Trump’s Next Immigration Move to Hit Closer to Home for Tech


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Are you tired of winning yet?

idk, how long has he been president now? like a year right?

I'm noticing, probably not for the first time that the group of people that talk the most about the elite and rich keeping the poor down are the ones trying to import slave labor the most.
am a Pajeet telling this


Here is an entire suburb in Ohio full off pajeets drivig $60k and living in $200k homes

the leftiest of places on reddit/slashdot/hackernews are all welcoming this change. What is the most ironic part? The person pushing this is a Democrat


So…. should I be dumping my IBM stock?

Kill it with fire.

L1B will get fucked before H1B does.

fuck these kikes
fuck I wish it wouldn't

Also, its funny how that kike needed a team of pajeets to make his site run and work and we have 2 people with ducktape and hotglue keeping our site running better then reddit.

I am brown but still feel bad for americans. Rise up white men. Start having IQ and philosophy/critical thinking tests on your immigration requirements.

This is what I think: Dump all software stocks, no exceptions. Everything is red today (not by much though). If any such bill passes, it will help to accelerate the inevitable tech bubble burst. There is a lot of worthless junk floating around in silicon valley backed by tons of money.

I mean, IBM is hardly dotcom.


On second thoughts, I really don't know what is going to happen. On the one hand, this H1B min raise might be bad in the short term, but if they get out of the diversity cult and get more creative employees, they might actually go back into 80s mode and give out better products. In the short term though, I wouldn't hold my investments in any of these kikes.


I was supporting Trump but didn't think he would deliver on his promises. Hillary losing being good was a no brainer. So automatically, I was for Trump then, and now, even more so. Good job burgers. Just don't fuck with India please. kill Indian americans, no one cares.

Each new day brings another episode of globalists getting fucked directly in the ass. They're going to pay dearly for their treachery.

does IBM even still exist? i thought they died out with dial-up

they've a huge product lineup in software. They got rid of almost all hardware business. Even their server chip section is diminishing.

you know i think it would've been a better idea if trump signed a law that said that non-whites would have to be paid 50 dollars an hour more for every job they do, and white people dont get that 50 bucks an hour, and simultaneously get rid of equal opportunity employment
and if they dont like it, they can just not hire any non-whites
and if the non-whites don't like it, they can either go back to mexico or move to canada

Oh fuck that don't deport me back to Swedenistan, Donald. I'm white.

You have to go back cuckbro

well actually i take that back, i think its better for trump to just build a wall to wall off California's 3 biggest cities as well as mexico…and why did i get those digits
Jesus Christ is Lord

satan-san, the non-whites affected in this case are most likely not from mexico but from China and India.

But I can't go back. Sweden is ruined. I was just back there for christmas to visit my family and even my comfy northern smalltown has been flooded with rapefugees who turned everything to shit. Nobody seems to care either and there is absolutely no resistance to fight for. I'm making myself a life here in America just like your European ancestors did at some point. I NEED to stay.

Just stay in your country mr poo in loo and we can be friends.

Do what spics do and get married. We won't even be mad at cha.

Don't tell us what to do, pajeet. We don't have much interest in a country whose streets are filled with poo, anyway.

They're basically the business world's IT department.


I was laid off from my last job because of Deloitte Consulting bringing in street shitters to replace my white american team. Now excuse me while I go continue laughing manically for another 20 minutes.

Fuck dude this gave me the feels even if you may be taking the job of a fellow burger. Good luck Swedebro

You can stay, but you must smuggle over hot Swedish women for American Whites.

You have until one Indian annoys a White in any way. Then you will be glassed.

Then you have to fix your home, not invade another person's.

I don't know what to make of OP's picture. On topic, this is fantastic news & I hope he keeps up the pressure. Sanctuary cities are about to melt down to levels we've never seen before.


I visited Chicago recently & drove through indiatown. At an intersection I could hear people speaking Hindi & the sidewalks were stained with brown spots from people spitting out tobacco. I'm really interested in seeing what the place is like a year from now. If it actually got cleaned up it would be a miracle. That whole city was such a hellhole.

There was a cooking show on TV while I was having dinner, and they couldn't resist pushing the "in a world that's closer and closer to globalization" while talking about our own country's traditional foods.

With each passing day, my hate for these traitors only gets stronger.


Calling it now

I don't understand why we don't do what every other country on the planet does: require a certain amount of money. If you have $1m laying around in disposable cash, you can pretty much guarantee citizenship in every country on the planet without any mess or run-around.

All we need to do is adopt a policy that says, "If you're poor, fuck off. We're full." and be done with it.

nah, birthright and revocation of Citizenship for people born here after 1965 that are first or second generation. Or just the "Protect America Through Ethnic Cleansing Act".

Yeah, nah. Enjoy flea-ridden Arabs buying citizenship and then squashing the property market under their fat, smelly asses in that case.
Selling citizenships is pathetic and dishonorable. Citizenship should only be tied to blood and, in very rare cases (I'm talking one-in-ten-million occurrences) to reward for exceptional services rendered to the country.

Funny you should say that.

