Amy Schumer Defends Relative Chuck Schumer


This can't be reality Holla Forums, the ride just keeps getting better and better XD

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…talk about cucked

Which part of the constitution says that you can't be detained at the border for a few hours?

Those kikes faces makes me sick.

Notice how these jewish rats start to cluster around each other…. They are nervous more than usual.

Trust me goyim 😂👌

What part of the constitution says that you are allowed to enter the US?

Which part of the constitution applies to non-citizens?

I believe her. Clearly runs in the family since she can't write her own mah vagina jokes.

In all seriousness though, ovens soon.

Amy probably underestimates the danger of uncontrolled Islamic migration because she doesn't need to be worried about being victimized. because pork is Haram

See (((plyler v doe)))

Like she's an expert on acting.

Kill the Jew bitch.

Jews aren't cucked they are acting in their interest. Only Whites who submit to the Jewish agenda are cucked.

How this lady has avoided memes is beyond me. Unflattering picture of her with "Pig learns how to speak", "Miss Piggy talks politics", "Miss piggy devours Barbie", "Human Pig hybrid defends Uncle Splinter". I need photoshop.

That's the perfect meme for her! "Defends Muslims" on top. "Knows they stay away from pigs" on bottom.


This is true, the kike's faggoty crocodile tears were beyond blatant


Some poem written by a schizophrenic jewish whore that claims America is a dumping ground for everyone's trash.

These fucking celebs and their self appointed higher moral ground to be take on good authority. Do they not realise they lost all credibility when nobody voted for Shillery? I swear to god we need to have the day of the rope alot fucking sooner. These fucking kikes are relentless and the hypocrisy is just inane at this point.

I… I think… I think I might be tired of winning

(((They))) take care of each other.

Trainwreck! Amy Schumer Arrested For Grand Larceny Shoplifting — Inside The Charges


Sophmoric, sure, but humor is effective and the base audience is essentially the mental equivalent of a middle schooler. Do you even propoganda?

jews are a cancer even to themselves if they were successful and turned every white country black they would die in the ensuing chaos or by killed by each other as they vied for dominance over the brown masses. They can not survive without white people to build societies for them.

Typical jewish man effeminate faggot..pretty sure their "women" call the shots. Got to love that these idiots think people will listen to that jew bitch self-appointed comedian as if that pos has any kind of organic fan base.

Maybe someone can come up with a good caption.

Then how could he possibly have become a politician?

Miss Piggy unveils new line of Real Dolls based on her.

we're going to need a bigger oven

That is Holla Forumss "HateFuck" line of real dolls.

One of these days, pig.

Shameless self-check, c'mon guys dont let these glorious trips go to waste!!

Comedians tend to be antifragile. Any attempt to ridicule them will likely make their brand stronger. Dan Cook and Carlos Mencia are apparent exceptions.

People who say "trust me" are on the same tier as people who loudly proclaim how virtuous they are. Shit tier.

Righteous men and women are too busy leading their own lives to bother making big speeches about how everyone should adore them.

The Jews have to realize this coming to the aid of other Jews isn't going to work for them right? It's just going to make it more obvious there is a division in this country between Jew and non-Jew. I mean I don't want them to stop, it just seems like a really poor plan.

Yeah we know that's why he got called on his obviously fake tears

That's a good point. She is known for being shameless but it's worth a try on the merit of the fact that women hate being called fat or ugly even if they pretend not to care. Maybe meme her into becoming anorexic.

Which one is the real porker? 90% of people fail this question.


I don't think so… they think this is strength like one of their propaganda movies about the holohoax.

Which one is a pig. Both.
Sisters talking politics
Which one ate Kermit. Isn't it obvious
Muppet template for first AI
One pig. Two Pig. Fake Pig. Real Pig.

Comedians are the most fragile and fake human beings out there, that's why they make a living talking shit about other people through a microphone.

pot > kettle > jew

How can a pig be jewish?

because jews are hypocrites that try to jew their god and ultimately have no standards or shame it fits.

As usual, the answer can be found in scripture (by which I mean the cartoons of A. Wyatt Mann)




News at 11

I think she is already toast anyway. Isn't she supposed to play barbie or something? I mean give me a break. Have any of you actually watched her show? Fucking cringe city. Even my liberal friends who liked her at first find her humor flat and boring now.

"Nancy Pelosi and Fake Tears Chuck Schumer held a rally at the steps of The Supreme Court…."


The Jews don't even know what to do now that the Holocaust myth no longer works. I think they're genuinely afraid.




Fake, yes. Fragile, no. I'm talking about their resilience to career damage, not their emotional state. Comedians are antifragile since being widely criticized will almost always make it easier for them to find paying work. Authors are another example of antifragility, getting your book banned or criticized is a great way to increase your fame.

Cubicle dwellers are exceptionally fragile. The slightest bit of criticism can get them fired and unable to find another job. Blue collar workers are neither fragile nor antifragile, if they are skilled they'll find new work. Being criticized won't improve their careers, but neither will it very easily ruin them.

I really don't understand what her audience is, since I've never even met a fat bitch who likes her. Nevertheless thus-far infamy is working in her favor. Playing barbie is fucking laughable, but it's a paying gig… When comedians are getting movie deals, they're doing well. No matter how shitty those movies are.

