The FBI has quietly investigated white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement

Bureau policies have been crafted to take into account the active presence of domestic extremists in U.S. police departments.

Although the FBI has not publicly addressed the issue of white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement since that 2006 report, in a 2015 speech, FBI Director James Comey made an unprecedented acknowledgment of the role historically played by law enforcement in communities of color: “All of us in law enforcement must be honest enough to acknowledge that much of our history is not pretty.” Comey and the agency have been less forthcoming about that history’s continuation into the present.


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How is this a problem?

"Alice Speri is a multimedia journalist with an interest in justice, civil rights, and the struggle for equality. "

theintercept. com/staff/alicesperi/

jfjfp. com/?p=67948

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A white supremacist organization is investigating itself on the grounds of white supremacy?

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This terrorizes the jew.

The FBI are a bunch of filthy disgusting kikes that hate America. If they weren't, they would never have been allowed to join the FBI. Every single one of them will eventually be charged with treason.

Why do the "perfect white family" pictures always have the man having brown hair and the woman being blonde? Can't you find some that have couples with the same hair color?

The FBI, like most government institutions is fairly incompetent. Think of how bad the post office was before FedEx brought competition, that's how incompetent most other federal institutions are, even the important ones like CIA NSA and FBI (though they are notably more competent than others). The FBI investigates shit like the KKK because it doesn't actualy take a high degree of skill like it would to infiltrate drug cartels and mafias; but also the KKK has been built up in the minds of normies to be a big scary group (instead they're just a bunch of irl shitposters who have regular BBQs because they don't internet), so when the FBI says "look, we busted a bunch of KKK dudes planning violence (well, we planned the violence and pushed them to do it but they totally would have tagged along)" the public gets feelgoods and thinks the FBI is worth a damn, and isn't just a bunch of Chris Hansens with cooler equipment.

Now the reason they dont target the Black Panthers or La Raza (or whatever the mexishit version is) is because its really really difficult to get actually competent agents of Black or Latino origin to go in there and stir shit up without A: making a total obvious ass of themselves and getting shot, or (more importantly) B: not go full fucking retard and join the Ape Brigade because they wuz kangz.

So do you have a link to that file they obtained?


Not Op but the Intercept that was linked sure has a lot of articles on the F.B.I

My favorite was "sometimes agents find themselves spying on other agents."

Notice how not once are ANTIFA and radical leftist extremism mentioned, despite its presence in every university in the west. They firebombed the South Carolina GOP headquarters, and no one bats an eye. Thats terrorism, that was a terrorist attack on a political group, violence and intimidation based on political beliefs etc and to further their goals.

The FBI is clearly marxist and anti-white, I see now why Trump gave a speech to the CIA, but not them.

Please use a pastebin next time…

Anyhow this is not surprising, LEO are not our friends, anyone who thinks they are, are delusional. Even proportionally speaking, more whites are killed per year than niggers are. Although who knows, maybe the figure is skewed due to LOEs considering brown as fuck spics as "whites".

In fact this would be some interesting research to be done IMHO.

Thats the file. Its big, but it should tell you if youre on a list or not.


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The CIA are international criminals shielded from the law, they are involved in child trafficking, drugs, money laundering and act as hitmen for rich kikes. They all need a purge.

Well obviously its controlled by Jews. This isn't really that much of a surprise.

They target all those organizations indiscriminately. They had success with cracking down on the Italian Mafia and Irish Mob in the 70s and 80s.

A possible reason why they didn't tackle nigger and spic organizations is because they're decentralized in comparison to the Italiaian mafia and irish mob.

Reading this file for the team. What is an Alien Registration Number. The US has registered illegal aliens? Sounds like Trump has a big list of easily deportable people.

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Bro, it might be a shit OP but this is gold, and we should be combing it. Read pic related, more coming.


The other guide:

Gives methods of collection, supposedly. It said further above my pic relateds.




