EU President Tusk declares President Trump an enemy of the West

European Council President Donald Tusk has warned that "worrying declarations" from US President Donald Trump are among the challenges faced by the EU.

He said the change in Washington was part of an external threat that also included an assertive China, an aggressive Russia and radical Islam.

In a letter to 27 European leaders, Mr Tusk also said he believed most of them agreed with him.
Several statements from Washington have prompted alarm in Europe's capitals.

In his letter, issued ahead of an EU summit in Malta this week, Mr Tusk said the new US administration placed the EU in a "difficult situation" as it appeared to "put into question the last 70 years of American foreign policy".

He concluded: "We cannot surrender to those who want to weaken or invalidate the Transatlantic bond with the United States, without which our global order and this peace cannot survive. This new administration poses a threat to the Western order as we know it. We should remind our American friends of their own motto: United we stand, divided we fall."

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soon he will be in jail

Not gonna be a president of anything soon.

Tusk ty kurwo niemyta

don't pollacks hate this guy?

it says a lot of a political leader if he's not welcome in his home country anymore

Translation: If the United States is not being controlled by (((us))), our plans for NWO cannot survive

The USA has had two official mottoes:

1) E pluribus unum (out of many, one)
2) In God We Trust

Don't worry, we remember them.

That's not our motto you dumb shit. It's "In God We Trust."

Just declare the Caliphate of Europa you fucking cuck.

Oh NOW they're concerned with the state of Western Civilization and the erosion of its values. They seemed just fine labeling it as something only "white supremicists" were worried about just a few short months ago.

(((Western order as we know it)))

Does anyone else feel like WW3 is gonna be USA, remnants of NATO, and Russia vs the EU army?

Thanks for the giggle m8


No because not even the EU can be that stupid to try to take that on

We're gonna need a lot of rope.

And who exactly is going to fight in this 'EU army'?

The Europeans that got 'enriched' by it?

WW3 is going to be a Civil War in America, with both the EU and Russia using it as a proxy war.

Indeed, he has to run from Poland because he could actually be lynched. For sending Poland into high debts he got nice position in eu babel tower>>9080131

Looks like our glorious ruler will have to have a "talk" with him once he returns.


Oh yeah that would be a sight

Europe is in the same boat as Clappistan. If it happens in America it'll happen in Europe. It'll be The People vs Leftists.

That is unironically most probably the case.

And now we know why the EU wants to import at least 60 million rapefugees into Europe.

Mudslimes, Kikes, and Commies. We didn't say it would be a long or fair war.

The USA is supposed to be the inspiration for the creation of the EU. Now you're saying the EU founders were wrong you cuck? Oh right I forgot, you have a very (((specific interpretation))) of what constitute a democratic process. Meaning any election result MUST be approved by the establishment otherwise it's no good and very (((dangerous))).

Syria and Iraq m8.

Civil War in America isn't going to happen.

Trump's election was a coup by the DoD and Trump is backed by a vast majority of gun owners.

The EU is basically the German Empire in early 1944. It wouldn't be the first time. I expect an invasion of France or Poland to kick it off when one of those 2 countries do their own Brexit.

fuck you tusk, AMERICA FIRST!! No questions.


USA and Russia teamed up against the rest of the civilized world would end faster than the Iraq war, user. We wouldn't call it ww3, we'd call it the European occupation or something.

How did you even fuck this up…

The EU is, in every sense, the Soviet Union rebooted. They don't call it the EUSSR for nothing.

Europeans think the same; fuck this unimportant nobody, Europe first!

I meant Geographically and Militarily you retard.


Everybody I know fucking hates that piece of shit. Why the fuck is he the president of EU? He's a SJW stereotype, a caricature of a human

uh, you don't get to pick presidents.

It means thats what Merkel thinks, Tusk is a puppet.

still doesn't explain why they put shit-for-brains there. All he does is push more people against EU


I want WWIII to be Germany vs the world again kek

(((Germany))) You got this.

I just want to see Merkel try to command a military.
I want to give everybody who believes in their fantastic utopia a chance to fight for what they believe in.

Yeah, nobody likes him. (((German))) media, which is the majority here, of course love him and praise him to no end as he made lots of debt, but nobody listens to them anymore. The more inane cries they make, the more the approval for the government rises and the approval of the opposition falls. The current government is not perfect, but it's the best possible choice I can see.

Except the Soviet Union had successful propaganda and its people weren't as degenerate. Able people willingly fought for it, but who would fight for the EU? Leftists and western commies, you say? They are weak, fat, frail and/or old, sometimes all of these traits. Half of them would run away as soon as a conflict arose, and the majority of the remainder would run away or surrender seeing others having done so already. They have no spirit, no conviction, they only shout from their privileged positions.

What I don't get is, if he really is one of them, why are all the (((foreign media))) here so heavily against him? Not a single day goes without him and the government receiving some negative news. That's basically what makes me think he and the gov must be doing something right.

It's not even the same geographically and militarily you malignant tumor.

