I got contacted by FSB

I sent them a mail with info on the position of some jihadi batallions.
Where do I go from here? do i keep feeding them another mails with info?
The letter is quite legit.
If anyone has anything they want russians to see tell me,ill send it to them

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What are you monitoring Isis Internet channels cuz you're a leet haxor or something?

great job user. really great.

Yep, it's legit Russian alright.

Also, yeah dude. If you legit are in the terrorists network and know where they are send that shit to the FSB. Hell. If they find out you're accurate you might could even ask for some bitcoin. Then Brrrrrrrrt. Pretty cool mang.

What are you implying, user?

Tell them we want a properly translated version of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's works

You better help based Russia faggot.

I'm the anti-cartel meme warrior

why should I do that?

Do it for her, OP

Opsec, you dumb nigger.
I'm glad to see you're making progress, OP, but if you're doing something like this, don't use gmail, don't use Windows, and for Christ's sake don't post about it on Javanese tonail clipping poster boards.
Use some hardened flavor of Linux, take your luck with some private mail service if you can't set up your own, and just keep your damn mouth shut. Use another drive for Linux if you need muh gaems.


Godspeed user.

Pick one and only one

novorussia arms seems to have the world's worst

putin is just another multiculturalist

According to the letter, you sent it on November 24th 2016? Why are they getting back to you now? Kind of stupid of them to assume that you speak Russian, no?
letter basically states that your submission was recieved on {date} and is being processed. Information is appreciated

They're not really based, they're more like useful idiots to manipulate into creating a white enthnostate.

This tbh. Also,

cumskin cuckshill 4shill trs jidf kike christcuck


tl;dr: the information you submitted is being investigated.

Having said that, you're a moron for opening it on a Windows machine, let alone using hotmail/outlook, yahoo, gmail, etc. for having sent that info, or using a mainstream program to view the file. You would have been better off using cockli even with bad certs.

Having said THAT, it's unlikely they will go through such great lengths as wasting a good 0day to find out what your fucking location is if all you're doing is submitting tips.

But seriously, OPSEC dude. Take the time out of your day to learn it.

You've no idea how lazy Russians can beespecially frustrating when you wait in a line for anything, they don't believe in those either.

You're nuttier than squirel shit if you think the Russian Government is going to give our huehue friend here any scratch unless they know exactly who he is. It's called collateral in case you decide to cross them.

That your country of origin's intelligence might take an interest in you, provided you didn't take the necessary precautions to shield yourself.

You've never been to/lived in Russia, know how I can tell?

Your service is always appreciated, but your opsec could def. be better.


He's more of a Russian Neocon who makes himself look good by humiliating Russian Oligarchs on RT, but secretly pleasures them all behind closed doors. To your credit, he does try to subside Muslim Anger by building that ridiculous mosque in Moscow, but he'll never win the game in the end so long as he hold onto the caucasus.

It's more along the lines that the Ukrainian revolution was heavily influenced by the West, hence, by corporations that own the West, hence, george soros.

Hey man, I got to congratulate you for giving him the translation that I gave him. Wow, it must have hurt your fingers to type all that, huh?

I kind of DO want them to track it.
so they will know im not an ukranian or a saudi and just relax

youre doing kek's work

You idiot, you don't realize how fucking corrupt the government in Russia is. Suppose some low-level FSB lackey (or any Russian higher up in the food chain) decides he wants to sell that info to a fucking cartel leader, he'll fucking do it and he'll profit from your death. Don't say no one warned you.

Remember Tesrak? He got jailed for beating up a pedophile and smushing watermelon in a nigger pedo's face. I swear 50% of the Russians are ass blasted because they're not Communist anymore.
o im laffin

He got out, but now he's back in for pushing white enthostate Russian propaganda. Dont' be fooled, he's like Richard Spencer and that faggot Jack Donovan when it comes to sheering shekels from unsuspecting idiots.

Cartels have very mexican attitudes and they wouldn't just intereact with a random russkie.

