Trump is Batman

The Joker likes to say that Batman created his rogue's gallery because crazy attracts crazy. Donald Trump has been compared to Batman and that comparision becomes more true everyday. The crazies on the Democrat side are starting to appear in an attempt to challenge Trump. First, there is the mentally unstable John Flynt, aka Briannu Wu, running for Congress in Massachusetts. CongressZir Wu? Second, up is Max Keiser who is running for Congress in North Carolina. I believe in the sixth district there. Max sounds crazy, says crazy things, but is not crazy. His persona is crazy though. Third, Black Lies Matter is pure nigger crazy. Yesterday a BLM supporter chants, "give me yo money whitey"[1]. Last, the last crazy opposition to Trump is the entire DNC. This Democrats are doubling down on their losing strategy[2]. Trump's rogue's gallery is shaping up.


I've been saying..
Batman lets the whole city see him as a dark force, willing to be the villain for the sake of fighting off the true evils.

Trump is actually better than batman

Trips of truth

Since we confirmed that he's stronger than Batman is he also wealthier?

Take me to heaven o' trips of 7.

Man. I've never seen this piece of meme magic before.
He was heading for the presidency as the near 45th president.
"near 45th" because he's actually the 44th president, Grover Cleveland having served two nonconsecutive terms.

4U plane crash with no survivors in Les Baines was also an evidence of that. Even had a Dr. Pavel and the mercenary guy.

It's them 7s bwaoy.

If Trump is Batman then whom does Bane equate to and why does he wear the mask?

Can't find the webm, but Trump spoke like Batman during the abc interview just recently.

Another interesting fact. Trump's mother was almost murdered by a street thug.

What happened to Trumps father?

Expecting a death of heartache, unless he went out first.

He was also murdered by Jewish Doctors.

That's sad, but
Good genes

This is the part that scares me. I don't want Trump to pull a Reagan.

Fuck off gamergate, I know it's you. This bitch is completely irrelevant, you gamer nerds are the only people on the planet who give a single shit about her.

But Trump wins



Trump can't be Batman. Batman is not a big guy, and Trump is YUUUGE.

Wew lad.


This thread is intolerable shitposting. Look at this fucking thread. It is plain as day that pol has more abundant shitposting that b right now. What the fuck?