Guess who says believe me all the time?

interesting, because IMO she and Lena were both positioned to give fat biches someone to point to as an example for why they don't need to improve themselves and 'beautiful at any size' type crap. Schumer in particular has turned being disgusting into a professional sport, rolling around in how undesirable and repulsive she is while pretending to be some brave, unflappable icon

It's artificial success propagated by nepotic ties. Nothing more. The problem is that hardly anyone will deduce that.

I see what you're saying.

obligatory sam hyde

Liberals think if they say something enough times, it will become true.

Should make it easier when rounding them all up later.

Maybe it's the /k/ommando in me but, fuck, I hate these (((people))).

I know this thread is about her stance on this, but I just had the though: Shouldn't people like Amy Schumer be the ones defending gun ownership the most right now? If a big reason to have guns is to be able to defend yourself from a tyrannical government, shouldn't liberals be pro-gun now since they believe that Trump is "literally Hitler" and that cops just want to go around shooting brown children?

I went to the Oddball Comedy Festival with my brother a couple years ago where Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer were headlining.

There were plenty of other funny comics before them that did great, Jeff Ross, TJ Miller, etc.

Then Amy comes out and all the women scream like it's a fucking One Direction concert. Maybe one or two of her jokes made me chuckle a little bit, but the rest was directly aimed towards women. If it had not been for Aziz Ansari closing the show it would have been a shitty way to end the night.

Women are her target demographic, kinda how fellas like Andrew Dice Clay, Bill Burr or Tim Allen are favorites of men.

Good one amy! got another one for you


I believe this. How this is supposed to make him look like a good guy however I have no idea.



So her cousin?

Anyone else accidentally read "chuck" as "cuck"?

Like that is going to help. Sorry kikes, your time on the earth is done. The last vestiges of neanderkike will be purged.

lel, yep.

Also, no shit he can't act. Hence getting called out. None of these fucking kikes can act in any way other than as a jew rat.

Thanks for the kind words … here's a cleaner version of that toon … along with a few more classic J-jokes.

Glad you're still lurking.

It's artificial success propagated by nepotic ties. Nothing more. The problem is that hardly anyone will deduce that.
Astute observation, user. Better for us if their gun shame continues.

They have no integrity

Liberals don't actually care about the constitution of "American Values". They actively deride them while at the same time trying to use it as a weapon.


I bet she's trying to lose weight. I'm sure she is very insecure.

He's funny, but about as kikey as it fucking gets. Do NOT watch comedy central, unless its a movie or real old south park I guess. Quite possibly the most anti-white channel out there. Pozzed to fuck and back.

she's so fucking fat but still manages to have so little curves like all jewesses

Anyone who believes he was actually crying is a fucking retard.

Even calling those crocodile tears would be enough for the crocodile to be offended.

This is so fucking disgusting. What lying Jewish son of a bitch.

It's downright magical how they've been brought to outing themselves. I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

Yes he should have used, 'shilled'. But you didn't tell him that, because you're a cuck hahaha.

"Trust me"

Oh wow. I hadn't watched the clip. But then again, some say that the twin towers fell thanks to fire, and not demo. Nevermind what your eyes are seeing, stupid fucking goy!

Jesus Christ, thank God we're winning now. What the hell were they thinking? What sort of bizarre legaleze places precedent above the law?

The salt! And dubs be checked!

Thats exactly what we do bud. Difference is ours is backed by divine chaos magic to shape reality to our vision not theirs. Their vision is a disgusting one and very low energy.

Aziz Ansaris punchlines are yelling at you. That poo in the loo isn't funny and made an entire netflix show to shit on Whites.

I can see why budweiser chose her for those ads, look at their new pro immigrant advert.

is amy schumer a jew?

She's a slampig. meme it.
Her father is Jewish and she went to Hebrew school.

Nigga is you serious? placing precedent above the law is the entirety of the british system which the USA adopted hunnerds a years ago

The constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of the land. Precedent isn't about being against the constitution.

Common law.

Hobbes argued against it in Leviathan and by God, was her right. An individual judge (((judge))) might make an unjust decision, but establishing precedent enshrines unjust decisions into law.

What part of the Constitution applies to foreign nationals. Stephen Miller put it perfectly on Tucker the other night, if that were the case then everyone everywhere would be suing the US all the time for damages unless they always received the full benefit of citizenship.


Checks out, though. Have you seen her Bud Light commercials with Seth Rogen?


I like

Jews really must be fucking stupid in the sense that they lack any sort of common sense. They spend decades building a huge communications apparatus in someone else's country, then use that broadcasting power to do nothing but cry for hostile foreigners on the other side of the world while pissing all over the natives and telling them they deserve it. Expulsion is going to happen to them AGAIN, and they'll fail to grasp why the goyim hate them AGAIN.


Literally having Barbie defend you


Hitler dubs confirm.

Right? Her body is a rectangle, she's pretty much a jewcube.

we shouldn't have to be subjected to her or her disgusting body. if she wasn't a cuntbox for (((them))), no one would even know she existed. it's certainly not because she's funny or has any stage presence.

Miss Piggy is infinitely more fuckable too

I wuv u.

I still wanna fuck that fat slut

more like cuck schumer

But it's 2017

How is this kike even still around after her scandal? Oh, right. Jewish nepotism.

It's annoys that I do too, dubsman.