USSR managed to hold out for decades because they had a better propaganda AND because they kept the undesirables in check through fear. EU is like its retarded child that has shitty, dysfunctional propaganda and can only intimidate other governments through (((sanctions))), but can't do shit to scare the population, which openly hates it. USSR was evil and competent (surviving decades despite working on an inherently dysfunctional model is quite a feat), while EU is evil and impotent


It didn't. It was exactly the same as it is now; the picture painted by the media is a utopia where everyone loves the Dear Leaders while in reality the people are in misery and utterly hate their communist dictators.

You're spot on with the rest though. No one is going to fight for the EU save for a couple of retards and obviously mudslimes. Then again, this 'army' that the EU wants to raise will not be deployed against foreign armies; it's to suppress European insurrection.

Better yet:

They really mean our order when they say it.

This is the first time in my life that I'm thankful that the US occupies almost all of Europe while 90% of their countries can't even pay the minimum requirement that NATO requires to field their own military. Since WWII this influence has been manipulated by kikes to destroy European sovereignty and flood them with third-world shitskins, but now that there's finally a right-wing nationalist in charge of America, we/re actually in a position to protect their from their communist jews ruling them through the EU.

Just wait and see. They're not doing shit to the populace because they can't get away with it yet.

It is a full-blown Soviet Union, better believe it.

It's not even that unthinkable.

When Europeans rise to action against their Leftist occupied governments you might see a real civil war unfold where the US has to step in and fight militaries of various countries because of loyalist dogs in their militaries.

Reminder that Fleetwood Mac is the most cuckcophonous band to ever exist and that Tusk is revealed to be the magnum opus of cuckery if you look up the details as to why the album was made, what its lyrical meanings are, and what its net loss was.


Rumours was pretty good though lad

I'm a natural pessimist my friend, keeps me on my toes.

Remember that one?


Russia and USA vs Islam vs the rest of the world in an epic WW3 battle which leads to Russia and USA splitting up the world?

Meme it!

I was going to say that Russia wants to destroy Europe, but it's been doing it to itself so..

EU =/= Europe.

If you go to war with the EU you'll be fighting a thing on paper, and the war may be over before you get there because Europeans will have strung up their communist dictators if they do plunge them into war.

It doesn't.

We need to meme this into reality.

this is being said far too much by too many people.

In fact, I recall that being a T_D thing to say. Why don't you go back?

What does that tell you buddy?

Not enough memes.

user you doubles posting nigger, we invented meming things into reality. Nobody gives a fuck about T_D

No faggot, you need to go back.

Where are you getting this? Russia's like 15-20% Muslim. Most of the contingent they sent to Syria is Muslim. They pay billions in what amounts to tribute to Chechnya.

As for the USA, absolutely nothing has changed with regard to Muslims. All the Gulf States are still completely welcome to come over here because our economy would collapse without their investment. The Mediterranean Muslim countries are still trusted to secure their side of the sea and have free reign to do whatever they like in Europe. Mattis came out just the other day gushing over how important Kosovo was to the US and how we aren't going anywhere.

[citation needed]

For what?

May as well smear shit on a piece of paper and post it, it'll have the same effect as this post.

Literally who?

How popular is this guy? What percentage of the vote did he get? Oh, wait….

You wouldn't have an economy were it not for China.

There's nothing in there that isn't true. It's not even controversial. The fuck are you even talking about?

fuck, that's the guy Nigel reked forever, why does that retard even get a say?

leagues upon leagues a thousandfold

US & Russia vs the EJew and Israel when?
Right here jackass.

How Ironic of them to always project their own crimes onto others. They cry out in pain as they strike you.

> without which our (((global order))) and this peace cannot survive
>(((global order)))
>(((global order)))
>(((global order)))
>(((global order)))
>(((global order)))

top kek, all of this on top of Father P.P. its a damn good day.


Predictions on when the EU collapses Holla Forums?

Fuck you Tusk, i never elected you as my leader, fuck, i never knew your fucking name until now.

You deserve to die.

anti white americucks are dreaming about pillaging europe again


The Eu doesn't the support of the common people throughout the nations of Europe. I doubt anyone would actually go to war for it.

Fucking rekt every time
Always proud of are Nige

If dubs, within the year of the fire cock.

What did Nige mean by this? I'm not up to date on Euro politics but did the EU do something right for once?

Nice try m80
Maybe next year though

and that's the problem.
Nobody, not even those who live in EU knows what the fuck or who the fuck runs EU.
They know their prime ministers, sure, but who runs the EU and what happens there? Go to Nigel


I hope the fucks take a few feet of shitdick before being beheaded.

No, fast-forward to around 2:28. Farage is criticizing the polish dude about an "appalling tax on jewish people" Was there seriously an EU kike-tax because this would be the first beneficial, pro-white policy they've implemented in my lifetime, but I've never heard of this.

If you keep this shit up, he'll pull troops from the EU. At that point you'll have to start demanding that member nations contribute to an "EU armed forces", which will be the nail in the coffin for any member nations even considering their own Brexit RN.

Must suck to be in a situation that has no possible way to win, but'll take literal years to lose.

