Merkel attacks Trump on behalf of Muslims
I'm fucking of this bitch, aren't we occupying Germany? Can't we just depose her and replace her with Fauke Petry?

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The worst thing about it is that the main competition in the next German election will come from Martin Schulz, former EUSSR Chairman.


No one wants to go to Germany except mudshit rapists, and the UK needs the US more than ever if they plan to leave the EU (if their government doesn't screw them over).

It's almost like we're a rogue state but we're the world superpower so nobody can do shit to us.

And hell we could team with with fellow rogue state Russia and conquer the planet if we wanted to.

they're losing and they dont even know it

We should just invade Germany for a third time.

Merkel should understand that now there chances that Trump can demand the tropes deployed in Germany to return to America.

If that happens, NATO can't stop Russia and she's fucked

He can also order American troops to just occupy the country.

But it's more funnier to leave Germany, so that cunt will understand who is really in charge and will stop trying to "lecture" Trump

We thrive on that. Our whole Hero Cycle is based on that.

At this point, it would do more good than harm. The second time we were in the wrong, this time we'll be marching in as liberators.

Idk, the idea of reestablishing an occupation would be hilarious.

The US main concern should be Germany, the US should have a plan to invade Germany and slaughter its population. There is no greater treat to the US right now than Germany their bullshit. Germany will try to rally the EUSSR against US economically, which would put the US in a position where it has to compromise or be cut off from the world. This simply won't be allowed to happen.

You know, I think I read a pamphlet by your great-grandfather, kike.

Us needs to use its control of the "German" Lügenpresse to put out good propaganda and factual new reports.
Then the Us should appoint a new German government nationalists….. we still control this and can remove merkel & friends at any time.

Get out jew!

remove the jew and the kebab remove restrictions on nationalist and right wing people.

Rogue state according to whom?

Oh, right, (((those people))).

as if Trump would want to visit germany anyways. If he wanted to visit the middle east he would just somewhere nicer.

Just ignore it, I hate Germans though the reason is not that I have Jewish roots which I don't have.

Lots of history there mate. Sadly a lot of it was bombed away in ww2 but parts still remain.


Stop suggesting German genocide as a reaction to everything that happens in Europe, you faggots!
I swear, there must be some group behind this that posts it in every thread…

Don't you get it? We are waiting for Germany to destroy it self, once and for all. There is no saving Germany anymore, they are too far cucked to help.

Just let it burn. It's too late for Germany, it shall be sacrificed so other countries will not do the same.

Do you feel in charge?

Merkel, a commie, attacks a right wing leader on behalf of an extreme right wing religion that probably wouldn't mind seeing her raped to death. ==wew==, what a time to be alive.

In other news, krautcucks are retards.

No more sacrifices, the line has to be drawn somewhere. It should have been drawn after the disastrous Kenya decolonization.


there will be nothing left to draw a line on if the EUSSR isn't destroyed NOW.

yeh, its "Mr Trump" but "President Obama", these fuckers are delusional.

Exactly. There is slim hope without the EU, but there is no hope while remaining in the EU. We need to keep dismantling this beast so it can collapse.
Who's next out the door after Britain, Italy? Then if France and/or Germany pull out, it's done for. They will not be able to fund it.

"German" government is run by US as is their Lügenpresse until 2099 ( fat chance they hand it over to the Germans in 2099 unless they are arabs at that point).

Inevitable I was waiting for some pos to do this. It didn't matter which republican won they were going to do that to anyone that was not a (((democrat))) more so for Emperor Trump because he scares the shit out them.

Also remember the amount of smug these pos oozed when they said "president obama"…. I immediately knew after that they would pull this petty shit 8 years later…..

Shills will always blame the victims.

