European Commission Planning To Ban Cash

Here's news that went under the radar, because of the outcry over the "muslim ban".

The European Union’s primary executive authority, known as the European Commission, issued a “Road Map” >>>/pdf/552 last week to initiate continent-wide legislation against cash.

There are already a number of anti-cash legislative measures that have been passed in individual European member states.
Italy banned cash payments above 1,000 euros back in 2011; Spain has banned cash payments in excess of 2,500 euros.

In France, for example, it’s illegal to make purchases of more than 1,000 euros in cash.
any cash deposit or withdrawal to/from a French bank account exceeding 10,000 euros within a single month must be reported to the authorities.

The Commission’s roadmap indicates that forthcoming legislation, likely to be enacted next year.
Here is the road map: >>>/pdf/552
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There were a few threads about this before the "Muslim ban" came up.

Look at the catalog, nigger.

and this one wasn't the first thread about it either.

Looks like they're expediting this in the wake of Trump's presidency. Desperation, a good sign
Euroanons need to prepare and be safe. I can see a lot of happenings in the near future

put all your money in the bank goy, what are you some kind of terrorist

What's next: bank approval required to make ANY purchases above $X

Oh wait, that's what this actually is. Nevermind.

Next step is centralizing all accounts at the central bank so government can instantaneously, monitor, fine, tax and shutdown your account if you're a bad goy.

Nah, they've been trying to get rid of cash for a while now. This isn't surprising. Card is better since they can easily track everything everyone buys, see patterns (people who buy x and y are troublesome, add them to another watchlist, etc) and tax it.

Won't happen. Banks are very powerful, they'd never allow that. Try to guess how many people fought all banks and won.
China is being really really clever on this front. While they also won't centralize things in a single bank, they improve the credit score of people with good opinions and who associate with other good people, while problem citizens get a worse score. At least they're open about it, I suppose.

fucking commies

The whole point of this is that it increases the amount of money that stays in banks, increasing bank profits. In both the Jew and non-Jewed view of it: you doing so increases the payout to government OR increases payout to banks.

So it's either big-gov-Jew or big-bank-Jew that benefits. Have your pick.

Typically, even if it's just big-gov-Jew, the Jew controls the media so tries to get Jews elected. Result? Jewtopia where they don't have to work a day at all in their life, just spout some pretty lies that people want to hear.


It didn't fly under the radar, OP is just an illiterate nigger that can't muster enough energy to check the fucking catalog.

Very frustrating.

I don't even have 10.000€ to my name.
Check mate, Kikes.

THOSE FUCKING KIKES. I had no idea there was a max cash payment in place already.

Next step is negative interest rates for the goyim. That and no way to pull out cash.


There are two sides of it. It's easy for governmental tax agencies to collect taxes if almost all transactions happen online. You could easily automate a lot of work this way and people will have a hard time evading taxes. The banks getting more controll is bait so that banks would be pleased about possible merging of governmental tools with banks.

This is a situation where both the government and banks are profiting from. I don't know if you're losing much as citizen, just if you tax evade I guess.

You would be surprised how many jobs are essentially spouting pretty lies that people want to hear instead of being judged by merit. Though many positions such as these are held by annoying liberal woman with a degree in sociology or psychology, not Jews.

Negative interest rates will eventually come to the EU because of the way it solved the 2008 crisis. It's a rather complex economical issue to explain in a simply post though because there are so many important little details.

The Euro is doomed in the next 10 years anyway due to the EU being unable to solve important fiscal issues that the Euro has faced since its creation. Southern European countries not being able to simply devalue currency to attract foreign investment has not been solved at all. This has been an issue ever since the crisis, you heard economists talk about this back in 2010, and now in 2017 you still have economist publish articles about the issue that has never been solved.

How would you exactly prepare in a continent that is basically a huge no gunz zone?

Unless you manage to smuggle some old communist weaponry from eastern Europe you're out of luck.

Maybe something great can rise from the ashes of the crash. But Euros are in no guns land.

When they negative interest rate the common mans accounts, they better start going ape shit.

That won't happen. The difference between Hitler's time and modern time is that in Hitler's time poverty and hunger were widespread. Modern advances in technology leave even the poorer class fed.

I don't see how any event in the current time can incite enough hatred in the population that a revolution will happen and that things will change.

It is very possible to get a hold of a gun though, crime is widespread in eastern Europe and there are smugglers. There are also quite a bit of tricks where you buy certain keyparts and then make a few adjustment so that you have a gun. It's still allowed by law to purchase those materials and have them lying around.

Wouldn't people potentially become hungry and poor when their bank accounts start getting drained?

Wellfare and social security prevent this.

I really don't know what will happen once the Euro eventually collapses but the future regarding the currency and the health of the eurozone as a whole on the long term is very bleak.

Modern technology allows for enough production of food that hunger wouldn't become an issue in the first world anymore. Widespread poverty however still exists and it will happen if European countries will have to default. The US isn't in too great of a fiscal position itself either but it's longer sustainable than the Euro's current course.

If there is no money, how can you welfare?

Simple, the European Commission and ECB will blame government profligacy (like the PIGS) and use that as an excuse to take away budgetary sovereignty from the rest of the Eurozone. Short of the FN or AfD getting elected and following through on leaving the Euro and EU, there's never going to be a natural collapse - just the ECB using national central banks to collapse economies and punish governments that refuse to (((liberalise))) their markets.

People still had a country in Hitler's time. They weren't being outbred and raped by shitskins. When white people get desperate, you might see a greater backlash than ever before.

