Spinning the holocaust against yids

We all saw how anally ravaged the jews were when Trump didn't mention the chosen people, goyim. Why don't we concentrate into spinning it around against them?

The average leftist is a mental cripple. The only knowledge about the holocaust most know is that 6 gorillion of G-d's chosen people died at the hands of Aryan monsters. However, leftists only care about themselves, so if we focus on exaggerating the deaths of commies/faggots/minorities, they might latch on to it.

Now, how do you get the masses to disregard the CHOSEN PEOPLE? Just call them white, obviously. Use such expressions as "15 million dead, everyone only remembers the 6 million whites", etc. In most WW2 photos jews look white enough.

BLM can also be drawn into this. Mention how nobody cares about the millions of Blacks who dindu nuffin and got killed during the holocaust. If anyone says there were no nigs in Germany at the time, call them racist, ask them why there are so few kangs in Germany NOW. Use the retarded Nigger Charlemagne image and call anyone who disagrees a white supremacist/nazi/revisionist.

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Hall of costs……
ty I needed a laugh
Anyway good plan do it! Turn the golem against them!

You just can't seem to stop talking about the holocaust.

OP is a jew keeping the meme alive.

Shekelberg is pissed. Guess this means OP has a good idea.



mocking dubs on someone who can't sage

How come the jews got their own country after the hollycaust, but not gypsies? It's because they were white, wasn't it?!

Bump. Another angle is "the evil Nazi's banned abortion for women and are against women's rights blah blah blah but Jews think it is only themselves #womensmarch #feminism Holocaust isn't about Jews, its about women we need reparations" If any kikes or liberals object to the expansion of the holocaust to Kangs, Stronk Wymynz, etc. accuse them of holocaust denial from sockpuppets. Any type of intersectional cannibalism is valid, and we should strike while the iron is hot after Trumps severe rustling of kikes a couple days ago.

#HoggingUpTheHolocaust is another good one.


There is one great idea in the OP's post. Call Jews white so liberals will have less sympathy for them in the Holocaust.

Jews already try to present themselves as white, so it will be easy. Then we can trick the shitlibs into hating Jews.



Rebrand jews as "Holocaust hogs". They'll get assblasted from two angles, the holocaust and being called pigs.

Does anybody have those jew edits of the Holla Forums capitalist pig meme? We might be able to use that jew-pig image for this.

Good idea OP since we already have naysayers to your post means it is upgraded to

top kek literally useful idiots

Eat shit, hebe. We have no need for pet rats.


Yes goy. Stop calling out the holohoax. Focus on the 12 gorillion.

See me after Wednesday's meeting schlomo, we need to address your poor JIDF performance, we might need to dock your pay.

Bump because faggot kike shills are out in force. Don't forget to make believable sockpuppets and get this shit trending.

Shit idea Jews being "white" is unnecessary for this operation to work, the idea is to D+C kangs, wymyn, and kikes over the holohoax.

Apparently if you start tweeting about the hot trending shit your account will get locked for 'botting'.

Won't even let me make a new one now. Gonna have to keep trying with a proxy, I guess.

Calling Jews white is a REALLY bad idea. WTF u a shill?

I like this one. I'm sure gypsy, faggot, commie, catholic and retard organizations want a piece of the holocaust action. Who are the jews to deny them?

Jews will have to name themselves to get out of being attacked for privilege
It's 99D chess

Shekelberg is angry confirmed we should do this.


It's all i've been doing the last few days on as many relevant yidtube comment sections i could find. Pointing out how jews think they're more important victims than everybody else in the camps. People are fucking disgusted with these kike antics lately.

I'm telling you all, 2017 is the year the holohoax lie is destroyed.

No shit? That sucks. If you join immediately and start spamming trends I guess it is too obvious, sleeper accounts are necessary, kind of like how Jared Wyand went on that redpill spree after gaining 30k+ followers. Try to follow random normie shit like sportsball, local television, companies, etc. and make a few mundane tweets about random shit. You might need to be patient and wait a little before dropping redpills.

Jews are not white.

We know schlomo, and that is irrelevant to the operation at hand of bringing vibrant diversity and intersectional dialogue to the issue of the holocaust, it is the Current Year + 2, its time Wymyn and People of Color are allowed to check the privilege of #HolocaustHogs.

No fucking joke, I just found out my mother is redpilled on the Holocaust. She's gone for years believing her grandparents were Jews who fled Germany and that we're of Jewish descent, and today she asked me a question about Soros. I was so shocked she even brought him up that we started talking, and I brought up the nerve to mention that the Holocaust couldn't have happened when you look at the numbers and the claims made. To my complete shock, she agreed.

2017 is our year friends.

The holocaust never happened.

Get out jew

Wew. If kikes are this mad about the idea its gotta be gold.


I said she believes it. I did my own digging and I got German blood nigger.

Point is, you're perpetrating falsehoods.

Whites killing whites, it's a good thing! Nobody cares about them whites killing theyselves, it's just karma for all the black people they killed and enslaved.

Our falsehoods will push the kikes into a corner in which they would have to tell the truth. Have them fuck themselves over harder than we could.

Memes and propaganda built on falsities are doomed to fail. You're not memeing responsibly.

Fuuuu this should have been done on Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan 27. It would have skirted around any sort of twitter bans and allowed anons to ride the hashtag waves.

But do not fear lads, these kikes have multiple Holohoax Memorial Days. Next one is in April. Also, don't forget about Jewish holidays! Holocaust posts always spike up during their hoidays.

Muh Six Gorillion Days
Jewish Holidays

I'll participate once OP types out "God" or "Yahweh".

Yes. TRUTH FIRST, or we become the jew. We are truth. Compromise on that and you have already been defeated.

That's fucking genius.

Yet the holohoax has been going on for more than 70 years, and people keep getting more indoctrinated with every generation.

It's just retelling a classic fairy tale with a more diverse cast.

God/Yahweh, matey.

The Holocaust™ story is too monolithic and Jewish.
It needs some diversity! It is the current year! :^)

It will be extremely hard to deprogram a gen x or boomer.

Millennials are much more susceptible. High ground is easier. Come from the angle of inclusion. Use an account that is a protected group like a black woman or a homosexual.

Buzzwords are important. Adopt the language.

"I don't understand why black women are excluded from holocaust remembrance. Why is their suffering so underrepresented?"

Can we put an anime spin on this and make it the Holo-caust?

At this point I'm only focused on millenials and generation z