You fucking German cucks, why the fuck did you not fucking lynch that bitch yet? Or at least pushed back somehow? Even in a system controlled by (((them))), there are ways to push back. I live right next to Germany, and (((they))) decided to hold a direct presidental election, because "lol, president has no power in parliemantary democracy" and "make the goyim feel like they have a choice". So we elected a guy that hates muzzies, thinks Russia and China are perspective bussiness partners and "oy vey, think of the human rights and Ukraine!" is just asshurt virtue signalling that he can ignore completely, and who went "lol direct election somehow gives me a stronger mandate because I say so :^) I will now use every loophole in the law and all my influence to fuck with the (((prime minister))) because he's a cuck that sucks western cock and goes literally against every move I make"

Isolated Fascists all over Pozzed Eurabia are cheering you on with big smug grins.
Just don't go all Neo-Con on us.


Why can't Trump just use the CIA to regime change Germany like the CIA did to Ukraine?

'member when Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize just for being elected?

Kek, have fun getting blown up then

Shills will always try to get useful idiots to attack their targets, you mean.

Oh, her final day can't come soon enough. That cunt will get thrown out and socialists have not got the slightest chance of getting in if AfD is pushing ahead.
The globalist narrative must collapse.


Yeah, we really are being raided.

Merkel… you fat liquid old traitor, thanks for the laugh.

The first time was fucking retarded as well. There hasn't been a single war in Europe where the US hasn't fought for the merchant.

You clearly don't.

Given all the leaks about how much the NSA influences Germany's elections to prop up Merkel she knows she's royally fucked.

Not since 1952. We have no power over the German government. It is a sovereign nation.

Sure, that's why the burgers have control over the media and education system until 2099, and have tens of thousands of troops on our soil

Merkel should be killed by the Germans, absolutely. You need to realize that the Government is a hostile occupying force that's replacing you people with another tribe.

The only way for Germany to survive is if you stop being so scared of "breaking laws" and do the right thing by taking up armed overthrow of Merkel and her hostile occupation of your country.

Merkel must be so deluded as to think any of the Africans, Arabs or Turkroaches in Germany give a shit about any of that. They like their home countries most, their own races most, and Islam most, and actively and publicly discriminate based on all those things in every decision they make. Turks in Germany hate Germany and Germans but they don't fucking leave.

The last time I checked, the US was only 60% white and Trump is absolutely okay with "legal" occupiers. Even if he stops all immigration to your country, you're fucked because of the demographic trends.

You are an absolute disgrace, you're letting your women being raped by Africans on a scale that isn't even close to the whole of Europe. The diversity in your institutions, e.g. universities is crazy, almost funny.

In regards to every statistic and topic of relevance you're worse off than Germany by far.

Get your shit together first, then you can talk about Germany. Or at least wait until Germany reaches your level, which will take at least a decade, if ever. I'm sure that the Deutsche Bank will crash the EU long before that.

If you want Germany to succeed then get your shitty media, think tanks and transatlantic institutions out of there.

And tell your president that he should shut up about Iran and tackle the urgent problems instead.

Going to need some source on this kraut.

These faggots do realize that the Muslim ban isn't being applied to the biggest, most populated Muslim countries, right?

Oh, right, they also aren't savage rapists who stay in their homelands. So they don't count.

Where have you been? Who is heading in a better direction in CY+2, America or Germany? Also, not an argument, start fixing your own shit and maybe CY+4 will see Europe great again too.

wir mussen die juden ausrotten


Germany is not on a path to restoring itself right now, Germany needs hope. America needs to ensure it's own survival right now but We're rooting for Germany, even Sweden and the rest of Europe. One way or another, we will return her to her glory but Germany needs Merkel dead.

Trump said he's planning on publishing weekly lists of crimes committed by illegal aliens in the USA. It'd be fantastic if he'd also go ahead and publish lists of muzzie crimes across europe.

Think the Europa Report from FTN, but from the fucking POTUS.

kek, why do they even bother calling it the European Union at all? Might as well just call it United Nations: The State

I swear she is anti-German. Germany doesn't have free speech, so god help you if you speak against here. She really is the bait to Schulz's switch.

Germany is headed in a better direction if you standardize the data you base your comparison on.

Germany is less diversified, has fewer non-whites in every institution, etc. AfD is the third strongest party despite Germany being in a better situation than the 2016 US. Thus they reacted earlier than you to a lesser threat than you have. Despite the massive brainwashing programs installed by the US.

