Madeleine McCann's parents lose libel case appeal

I'm still looking for more sources on the case itself (probably in Portuguese), but does this say anything about Amaral's hypothesis?

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wasnt there something on Holla Forums about her parents not caring that much about Madeline getting kidnapped? were they rich drug-users or something?

portugal is to spain what ukraine is to russia

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the podesta connection was probably one of the only "conspiracy theories" on Holla Forums that deserved to be dismissed.


mccanns are obvious liars, they probably sold her.

another video where the guy is smirking

it's an interesting story for sure, but it doesn't belong on Holla Forums

Never followed the case much but wasn't there strong signs that the parents murdered her? Cadaver dogs found something in the apartment, DNA in the trunk etc. Then suddenly they kicked out the chief investigator. What was the speculation about the motive?

They were degenerate doctors who liked to party. They drugged their kids instead of hiring a babysitter. The daughter died because they overdosed her. They knew they couldn't fess up, so they got rid of the body and tried to cover it up.

Correct about the cadaver dogs. Motive is it was an accident but a criminal accident, since you're not allowed to drug your kids so you can party without a sitter.

Would you guys mind not being kikes? I mean, why not just drop the bullshit? Do you actually think shilling this away is going to work? The narrative isn't just dying, it's fucking dead.

Whether or not they murdered or sold their daughter these two cunts should have been sent to jail for leaving their children alone in a hotel room while they went out on the piss.

I'm sure some pedo has pics of her on their hard drives, from before the parents killed her. McCanns are irresponsible scum.

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Holla Forums was easily suckerd in by one last CTR shill, that was pizza gate. it was so obvious, but to err is to be human i suppose.

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i've yet to see any evidence aside from the police composites and podesta's e-mails dating back to the disappearance. actually, i just remembered the e-mail as i began typing this post, so disregard my first comment. anything's possible, but i always wanted to see more substantial connections between the podestas and mccann's disappearance.

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This guy, is a fucking clown. anyone on Holla Forums who instantly calls you a shill without reasoning in their post gives me the impression that they are in fact the shills.

remind us what about the podesta emails was in any way tangible with pedogate or pizzagate or some shit. Those tards made us already a bigger laughingstock than we were before we memed the god emporer.

it was brian sewell it turned out he owned a house where she was kidnapped after he died. also north african/spainish child smuggling gangs.

Portugal is a country, Ukraine is not

give us information about the criminal gang, user. we needs names and criminal organizations.

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No, it's clearly the people dismissing the Podesta connection out of hand. You'll have to try harder, you hooknose faggot.

no shill, it's those who don't defend what they're saying who are the shills. by the way, i was asking for information, you had a choice opportunity to explain yourself, but you acted the equivalent of a skinhead faggot. go fuck yourself, nigger faggot.

That's not evidence in itself sure but that's a fucking red flag.
What do you expect? A pic of them spit-roasting her?

Police sketches "don't match until they do", basically they're typically useless until you find another link, when you have that link and then someone tied to that link that fit the police sketch then it's almost always him.

Both theory are NOT mutually exclusive.
The Portuguese cops were sure (still are) the parents were lying, Portugal LEOs are perfectly competent, there is no reason to doubt their judgment, especially since the McCanns have amply demonstrated their lack of concern. They assumed it was because they killed her but nobody know is what they are lying about.

Meanwhile the sketches are not from the parents… they're from witnesses in the area.

Come on, even though it's one of many plausable explainations of an unknown incident let's drop all damaging accusations because our PR TEAM told us we will look like crazy right wing conspiracy nerds.

it's pretty clear the podestas are into some pedophile shit, maybe you should have lurked for 2 years instead of being a faggot

I heard some people talk about sketches made from cp films that supposedly depicted Madeline. I took a break from those threads because my opsec is bad and I didn't want to view cp and go to jail and get ass raped. Also, any cop worth their salt would investigate the pedostas after the obvious similarities to the police sketches. And john clearing his emails for a year leading up to the kidnapping was quite the cohencidence

arent the Podesta brothers the ones who kidnapped this British little girl and passed her around an international clique of kike pedos before murdering her?

a lot of circumstantial evidence suggests yes

No, that's circumstantial evidence, you still need to be able to find more evidence that pins him to the crime scene, otherwise you're pissing in the wind and you be a crank.

seems like you've got nothing of substance. typical. This, this is all you had to say and more, but you decided to act like the biggest faggot known to mankind.

that could be ANY victim of a rape/trafficking situation. even with circumstantial evidence, it's still not enough to pin a crime on anyone.

this would be fucked up tbh
this timeline is really fucked up tbh

I followed pizzagate for ages
theres circumstantial evidence and theres this fiasco
its like slowly zooming out from an enormous connect the dots pick that makes no sense until you zoom out far enough and the dots form a pattern
its fucked up but the connections, the terminology, the dates, the conveniently deleted files, the sketches even their sordid taste in art
its full blown (((coincidences))) with these fuckers
where all evidence points to what we fear is true and the only thing we're lacking is a bloodstain, a CCTV tape or a body