I aim to please

btw, it's not commie-ancap it's the USSR flag with the Russian Imperial Flag, or the Tsar personal flag. But 'tis lolworthy

I don't think you understand how criminality in the age of the internet works. You ought to follow Brian Krebs's security blog to find out more about it.
how so user? It's suspected that the triads are a major trading partner with the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda. What makes you think they wouldn't form a marriage of convenience against others including yourself?

Enjoy being on FSB list for going to Holla Forums

I miss the Tsars, they didn't appease Muslims, they just killed them until the survivors capitulated.

that's a monarchist flag not ancap

You lack an insight into the mind of mexicans
theyr'e greedy and would attempt betrayal, thus triggering an inter-gang war across the earth,which is flat.

Send the agencies a link to your blog you'd better be careful with your opsec from now on, user.

The Tsars were kikey in their own way. Putin teased the butthole of possibility with his tongue when he mentioned that he'd like to see the Romanov Restoration. The Tsars appeased the Muslims by not banishing them from the Causcasus/Central Asia… now they're being payed back. No, the tsars spared the Muslims in Imperial Russia mercy, they just built churches with a cross dominating a crescent. Pretty funny to me.

how would that trigger a conflict? You mean within the [various]cartels or within a specific one? Regardless, in the end, only the innocent would be needlessly slaughtered while their business-model would just be set into a remodeling-period

no one is innocent =DD

They killed an absolute shitton of them north of the Caucasus Mountains, though.

Sure, their populations grew back later.

Nigger you're smart, you should know they are being used by kikes and poroshenko and shell their own neighborhoods. They're skinhead tier and they would be good if they did another coup, Azov can be national socialist as they want but they are still being used as a tool.

Wow OP, you're the real deal. Congrats on being a god among anons.

It wasn't just the people in the caucasus, but mujahideen from the middle east and elsewhere. Russia is also incredibly arrogant by the way it uses it's forced still to this day. By the way, that insurgency is still happening especially in Ingushetia and Dagestan. You strike me as a fellow who hasn't hadaa much in the way of learning about counter-insurencies but you're more than welcome to prove me wrong. Also, good luck patrolling most of the caucasus, as it is mostly mountainous areas to begin with. By the way, a source of pride for the mujis are the fact that it took Russia so long to react and defeat them at the very least militarily, but as i've said before, they've not forgotten that it's still a low-level insurgency which will inevitably erupt again.

Azov has Russians in it, they do not consider Novo-Rossiya or Republic of Lughansk to be a part of Russia, thus, it is not their own villages. Stop sucking kremlin dick.

doubly good for being brave/stupid enough to not use proper OPsec.



this is now a moonman thread. >>>/moonman/29

let's write to russia together, one word at a time.

Dear Russia:




'n shit


sorry, was meant for the gay russian letter thing so,

I love it!

Don't bother, he just admitted he is a retard who believes the earth is flat. The intelligence agencies will eat him whole while he thinks he's still in control.


when did you find that out about him? He could just be a jackass troll with a heart of paladium. Please be specific when you say, eat him whole.


what does it say?

scroll up faggot

Depends on which side is interested by him first. They'll use his info, stalk him the time needed to establish a psychological profile and try to goad him into doing whatever they need him to do. Once he attracts shit with either cartels, ISIS or Russians themselves nobody will back him up.

meant for

I may not know your name, but i will always know you are a hero. Godspeed user.

Kek this

*kosher "neonazis"

I can stir shit up with the whole(non planet) Earth .
I don't care

Enjoy your shortened lifespan then. Your shitty OpSec is making sure of it.


God bless you agent argie

What polonium taste like OP ?

Oh, I know how lazy they are. Grew up in Moscow. Funny what a few bills at the counter will do for Russian productivity, though. No such thing as a Russian queue though, just a Russian crowd.



"Dear Russia, we wuz niggers 'n shit. What"

That will earn their respect.

This is bullshit. If the FSB or ZOG wants you badly enough to put in the resources, Linux isn't going to save your ass for this sort of shit.