It gets redacted and jumps to another section after that. Ill keep reading. This really deserves its own, non shit thread. Its what the FBI uses to determine if you should be watched or not.



Yeah, well, dismantling of the EPA helps the Koch brothers (seriously, look up how much trouble they get in with the EPA on a regular basis) so I guess it all makes sense.

It seems to cut off several other forms of classification in that first redacted part. Id suggest people read this, its really big and I probably wont make it through before I lose interest, but its fairly important to some people Im sure.

I wonder what they meant by this.

Federal Bureau for Israel

Kampfy dun goofd.

I bet >>>/islam/ is enjoying that.

Next section is mostly legal jargon about FISA courts, not really catching what most of it means.

Im not even 1/4 of the way through, and Im skimming here. This will take some time, someone should make a thread where we can comb it as a group… Im not trained in legalese, either.

(and this is 1 of 2 documents)



FISA courts

That's where they rubberstamp you to be monitored by the NSA.

They put 24/7 surveillance on some of those cops, gangstalk them physically. It says it right on the paper.

Oh look it is the wall of text faggot. Filtered.

No flying for you.

Read my posts, I just found what gets people on the no-fly list, among a lot of other things. This needs its own thread, with a sticky.


What is TREX?

Says they investigate people who are linked to terrorists, and they investigate other countries terrorists if the cooperating country gives them information that they are possibly a terrorist in that country too. Says they collect fingerprints etc of these people, I wonder of they go around trying to find your garbage or something.

sounds like you're a bit mixed up there. despite the anti-white posturing in years past they actually didn't take action against white politics. LEO is still a wild dog that you should never fully trust, but the goals of white nationalism need police cooperation. the list of white enemies has a lot in common with the list of police enemies. anarchists/communists, la raza, blm, etc. politicians tell cops to kill whitey but they don't have the time or inclination. how do you think you'd feel about blacks if you had to police the ghetto?

that's a registration number for aliens, not illegal aliens. some illegals might have been registered at some point but the list is unlikely to be useful for border jumpers.

By the time they started investigating white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement, the white supremacists where already infiltrating the FBI.

JTRIG tier revelations folks. Get this the attention it deserves, I am merely a humble Holla Forumsack reading this for the team.. but everyone needs to see this.

a dinossaur?

The file Im reading from, its the first file in the OPs post that was discussed from 2015.

Next like 5-8 pages are about undercover operations and confidential informations, suboperations etc.

FBI comes out and says white people are extremists.

K. I guess white people are enemies of the state then. Fun :)

The OP is mostly irrelevant, I read through the file being pulled from in the article and found all the specific things that get you watchlisted, or no fly'd etc. and it also talks in detail about undercover operations in online communities etc.

Oppressive communist regime tier.

Its because they only hire white cucks and have no ethnic agents loyal to america to serve them.

Men generally end up darker in adulthood. Still, there might be some fuckery afoot. Blond adult men terrorize the jew more than anything.

Its 152 pages, I just skimmed them all and posted about 80%+ of the most strikingly important information. It should be thoroughly combed over, and then the secondary file too which I havent touched, which outlines all their methods of data collection for US and non US citizens according to this first file, near the top.

Im done for now, someone take over, it must be very obvious this is important as fuck and should have its own sticky.

First file I was linking from:

Second file which is supposed to have their data collection methods:

Btw, this file was just obtained on the second of this month, and chances are were the first people to stumble upon it and realize the information within. The OP is just some stupid story about cop infiltration, but this document is so much more important.

I went to a FBI recruitment meeting at my uni recently. They're predominantly white (80 percent) and they're likely civic nationalist due to their requirements. If folks take drugs at any point in their life, then they are completely barred. A lot of minorities get barred because of the drug requirement and the 3+ years in professional work experience requirement. They do romanticize diversity, but you won't get mediocre ones from waived requirements.

You can change the culture to be more right-leaning if you can.