And how exactly would you support your dismissal? I haven't seen any counter-arguments or proofs as of yet. And I'm here all day, every day.

thank you user, i don't understand why the other fellow gave me shit for asking what the hub bub was. You see, I have a job and I look into learning other things, but not potential criminal conspiracies. I wasn't aware that this pizzagate thing was going on for that long. Is there any other quick information you can give me? Sordid taste in art, even with children being present in those photos, still doesn't give us all the information necessary.

they have paintings in their home that are based on drawings sketched by child abuse victims
paintings depicting a toddler sized human on a bed being sodomized by a fat man while two other men masturbate in the background
one with a young girl child fellating an adult and others where child like figures are locked in cages and are fed urine by an adult above them
like who the fuck thinks that kind of art is desirable and who hangs on the walls in their homes?
they're friends with that whole Epstein group
they have 'artistic' photographs of underage children/nude models on walls in their home
the police sketchs from the Portuguese police for the suspects who abducted McCann are spitting images of the Podesta brothers
they were in Portugal during the time she was abducted
and they have email records from the dates where she went missing except when Wikileaks/FBI got their hands on them they were 'conveniently' deleted and only the dates were still available
its dodgy as fuck

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poortuguese is different enough from spanish that one can recognize the differences, ukrainian is basically an ebonics like version of russian

If I were a kike, I wouldn't even pay you to shill on Holla Forums.

I wasn't able to find proof of that, how sure are you that they were there?

This infograph + the link summarizes every lead found thusfar that is even half-solid. Rabbit hole goes pretty deep and the whole investigation is chock full of shills and bullshit trying to derail. Most "debunkings" of pizzagate cherrypick red herring leads that happened to have been dug into along with solid ones and then turn them into a strawman. There is enormous circumstantial evidence but without an actual LEO investigation we only have circumstantial evidence unfortunately.

they were there doing something
check the pizzagate thread im drunk I dont remember specifically why they were in Portugal but they were definitely in Portugal when she went missing
they picked the wrong random white girl to abduct with her is all

as pointed out, the evidence that exists is purely circumstantial. there's no trail of blood or money that's been discovered which constitutes any reason to believe that the abduction of madeline mccann was carried out by the podestas. however, the possibility does exist that the parents handed over their daughter to the podestas, and discovering a link between the parents and any of the assorted satanic, pedophilic, or otherwise clandestine actors involved in pizzagate (which is real) would really hit the spot.

you have that flipped, ukrainian is purer, russian is gargling. shill harder for the kremlin, kremcuck

It doesn't matter what happened to her in the end.
They either did it themselves or left her to have it done to her. Fuck the pair of them.

considering the police went full shut it down mode there's only so much anonymous neets can do over the interbutts. The circumstantial evidence is enough to justify an investigation which hasn't happened afaik

Quoted from

Just who the fuck are Kate and Gerry McCann??
so much gaslighting in this thread

Another interesting thing is that Madeline had a rare eye deformity that made her pupil look like a keyhole, which George Soros also has. A unique deformity like hers would have been much more sought after by the pedophile network. Seems pretty clear they sold her for connections or money (they set up a huge fund-raiser for the family after the disappearance)

They drugged her so that she couldn't feel their friend Payne raping her.
And misjudged the dose.

Clement Freud is a convicted child molester who lives 1/3rd mile away from McCann's abduction site and has hosted the McCanns:

Tony Podesta has bought creepy artwork from Lucian Freud, Clement's brother, and John Podesta's Chief of Staff formerly worked for Matthew Freud's NGO firm, Matthew is Clement's son. Most of the Freud's went to school in Hampstead, which just happens to be the center of satanic ritual abuse allegations and coverup :

tl;dr there are indirect connections between the Podestas and Clement Freud, who is the most likely suspect in the McCann case given that he is a convicted pedophile, he hosted the McCann's and he lives just blocks away from the abduction site. All of Sigmund's grandkids are heavily involved in child trafficking and ritual abuse.

jewish surname right?

guess it goes to show that any event garnering as much media attention as the mccann abduction is a spook–this is great info.

Yup, and these Freud's are specifically related to Sigmund Freud, that kike produced one hell of a nasty brood.

whats up Holla Forums?