Nice projection. Russians being in Azov means little especially when the ethnic cleansing and sparks of separatism had also occurred in west Ukraine. I never implied the Eastern separatists were part of Russia or that even mattered, Eastern Ukrainians are ethnically Russian, not nationally Russian. I'm not sucking kremlin dick, stop sucking your own and other capitalist/western faggots using skinheads as a tool.

I'll say it again, Azov and Ukrainian nationalism will only be worth shit if they ever pull another coup on piggy Poroshenko and his kike cronies. It's almost similar from Polish government facilitating nationalism to the people just enough to make them happy but still having cucky Merkel boot-licking faggots in it. Except, Ukraine's government being pathetic and having pathetic propaganda, the Ukrainians deserve a real nationalist governance.

Mate, OK, forget the linux shit. You realize how nigger tier it is to have a fucking hotmail account? Not even gmail (not much better, but) or prion or anything even mildly secure? Now you just gave what looks like your google address with we can assume same address. This is poor performance. Though you are ducky in that I doubt the huehues give a shit.

Blessed be Kek

But they never will. ZOG will use them as a proxy to fight Russia and then, if they ever won, eat them alive and install a new branch of ZOG there. Which is why I don't support Ukraine at all. If you don't know how the E-Jew and NATO works by now, not sure what to do for you.

You think there are FSB agents here? Or are you talking about FBI? It's not like I trust the feds from America given their shitty track record with each administration that's passed.

bey bye

pretty much this, yet their are Holla Forumslacks telling me and other idiots how wonderful Russia is. If only they knew…

ты говоришь все еще по-русский? мне не свободно теперь, и ты тоже?

certainly not if they're willing to slip you polonium in your tea.

projecting what? There are many Russians who don't march in lockstep with Putin. Yet there're plenty of idiots on Holla Forums who think that Putin is a white nationalist despite building Europe's biggest mosque in Moscow and jailing white ethnonationalists. this →

Since he's a huehue I expect CIA, not FBI. There are also Russian propagandists here so FSB isn't totally out of the question.

I think they're just non russian fanboys of russia

Are you saying there are not FSB agents wordlwide? I forgot that he was a huehue.
lol, no foolin?


Yep. Shit's all retarded but understanding the right understanding and direction is the best thing you can assert.

I agree with everything you say here, just saying that Azov isn't really going anywhere and their government is using them. I've only really ever rooted for Eastern seps (not in their entity at all, I don't see them as a substitute or a potential ruling power at all even though they seem to be semi-capable) because they'd be the ones to at least kill them, sure they fuck with civilians but not as much as the Western Ukrainians.

tl;dr I simply am just asserting Ukraine is just a massive shit show and they're all idiots even though I really hope as a whole they get out of this in some positive manner. It's absolute bullshit how much Ukraine and Baltics always have to suffer because of their buffer statuses and garbage conflicts/tragedies.

Lots of burgers became Putin fans simply because they couldn't stand sight of a nigger in charge of their own country and because he at least LARPs that he's an Orthodox Christian.
I know his history, hanging out with the big Jew Oligarchs in their estates on the Costa del Sol early on. Russians tell me he's essentially a Slavic version of a neo-cohen.
Also, he married his daughter off to a fucking Gook in South Korea. Which tells he he's as much a globalist as everything this board professes to hate. Even with all that, I still don't support Ukraine. To what end? To put a NATO branch of ZOG on the Russian border and risk triggering WW 3? Those fucks like Nuland don't give a shit about Ukrainian ethnic nationalism, they just want a proxy base on the Russian border.

by kill them I also meant kill government lackies, not Azov or military (although that'd obviously be a result)

Not that I believe that will ever happen.

by kill them I also meant kill government lackies, not Azov or military (although that'd obviously be a result)

Not that I believe that will ever happen.

What if his country of origin is Russia?

I'm actually not sure whether hueland is subject more to US or Eastern influence. i always tend to confuse those in the southern hemisphere.