Post yfw Trump will stop aiding the NATO and they will be on their own and defenseless against Russia

Are Nige will bring it all down
hes made a career out of taking the piss out of the EU and hes making a career out of taking it all down
they've tried to kill him twice, erase him in an 'accident' and they've threatened to murder his daughters

you have a good ear, lets dig in and find out

Democracy is too important to be left to the voters.

democracy IS too important to be left to voters. when everyone is equal and everyone based on age (of all the most inconsequential things one could choose) can vote.

checked and Yes
He's tearing down the EU with no survivors

i assume you mean no commie survivors

Only there are commies in the EU

EU is the only place where politicians least admired get to rule. They flee from the nation states where they are hated, with bags full of money usually, and get some position in the EU.
Ask Europeans to name EU polticians and they name two or three at most.


When (((they))) talk about saving our "global order" and "this peace" they are openly saying they want to protect those in power and their globalist project.

Second picture should be shopped with Tusk's face on the left guy


Eat shit:

The US bombed a state run by drug-trading organ selling slvers and gangsters and jihadis into existence and is completly commited to defend it.

Thank God we finally have the battle lines drawn. Get fucked, EU.


>President Trump an enemy of the West
Exactly,keeping out shitskins that want to kill and displace whites, is totally against western values.

This looks like a job for Captain Sweden.
Only the cucked crusader of meatballs can show us how to spread our asshole wide enough to accommodate our invaders.

Anyone know the nationality of the man who did Goatse?

When these people say "the west," they mean the economic bloc of north america and Europe and nothing more. For them it is a purely economic designation.

If Americans actually tried, we could literally wipe out every Muslim on the face of the planet in less than a year. Don't fool yourself into thinking they are anything. USA already blew them out whole hamstrung by the most cucked rules of engagement in history.

That won't happen. Trump has the support of everyone in America who has weapons. If such a conflict arose, it would just be a massacre and a Trump victory, which could be fun.

Unless NGO's start supplying arms at these (((protests))) as well as Canada and Mexico invading at once. Hahaha it'd be fun really we could annex North America, I hope they make a move.

I just can't stop laughing imagining them invading on their morals for Moslems and getting rekted.

The EU has absolutely zero influence in the US. The US pays for all that luscious welfare in the EU by buying up their worthless bonds. We could destroy them with the stroke of a pen. Russia sponsors some shitty antifa groups here that could do poison gas attacks Ohm Shinrikyo-style but that would be exactly the excuse Trump would need to call up the militia and purge these kikes once and for all. If shit happens in the USA it will Soros-instigated nigger riots and/or open mexishit conflict, both of which will be turkey shoots that I look forward to seeing. If WW3 happened now it would be an air and naval war in the pacific with Red China. A lot of expensive shit would get blown up but there wouldn't be massive loss of life unless nukes were used. Falklands war stayed non-nuclear, time will tell how smart/stupid the chicoms are.

Judeo-christian :^)

Kek confirms. I have been thinking this for some time myself

Seems as though history is repeating itself.
WEW lads. The fire rises.

HAH! These continental monkeys think they are people!

The West is Anglo
The Anglo is West

u givin me a giggle m8

You mean germany?

These people are oblivious to the real sentiment of people, or dont care what it is. Their subversion was working for a long time, but now it is unraveling, exponentially it seems.

Despite how badly I want this to happen, it never will. The left knows better than to pick an open fight with us when /ourguy/ is commander in chief of the US military


May that Trump curse come in BIG time here. The guillotine is too quick for you Tusk. Your execution should last a month motherfucker.

Do you have information about this? I'd love to read up on it.

So lets see here, who are the enemies of the EU:
-The USA

So the two largest nations, and most power nations on Earth, are the enemies of a dysfunctional, defective organization that can't even organize a military. This will end well for them.

We Endwar now?

Maybe the EU is like those guys who suicide by police officer?

The Ewww ( EU) is the enemy of the countries it took over the west and our entire society.
jews out!

Juncker, van Balen, Verhofstadt, Tusk, Farage, Timmerfrans (this man is truly disgusting), Schulz are some of the people I recognize.

But there are hundreds of MP's and an even larger civil administration below them. Also the thing with the EU is, if you're caught with corruption you likely get a slap on the wrist, but you don't get fired. You remain on the position. The civil servants who were allowing it remain on their position. So corruption in the EU is not dealt with at all. The people who reside in the EU are professional criminals, nothing else. They fail at solving the most pressing issues the EU faced for years now, they're a dysfunctional organ that is leeching from European countries.

Top fucking kek. The Red Army consisted mostly of conscripts being told they will be shot by their own (((officers))) unless they charge forward. Willingly my ass.

He's controlled opposition. Basically our own little Dubya.

I'd say the EU has much better propaganda. Back in the Soviet Bloc days, everyone with half a brain knew well that all media is Party mouthpiece and everything coming from it is bollocks. Today, the kikes in charge created the illusion of media pluralism and independence, and normalfags actually gobble up the propaganda served to them. There is a significant fraction of people in every EU country who sincerely want the EU - while the SU was universally despised and fell apart as soon as the military power holding it together dissolved.
What do you think is happening today in Europe? The kikes in charge are even openly boasting about it.
The difference between competence and impotence is having an army. Which is why EU-loving shills like Kalkstein push so hard for creating one.

fucking this