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there are rich assholes in every country in the world that will pay good money for child slaves. refusing to believe that is flat earth-tier retarded


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those fucking lying scumbags should rot in the darkest, coldest and smallest prisoncell they can find

if it were that, the police wouldnt have covered it up even though they were so blatantly obvious involved. it reaches higher than just some parents drugging their kids.

why would pedos seek something like that?

child slaves? meaning to do laundry and cook and clean? You're going to have to be more specific. Someone mentioned that the arabs were involved in the trafficking in the Mediterranean?

maybe it wasnt genetically, but caused by ritual abuse. during that they often get fucked by animals like donkey.

pic maybe shows pseudoscience, but the damage would be according to this at the ovaries/testis at all the childs and i can see how that happens by getting fucked by a donkey

Lol found the butthurt Spaniard.
Fantastic War, Battle of Ameixial, Battle of Aljubarrota…
Every single battle, the same casualty ratio: Portuguese soldiers literally killed 5 Spaniards to 1 Portuguese soldier.
Eventually the Spaniards stopped trying…
Not to mention the Portuguese started Europe (first country) and their soldiers had only one mission: rid the world of kebab.
Spain has how many million kebab today? My point exactly.

underrated post

People were asking for evidence the Podestas were in Portugal in the original thread, which shouldn't have been too hard to deliver on, but no one has delivered months later because it was a red herring.

There is a theory Madeline had a rare gene linked to the key eye, a gene Soros also has. She was kidnapped so Soros could receive injections of her blood to keep him alive.

This is bullshit if you ask me, but I wouldn't doubt it much since old Soros is completely insane.

Pure cohencidence goy.

I don't have the source right now, but a few years ago there was a Dutch crime reporter who basically all but proved that Madeleine was "kidnapped" by her own parents.

The lack of evidence is enough to dismiss it. Literally the only thing we had was that Podestas are pedos and the drawing of the suspect from two different records looked like the brothers but they were supposed to be of the same person so that went to shit.

It's just too far-fetched to believe unless we get more evidence. The parents killing her just seems 100x more plausible.

That was super suspect, set off alarm bells for me too.

Maybe he didn't remove them, Assange just chose to not publish them. Maybe as leverage?

i can't find the original source now but I remember reading about Suffolk police in the UK confirming Podesta's were staying in Freud's villa the same time she went missing…

I don't think we ever proved that.

We do know that the Podestas mother had just died before this case happened (she was a domineering woman who was powerful in politics). They were big mamma's boys and the death probably hit them hard. Nothing like a little child rape and murder to get your mind off the grief.

Podesta is known to have been in that area of Portugal in subsequent years.

I recall them admitting to drugging her that night.

I have an alternate theory about all this. Jews inject the blood of the young as a way to stave off death.

Coloboma, the eye defect found in both Madeline and Soros is rather rare and is highly heritable.

Soros is Madeline's father, he produced her as a slave to be milking her for her young blood to keep him alive. A closely related individual would have less issues with immune system rejection of the transfusions. The Podesta brothers where sent to acquire her for Soros. The 'parents' that were willing participants in the scheme (both being doctors and politically connected).

People will disregard your theory as preposterous. But if we think about it, what does a multi billionaire like him do with his money? Buy his 6th yacht, his 3rd private jet or his 12th mansion? If he could expand his lifetime by only 1 year wouldn't he gladly pay hundreds of millions of dollars for it?

Remember folks a yid killed the kid.

Sigmund Freuds grandson was a child rapist for decades and got away with it. He befriended the McCanns a couple weeks after their daughters disappearance.

Note the bulging eyes. Centuries of Jewish incest exaggerates physical traits.

Jesus christ, I just want all the fucking yids to be corralled in Israel, and several Tsar Bomba-size bombs dropped.

The one way to destroy a conspiracy theory is to mix outrageous lies with the truth. People tend to dismiss the entire theory if one outrageous claim is made. So their is a lot of bullshit mixed with the truth in that link.

no, nigger.
the girl in the chair with the taped mouth was from some episode of the tv show "criminal minds"

They sold her to moloch worshippers Clement Freud and the Podesta bros for ritual human sacrifice

The parents did it.

Brticucks are fucking sick to the bone.


It probably means he has enough evidence to say what he has published aren't baseless claims or defmation or w/e. It also means the McCann's money is running out, as is their influence in the media.

Amaral simply wrote a book explaning all the inconsistancies he found while he was investigating it. He also mentions the fact that he was removed from the case alledgely because he wasnt ruling out the parentes as suspects.

The book explains all the hard times he had, financially, emotionally. They pretty much forced him to retire.

In no point in the book does he state that the parents are guilty, he simply says theyre the most likely to have did it. This being his personal opinion, the court obviously sided with him, as every individual has a right to their own opinion.

t.Alberto Barbosa

I don't find it crazy to believe except for the fact that the case was publicized the way it was. If it were that simple why wouldnt the parents just drop her off w pedosta for poolside entertainment? What kind of comedy of errors would have to take place for it to escalate in the media like it did if they were all in on it?




Hi Pedosta. Please fuck off and go back to fapping to your preteen "paintings" and other "art".