If Trump hadn't won, it would have been over for you. For Germany, there is still time even if the AfD loses this year.

They will win the election in four years at the latest. Even if the migration continues, Germany will be less diverse than the US. Furthermore, it will be easier to send them home because they weren't born in Germany like your occupiers.

First you need to restore your situation to the level Germany is on NOW, then you can say that with further similar action you are headed in a better direction.

Germany doesn't need hope from you and nobody cares about your rooting either. The only thing Germany got from you is total destruction and betrayal.

The best thing you can do is to get the fuck out of Germany and let them handle their situation without your patronizing. Why should Germany trust you. Even when you were 91%+ white and not contaminated with cultural marxism, you acted like an enemy.

Schulz is a good thing. Everybody hates him, so the AfD will get even more votes.

I think that will balance the scales.

Yes, you do, but those who control Merkel are not under Trumps control, similar to your bureaucracy not under control of Trump.

Fake competition.

Did you know they had “elections” and political party “diversity” in former communist East-Germany, GDR?

It was almost like „Republicans vs. Democrats“ in the USA.

Speaking of the GDR, Schulz is not only a characterless, unsympathetic apparatchik without charm, he even does look like the former head of the communist of the GDR, Walter Ulbrich.

Do it!

Not going to happen, it would be like a pimp to threaten his bitches to leave them.

He has not even control over his own bureaucracy.

Long time, for decades, government member, current finance minister Schäuble disagrees with you. He said that Germany was not a sovereign nation since 1945.

If (West-)Germany would have been a sovereign nation, she would have not needed to ask the occupying forces for permission to reunification. If (West-)Germany was a sovereign nation, why did all chancellors had to sign the “Kanzlerakte” a file to be send to the heads of the occupation powers?


You really should, as the USA is responsible for the German genocide, as they have controlled the press and the education system.

This was obviously made a leftist.

So ZOG is the only reason that the USA lie about the holohoax?



fixed it for you guys



We could, but the jews wouldn't allow it

that is, germany gives israhell too many shekels for them to give it up

Yes goy (((we))) are occupying Germany. (((Merkel))) is controlling Germany under the command of ZOG.

the commie whore needs to be removed. germany is full blown nwo stronghold. no free speech, no protection from alien invaders and no real votes. it's all a (((cia))) shitshow with the people fast asleep.

this will become the most bloody awakening ever when shit gets real.

Trump can make the leaders of western Europe kneel easily. Give him a few more months.

Honestly we should kill all German men except the guys over at Deutsch/pol/ and have the women serve as slaves.

Dutchboi here, you're a fucking retard.

Germany has more good men outside of Deutsch/pol/ user, but it was an entertaining idea nonetheless.


ayy, you cucks reading Joan Cornella comics?

These comics are the fucking best.



That last one reminds me of this old gem btw.

Well to be honest, the SJW shit blew over from your side. In our Swampgerman language we have a different word for 'white' when it pertains to people, but now our SJWs are word-for-word copying 'angry white men' from your American language. With the 'white' being directly, and incorrectly, translated.


That's the plan friendo

Ok, Breitbart is hugely trolling, Merkel is super tame on Trump…

I have seen several times journalists requested her to respond about Trumps criticisms on Europe, and what she said was always along the lines of: "We have lots of issues in Europe to solve, when we are strong in Europe then we can well negotiate with our partners beyond." type of stuff.

Merkel has always been super pro-USA, and she basically balances between german Lügenpresse (not risking her own head over Support of Trump) with being friendly to Trump.

Merkel is not at all attacking Trump, (((Breitbart))) is full of shit on this.

Germany is basically controlled by USA.

All the (((Folks))) here that want to genocide Germany seem to be entirely retarded/evil.

Germany is in a shitty Situation, USA is to blame, wanting to genocide Germany for being "cucked" is basically a projection, americans that don't want to take responsbility for what they have done in WW I and II.

Small Addition, most of you may only have heard of Breitbart recently.

But Breitbart made anti-german Propaganda even years ago, Long before the refugee crisis happened.