I saved a beautiful young Russian girl once when she parachuted out of a plane and was lost in the forest

Its a delicate thing because I generally follow Dr. Pierce's advice– we should support all nationalism among all peoples at all times so long as it isn't hostile to our own. But realistically, we know why the Ukrainians with 3rd Reich patches never appear in Western Media– the ZOg wants to use them to fight Russia, and then very quickly liquidate them.
I can sympathize with Ukrainians wanting independence after the long, shitty history they had with Russia and the USSR. The nigger in the woodpile is that ZOG wants them to turn away from Russia and join the E-Jew for their own ends. They don't give two fucks about Ukrainians or their historic grievances, just want them on a leash and as a missile base, which many Ukrainians don't seem to understand.

tl;dr- EU is even worse cancer than being in Russian sphere of influence for Ukraine at this point, along with risking WW 3.

This is actually a good question because despite BRIC, Brazil still literally crawling with Us special forces of all sorts. Who have the advantage because the very few spics who aren't nigger tier have an easier time learning Portuguese.

Truly glorious fight worthy of white person.

You can also support any of countless african warlords. They are killing niggers, so they should be based?


poor lads

Should I make a roster?

What does it say I don't read Vatnik?

You know this is bullshit and that the Kievan Rus' were the original Nordic settlers of the area going back 900 years. They have legit ethnic grievances after 80 years of being starved and abused by a Judeo-Bolsheivik government in Moscow.

what shitty history? The USSR had major ship building facilities (the ukraine sold China a fucking aircraft carrier), Antonov aircraft facilities (some of the largest planes ever built) The USSR had their space program in the Ukraine. Kiev had been Russian for more than 1000 years… The USSR collapsed and everything went to shit, but the history wasn't all bad, and they are neighbors.

Ever heard of the Holodomor and Lazar Kagonavich? Might want to look it up…


everyone knows about that here

OP, of course send them info if you have something good to share. Saving White lives while enabling them to remove kebab is win, win.

correct. everything you said is true, yes, Vladimir Putin is a Russian neocon. Don't act however, that Russia has never been guilty of crimes, especially where the Georgians are considered.

curious how he's on Holla Forums seeing as it's banned in Russia. If he's using a proxy, chances are he's being monitored, plus tor and others like it are banned too (it's actually illegal to use tor in Russia). So either way, he's fucked.

Never was an expert on South America either.

You can't support nationalism of all people especially the Arabs, because that would mean supporting Islam.

You've never lived in Russia I'm guessing, nor do you know much about it's history or it's current political landscape. Russia has done plenty to warrant criticism, though it might not be as dramatic in scale as America.

I don't believe you, where did you read that it was infested with americans spec ops? that doesn't seem like the type of information the pentagon would give away so freely.

There's at least one retard from texas who thought something along those lines. It's funny seeing white nationalist skinheads and commie faggots fighting in different battalions, but for the same vainglorious cause for Russia. By the way, "ukraine", historically called Ruthenia and rus', technically existed before Russia(the heir appearant to the grand duchy of moscow) did.


There were already slavic peoples living there, the nordmen merely established a state. within time, the nordmen were slavicised.

technically, so the russians themselves.

no, retard, the grand duchy of kiev and the grand duchy of moscow were separate states. They were not joined together for 1000 years.

I never knew about this… DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ARCHIVE.


Are you talking about Russell Bentley the literal communist? While I can appreciate that he has balls to actually go and fight something without trashing his own neighbourhood like antifa scum, he's a dirty communist and must be put down like the rest of them. Not Hate, just a matter of hygiene.


Wth wanna be fanboy, such lazy opsec.
Is the anti-cartel meme warrior ded? You killed him? Why are you fishing in these waters?

Found the Ukrai-kike.

We have ID here fuck off to cuckchan.

can't breed when you are dead.

i AM the anti cartel warrior


If you travel in south america and speak shitty spanish/Portuguese and are a gym fag, they'll treat you accordingly. I was hiking in South America when Was 23 or 24 and stopped at a shithole on peru/ecuador border for Christmas and was taking to the guy who worked there and wondering why they the entire content had been treating me as they did. The guy laughed and told me that my haircut/build made them mark me as US military.
I sort of wrote it off at the time, but I'd recommend to you the works of Chalmers Johnson, who was a professor of Intl Relations at Berkley and was a CIA contractor.
In rural south america, Spanish speaking or Portuguese, by far the most common interactions with americans they have are with Us special forces.
If you are White and going to go, try to grow your hair long and stay away from the gym for a while or they will mark you as Us military.