Budgetary sovereignity along with a shared currency doesn't work. The Euro can only succesfully work under one federal government with a central bank to regulate. Otherwise you get the current mess that the EU is.

Now that people see that the Euro currency was made to unify Europe under one government there is a lot of resistance against this happening. The 2008 crisis is to blame for this. The EU hasn't fully federalized yet, the only two reasonable options are to continue to give up sovereignity of states that have the euro to the EU or to abandon the euro as a currency together.

However both the solutions above are very unlikely to happen so European countries are staying in a losing situation that it simply can't stay in. This is why there are heavy arguments both in favour and against the EU, I believe a middle road solution is not possible in the case of the EU.

Governments can issue rations as long as production is there until it has the issue under controll. Bad harvests aren't much of a risk with modern agriculture. European countries also tend to heavily subsidize agriculture so that their agriculture can stay competitive and won't be outsourced.

They had a country that was a playball of bigger international powers (UK, France, US) and a terrible government that refused to stand up for its citizens against those powers. On top of that the media and politicians were constantly mocking differing opinions, Hitler and his followers were portrayed as retarded losers.

People had much more reason in Hitler's time to be desperate due to poverty, no entertainment, lack of food.

A fun fact about Hitler's rise to power, his portrayal by media is similar to Trump. The media was calling him a clown, a demagogue and him likely being controlled by other politicians or lobbyists once he eventually would get into power.

It might cripple the recovery, but the actual reason for the collapse was the ECB informing central banks how much money to pump into their national economy, creating booms based on nonsense lending, and then hiking interest rates to drive people and companies into bankruptcy. By the same measures they isolated "safer" economies like Germany, leaving noncompetitive, i.e. insufficiently liberal, economies holding the bag.

It actually can't work period. That's you why have massively centralised projects like the CFP and CAP to try to harmonize national economies, and why those policies ruin the livelihoods of most of those subscribed to them.

The EU isn't trying, nor was it ever supposed, to be a federal union of European state, it's about building a new Soviet Union - basically a continental parasite economy that only works for the Jews at the top and a few good goyim who are educated in schools that are exclusive to the children of Eurocrats.

What are the odds Le Pen will win? Have a wealthy acquaintance who made $100k on Trump and is now putting his money down on Marine. Odds are 1:5 on fairlay now, but I didn't expect her to have a chance in the second election.


Oh man, not having Euro is paying off once again.
I can't wait for this rotten facade to collapse.

is there a real source for this besides zerohedge?

I put money on Trump, but I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on Marine. I did follow politics in the US quite closely so I was feeling confident, self admittedly I haven't been following much of France's at all though.


op you're either retarded, misinformed, newfag or a shill. I distinctly remember there being threads about rothschild kikes shooting the idea of a (((world currency))) a year and a half ago.

The French system pretty much means she won't, if I'm not mistaken.

Portuguese agriculture was heavily subsidized into oblivion. Our farmers were paid to destroy their crops or they would be fined, so that we couldn't compete with other EU countries. That combined with the communist cooperatives ruined our agriculture. The hard working farmers that keep trudging on are paid scraps by the the retailers who would rather buy the shittiest produce that's exported from Spain than our own good quality ones.

rudimentary firearms arent hard to make. neither is black powder… and basic gunpowder only calls for one more ingredient. If you can make your own soap, which theres no reason you cant, and if you can pour water onto a pile of wood ash.. then you can make a decent high explosive.

You should have been researching this shit. There have been literally a fucking million threads on the subject.

Trump please kill the EU.

Interesting about the Portugese I didn't know the situation there. I thought the EU had handled agriculture pretty well, but it seems I have been wrong in that assumption. Digging up some articles I clearly see that there's a lot messed up.

This article I found on the guadian explains it pretty well:

It basically says that the more land you own, the more subsidized you are. Obviously a policy surrounding this would lead to people owning farmland just for the government handout, the farmland likely won't lose its inherit value and will continue to rise.

It's pretty dirty how the EU approaches agriculture. I guess with the money being handed out there is some corruption / cronyism going on with some people who own many hectares of land.

The funny thing with the EU is, it doesn't matter where you look you always find corruption. Even the areas that they supposedly have improved such as education and medicine, you find policies that mostly aim at controlling the eurozone rather than helping its citizens. The bologna system introduced in education has been harmful to many European countries their educational system since it forced them to lower the standards (and therefore degrade education). Not only that but it put arbitrary standards and measurements above student their progress to solve problems and master study material. That's what you get when you structure a degree around EC and filler courses rather than essential material. Combine this with the promotion of groupwork to pass more students and you get degrees that are not representative anymore of a skillset.

That's just about undergrad, graduate and phd programs are even more doomed. A lot of subsidies for research come from the EU. So now you have a shitty commitee within the EU that gets to decide on which areas to spend research money. Combine this with lobbying and its easy to put two and two together to know that research funding organs of the EU would hand it out to research that lobbyists would also benefit from, or themselves.

Big banks love central bank. Actually, they are exactly the same.

Bump, this is potentially interesting

Not like they won't do it but any other source besides the libertarian doomsday fakenews like zerohedge.

They posted their source, fag.

Giving the goverment the ability to track every little purchase you make and to frezze your spending power on a whim is a big negative for everyone who values his own privacy.

You voted for this, Eurofags. Oh well…

Bitcoin and Gold to the moon in

Yeap, start saying bye bye to cash.

When banks in the EU are fucked beyond salvation.


Don't worry, bitcoin will be illegal too. And so will piratebox/peer to peer internet.