It seems to be an entity for sharing terrorist information TeRrorism EXchange maybe?

Made a thread, now I really need to go.

Yeah I'd sure love to hang out with other "right-leaning" kikes who set up Klan Members and militia guys. Better to join an enforcement arm like the ATF or DEA and kneecap them during raids by fucking up intentionally.

Unrelated to thread but does anyone have the mp4 or a link to the NSA video with the faggy guy with a handlebar mustache and very diverse(poz) employees

They aren't white nationalists, but they aren't kool-aid drinking communists either. They're more like a weird mix of classical liberals and civic nationalists, but progressives consider them "right-wing nazis" now.

I got no qualms with the FBI, they're the only organization to still have members with common sense.
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They are Reagan loving good goys who are not racially conscious and indirectly support white genocide.

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To these kikes "White supremacist" means any random paleface. This was to astroturf the purging of their goon forces of any and all people White people or even those that "acted White." Remember how these kikes said Ben Carson was White as far as they were concerned? Meaning he was not down for destroying civilization and letting kike cannibals do whatever they want. The federalized shitskin police were going to use Bongo's database of Whiteys to genocide us. Thank god for Trump but keep your guard up because none of those pizza party-protecting cops and alphabet soups have been brought to justice yet.

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I saw this earlier on the Jew site. Couldn't be arsed. So what did they find? Give us a summary, cunt.

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So is trump then by that logic. Be a board sperg the rest or your life thinking it will do anything, while the left take over every institution again because you're too fucking dumb to join anything because they don't 100% fit your world view.


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It says she's from Italy and she doesn't look Jewy at all if she is, my jdar is way off

I rarely see legit blond adult men in comparison to adult blond women.

t platinum blond as a kid, light brown as an adult

I remember when there was one.

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>In his biography Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover (1993), the journalist Anthony Summers quoted "society divorcee" Susan Rosenstiel as claiming to have seen Hoover engaging in cross-dressing in the 1950s, at homosexual parties. Summers also said the Mafia had blackmail material on Hoover, which made Hoover reluctant to pursue organized crime aggressively. According to Summers, top organized crime figures Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello obtained photos of Hoover's alleged homosexual activity with Tolson and used them to ensure that the FBI did not target their illegal activities. Additionally, Summers claimed that Hoover was friends with Billy Byars, Jr., an alleged child pornographer and producer of the film The Genesis Children. Another Hoover biographer who heard the rumors of homosexuality and blackmail, however, said he was unable to corroborate them, though it has been acknowledged that Lansky and other organized crime figures had frequently been allowed to visit the Del Charro Hotel in La Jolla, California, which was owned by Hoover's friend, and staunch Lyndon Johnson supporter, Clint Murchison. Hoover and Tolson would frequently visit the Del Charro Hotel as well. Summers quoted a source named Charles Krebs as saying, "On three occasions that I knew about, maybe four, boys were driven down to La Jolla at Hoover's request.
This degenerate trannie filled the agency up with his degenerate clique decades ago and their successors are still going strong.
Time to clean house, Mr. President!

Welcome to the current year, 4chan.

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Ruby Ridge & Waco. Never forget. Never forgive.

Daily reminder that the FBI, CIA, etc are not one person. There are rogue groups within them.

Unfortunately, those "rogue groups" were the decent White men that were drummed out of those organizations as soon as they were found because the alphabet soups were a kike machination from the get go. You got no where if you didn't take the free trip to israel for a "pizza party" er, I mean counter-terrorist training.


Trannies? In my FBI? It's more common then you think.

What the fuck is that blue and yellow equals symbol mean, I've seen it as a bumper sticker on many cars, but the google jew tells me nothing.

So Waco and Ruby Ridge are just non existence now.

Don't try to find reason in what Chris-chan does. It will drive you mad.

This is some NEXT level mental gymnastics right there.

it's the "equality" symbol. Meaning is obvious.

God forbid that white people wanting to protect white people are part of law enforcement.