North Korea is technologically sad nations and a communist shit hole. Their economic system is an absolute disaster.

I've only watched until seeing the buses. Cute and probably efficient.


Isolationism is not communism. They arent a real communist country, and they dont actually promote communism. They also have an extensive black market and regularly break international laws regarding the arms trade and terrorists etc.

Thats also the only city in the country that actually is half decent, and even its shit. Its like that Russian fake city where they erected stand-in buildings on the river, and then took a foreign leader on a cruise, making it look like he was surrounded by a beautiful city when really it was an empty hoax.

Its called Juche, its officially recognized as communism but its inherently non-communistic in several ways, like the isolationism. Communism is a globalist ideology, people are encouraged to grow their own food and be self reliant. To improve their own lot, and they have several classes of people.

flips have a lot of white blood in them.

flips can be the finns.

you could have just said "Potemkin village" and saved the description.

I couldnt remember what it was called, only the story.

North Korea is a communist shithole, but still best Korea.

Koreans are totally nigger tier.

Pretty much this. The Chinese used to be like the Japanese on crack before communism though.

Flips are like outliers though. Barely qualify as asians.

looks better than detroit

Pongyang is basically a staged city for NK's elite to live in. It's a nice place, but the rest of NK is rural(which isn't inherently bad) and not held-up by any sort of decent infrastructure, without any way for citizens to create infrastructure.
It's what happens after the "means of production"(TL-note: this means "all your shit" in leftism) are "seized"(TL-note: this means "stolen under threat of violence" in leftism)

Yeah, and then communism happened and it killed of all their good stock.

Bitch is a cray Trump fangirl. Totally unwapanese, probably got pumped and dumped by a few white guys before.


filthy jay-walkers

You mean you don't dream of visiting a country where diced rat is a delicacy?

Potemkin Village. 18th century Russia – actually predates communism, hilariously.

More larp threads.. We're being raided niggers. Check for any happenings


Based yoko, my favorite jap


Juche isn't communism though and not in the sense of "real communism hasn't be tried". NK is an ethnicity-obsessed form of National Socialism.

Global (((embargo))) and lack of native fossil fuel does that.


Honestly, it looks like pedestrians die in traffic all the time based on what little I saw. Should we expect them to be able to make a proper traffic system and culture?


You are looking at it from the pleb perspective. Try the other side for a change.


something in me just feels like all of that was coordinated for the video, that may sound far fetched but I wouldn't put anything past the fucking Koreans


And now a tour of a modern Fascist country.

You don't see the chinks reading the talmud do you


Even from a non-pleb perspective, it's not what you think it is on Electronic Synagogue. Sardinia and other ports in the Med are genuinely fun if you're on a yacht and exploring. Monaco is a tiny, miserable tax haven hell hole full of new rich Jews.


Dilapidated as fuck.
Those roads are awful.
2/10 would not drive on.

Well if this is National Socialism, I don't want it. I'll stick with free market capitalism. This country is a primitive shit-hole. The one thing it has going for it is the fact that it's homogeneous. But so are most Asian countries. We're the only eternally empathetic morons on this planet willing to commit demographic suicide.

looks like a nice place

>tfw capitalist pig dog with shitty posture help me >>/fit/ ;_;

It's not National Socialism. It's an ex-Communist feudal state with a caste system based on how good a goy you are.

*hereditary caste system

They don't have a rothschild bank,hate israel and are ethno-nationalist.
Seems pretty good to me tbh,inleast they aren't zog

Fuck off back to your hole, Holla Forums.

How about the roads in LA? They're largely a minefield.

Anyone else notice they all wear the same clothes, white shirt and black slacks, or skirt for women? That place is cray-cray

the problem is the ZOG controls all the media anyone has ever seen about North Korea.

example: Hey man what do you think of North Korea? the answer will be formulated from all the ZOG sources you've ever been exposed to. USAToday, NYTimes, WashingtonPost, LATimes, it comes as no surprise to me that the answer is the Jew answer.

Why not? It's effective and cheap, kinda like school uniforms. Most people in western countries dress appallingly anyway. Only japs are generally good dressers.

There are actually north koreans that want to go back after they go to south korea and find out they'll be welfare prisoners all their life because south koreans distrust northerners and think they're all government spies (some probably are though) and nobody will hire them for anything, so they have almost no shekels and are universally hated.

Their TV is kinda cray brainwashing but generally it's hard to say what it's really like with so much propaganda around.


North Koreans have a level of racial purity that none of us have had in centuries or can hope to ever have again.

Honestly this. There are less than 1,500 reported defectors each year from North Korea. There would be really obvious signs if there was civil unrest. Even in VICE's hit job, we just see a homogeneous group of people free of Jewish tricks that is living a decent standard of living considering they've been under embargo for decades.

Here's a Zog Approved Story spinning its wheels as to why people won't leave:

People trash the living standards of North Korea but many of those North Koreas living in bigger apartments and work shorter hours than their western counterparts. They don't have prisons where people are raped, they don't have an HIV epidemic. It's not a paradise but at least they aren't living as slaves to the banks.

North Koreans are HOT even though they have short little legs

What I am curious about North Korea is are intelligent students able to advance economically in life if they are born into a lower class in society

Anyone know? The place looks idyllic actually