Basically Breitbart is run by Jews and Anglos(as in british and british ancestry) People,that explains why they are so incredibly unbalanced and spreading hatred for Germans.

Some more examples of antigerman hatred:
"German Automakers Fire Back at Trump over Threats of a 35 Percent Import Tax on Cars Made in Mexico"

Implying an anti-american/anti-trump Aggression, when the articles core is that BMW says they already are a net exporter, produce more in USA than they sell in USA…

Title would have been fairly:
"German automotive industry a net gain for US employment/trade Balance"
Which is what you'd have read if this was UK/Japan/Israel…


And the according results in the comment section:

We call it 'Kikebart' here. Worry no longer.


Jews are featured in the top center, what more do you want?

Normies won't understand, that's why we already have an edit with the kike star instead of 'muh illuminati'.

Good that you consider that, still it is posted, and leads to the reactions here as elsewhere..

This article again has shitloads of Posts, most of them antigerman.

Another way to give perspective:
When Commie-Majority in Commiefornia oppresses the alt-right/WN/far-right/ /po/ackesque types then thats REEEEEEEEEE, and you are solidaric with the local right wing, when similar shit happens in Germany, Germany as a whole is bad and should be genocided… even when…
~65% of Germans said they want no more non-european Migration, already in 2014, prior to the refugee crisis.

if germany ever joins the growing nationalistic movement that's taking place in america, britain, argentina etc, it will be one of the last strongholds of neoliberal globalism. i find it ironic that europe is controlled by germany despite all the lives ended in the supposed prevention of that takeover. like an inverted reich founded on self destruction rather than fascism

its a very recent thing, id be willing to bet it comes 100% from the new "vibrant" reddit friends

I show solidarity for everyone who is being oppressed by the Left.

Btw i'm not Ami i'm a Sumpfgermaan. Good luck on your crusade against the jews and their Leftist pets.

Good luck to you as well

Wilders is pro-Israel but probably the best you can get now :/

My vote is going for FVD. They have a really good program and no connection to the (((Established Order))), at least none that we could discover in Dutch/pol/.

Thanks for your good luck wishes, let's hope together for a better future.
Reads similarily to AfD.
Free market eurosceptic for popular votes type of Nationalist party

One of their members is an old school lawyer who has been going on TV blatantly telling everyone live on camera that the MSM is a Leftist charade. One of their points is sanitizing our media, which means removing Leftism. Funnily enough their party really is our only Alternative für Sumpfland.

Btw, i heard one of the AfD members wanted to get state funding for a 'Kampf gegen Links', exactly the way they have it 'gegen Rechts', how did that work out?


That anti-MSM Thing sounds very AfDy.

You can guess.
He said that to Show the hypocricy, but it was clear that without being in Charge that won't happen.

There is the so called "Schweriner Weg" attitude to nationalis tpartys, meaning even if you agree with them you vote against them.
And you don't seriously debate them.
Basically the Mainstream Party attitude to AfD.

That is absolutely bonkers and it sounds like virtue-signalling, no, more like Stockholm Syndrome. The Leftist stranglehold on our societies is downright abusive.

Yeah.. it is pretty much virtue-signaling..

If AfD asked to "Open the Borders."
They'd vote against it.
Then do their own request with slightly different wording and then vote for it…

In our Sumpfgermanisch we call that 'völlige Krebs'.

Putsch wann.

Gee, ya think?

I went out with mates on Saturday. One of my good friends brought with him a German bird. I thought to myself - oh here we go another German cuck.

Turns out she was the biggest supporter of merkel. I tried redpilling her multiple times but man these Germans are so cucked it's not even funny.

I'm the end, I was just saluting her the whole night. Silly little slut

I hope she doesn't stop, still the German people would forgive her, if she were to stop today. I cannot, and want her head on a pike for everyone to see.
There I said it, arrest me, Drecksau!

I will not let this be the last of our history, we are not deserving to be written off as unaware plaugers who have no care of who we are and what we could be. I've found out why so many around me get addicted to sexual deviation and this has become the life of the young, yet none have any children and couldn't raise them.

There will be no more treaties, no more deportations, it ends at home.