The EB-5 investor green card allows Canadians to invest $500,000.00 to $1 million in a business enterprise in exchange for a green card.There are options though. If the investment is in a rural area, or a TEA, you only need to invest $500,000.00, demonstrate the creation of 10 indirect jobs, and you do not have to be directly involved in overseeing the business. To qualify for a TEA, an area must have an unemployment rate of 150% of the national average. In short, you can reduce the investment amount in half, and lower the job creation requirement, simply by investing in a TEA.

it's just typical misdirection.

What a crock of shit. Everyone and their mother has a degree in IT. There was a STEM frenzy as millions of high school students were told that that was were the money was. Now those same kids can't get work because of Pajeet and co.

That "technically skilled workforce" is the Pajeet who takes an American job at a fraction of the pay.

This is honestly great news. I remember reading about some faggot lwho worked at Disney and had to train his currynigger replacement. I hope he and others like him are reading this and starting to see the scope of Donald J. Trump.


After the first 100 days THERE WILL be a GREAT monument built for the forgotten man who lost hope and for those who almost did. It will be beautiful

That already exists. It's called an EB-5 Visa.

And that needs to go away as well.

I'm sorry Pajeet but you people must stop shitting in the streets and go kill the Pakistanis. You have to go back.

We don't need your emasculated kind here cuck, you have to go back.

So how much dick sucking will the techies do?

they'll all release intentionally shitty software for the next 8 years and blame in on Trump.

If you have money user, you should shortsell stocks like Facebook and Google.

business as usual then

Good. I remember him saying he would spare H-1B during a debate or something and I'm glad that was just GOP pandering. The H-1B system is so fucking rigged it's ridiculous. It's designed to support immigration from brain-draining countries but instead imports the minimum amount of skilled labor so tech companies can drive down wages with Pajeets who hold bullshit degrees.

Quite honestly I'm still kind of there even though I love the winning. Been dealing with health problems for almost three years now, which have ruined my personal life, and I just caught a break with insurance today but yesterday I was on the brink. It's hard to come back from that. Aryan, btw.

We call that shit the "golden cards" in Portugal. They are only bought by the Chinese who are also making sure to buy all of our banks, energy companies and everything else that's on sale at the moment.

I'm sorry to tell you, but that wasn't tobacco user.


Daily reminder Pajeets are based poo in the loos.

No. Simply have work visas allowing job related visits and business but only from other white countries, and citizenship can be only aquired through marriage and removing your citizenship of the country you come from. Tourism is allowed for 3 months ,also from white countries. Have political embassies harbors and airports available for non-whites, so you can speak to foreign leaders face to face, but that's about it for non-white interaction.

Good. They can support him from India.

Stay strong user cures are coming once we put the pharma jews out of business and bring back real medicine.

I thought that it would be great if he had kept only some of his promises, but everyday we find out about another front where he is fighting for his people.

The tech industry is so irrevocably pozzed that nothing will fix it. It will slowly burn to the ground as cult-marxists infest it shoving out anyone of merit.

Fuck that. Chinks have thousands of years of experience cheating on standardized tests, we have no reason to give them that opportunity here.

It's not over yet. We still have midterms approaching. Things can go south very quickly. What can be done needs to be done fast. And we need a couple more dead justices. ASAP.

The way things are Trump could end up being another lame-duck president if they can get more filthy dems in.

Hahaha, the good news keeps coming.

I also feel for the anons who will have trouble getting back into tech work after being out of it for so long.
Hopefully tech will be invigorated after the shit companies go to the wall and a new breed rises up.

IBM is now a consulting company in the tech sphere, they took the pajeets in a big way.

I read that too. I read another story, might be related, about Disneyworld's entire IT staff of 500+ people being fired at once, all replaced with H1B Pajeets, because fuck you, goyim, what are you gonna do about it? It pisses me off that if you're American and working class, your job gets taken by an illegal beaner, but if you put in the work to get educated and learn a trade like programming or engineering, you STILL get fucked because of Pajeet and Chang. The US has been used as the dumping ground for the third world's excess people for too many years. Thank God it's ending.

It was even more galling than that. Not only did they get replaced by H1Bs, they had to train their replacements before they left.

Any company that doesn't abuse the H1B system is going to look like a fucking rockstar when this rolls out.

I would have just quit and not train my replacement.

There is this perverse undercurrent in tech that is extremely limp dicked on workers' rights.

They were withholding retirement packages bro.
Disney was literally dangling their employees' retirement pensions over their heads.

I am getting purged from my commie & kike infested German company next week due to guilt by association with Trump (I'm an American). What are some things I can do to collect dirt on them before I leave? Since we have an (((open office plan))), at minimum I'd like to put a keylogger on my system so I can track whoever is using it next.

This is good but is he likely to go after EB-5 anytime soon? Asking for a friend.

t. totally not a richfag


Cutting H1b's is one of the few things I've been able to convince my leftist computer programmer friends of. They see it themselves how it cuts their wages and they hate the indians and chinks too (although they won't admit it). Whats amazing is that they seem to have no problem and don't see the contradiction of flooding the country with low skilled labor to decimate blue collar jobs.


Trench level tech workers do not understand that they are blue collar. It's not like being a plumber or a welder or an electrician, but they are a part of the development, construction and maintenance process for complex systems.

They think they are protected.

is there a kikebot that algorithmically analyzes videos for criticism of (((the agenda))) and auto-downvotes into oblivion?