Ungrateful subhumans

They all are, user. Now I don't agree with what happened with the Serb/Albanian conflict in Kosovo, but when my unit did what we had to do, Albanians hated us all the same. It's true that we had no business in the fight, but you'd think the piece of shit Albanians would have had some form of respect for our wrong actions, since it gave them Kosovo. But no. We were pieces of shit.

user, a muslim is a muslim is a muslim. To this day if if I'm i Jew York and hear a sort of Eastern euro accent and ask the girl, you hear Kosovo/Albania you back away asap. Even if you can't always tell Albanians by look, their actions give them away. The italians despise them for being the drug/white slave traffickers across the Adriatic.
A European muslim is the descended from traitors and cowards. Those are the people who converted to serve their Turk masters while others either died fighting or lived as basically slaves for 500 years rather than submit.
Clinton. Albright, Cohen, burger, ad the rest of the gang of Jews who were behind Serbia should be hanged.

Done. I sent it to their 'International Cooperation' department.

Stalin was a Georgian, btw. If you mean South Ossetia, that was another ZOG job. They shelled a Russian position and then tried to hide behind ZOG's skirt when Russia actually fought back.

you can just jewggle "syria general, 4 chan." There's a dispute as to whether it really was SG or not in the media. I don't even know if SG is still going, cuckchan has been pozzed for 2.5 years but now it's unbearable even to check SG.


You should have ask them to send us the letters in English!

so…what's FSB like ,on general terms?

They've done it twice. Here's the other one.

objetively speaking, Why should i help the secularist assad and not ISIS?

Russian positions inside georgian border. imagine if mexico set up military positions inside US border.

Ivan, tell your superiors to pay you more rubels. братан.


Because secularist mudshits keep to thier own countries.

The thing that really caused the migrant crisis wasn't wars in the middle east, it was the killing of Gaddafi. He secured the coastline of his country. Now that libya is a non country, that's where all the boat people are coming from.

You're either dishonest or stupid with regard to South Ossetia. I can't discount the chance of "stupid" because any time I bring up a recent, relevant book, no one here has read it.

Yes, surely. Tell that to the tens of millions who died under his judeo-bolshevism in the gulags. You sound like a kike apologist or a straight out kike. "pure coincidence goyim."

Is it also "irrelevant" that Trotsky/Bronstein, Yagoda, Kagonaivch, Ilya Enherhberg (I can keep going) were Jews?
It was the capture of Russia by foreign elements and a foreign ideology.

Yes keep feeding them all the infos you have.

Best free email, or email that can be paid for anonymously?

Nice work, user. Keep it up.

Because only shills and newfags have to ask that question retard.


you know the ones. protonmail…there are a bunch. Or you can go complete autist and just PGP everything you send and refuse to communicate with anyone who won't use.

Yahoo esp literally gave the FEDs permission to search their entire use database and hotmail had a massive leak. Gmail is sort of the standard one used by most of the "important" jews if you saw the DNC donor leaks with email addresses of big donors.

russia's forces seem genetically inferior

Putin is a communist, not a white nationalist


This is complete horseshit. He's far from perfect, but compared to the alcoholic Western puppet Yeltsin who let 12 Jews suck every ruble out of the nation (and convert them in dollars with help of Marc Rich), he's far better.

Send them the video of the Antifa beating the Trump supporter to death in California, and ask them to start the ball rolling to formally declare them a terrorist organization.

Peter bagration was Georgian.
nice d&c ivan (implying georgians are kikes). find more ways to ignore historical facts that Samachablo (s.ossetia) and Abkhazia were always part of georgian kingdom. you need to eat some khachapuri.>>9100338


Translation? I can type Vodka runes on yandex translate if need be, but am too lazy.

Every intel agency on the planet has someone monitoring 8/pol/. Are you thick?


Specifically 200 years together in english
Double kek this